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The Power of Community Service

- "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill "If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way." - Buddha In 2014, I traveled to New Orleans for a National Youth Gathering. Some 30,000 students and advisers donned orange t-shirts and fanned out across the city to serve. Our group was assigned the task of clearing roadsides and medians. We spent the day picking up trash and removing cat claw, an invasive and difficult weed....   [tags: Community Service Essays]

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Life as a Puritan

- While I'm sitting here at my computer, in my air conditioned home, with the radio blaring and the t.v. on downstairs, I try to imagine how life was as a young Puritan. To be honest, I don't think I could live a week the way they do. I could try but it would be excruciatingly difficult. The Puritans didn't have all the luxuries we have today. They were told many things by preachers such as Jonathon Edwards, who lit a candle of fear in their minds. If I was alive to hear Edwards preach, I'd certainly have to question myself....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Quotes and Meanings from The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

- Quote Meaning/Significance “The magistrate are God-fearing gentlemen, but merciful overmuch, - that is a truth," added a third autumnal matron. "At the very least, they should have put the brand of a hot iron on Hester Prynne's forehead. Madame Hester would have winced at that, I warrant me. But she, - the naughty baggage, - little will she care what they put upon the bodice of her gown. Why, look you, she may cover it with a brooch, or such like heathenish adornment, and so walk the streets as brave as ever!” - Chapter 2, paragraph 5 According to the matron, she thinks that being publicly shamed is a bit too merciful....   [tags: Puritans, Sin, Shame]

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Management in Community Policing

- Community policing has been one of the most popular programs in police departments not only all over the United States, but also throughout the world. More and more departments are implementing community policing, team policing, problem-oriented policing, neighborhood- oriented policing, or other similar programs as we speak. Yes, the term "community policing" does sound very attractive to most citizens and many officers, but the important question is whether the programs are effective or not in the communities in which these departments have implemented community policing....   [tags: Understanding Community Policing]

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Community Gardens : A Common And Sought After By Many Residents And City Officials

- Community gardens are becoming more common and sought after by both residents and city officials because they provide a variety of functions within a community that society values. These gardens are often promoted as having economic advantages, providing health benefits, offering educational opportunities, and reducing food deserts. In particular, community supported agriculture theoretically could address inequalities about food security by increasing accessibility to fresh produce. However, whether community gardens actually promote food equity in the same way or if diverse socioeconomic areas share similar perceptions of these gardens is uncertain....   [tags: Gardening, Food security, Community building]

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Tolerance, Liberalism, and Community

- Tolerance, Liberalism, and Community ABSTRACT: The liberal principle of tolerance limits the use of coercion by a commitment to the broadest possible toleration of rival religious and moral conceptions of the worthy way of life. While accepting the communitarian insight that moral thought is necessarily rooted in a social self with conceptions of the good, I argue that this does not undermine liberal tolerance. There is no thickly detailed way of life so embedded in our self-conceptions that liberal neutrality is blocked at the level of reflection....   [tags: Tolerance Liberal Community Essays]

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Community College Education : An Example Of Earning A Higher Education College

- Many students looking to continue their education ask themselves many questions. For example: What they wish to major in. What are the options available and how much money is involved. David Hosansky discusses educational institutions in his article “Community Colleges.” De Los Santos of the League for Innovation in the Community College says, “community colleges are filling a gap that is not being met” (qtd. in Hosansky 393). The initiative of allowing some community colleges to offer four-year degrees is a just another way collaborating together to improve education....   [tags: Higher education, College, Community college]

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Community College Students And Its Effect On High Income Students

- Community college students aren’t benefitting from this formula because the split is drastic. Even though the formula was established to dispense a minimum annual fund it did not create a fair distribution of money. As Ould said, “the way government funds schools is a mess” (13). Not enough money is going into classrooms in order to measure up to the demand of classes. Tuition fees have also increased so that colleges could get themselves more money. Community colleges have suffered most when there is a decrease in per student funding, “ there is no question it negatively impacts the quality of a community college educational experience as seen in longer lines, larger class sizes, fewer cou...   [tags: Higher education, Education, Community college]

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Student Information System Software Used At Bergen Community College

- Ellucian is the student information system software used at Bergen Community College. Ellucian is linked to internal databases, such as; Student Planning, Moodle, Banner, Blackboard and SharePoint. In researching open source higher education databases I found five of the many open source databases that are available to higher education institutions. They are: 1. Courseware 2.5, -OS 2. Manhattan Virtual Classroom 2.1, -OS 3. Moodle 1.1.1,-OS/WIN 4. Whiteboard 1.0.2-OS 5. ATutor 1.3-OS Open source software is an important component of today’s higher education....   [tags: Higher education, College, Community college]

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Community Service: We Must All Give Back to the Community

- I earned volunteer hours as a member of the County High Students in Philanthropy organization. I joined Students in Philanthropy my junior year in high school mostly because I wanted it on my college applications but partly because my mom has a part of the organization when she was getting her degree. My mom loved being a part of Students in Philanthropy and so I thought it would be the best choice for me. I had no clue just how much fun I would have over the course of two years. I definitely did not expect to become a member of State College’s Students in Philanthropy when I started college two years ago, however I am now a member and I love it....   [tags: Community Service Essays]

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How to Start a Community Service Project

- A continuous community service project involves many pieces that have to fit together perfectly in order to complete the puzzle. The first step is to determine your idea for your project. Then you have to find a way to sponsor your funds. Next is the step where you pinpoint which organization your community service project is going to benefit and all the event details. Finally, it is time to put your community service project into drive. Your community service should be one to benefit the people of a community....   [tags: Community Service Essays]

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Child-rearing in Puritan New England

- 1. Using the primary sources in chapter 2, child-rearing in Puritan New England was described as the responsibility of Puritan parents. By introducing their children to the importance of education, Puritan parents agreed that child-rearing is a methods that will help ensure their children’s spiritual welfare (Hollitz, 22). The two main goals Puritans taught their children are reading and writing. It is a system they believed that will properly mold their offspring. Parents also taught basic beliefs of religion and principles of government to their children (Hollitz, 22)....   [tags: Child Care, Child Development, Social Issues]

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Anne Bradstreet: The Pioneer Puritan Poet

- Quite atypically for a renowned American poet, Anne Bradstreet was an English-born writer who moved to America in 1630 after enduring an arduous journey (“Anne Bradstreet”). Bradstreet was a devoutly religious Puritan, following the precedent of her father and husband, the most prominent men in her life. Her dedicated Puritan beliefs greatly molded her writings. Many of her poems contain references to sin, redemption, and immortality among other recurrent Puritan topics (“Anne Bradstreet”). Anne Bradstreet’s published poetry collections were the first published works of poetry by an English-American (Eberwein 161-163)....   [tags: American poet, writing, poetry, the tenth muse]

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The Puritan Origins Of The American Wilderness Movement

- A bird sits on top of its nest and gazes out at the morning sun. Her eggs are safely snuggled underneath her. Then there is a loud sound of a chainsaw. The whole tree starts to shake. The bird is in panic, if see leaves she will lose her eggs if she stays she might die. The tree all of a sudden falls like a bowling ball in the air. The bird looks for her eggs and sees then lying on the ground. Cracks in every egg bring great sorrow to the bird. The once bright future has become a chaotic doom. This essay will use audience, purpose, and situation and claims to prove Wilderness preservation is the key to the article, The Puritan Origins of the American Wilderness Movement, In the articles tar...   [tags: Natural environment, Nature, Wilderness]

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Why I Give Back to the Community

- "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill I see community service as the key element to my future. I believe that each person should leave the world a little better than how they found it. Community service has held a huge part of my life already. I currently am very involved with a program called Candlelighters. Candlelighters is a program that works with cancer patients and their families. As a part of the Candlelighters program I have seen many children lose their lives to cancer....   [tags: Community Service, Service Learning]

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Puritan Society in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

- The play The Crucible is set in a puritan society; a society which is a theocracy, where priests and church figures have all the power. Abagail; a servant girl becomes the antagonist of the story. Abigail’s character is the victim of the Puritan society in which she rebels. Abigail’s character is one of extreme manipulation; however it does not start out like this. In the beginning Abagail is an unwedded “orphan” (1.8) who lives with her uncle. This means she is only a little higher than being deemed a slave....   [tags: Essay on The Crucible]

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Volunteerism and Community Service in America Today

- “Volunteers are not paid; not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.” - Sherry Anderson (Volunteering Quotes: Finest Quotes). Part I: Volunteerism and Community Service in the United States Research shows that when Americans are "properly asked to serve", they serve, says the Corporation for National and Community Service, on their website dedicated to U.S. volunteerism(Volunteering and Civic Life in America 2014). The question, then, is what does "properly asked to serve" consist of....   [tags: Contribution to My Community Service]

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Creating a Successful Community Service Project

- Introduction Our class at State University has been tasked with creating and implementing a community-service project. A community-service project refers to a service that a person or group performs for the benefit of his or her local community. The team which I was part of decided to sponsor a Mother’s Day spaghetti dinner for the athletic department at a local Christian school. The funds would be used exclusively to build dug-outs for the girls softball team at a small private Christian school located in our town....   [tags: Community Service Essays]

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The Structure Of Salem And Its Puritan Society

- 1. The structure in Salem and its Puritan society is that those who are working for the government are considered to be at the high rank because they have more power. This is because they can all whether or not someone is a witch or not. Danforth, a judge, portrays the kind of power that he has. He says, “And do you know that near four hundred are in the jails from Marblehead to Lynn, and upon my signature” (Act III page 1190). Also he says, “Remove that man, Marshal” (Act III page 1187). The things that he says help show the audience that those who work for the government have power over the people....   [tags: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, Accusation]

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The Community Of A Community

- A community is a group of people who share some of the same characteristics or common areas in their daily lives. Geopolitical community is a natural community. An example of this would be the city we live in the neighborhood we reside in. Phenomenological community is a community we have selected to be a part of. An example of this would be the church we attend (Nies & McEwen, 2015). Public Health- Assessing our community and monitoring people at risk. Measures taking to prevent disease, promote health, and prolong life among the people in our community (World Health Organization, 2016)....   [tags: Public health, Health care, Health]

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Nathaniel Hawthorne 's The Puritan Woman

- The author Henry James called Nathaniel Hawthorne “the most valuable example of American genius”, expressing the widely held belief that he was the most significant fiction writer of the antebellum period. (The Norton Anthology of American Literature) Will we recognize an example, a certain expository shape, to Hawthorne 's representation of the puritan woman, and to his depiction of relationships to a great extent. I think the answer is, decidedly, yes it is clearly distinguished, a few years prior, by Nina Baym in her hash-settling paper "Impeded Nature: Nathaniel Hawthorne as Feminist." Baym contends that a considerable lot of the stories we most esteem and regularly instruct make a man...   [tags: Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter]

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The Puritan Family

- The Puritan Family Edmund S. Morgan's The Puritan Family displays a multifaceted view of the various aspects of Puritan life. In this book, we, the audience, see into the Puritans' lives and are thereby forced to reflect upon our own. The Puritan beliefs and practices were complicated and rather "snobbish," as seen in The Puritan Family. The Puritans were "Christians," in that they believed in Jesus Christ yet some may argue that they did not lead "Christian" lives....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Puritan Experiment

- The Puritan Experiment The Puritan experiment carried out in New England was a failure. The reason for this was that the people simply lost faith. The contradictions in the religion and the general feeling of betrayal caused the people to reject the ideals that were once held as sacred and perfect. The puritan religion was based on several tenants that, for a most part, contradicted each other. Man's fate was said to be pre determined and salvation was out of his control, but at the same time, man was expected to live a near perfect lifestyle for no truly justified reason....   [tags: Papers]

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The Puritan Myth

- The Puritan Myth The Puritans cam to America in the late 1500's and early 1600's for the freedom to practice their own religion. Their whole way of life was based off of their strict religion. They had a fait-based theocracy. The puritans where to follow the bible strictly. That was not always how it was. The "Puritan" lifestyle which they where expected to follow was really a myth. Merriam-Webster states that a myth is an unfounded or false notion. Many of these people where portrayed in the play by Arthur Miler called "Crucible"....   [tags: Papers]

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The Washington Height Communcity

- In conducting this assignment we visited the neighborhood of Washington Heights. During our visits we interviewed several of the residences; so that we could get a first hand prospective of what it is like living in the community, why they settled in the community and the many changes that they have witness durning their time in the neighborhood. Washington Heights is a very culturally diverse community which is located on the northern tip of Manhattan. It extends from 155th street to 200th street....   [tags: neighborhood, diverse, residences, cost]

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Spurgeon, Heir of the Puritans by Ernest W. Bacon

- "Spurgeon, Heir of the Puritans" by Ernest W. Bacon is the biography of Charles Haddon Spurgeon, one of our greatest leaders in the church. Although he never attended theology school, he became one of the most popular preachers in London at the age of 21. Hailing crowds of thousands, for over forty years, he was one of the most influential preachers of all time. Not only was he an amazing preacher, but he also founded churches, the Pastor's College, Sunday schools, and even an orphanage. Spurgeon lived his life from beginning to end in the name of the Lord....   [tags: Religion Religious Puritan]

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Is Community A Community?

- What is community. Community is a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common (Stevenson, 2010). For many a community is not just a place or group of people living together; but a feeling one receives when feeling connected to another human being or a group of human beings. This connectedness helps aid in building community relationships and bonds that in turn holds everything together. If a neighborhood has no insight of what connectedness is the hopes of building a community is lost....   [tags: Police, Crime, Criminal justice, Prison]

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High School Community Service Should Be A Requirement For Some Classes

- Many people see it as a responsibility to help out the community. Others see it as a waste of time. Although it looks very good on a college application, many teens do not participate in community service. Community service may seem like a waste of time or not a priority for teens. Knowing that around the nation some school have community service as a graduation requirement may startle many people. In my personal opinion I think that for some teens and kids that attend high school community service should be a requirement for some classes....   [tags: Community service, Old age, Middle age]

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Peer Groups and the Institute of the Community College

- Peer Groups and the Institute of the Community College As I went through the research process for this paper I conducted many interviews with former classmates who are now either attending a four-year university or a local community college. The original intent was to find out their reasons for attending the institution they chose to attend. As I accumulated information I began to see a glaring trend in the relationship between the social group the individual was a member of and the college they ended up attending....   [tags: Education Community Colleges Essays Research]

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Free Love And Feminism : John Humphrey Noyes And The Oneida Community

- In the article Free Love and Feminism: John Humphrey Noyes and the Oneida Community, Lawrence Foster disputes two commonly held claims regarding John Humphrey Noyes and his values and ideologies about women. Foster’s overarching thesis is that, while John Humphrey Noyes was a proponent for women’s rights in some aspects, and the dynamics of the gender roles within the Onedia community reflected feminist values, John Humphrey Noyes was not, in fact, a feminist. This claim can be seen as Foster writes, “While it was true that Noyes was concerned to improve relations between the sexes, he was certainly no feminist” (167)....   [tags: Gender, Feminism, Gender role, Oneida Community]

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Community Service Gives Purpose to My Life

- During my last year of high school, I was looking for something productive to do. I didn’t know many people because I had just moved to town and everything was new to me. Searching for opportunities to get involved and make new friends I decided it would be a good idea to make an appointment with my student counselor and discuss what was available for me to do. While speaking with my high school counselor, she asked if I had an interest in performing community service. She then explained the advantages of community service, but I wondered to myself, “what can volunteering teach me and why would I not be paid for doing work?”....   [tags: Community Service Essays]

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Hester and the Puritans in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

- Hester and the Puritans in The Crucible       Hester Prynne's life was difficult and unique, with many trying events and circumstances that changed her and separated her from the common people. Great rifts eventually formed between her and the community in which she lived. These differences could be put into two categories: the outward distinction, and the inward change. The outward distinction is easy to identify. It is Hester's adultery, and it is signified in the scarlet letter A and her daughter Pearl....   [tags: Essay on The Crucible]

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Discovering a Hidden Passion Through Community Service

- "I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve." - Albert Schweitzer My life has not always been as bright and promising as it is today; I had no idea where my life was going, or how I would possibly be able to attend college at all. Since I was a child, my self-esteem has always been low, and any time college was brought up, it simply made my confidence drop even further. I never believed I could handle college, and never thought I would even be given the opportunity to attend....   [tags: Community Service Essays]

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Jonathan Edwards and the Puritan Mind

- Jonathan Edwards and the Puritan Mind If one were to study the idea of Puritan thought through only the reading of these three works of Jonathan Edwards, one could probably gather a good idea of the inner workings of the Puritan mind. These three works do well to disclose to the reader the inner and outer workings of Jonathan Edwards. The Personal Narrative displays to the reader Jonathan Edwards' view of himself as he progressed through life, and the ideals and the things that were most valuable to him, and the things that were a hindrance to himself....   [tags: essays papers]

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Women and Families of Puritan Society

- Woman and family roles are considerably different today than they were back in Puritan times. Puritans thought that the public’s foundation rested on the “little commonwealth”, and not merely on the individual. The “little commonwealth” meant that a father’s rule over his family mirrored God’s rule over creation or a king over his subjects. John Winthrop believed that a “true wife” thought of herself “in [weakness] to her husband’s authority.” As ludicrous as this idea may appeal to women and others in today’s society, this idea was truly necessary for colonies to be able to thrive and maintain social order....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Impact of Puritans on the Development of America and Its Influence on Modern Society

- ... They believed the Church of England worshipped idols and prayed to many gods, for example the Catholic Church praying to the Saints. The Puritans broke away from the Church of England for these reasons and wanted a world where there was one true God according to their religion. The new world in America offered the Puritans this opportunity to be free from the Church of England and form their own communities according to the way they viewed Christianity. The Puritan term comes from the belief that one should remain pure in body and in thought to God....   [tags: individual freedom, liberty, pursuit of happines]

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Community Policing

- Community policing has emerged since the 1970s as an increasingly important strategy for controlling and preventing crime and enhancing community safety. It is both a philosophy and an organizational strategy that allows the police and the community to work closely together in creative ways to solve the problems of crime, drugs, fear of crime, physical and social disorder, neighborhood decay, and the overall quality of life in the community. Community policing is difficult to define. Although it does not have a single definition, there are many elements of community policing....   [tags: Community Oriented Policing, Zone Policing]

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Visible Signs of Puritan Decay

- In times of Puritan society, the Ministers ruled with an iron fist as it portrays. No adultery, No drinking of vile drinks, and other stuff considered as a sin in the society has been outlawed. Stuff such as violations of the Sabbath and swearing and sleeping during sermons and also with businesses, abusing the lawyer system has been growing. Since the times of Puritan, society has been spiraling down hill fast in faith and morality. In the Puritan days, sleeping and swearing during sermons were considered disrespect to the Minister that was preaching....   [tags: Personal Essays]

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- Community The point that community has an important effect on the shaping of a person’s character is key in both Pythia Peay’s essay, “Soul Searching” and Winona LaDuke’s interview transcribed in essay form entitled, “Reclaiming Culture and the Land: Motherhood and the Politics of Sustaining Community”. The two authors present ideas, similar and different, of what it means to live in and be a part of community. Through examining these two essays, summarizing and synthesizing, we can gain a better understanding of what community is and how it affects those within it....   [tags: Community Communities Essays]

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The Forcing of Young People into Community or Government Service

- The Forcing of Young People into Community or Government Service Some people suggest that everyone between the ages of 18 and 21 should be required to perform one year of community or government service. Such service might include the Peace Corps, Environmental Conservancy Corps, a hospital, the military, a rural or inner-city school, or other community outreach projects. I believe forcing the service of any group of people is a bad idea. In this case, three reasons come to mind as to what makes this idea bad....   [tags: Teenagers Community Service Volunteering Essays]

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Anne Bradstreet's Puritan Viewpoint in Her Poetry

- Anne Bradstreet’s poetry resembles a quiet pond. Her quiet puritan thinking acts as the calm surface that bears a resemblance to her natural values and religious beliefs. Underneath the pond there is an abundance of activity comparable to her becoming the first notable poet in American Literature. Anne Bradstreet did not obtain the first notable poet’s title very easily; she endured sickness, lack of food, and primitive living conditions during her time in the New World. Despite these misfortunes she used her emotions and strong educational background to write extraordinarily well for a woman in that time....   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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Franklin: Puritan or Enlightenment?

- Is Franklin a Puritan or Enlightenment Thinker About Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin came from a very simple Calvinist background. Ha dad little formal education, but he made it through his own efforts and became a rare genius in human history. Everything seems to meet in this one man, mind and will, talent and art, strength and ease, wit and grace and he became almost everything: a printer, essayist, scientist, statesman, philosopher, political economist, ambassador, etc.-¡°Jack of all trades¡±....   [tags: American History]

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The Puritan and Persecution Predicament in Arthur Miller's The Crucible

- The Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller about the 1692 Salem witch trials. Arthur Miller tells the story of John Proctor; A man who is trying to save his wife and friends from wrongful accusations of being witches. He also tells the story of a misguided court whom are innocently accusing people of witchcraft in Salem. Within this play, Arthur Miller highlights main themes that occur during the trials. The Salem witch trials created many innocent deaths. In his play, Arthur Miller shows the two main themes on why the Salem witch trials caused so many deaths....   [tags: Hysteria, Witchcraft, Wrong Accusations]

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The Characteristics Of Chesapeake Community

- The characteristics of Chesapeake community were totally distinctive in many senses. The Chesapeake territory drifted from English societal norms and for that reason many of the societal institutions within the territory were quite unstable, it led to relatively equivocal gender roles for women in the Chesapeake (Berkin, 6). With that being said in order to describe the union of man and woman in the Chesapeake one would begin to merely state that it was not only common, but rather the norm, for men and women to both marry more than once throughout their lifetime (Berkin, 5)....   [tags: Gender, Marriage, Gender role, Woman]

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Summary On "puritan Dilemma"

- The Reformation was when the Protestants broke away from the Pope. Martin Luther King, the leader, led the break with Rome. He translated the bible into German. The 95 Theses was basically a book of complaints. One of the theses was the practice of selling indulgences, which was distributed all over Europe. The practice of selling indulgences was a forgiven pass for not going to confession. Calvinism was the theological tenets of John Calvin....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Puritan Life

- Puritan life is probably one of the biggest paradoxes known to man theoretically. In practice is doesn’t seem like such an absurd notion. There are certain things that may lead someone into confusion over the way that Puritan life was conducted. One of these things is the object of holiness. This means that only certain members are allowed into the Puritan life after proving themselves holy. Another object that may cause confusion is the idea of enjoying oneself in Puritan life. Recreation did occur in Puritan life, but the definition of Puritan recreation is differently defined....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Community Involvement : The Heart Of The Community

- Schools have long been thought of as the heart of the community. This ideology portrays that the building itself is somewhat the central hub of what the majority of the members of the community revolve their daily lives around. It is often forgotten that the children that attend the school are truly the heart of the community. The children are the future; the success of the community depends upon the success of the children. Community involvement is critical in ensuring that the school as a whole can be successful and provide an environment that promotes student growth and development....   [tags: High school, Education, Public school, School]

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A Community Leader For The Muslim Community

- In the beginning of this globalization class, one did not know what to expect. One knew that classes with Dr. Chin were always exciting. When one read there would be a group assignment, it was no surprise. Learning about different cultures and religion is what expands one’s knowledge. Learning about diversity is a part of the curriculum for health care providers. At first, our group chose the Muslim community. One wanted to choose the Jewish community, but all who favored Muslim community ruled....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Nutrition]

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The Transgender Community And The Lgbt Community

- Completely understanding the transgender community can be difficult if one is not part of, or know someone within, the community. Today 's society and mainstream media has very little to no accurate representation of the transgender community for those unaware of its existence. This oversight is mainly due to years of systemic discrimination, erasure, and oppression by both society and its governing bodies. Although there has been a dramatic upswing in support for the transgender community and a call for more education on the matter in recent years, there are still many instances of discrimination people within the community face that prevent them from being completely equal to those outside...   [tags: Transgender, Gender, Gender role, Gender identity]

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Family Community Into The School Community

- pg. 212). I have also heard from some experienced teachers that they notice parents who are new to Canada are also reluctant to engage with the school community. I believe that bringing the family community into the school community is vital for creating a sense of community in the classroom and for the student’s individual success, although I am not 100% sure how to accomplish this. I imagine as a parent a school can be a scary place. I remember when I went to school my mom wasn’t married; she was 24 and quite a bit younger than any of the other parents....   [tags: A Great Way to Care, Education, Marriage, Student]

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Community Health Centers : The Community

- Community Health Centers History of the Community Health Centers One of the first major steps that began the development of community health centers was the Community Mental Health Act of 1963, signed by President John F. Kennedy (Moran, 2013). Under this law, mental health needs shifted from institutions to community-based programs that helps prevents, identifies and treats mental illnesses (Moran, 2013). Many people realized how institutions were not responding to the higher rates of patients appropriately and questioned its overall effectiveness and lack of holistic practices (Moran, 2013)....   [tags: Health care, Public health, Health, Medicine]

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The Community Of The Lgbtq Community

- The LGBTQ community has always existed in society, however it fluctuated in its prevalence and acceptance throughout the 20th century. Prior to the 1920s numerous accounts were given stating that being homosexual was a concealed topic, it was not discussed, and if the topic of being gay or lesbian was brought up it could lead to imprisonment or a ruined life for the individual. Similarly, before the 1920s in the U.S. the LGBTQ community couldn’t even be referred to by their preferred sexual identities but as “temperamental” instead, which solidified the lack of support for their community furthermore....   [tags: Homosexuality, LGBT, Gay, Lesbian]

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Puritan Culture

- The Puritan pilgrims as a society based many of their practices and customs on religion. Once in America and away from the prejudices they faced in England they were able to freely practice their beliefs as they saw fit. This led to a very strict society in which members were expected to live and behave according the theological rules which they had set for themselves. This strict society also directly influenced the way children were brought up and educated in New England. Since the pilgrims followed the writings and teachings of John Calvin they believed all men have predetermined destinies set for them at birth by God....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Community Of The Lgbtq Community

- Each person in the LGBTQ community has different experiences growing up and sometimes they are great, however, often they are quite negative. Parents often skirt around the topic of homosexuality because they believe their children will not comprehend what it means. In formal education, children are taught heteronormative education that hardly benefits anyone who identifies as LGBTQ. In San Jose, sex education is mentioned briefly in 5th grade, 8th grade, and somewhat more in depth once a student takes their biology course in High School....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, High school]

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The Community Of The Lgbt Community

- Many times throughout our history, elected and future leaders will fight a war on poverty. Leaders like George W. Bush will run on his campaign trail saying, “The purpose of prosperity is to leave no one out-to leave no one behind”(2). His words were misleading to the public and the nation as a whole. The LGBT community was left out and left behind under his administration. “In fact, after controlling for a number of factors associated with poverty, rates for LGB adults are higher than for heterosexual adults.”(4)....   [tags: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Bisexuality]

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Community Policing And The Community

- As many immigrant and minority communities see the police as corrupt, community policing could be a step in the right direction to gain their trust and to show legitimacy. Many troubled neighborhoods have poor collective efficiency and police departments can help community 's gain this with community policing. Many times where neighborhoods need community policing the most(high crime spots) there is poor citizen involvement in police events and programs(Skogan 1988).Residents could fear that if they cooperate with law enforcement the criminals will retaliate(Grinc 1994)....   [tags: Police, Crime, Crime prevention, Constable]

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Community Policing And The Community

- Community Policing Community policing, as much as many people frown upon it, is an important job which requires police officers to respond to many problems in the community by a simple call. In order for a police to be effective in the community, this officer must be able to possess skills needed to work together with the community to solve problems. “Community policing is defined as involving three key components: developing community partnerships, engaging in problem solving, and implementing community policing organizational features.” (What Is Community Policing?, n.d.) There are many controversy surrounding the job of a police officer....   [tags: Crime, Police, Problem solving, Crime prevention]

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Community Psychology : The Community

- Community Psychology has begun major breakthrough in treating the community on a macro level but failed to support the community on a micro level. But first let’s talk about the meaning of Community Psychology. Community Psychology is defined as how community level forces impact the functioning of all individuals and families in the community. Community psychologist focus more on the community as a whole whereas the individual perspective. Chapter 1 discusses how community psychologist goal is to prevent community failures rather than treat them before it starts....   [tags: World War II, Mental disorder, Psychology]

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Lgbt Community : The Community

- Sixty-one years ago the world would never accept anyone from the LGBT community. They were dealing with unjust behavior every time they were seen in public. But in the last 20 years more people are coming out “the closet”, there has been many protest and gatherings, and Laws have been enforced to help the growth of the LBGT community. “When all Americans are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free” (Barrock Obama). It shouldn’t matter who a person decides to love, everybody should be treated equally....   [tags: LGBT, Sexual orientation, Coming out]

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The Puritans - Creating the Perfect God Fearing Society

- The Puritans - Creating the Perfect God Fearing Society The Puritans dream was to create a model society for the rest of Christendom. Their goal was to make a society in every way connected to god. Every aspect of their lives, from political status and employment to even recreation and dress, was taken into account in order to live a more pious life. But to really understand what the aspirations of the puritans were, we must first understand their beliefs. “Their goal was absolute purity; to live with out sin in a sinful world was to them the supreme challenge in life....   [tags: American History]

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Comparing the Eras: Puritan vs Present

- Comparing the Eras: Puritan vs Present In the Bible I follow it is said that Jesus is Mother Mary’s adored son, “Flesh of my flesh and Blood of my blood,” and in fact any child is a being created by the bond between the parents, flesh of their flesh and blood of their blood. Whether a child was born during the Puritan era, or born as of yesterday, the birth of the child would remain unchanged, but what is not evident is whether there is any similarity in the upbringing of a child between the two different eras....   [tags: Comparing Compare Contrast Essays]

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Puritan Doctrine In 17th C. Li

- In seventeenth century America, the world was a frightening place. God could, and would, strike a man down at any time for any missteps he might take. Nature was filled with horrors, like Indians, and the Devil resided in the forest, waiting to steal peoples’ souls. In the eighteenth century, however, the Enlightenment began. Man discovered that he could learn by following others’ example, or by observing nature, rather than looking solely to the Bible for answers. People began to become concerned with their life here on the earth, rather than concerning themselves solely with the expectations of the afterlife....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Community Analysis: North County Branch - St. Charles City-County Library District

- History & Geography Portage des Sioux, Missouri, a small river town situated near the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, was settled in 1799 (Mincke, 2004, p. 13). The first permanent home dates to 1805, one year after Lewis & Clark set off on their expedition up the Missouri river (Mincke, 2004, p. 24). In 1975, Charles City-County Library District, the North County Branch opened its first branch — sited on the southern edge of town in a former one-room schoolhouse (St. Charles City-County Library District, 2010)....   [tags: Community Analysis]

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Development Aid for the Global Comunity

- Development Aid In the ever-globalizing world, the needs of the world’s poor are often considered, while the benefit of globalization and the world market place for the poorest are not only considered, but also contested. Wade (2012) highlighted that the effects of globalization, particularly the measure of the reduction of those living in extreme poverty, are near impossible to gage. He described the dialectic reports from agencies that measure the number of the world’s poor with some citing great reduction in poverty while others claiming an increase in inequity in the distribution of wealth and poverty....   [tags: overcoming inequity in distribution of resources]

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The Moral Character of America

- Puritans also known as Pilgrims are nonconformists who refused to accept authority. The Puritans were almost entirely city people. They were not farmers and left Great Britain because they were not pleased with the way they were treated. Even those who had lived in the country had not been farmers. So when they arrived in America as the Plymouth Colony group and suddenly had to become farmers, it was extremely difficult for them. The Puritans had many contributions such as predestine to go to heaven because they lived at a small place in Massachusetts....   [tags: Puritans, Pilgrims, Religion]

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The Moral Character of America

- Puritans also known as Pilgrims are nonconformists who refused to accept authority. The Puritans were almost entirely city people. They were not farmers and left Great Britain because they were not pleased with the way they were treated. Even those who had lived in the country had not been farmers. So when they arrived in America as the Plymouth Colony group and suddenly had to become farmers, it was extremely difficult for them. The Puritans had many contributions such as predestine to go to heaven because they lived at a small place in Massachusetts....   [tags: Puritans, Freedom of Religion]

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Insight into Puritan Society Illustrated in Hawthorne's Novel, The Scarlet Letter

- Hawthorne’s novel, The Scarlett Letter is an American Classic and has proved to be a great contribution to American Literature. Hawthorne has allowed his readers insight into a Puritan past that held strict principles and unyielding consequences that he was all too familiar with and haunted by these horror stories of his heritage led by his own ancestors. In composing this tale Hawthorne presents a realistic image of the 16th Century and threads the importance of his knowledge of the Transcendentalist movement which brought focus to the nature of life and the right of individuals to pursue their natural desire a great contrast to the Puritanic existence he was so custom to....   [tags: American Literature]

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Randomness with Influence from God: William Bradford and the Puritan Movement

- Language is the universal means by which man has communicated and conversed for thousands of years. Language is deeply rooted in entertaining via storytelling; however, also in the church. One principle thought of the Puritans was that most of the happenings are connected to God. This mindset is not very logical according to today’s standards but were a common belief during the 17th century. Religious explanation for earthly events is very prevalent in William Bradford’s writings. Are these events only sudden freak events that occur or are they really interference from a higher being....   [tags: Religion, American Colonies]

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Religion During Puritan Times in Young Goodman Brown by Hawthorne

- ... If a person has a strong faith in their religion, nothing should be able to cause them to lose it. Unfortunately, Goodman Brown did not have a strong faith in Christ and ended up turning his back on the church. Goodman Brown seems to be a good honest person who was raised in the Christian church and was taught about Christ but he never had his own faith in his religion. The story shows the reader that even the most religious people fall short of their faith because of the human nature of temptations and imperfections....   [tags: faith, tempatations, evil ]

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Community Gardens And Its Effects On The Community

- Imagine a community garden not only educating its members of the community but also preventing crime. Community gardens have been proven to show how its effectiveness can provide for one another and now help lower crime. This can help elevate a community into its best potential, bringing safety and protection through a garden. The Garden Matters states “While vacant lots can be magnets for litter and criminal activity, community gardens are observed and managed by the gardeners, resulting in a cleaner space and more active local community....   [tags: Food security, Food, Gardening, Nutrition]

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Is Plymouth Community A Ethnically Diverse Community?

- According to the above case study, Plymouth is an ethnically diverse community with different groups of the population living including African American, Hispanic and Caucasian population. It showed that 40 percent increments in the community population of the Plymouth. Among other population, there was declined in the Caucasian population. According to the case study, the Plymouth community is facing declining in the community’s population because of various reasons such as economic issue and lack of employment opportunities....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Healthcare, Health]

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Community Police And Community Oriented Policing

- Community Oriented Policing has always been a topic that comes up in the Criminal Justice Department time after time. There are always ways to improve the traditions of the community and the officers not respecting each other. Community-Oriented Policing is based around relationships. Community police supports the use of partnerships and problem-solving methods in order to give a statement regarding the rise of public safety, dealing with crime, community ordinance, and fear of crime. In community-oriented policing the following are all assigned roles in order to increase their relationships: community, police, and chief of police....   [tags: Crime, Police, Criminology, Constable]

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The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

- Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of famed novel, The Scarlet Letter, came from a long line of puritans. The family name of Hawthorne, was one of strict puritanistic ideals, which translated into topics covered in his literary works. When Hawthorne’s father died of yellow fever at sea when he was only four, his mother became overly protective and pushed him to isolation. All of Hawthorne’s fictional characters are believed to be figurative confrontations of good and evil. Almost all of his characters can be classified as one of these two types....   [tags: puritans, opinions, judgements]

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The And Of An Interpretive Community

- As pointed out by Leal (2002), and as paradoxical it may seem, journalism, often seen as disseminator of the “new”, and the “different”, strongly needs a familiar relationship, constructed ordinarily, day by day. That 's because as a commercial product, the newspaper or newscaster presuppose a habit of consumption, structured around the regularity of their circulation or emission. In addition, to generate the confidence pact with the reader, the newspaper or the newscaster have to prove worthy of it and therefore depend on a relationship of intimacy, built over time....   [tags: Newspaper, Journalism, Mass media, The Reader]

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Community Health Organization Define A Community

- Whether people realize it or not they live within some sort of community. The World Health Organization define a community as: “a group of people, often living in a defined geographical area, who may share a common culture, values and norms, and are arranged in a social structure according to relationships which the community has developed over time” (Shuster, 2014, p. 397). Just like the view of the community has three main characteristics, community health does as well. Community health can be characterized by status, structure, and process (Shuster, 2014)....   [tags: City, Rural area, Population, Rural]

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Volunteering: Contribution to the Community

- "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead Volunteerism, in its conceptual form, includes the individual or collective efforts of willing individuals, known as volunteers, to act in ways which work toward the betterment of oneself, other individuals, communities, and/or society. This definition remains subjective in its ambiguity regarding the meaning of betterment, as well as in the sense that the means to bettering oneself may be in direct opposition to the means necessary to better another individual or society....   [tags: Community Service, Service Learning]

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Community Assessment : Indian Hills Community

- Introduction Indian Hills community is in Hidalgo County, on the outskirts of Mercedes Texas with a population of 2,591 residents. Indian hills community is located on North Baseline Road in which you make a right on to Campaucus drive and you will arrive at Indian Hills Neighborhood. Indian Hills, is home to low-income families. The neighborhood contains one church in where there is also a community library. There is a grocery store located at the entrance of the neighborhood. Indian hills east is considered a colonial area, meaning this is semi rural area with substandard housing that presents a risk of health, and the overall physical well being of the members of the community....   [tags: Poverty, Poverty in the United States]

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The Rights Of The Community

- In these times it is hard for the Christion community to stand up to anything because the word criticizes the Christion community a lot. The Christion community has to stand up since they really care about keeping everything they hold dear from there god the same as it support to be as their lord Jesus Crist spoke in the olden days. So for them to keep what they treasure they must stand up to the court to prove their point. The Christion community can and will have to stand up so they can get what they want....   [tags: Want, Need, Christianity, WANT]

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The World Global Community As One Community

- Globalization in short points to the whole effort towards making the world global community as one community. Goods that were only found in western countries can now be found throughout the globe. Now underdeveloped areas can enjoy the benefits of scientific advances and industrial progress available in developed countries for the development and growth of their areas. Globalization can also be defined as a current process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a spanning network of communication and trade....   [tags: Management, Globalization, Trade, World War II]

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The Diversity Of The Community

- Jersey City, NJ is one of the most diverse cities in America and the world. Being raised there I was always used to cultural diversity and always figured that no matter what University I went to, I wouldn’t find myself completely blown away by its diverse community. This all changed when I came to Rutgers University. At Rutgers the diversity of the community goes beyond cultural diversity but stems into socio-economic, perceptual, and geographical. Experiencing these forms of diversity was sensational....   [tags: Mind, Thought, Social class, Perception]

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