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Safe and Effective Pharmaceuticals

- 8. Quality, safety and efficacy of drugs Safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals are two fundamental issues of importance in drug therapy. The safety of a drug is determined by its pharmacological and toxicological profile as well as the adverse effects caused by the impurities in bulk and dosage forms. The impurities in drugs often possess unwanted pharmacological or toxicological effects by which any benefit from their administration may be outweighed (Nageswara at el., 2003). Therefore, it is quite obvious that the products intended for human consumption must be characterized as completely as possible....   [tags: Safety, Pharmaceuticals, drugs, Safe and Effective]

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Frye V. United States And Daubert Vs. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals

- Frye v. United States and Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals are both legal decisions that set forth standards as they pertain to the admissibility of scientific or forensic evidence, and the admissibility of expert witness testimony. Both cases deal with the admissibility of evidence in judicial proceedings, and prevent prosecutors from abusing the use of expert witnesses and testimony. Due to a loophole that dismisses recent scientific advances when applying the Frye Rule, the Supreme Court revisited Frye, and “took the occasion to issue guidelines for deciding the admissibility of scientific evidence” (Gaensslen, Harris, & Henry, 2008, p....   [tags: Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals]

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Copper Pharmaceuticals Case Study

- Key facts • Copper pharmaceuticals, Inc were a major manufacturer for prescription drugs for medical and dental professions. • Sales are done mainly with the detailers who were pharmacy school graduates and had couple years of experience as registered pharmacists in drugstores. • Bob Marsh, with CPI for 12 years, married and had two children • Marsh's initial salary was $35,000 and been raised to over $60,000 throughout his time with CPI • Marsh has 6 different field supervisor throughout the time he was with CPI • 60% of detailers had 10 or more years with CPI and only 8% turnover rate per year....   [tags: Case Study Copper Pharmaceuticals, solution]

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The Supply Chain Department of Square Pharmaceuticals

- Recently the Human Resource Management (HRM) concept and true functionality have taken their final shape in Bangladesh. The companies in Bangladesh have realized the main role of HRM as vital component in the development mechanism of any organization to achieve its targets and main objectives, and to get competitive advantage (Islam 2006) . Therefore, all HRM responsibilities , contributes are being recognized as crucial as all other organization departments (Islam 2006). This paper focus is going to be the Supply Chain Department (SCD) of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd in Bangladesh as an example of HRM role and contribution in overall business strategy and developing human resources....   [tags: hrm role, bangladesh, pharmaceutical]

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Competition in Pharmaceuticals

- For the threat of substitute products, it is still very low due to the patents protection but in case of the expired patents, it is medium. A pharmaceutical company has lots of way to fight back against generic drugs such as obtaining patents on component chemicals, manufacturing methods, product extension/formula modifications or improving drug-delivery methods. Rivalry among existing firms is medium. Each pharmaceutical company has to fight in order to take an advantage of the first one who obtains patents....   [tags: Phamaceutical Company Competition Analysis]

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Hygroscopicity in Pharmaceutics

- Hygroscopicity in Pharmaceutics During formulation of new and existent drugs in pharmaceutics, hygroscopicity is one of the important physical parameters that are studied so as to enhance the efficacy, stability and handling of the drug. Hygroscopicity has always been an important aspect in pharmaceutics as the bulk of the drugs either in tablet or solution form is normally hygroscopic. Up to now, there remains no universally recognized definition of hygroscopicity because it is driven by both thermodynamic and kinetic forces....   [tags: Pharmaceuticals]

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Business Analysis of Teva Pharmaceuticals

- PROBLEM STATEMENT Teva Pharmaceuticals, the firs multinational pharmaceutical company of Israel had become a successful global giant in the industry of generic drugs. After experiencing a long period of success and growth in the generic drug industry against some big western pharmaceuticals the company had acquired many well known pharmaceutical companies and had achieved its goal of 1 billion dollar theory seemed to be in troubles in building a new strategy and vision to compete with the rapidly growing generic industry....   [tags: growth, threats, drugs]

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KV Pharmaceuticals Case Study

- Introduction Business ethics is an extremely important topic in our world today. This is especially true because of the fact that we live in a changing society where it has become increasingly common to see more and more cases of companies that participate in illegal, immoral and unethical activities. So that we can prevent these behaviors, it is necessary to study and understand how these situations can occur and what we can do to prevent them from happening. In this research paper, we will examine in detail the case of KV Pharmaceuticals, also known as KV....   [tags: Business Ethics]

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Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

- Vital Pharmaceuticals Inc. (VPX) is a supplement company whose mission is: “To produce the highest-grade, university proven sports nutrition supplements and performance beverages in the world” 1. While there have been several clinical studies on VPX products as a whole, which have helped back their product claims, the company have not tested all 39 products they manufacture. However there is enough base level research on individual ingredients found in the products that can help prove the legitimacy of product claims....   [tags: Corporate Profile]

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The Human Resources Advisor At Zeta Pharmaceuticals

- Jo is the Human Resources advisor at Zeta Pharmaceuticals, a company involved in the research, development and manufacture of non-prescription medications for pain relief. The sales force behind the company is very large, where their role is to promote the product to pharmaceutical retailers. A pharmacy manager raised a complaint regarding the sales methods performed by one of the company’s sales representatives. The pharmacy manager stated that the representative had been using inappropriate high-pressure sales tactics in an attempt to try convince him to purchase the company’s product....   [tags: Customer service]

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U.s. Pharmaceuticals Analysis

- U.S. Pharmaceuticals Analysis In this situation there are problems being faced on every end for the firm. This is a big manufacturing market that seems to have its fair share of problems keeping the tariffs down, but also maintaining unemployment. Given the time crunch that the cost that are raising, I can see why there needs to be some resolution met to figure out what change needs to occur. There leaves no time for market research, which makes it extremely hard to start the project. It appears that Jim is going to have to really pull together to figure out a way to shorten, but also make his research affective....   [tags: Marketing, Strategic management, Thought]

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Jiangbo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Restatement Analysis

- INTRODUCTION In this essay, we will discuss the financial restatements of the 10-K report of Jiangbo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. We will discuss the underlying accounting issues, in which financial ratios were affected, and the nature of the misreporting. Finally, we will also make recommendations on changes to the existing GAAP subject areas to reduce future misreporting. UNDERLYING ACCOUNTING ISSUES Jiangbo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. restated its 10-K report from July 1, 2007 to September 30, 2009....   [tags: financial restatements]

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HRM Strategies Needed by Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies to Achieve High Performance Work

- EXECUTIVE SUMMARY High Performance Work (HPW) is absolutely essential for the associations to manage the to a great degree aggressive markets. Absence of organisational effectiveness or techniques would absolutely push the association in the negative course. In this paper Leadership and Human Resource Management (HRM) ideas are contemplated for expanding the superior working of the Janssen Pharmaceuticals. The collaboration and HRM procedures utilized by the Janssen are assessed. The assessment is carried out on the premise of proper hypothetical models....   [tags: Janssen Pharmaceuticals Case Study]

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The Purpose of Risk and Quality Management: The Case of Janssen Pharmaceuticals

- Purpose of risk and quality management It is no secret that risk is prevalent in the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations carry a large amount of risk just in their daily operations. Healthcare organizations not only have to worry about risks to their patients, but their staff, financial stability, or even a natural disaster. A healthc organization must have a risk management department with trained and qualified individuals that know how to handle various issues within the organization....   [tags: healthcare organizations, quality control]

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National Healthcare: Nationalization of Pharmaceutical Companies

- Almost 20 percent of American citizens do not have healthcare insurance. An even greater number of citizens are underinsured. Consequently, a large number of Americans receive very little to no healthcare. A large number of these citizens are women and children. Many of those who are uninsured are hard working families who just don’t have a large enough income to afford coverage, yet, make too much money to qualify for Medi-Cal, the state's healthcare provider. In a society, such as ours, it is a shame that we don’t provide what I consider should be a basic human right, to all of our citizens equally....   [tags: insurance, profits, pharmaceuticals]

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The Global Pharmaceuticals Market Is A Unique, Dynamic, And Thriving Industry

- The global pharmaceuticals market is a unique, dynamic, and thriving industry. It is an industry that prospers on the mentally and/or physically sick by developing, producing, and marketing various medications. Due to an ever-increasing societal culture that has normalized the consumption of drugs for health and everyday problems, the pharmaceutical industry has flourished. According to the World Health Organization (World Heath Organization; WHO, 2016), the 10 largest drugs companies control over one-third of the pharmaceutical market, in which the top firms earned upwards of 10 billion dollars annually....   [tags: Externality, Market failure, Economics]

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Regulatory Changes in Direct-To-Consumer Marketing of Pharmaceuticals

- Direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing of pharmaceuticals has grown increasingly in the past decade. The American public views prescription drug advertising for a wide range of medical conditions, including high cholesterol, depression, allergies, and erectile dysfunction. The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the content of these advertisements. Critics also have taken the position that the advertisements garner unearned trust from the public, are misleading, and promote unnecessary use of prescription drugs for common problems associated with aging....   [tags: regulation changes, t.v. ads, fda]

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Human Resource Management at Square Pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh

- ... It is not easy to go through all CVs to pick the right candidates for the next step. Although, the selection process is done through basic written exams and interviews, it does not give the candidates job -related problems to overcome. So it is not easy to ensure that candidates will be able to solve any real problems might face them at SCD. • There is lack of communication between SCD and HRM in regard of changing job description to fit new workers. Many times SCD have changed job titles and specifications to suits new workers without acknowledging HRM....   [tags: CVs, right candidates, ethical standards]

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Kramer Pharmaceuticals Case Study

- FACTS: Bob Marsh, a former detailer (product specialist and sales associate) of Kramer Pharmaceutical was fired because of failure to comply with company protocol. Marsh worked at Kramer Pharmaceutical for 12 years and was considered a hard working, well established detailer. He possessed excellent references and credentials, however Marsh was asked to resign after failing to make several changes in his behavior. Although it was a little unconventional, his methods have worked well for him for 12 years....   [tags: Business Law Case Studies]

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Advertising Psycho Pharmaceuticals

- Advertising Psycho Pharmaceuticals I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately, so I decide see my medical doctor to seek her advice on what I can do about my mental health. When I meet with her, she asks me if there have been any changes in my life that might explain my depression. Unfortunately, I cannot think of any particular cause for these feelings. My doctor suggests that I start taking a drug to help me overcome my unhappiness. She tells me that she can prescribe it right now if I want her to....   [tags: Media Argumentative Persuasive Argument]

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Pharmaceutical Industries And The Pharmaceutical Industry

- Large pharmaceutical industries are making large profits on medications. Having such a high cost for medication prevents patients from receiving the care that they need. These companies are overcharging for medications that are essential to maintaining the health of patients. This may result in patients resorting to desperate measure such as stealing, crime, and other illegal acts. The pharmaceutical industry may require a different set of moral standard because in a way these laws are preventing patients from a quality life....   [tags: Pharmaceutical industry, Pharmacology, Pharmacy]

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Animal Testing is Necessary, but Should All Testing of Pharmaceuticals be Carried Out on Animals?

- Introduction Animals have been used for pharmaceutical testing throughout history. The Greeks in early BC were the first to carry out animal testing using live animals to test experiments and different medicines on. ( Animal testing has provided many positives to human lives but is still a controversial issue. Some people believe that animal testing is unnecessary and alternatives should be considered. Others believe animal testing is essential to find if certain drugs are harmful to humans....   [tags: animal rights, animal testing]

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Safe Discharge Ranges of Pharmaceuticals According Receiving Water Flows

- Despite the increasing number of studies concerning the presence of pharmaceutical compounds in the environment, gaps about the topic still numerous. The peculiar physical-chemical properties of these chemicals contribute to a more complex behaviour in aquatic environments. The main path for the discharge of these compounds in the environment are wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), notably know in being inefficient in remove these contaminants during conventional treatments. Most approaches to evaluate the concentration of these substances in WWTPs are based in national consumption estimative, which can with reasonable significance predict overall discharges [1], however are not to be suita...   [tags: wastewater, environment, results, issues]

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“Pharma”- Borne Diseases

- The mass production of consumer products has given rise to excessive use of branding. Due to increase in competition between companies that produce similar products, companies now aim to differentiate their product from others by solidifying their brand identity and creating awareness about their brands. The utilization of such branding strategies would not be much of a concern if they were only restricted to consumer products like food, clothing, beverages (Coke, Pepsi), etc. However, the influence of these strategies extends well beyond that....   [tags: Pharmaceuticals]

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Pharmaceutical Products And Its Significance

- Today’s business industry is comprised of various businesses, from the small “Ma and Pa” shops to well-known corporations. Each organization or business establishment tends to provide certain commodities or services to the public. For instance, pharmaceuticals are one of the many organizations that produce and distribute medicinal products and renders its services to consumers. In fact, pharmaceuticals play a significant role in the medical field and in societies medical needs. For this reason, one will further elaborate on pharmaceutical and its significance....   [tags: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical drug, Medicine]

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Pharmaceutical Products Of The Chemical Industry

- The market players, which in this case are leading pharmaceutical companies, would normally buy supplies, such as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), from major suppliers that form sub-sector of the chemical industry. These are provided on a contractual basis and most pharmaceutical companies face high switching costs if they decide to change suppliers. That is why a number of these companies decided to invest in chemical manufacturing and become partially self- sufficient. Another way in which these market players are able to reduce the supplier power is through purchasing their raw materials from multiple suppliers; since their laboratory equipment and chemical ingredients show littl...   [tags: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical industry]

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The Business Aspect Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

- Government Collaboration: In the scholarly book, “TRIPS, Pharmaceutical Patents and Access to Essential Medicines: Seattle, Doha and Beyond”, Hoen describes the need and uses of patents in the pharmaceutical industry. The World Trade Organization and Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights Agreement help facilitate the ever growing industry. In order to protect intellectual property, these organizations set out patents to these companies. The article states that there are many drawbacks such as how patents increase the price of these drugs and limiting its consumers ability to acquire them....   [tags: Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical drug, Drug]

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Animal Testing: The Future of Pharmaceuticals

- Millions of chemicals have been discontinued in everyday uses, such as in plant poisons, through animal testing, they have been donned to be unsafe for people and environment. Without animal testing, the general public would still be using these hazardous chemicals. Many humanitarians may be opposed to testing chemicals on animals, but if scientists didn’t test on animals, individuals would have to test the deadly chemicals or live in a world where people don’t know if the chemicals they are using are poisonous and lethal to the human society....   [tags: Animal Rights ]

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The Morality of Using Nazi Research

- On September 1, 1939, the Second World War began. Nazi Germany infiltrated many nations, increasing their domination over Europe. While the Nazi’s gained power, they came across many issues that withheld them from achieving their full potential and fighting their best. The Nazi’s are infamous for being cruel people, but some may leave out that they were also researchers and innovators. They conducted many experiments to try to find the cause, effect, and solution to problems they faced while at war, although it was in an inhumane way....   [tags: pharmaceuticals, medical, races]

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The Cost Of The Pharmaceutical Industry Of Great Britain

- What is the justification for such dramatic increases in cost. The first method utilized to explore this question was to verify the relationship of cost with research and development. This was done by examining scientific research linking increases in expense to increases in drug costs. Next, the impacts of patents, length of time needed for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, and limits to cost minimization by state laws and federal policies were investigated by reviewing economic journal articles on these topics....   [tags: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical industry]

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Prescription Drug Prices And Healthcare Utilization

- The current unprecedented skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs is a historic event in healthcare. The privatization of healthcare has arguably moved the health care system from patient-centric to money-centric. The recent unsettling examples of price hikes for drugs that combat AIDs as well as EpiPen brand epinephrine have left many consumers wondering why these prices are so arbitrary. The conversation between Government and big pharmaceuticals is not promising when looking for reprieve in the cost of life saving drugs....   [tags: Medicine, Pharmacology, Pharmaceuticals policy]

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A Conventional Healthcare Approach vs. Eastern Approach

- A Conventional Dilemma In a rapidly changing global society, health––humanity’s most vital asset––fails to be ensured by modern methods of treatment. Conventional medicine has emerged as the dominant and preferred method of remedying illness. However, conventional approaches to treating the droves of diseases that plague humanity falter in their ability to effectively subdue discomfort and disability. Despite the monumental improvements in health, Conventional techniques cannot engineer perfect health or equilibrium....   [tags: Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, Doctors]

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Patents And Pharmaceutical Drugs : The Need For Change

- On the other hand, generic drug companies and those who want access to affordable drugs view it differently, arguing that brand-name companies abuse the patent law in order to keep their profits high. Clearly, the debate all stems around innovation as it the main reason pharmaceutical companies are allowed to patent their drugs. Pharmaceutical companies are allowed to patent their drugs because it encourages further medical research without the fear of competition taking an idea. A patent ensures that any company who invents a drug has exclusive rights over the production and sale of the drug for a certain period of time....   [tags: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical industry]

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​The Toxic Effects of Chlorine

- ​From swimming pools to poison gas, chlorine is used throughout lives of many, but many people do not realize the toxicity that chlorine can have at certain levels. This paper will explore the uses, structure and properties, routes of exposure, source, toxic effects, and metabolism of chlorine. As well as give precautions and tips to protect you from the toxic effects of chlorine. ​The uses of chlorine vary greatly and it is often found in many items around the house. Chlorine is used every summer in pools due to its effectiveness in killing bacteria, and many pools use chlorine in its liquid state....   [tags: pharmaceuticals, poisonous gas]

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Why Pharmaceutical Companies 's Drugs

- Why do we allow pharmaceutical companies to patent their drugs. We allow pharmaceutical companies to patent their drugs because this way they have exclusive possession as well as control of the supply and trade of that drug for a certain period of time. This allows the companies to maximize their profits until the patent has expired and the chemical formula is given to other companies is sold as an over the counter generic drug. Pharmaceutical companies patent their drugs because pharmaceutical firms may reuse their research instead of it going to waste this allows other companies to afford medicine....   [tags: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical industry]

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Clinical Trials in India

- CLINICAL TRIALS Clinical Trials in India are regulated under the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) and Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, respectively. Rule 122 DAA of Drugs & Cosmetics Rules, 1945 (“D & C Rules”) defines clinical trials as a “systematic study of new drug(s) in human subject(s) to generate data for discovering and/or verifying the clinical, pharmacological (including pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic) and/or adverse effects with the objective of determining safety and / or efficacy of the new drug”....   [tags: pharmaceuticals, policy, marketing]

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Bilayer Tablet Technology in Medical Treatment

- An acute or chronic illness for decades is being clinically treated through delivery of drugs in patients in the form of some pharmaceutical dosage forms like tablets, capsules, liquids, creams, pills, aerosols, injectable and suppositories. An ideal drug delivery system is such that it provides the required drug amount with in a short duration and also should maintain the steady level of drug concentration throughout the dosing period [1]. However any conventional dosage form behaves as per its type either immediate release or sustained release....   [tags: Pharmaceuticals, Patients]

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What is Lexapro?

- Desired effects vs. adverse effects As mentioned before Lexapro is a SSRI, the desired effect would include treating the symptoms of GAD and Major Depressive Disorder. The SSRI increases the amount of serotonin in the brain, which increases mood and metal balance (Escitalopram, 2014). Forest Pharmaceuticals collected data on pediatric and adult patients using Lexapro to measure adverse effects. Adverse effects were collected from 576 pediatric patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder in a double blind study (Forest Pharmaceuticals, 2012)....   [tags: Treatment, Depressive Disorders, Pharmaceuticals]

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Treating Phantom Limbs

- Limited understanding of phantom limbs hinders the effectiveness of treating phantom sensations and pain. There are several theories as to the causes of phantom limbs only two main areas central and peripheral nervous system. The main three treatments are cognitive-behavioral therapy with extinction, pharmaceuticals and mirror therapy. Cognitive-behavioral therapy retrains the brain to use extinction to perceive the limb is gone. Pharmaceuticals are the most common way of treating conditions and easier to show evidence....   [tags: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Pharmaceuticals]

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Threats to Groundwater

- Topic: Major threats & issues/ Threats to groundwater Question: What can be done do decrease the potential contamination threat to South Australian water by Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs). In order for living and non-living things to survive water is necessary. Some 72 percent of Earth is covered in water, but 97 percent of that is salty ocean water and not suitable for drinking. Most of the remaining 3 percent water is freshwater and locked up in ice layers or glaciers or it’s too deep underground to be reached to salty to be used....   [tags: contamination, pharmaceuticals, chemicals]

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Preventing Pharmaceutical Companies From Setting Drug Prices

- In recent years the debate of whether to implement regulations to prevent pharmaceutical companies from setting drug prices has become a topic of interest among the public. Some argue that setting regulations would only hurt patients in the long run and health care costs would inevitably go up. On the contrary those who favor government regulations argue that pharmaceutical companies should be monitored to ensure that price ranges are reasonable. Although both sides of the argument have valid points one must take into consideration various factors and look beyond the surface....   [tags: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical industry]

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Should Pharmaceutical Companies Reduce The Cost Of Prescription Medications

- Different medications are constantly being prescribed to millions of patients. With a constant improvement of medicine, new research was conducted to develop better medicine to replace the past medications. However, to begin new research, funding is needed to consider starting the research. To continually be able to fund research, many pharmaceutical companies have raised the prices of current medications. The inflation of pharmaceutical medications has created much uproar amongst the consumers....   [tags: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical drug, Medicine, Drug]

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Prescription Obesity Drugs

- 1. Has FDA provided ‘sufficient guidance’ to guide development and registration of prescription diet medications. If you agree, provide examples of what you consider ‘sufficient advice’ (including date of publication). I believe the FDA does provide sufficient guidance on the development and registration of prescription diet medications. In 2007, FDA issued draft guidance that clearly defines their expectations to judge effectiveness (weight reduction and maintenance of weight loss after 1 year’s treatment)....   [tags: Pharmaceuticals]

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Zoetis- Pharmaceutical Company

- Zoetis is the number one animal pharmaceutical company worldwide. It used to be a part of the parent company Pfizer pharmaceuticals but it became its own company in 2013(Zoetis,2013). The company is a publically traded company that has a sole focus on animal health and customer service. Most sales for Zoetis are done through livestock medicines but the companion animal department is catching up quickly. Zoetis prides itself on being the most loved by their customers (Zoetis, 2013). Zoetis is a growing company that has sixty years of work behind it (Zoetis, 2014)....   [tags: Animal Pharmaceutics, Worldwide Company]

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Pharmaceutical Companies Are Been Notorious For Hiring Young Female Sales Reps

- Pharmaceutical companies are already notorious for hiring gorgeous, young female sales reps to appeal to an industry of doctors who are mostly middle-aged or older males. Obviously, a number of other ethical issues emerge when drug companies pay doctors. However, drug companies can’t pay direct commissions for prescribing their drugs, but they can pay them to be spokespersons. GlaxoSmithKline can longer pay doctors to promote their drugs, as a result of their scandal, but nearly all major drug companies still do so....   [tags: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical industry, Crime]

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Social Security and Medicare Seeing Through Loopholes

- People receiving Social Security and Medicare need to prepare for drastic changes. Social Security and Medicare in unity has been around since 1965. President Lyndon B. Johnson decided to help the elderly pay for expensive medical necessities from doctor visits to medicine. President Johnson knew that elderly individuals would have less income and pay more for medical necessities than younger individuals. He made Social Security and Medicare a number one priority during his presidency, unaware years down the line funding would become scarce and so many doctors and pharmaceutical companies would try to squeeze the life out of it....   [tags: insurance, doctors, pharmaceuticals]

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Legislation Governing The Roles of Psychologists in the State of Illinois

- The day upon which this composition is to be submitted, precisely 313 days will have passed since Illinois Senate Bill 2187 of the 98th General Assembly was referred to the appropriate House committee for consideration (IL-SB 2187, 2013); the bill, first filed in February of 2013, seeks to amend existing legislation governing the roles of psychologists in order to afford qualified clinicians in Illinois the authority to issue pharmaceutical prescriptions to patients under their care ("Prescriptive Authority for Psychologists," 2014)....   [tags: pharmaceuticals, potential harm, treatments]

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New Drug Reseach and Development in America

- Every day the search is on to develop new drugs to combat serious diseases and disorders like cancer and depression. For many of these new drugs for diseases such as cancer, pharmaceutical companies spend around one billion dollars on research and development (Russell 23). Once a drug is developed in a lab, a lot of research needs to be conducted in real life scenarios to determine if the drug will work as it is designed. The most effective way to get accurate information is to run experiments to learn how the drug actually works on its designed target; which are, in many cases, humans....   [tags: pharmaceuticals, business, economics]

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Personal Essay: Journey to Studying Pharmacy

- About two years ago my closest friend passed away. As I sat at her bedside in the hospital I was shocked to see her in that stricken position. I wondered why was this happening to her?Why was she suffering needlessly. Since I was the age of 16, I have had the desire to help others. It first started with my neighbor Cheryl Conel. Cheryl was an intimately close neighbor of mine who I used to work for. As the years went by Cheryl and I became closer and our friendship strengthened considerably. She became my first strong female role model....   [tags: Pharmaceuticals, Drugs, Prescriptions]

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Treatment of Anxiety and Depression

- Recent seekers of healthcare services such as governments, insurance companies and individuals face a contemporary global crisis with paying exorbitant costs for healthcare services. This prohibitive cost has made an impact on recent debates between supporters for the importance of the treatment and deniers because of the highly cost. In the light of these clashes between advocates and deniers, a gesture appears from behind the scene attempt to offer a phenomenon. This phenomenon claims that physical therapy could provide an alternative therapeutic protocol with a higher quality and less expensively....   [tags: Effectiveness, Therapy, Pharmaceuticals]

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Marketing Wellness and Prevention

- Suppose that you are tasked with managing a health care marketing division for a pharmaceutical drug. A junior member of your marketing team suggests that you increase the budget to invite health care providers to attend symposia in which they will be trained to be speakers. One goal of the marketing plan is to influence physicians to prescribe the drug. The team member has draft versions of brochures and DVD's espousing the benefits of the drug; these are to be distributed to physicians and patients as a way to boost sales....   [tags: marketing, health care, pharmaceuticals]

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Pharmaceutical Industries And The Pharmaceutical Industry

- Large pharmaceutical industries are making big profits on medications because they charge high prices for profit. These pharmaceutical companies are overcharging for medications that are essential to maintaining the health of patients. Having such a high cost for medication prevents patients from receiving the care that they need. This may result in patients resorting to desperate measure such as stealing and other illegal acts. The pharmaceutical industry need to reevaluate their ethical standards because the way that these companies are going about pricing their drugs is preventing patients from living a health life....   [tags: Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical industry]

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The Pharmaceutical Industry

- Americans are bombarded with advertisements by the pharmaceutical industry with pharmacies on busy street corners, television commercials, magazine ads, as well as advertisements flashing across the computer screen while surfing the internet. They are all declaring the latest breakthroughs that medicine has to offer. In 2004, it was reported the prescription drug industry spent $57.5 billion in advertising, profiting $235.4 billion in overall drug sales (“Big Pharma,” 2008)....   [tags: Business Practices, Ethical Theories]

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Analysis of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

- Introduction Due to longer life expectancy and the rapid increase of the world’s population, the pharmaceutical industry is becoming increasingly important. The problem of aging population and high healthcare cost is particularly serious in Japan. This essay will focus on a Japanese drug maker – Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Takeda, the company). First, in order to provide background information, the current business model and relevant information of Takeda will be outlined and analysed based on financial data and the company’s annual reports....   [tags: Takeda Pharmaceutical ]

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The Pharmaceutical Theory of Personality

- This paper discusses the pharmaceutical theory of personality and provides answers to the tough twins and big four questions. The paper also looks at limitations and strengths of the theory in addition to parallel research by the pharmaceutical industry on the professionals prescribing pharmaceuticals. The paper examines the effects of the pharmaceutical theory in action and raises concern regarding the known efficacy of medications including the lack of knowledge as to when pharmaceutical treatment should cease....   [tags: Psychology ]

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Why Pharmaceutical Waste Matters?

- Why Pharmaceutical Waste Matters "We all live in a vast chemical sea." (What 's In Your Water. Current Events Vol. 107, Issue 21) Medical drugs are a common household item in America. It is said that "more than 80 percent of adults take at least one medication per week, ranging from supplements and vitamins to prescription drugs. This amounts to billions in spending on drugs and millions of pounds of unused medication that need to be disposed annually."(Trey Granger, Earth911). Shockingly, there are no large scale efforts being made in America to change or research the unsettling and ever growing amounts of prescription drugs in our drinking water and it 's effects on our health....   [tags: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical drug]

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Pharmaceutical industry in the United Kingdom

- INTRODUCTION Pharmaceutical industry in the United Kingdom The pharmaceutical industry in the United Kingdom directly employs around 72,000 people and in 2010 contributed £8.4 billion to the UK's GDP and invested a total of £3.9 billion in research and development. In 2007 exports of pharmaceutical products from the UK totalled £14.6 billion, creating a trade surplus in pharmaceutical products of £4.3 billion. The UK is home to GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca, respectively the world's fifth- and sixth-largest pharmaceutical companies measured by 2010 market share....   [tags: over-the-counter products, medicine]

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How The Pharmaceutical Get Into The Sound

- Puget Sound is a sound located in northwestern part of United States and it is the main coast of Western Washington state. It is one of the most complex and largest estuaries (location where freshwater and salty sea water meets) in the world, ranging from city of Olympia to Deception Pass near Whidbey Island. Naturally estuaries are abundant with unique natural organisms and Puget Sound is especially true; as Chinook salmon, staghorn sculpin, English sole, geoduck clam, orca whales, harbor seals and many more live in Puget Sound....   [tags: Sewage treatment, Wastewater, Water, Septic tank]

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Pharmaceutical Practice: Patient Assessment

- Over the last decades, pharmacy practice has evolved into a patient cantered care profession which aims to improve health outcome of the patient. Within the pharmaceutical practice model, the role of pharmacist is not restricted into just dispensing the right medication but to achieve an overall better outcome for the patient. Patient assessment is a vital part of this pharmaceutical model and is focused on gathering patient-specific information, evaluating that information, identify drug related problems and formulating a pharmaceutical care plan....   [tags: pharmaceutical practice model]

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The Problem Of Big Pharmaceutical Companies

- Big Pharmaceutical Companies The biggest contradiction in the cycle of life is the beginning of the end, that is, as humans we are born to die. The diseases and sicknesses we contact throughout our lifetime are evidence of the impending end from the beginning. In the 21st century, however, healthcare is not some superstitious, voodoo nonsense we leave to fate. It’s a right available to every citizen living within a democracy or free government. In America there are various loopholes within the framework of the health system, evident by a survey carried out in 2006 that showed a nationwide decrease in satisfaction with the United States Health care system (Helman, Greenwald, and Fronstin 2)....   [tags: Medicine, Pharmacology, Clinical trial]

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- Dronedarone Two major obstacles which dampen the clinical efficacy of any anti-arrhythmic drug are its paradoxical pro-arrhythmic properties and serious extra-cardiac side effects. Dronedarone, a relatively new member of the Class III anti-arrhythmics and which is used primarily to treat atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter, is not without these shortcomings. In January of 2010 there was an outright ban of dronedarone in Britain by The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) which was swiftly accompanied by an ardent backlash from practicing cardiologists....   [tags: Pharmaceuticals]

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Supposition II : Influence Of Pharmaceutical Companies

- Supposition II: Influence of Pharmaceutical Companies The next supposition I want to discuss is Dr. Frances opinion that pharmaceutical companies’ direct-to-consumer advertising is hurting patients and even psychiatry itself. I chose this supposition because I get tired of watching television and seeing advertisements for psychiatric medications. Furthermore, I get very annoyed when the advertisements try to make diagnosis that many people struggle with every day seem like a walk in the park that can be “cured” with the use of their medication....   [tags: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical industry]

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Adoption of E-Prescribing in Healthcare Organizations

- Electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) has the ability to improve the quality, safety and cost effectiveness of health care. Experts have predicted that e-prescribing could avoid over 2 million adverse drugs events annually, of which 130,000 are life-threatening. This report defines e-prescribing and the challenges that may be faced in adopting this system. E-Prescribing The eHealth Initiative defines e-prescribing as “the use of computing devices to enter, modify, review, and output or communicate drug prescriptions.” (Electronic Prescribing, n.d.) There are varying levels of e-prescribing systems ranging from Level 1 through Level 6....   [tags: Health Care, Pharmaceuticals]

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An Interactional Perspective of Pharmaceutical Commercials

- An Interactional Perspective of Pharmaceutical Commercials There are many arguments within scholarly articles, pharmaceutical corporations, medical institutions and the media regarding the effects of the advertisements of prescription medications on consumers. If you google “Direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising (DTCPA) of prescription drugs”, over a million hits including petitions for banning and the regulation of ads, will flood your screen (Donohue 2006:659). DTCPA is defined as “any promotional effort by a pharmaceutical firm to present prescription drug information to the general public through the lay media” (Ventola 2011:669)....   [tags: publicity and marketing strategies]

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Profile of the Pharmaceutical Industry

- ... Extent of Competition Demand for pharmaceuticals is primarily driven by the desire to cure illness and disease, and the profitability of an individual company is heavily depended on its ability to discover and market new drugs and its expenditure on R&D activities. Within the industry, large companies benefit from their economies of scale in research, manufacturing, and marketing, while small companies usually compete by specializing in drugs that target one or two particular ailments. The US pharmaceutical preparation industry is highly concentrated since the 50 largest companies account for over 80 percent of the industry’s total revenue....   [tags: proft, drugs, competition ]

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Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

- The pharmaceutical industry has become a chief player in the marketing of their products. As its leading companies have such a strong presence in Ireland, and the fact that its marketing policies are forced to vary from country to country, I found it to be a very appropriate topic. It is a highly regulated industry, governed by different global statutory bodies, each incorporating different laws, which marketers must be aware of. I discuss how different global legislation can affect marketing strategies, and ultimately sales....   [tags: Implications, Products, Public Relations]

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Merck And Its Effects On The Pharmaceutical Industry

- Introduction: Merck had a reputation of providing the best research in order to find the cure for diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis, hypertension. They spend on average around $3 billion dollars on research on a yearly basis. However, they needed to produce a drug that would take Merck to the next level. Merck created Vioxx which was designed to treat osteoarthritis and in May 1999, the FDA approved Vioxx making it available with a medical prescription (Snigdha., 2007). During this period they were plenty of changes in the pharmaceutical industry....   [tags: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical industry, Shareholder]

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Drug Company Ethics Of The Pharmaceutical Companies

- All drug companies are required to have a Standards of Business Policies and Ethics. These booklets usually detail guidelines for employees, shareholders, conflicts of interests, confidential information etc. The handbooks are in place to protect the drug companies and ensure anyone associated with the company is aware and abiding by the rules listed. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear drug company ethics. Commitment to consumers, fair testing studies and timely action are a few of the things that come to my mind when I think about drug company ethics....   [tags: Pharmaceutical industry, Pharmacology]

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Case Study : The Ayush Pharmaceutical Company

- Our Ayush Pharmaceutical Company has completed phase IIB clinical trial and going to start Phase III Clinical Trial very soon for Killpain (Ibuprofen). We want to request to the FDA for meeting before starting a phase III clinical trial in the form of direct meeting, phone meeting, or web base meeting. We will follow Guideline established by the FDA for Meetings with companies. The FDA has set a standardized procedure and ethics of high-quality meeting organization method to request, arrange, perform, and registering the meetings....   [tags: Clinical trial, Pharmaceutical industry]

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Adaptive Design Of The Pharmaceutical Drugs Manufacturers

- Adaptive Design The pharmaceutical drugs manufacturers are moving towards adaptive design in clinical trial as per the U.S.FDA guidance. The adaptive trial design is giving great benefit than a traditional drug trial design through the new drug approval from the pipeline to the patients. The meaning of to accept adaptive trial design is to make clinical trial more efficient by allowing changes in clinical trial. Adaptive trial design allows researchers modification in the clinical trial and/or statistical procedure of the clinical trial after initiation of clinical trial without harming trial validity and integrity....   [tags: Clinical trial, Pharmaceutical industry]

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Pharmaceutical Company 's Main Objective

- What is a pharmaceutical company’s main objective. You might think it is to cure people of illnesses or even make people healthier. However new research and public information shows that while they work in health care health is not what they are starting distribute. “A pharmaceutical company, or drug company, is a commercial business licensed to research, develop, market and/or distribute drugs, most commonly in the context of healthcare. They can deal in generic and/or brand medications.” Although they are a vital part of any economy and health field there are many problems with in the medical industry such as (a) the focus of money, (b) drug abuse, (c) over consumption and (d) severe side...   [tags: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical industry]

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Pharmaceutical Companies Influence Over Physicians

- Magdalena Tor Pharmaceutical Companies Influence over Physicians I will discuss how small and large gifts are equally harmful since they influence the prescribing habits of doctors. The main text I will discuss is titled “All Gifts Large and Small”, by Dana Katz. The other articles are “Following the Script: How Drug Reps make friends and influence Doctors”, by Adriane Fugh- Berman and Shahram Ahari, and “Conflict of Interest in Medical Practice”, by Stephan R....   [tags: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical industry, Pharmacy]

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Evolving into Drug-Resistant Pathogens

- Thesis: Although forms of antibiotics, disinfectants, and the sort are developed, improved, and mutated on a daily basis to increase resistance, the bacterium that is being targeted through these agents are evolving as well, similarly building a resistance, and limiting the growth of anti-bacterial products is necessary. Every day, humans are born into a world full of bacteria, viruses, and parasites that have the potential to be detrimental to the life of the newborn. As we age, our bodies build a resistance to these pests, and with the help of anti-bacterial agents, humans have the capability to avoid many fatal diseases that would have been brought on from these inhabitants....   [tags: health, pharmaceuticals, antibacterial products]

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The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

- Introduction The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is in the front rank of India’s science based industries. It is a highly organized sector. The Industry is estimated to be of worth $ 4.5 billion, with growth of about 8 to 9% annually. It ranks very high in terms of technology, quality and range of manufactured medicines. From simple headache pills to heavy antibiotics and complex cardiac compounds, almost each and every type of medicine is now made indigenously. It meets around 70% of the country's demand for bulk drugs, drug intermediates, tablets, chemicals, capsules, pharmaceutical formulations orals and injectable....   [tags: SWOT, profit, debt]

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The American Pharmaceutical System

- Discussion Post #4 1.Socialize the EpiPen Summary: This article talks about EpiPens but also emphasizes the dysfunction of the American pharmaceutical system. One of the main problems specified in the article was the enormous price increase of EpiPens. Between 2007 and 2016 the price for a set of two EpiPens went from $100 to $600(Jacobin, Sept. 2, 2016). The company that sells the EpiPens is Mylan Pharmaceuticals, however they outsource to Pfizer’s Meridian Medical Technologies, which manufactures a whole lineup of autoinjector products(Jacobin, Sept....   [tags: Health insurance, Universal health care]

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Oramed Pharmaceutical Inc. Technology and Politics

- Oramed Pharmaceutical Inc. Technology Oramed is a contemporary pharmaceutical company that is mainly focused into developing new cutting-edge medicinal diabetic drugs that have not been in existence before. Similar to other pharmaceutical companies, technology is a key factor in the success such companies. In an exclusive interview on with Nadav Kidron, Oramed’s CEO, he was quoted describing Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. as “an Israeli company focused on the development of oral delivery solutions based on proprietary technology” (PR Newswire Association LLC, 2007)....   [tags: Business Analysis ]

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Pharmaceutical Industry and The Manipulation of Clinical Research

- ... Many pharmaceutical companies have sponsors that have significant influence over government personnel within the FDA, and many times they use their influence to get FDA members to “look the other way” (Rodwin). The main reason that these pharmaceutical companies manipulate data is to increase their profit. Company managers have strong financial incentives, in the form of stock options and bonuses, to get drugs approved and widely marketed (Brown). This is all with disregard to the quality of the drug in question....   [tags: medicine, drugs, dependency]

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Pharmaceutical R & D Spending And Price Regulation

- Pharmaceutical R&D Spending and Price Regulation - 1 In 1993, the Clinton administration announced the Clinton health care plan which was then later known as the Health Security Act (HSA) (Golec, Hegde and Vernon 2010). This act, if successful, would provide all US citizens and permanent resident alien with universal health care coverage (Golec, Hegde and Vernon 2010). This example aims to evaluate how the HSA had an effect on R&D spending decisions, corporate stock prices and price regulation....   [tags: Clinical trial, Pharmaceutical industry]

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Ethics and Morals Are Essential for Pharmaceutical Companies

- Companies today have been aware that it is very important for them to enforce ethics and morality in their actions and ideas. They know they will be profoundly analyzed and rejected by the public if these enforcements are not their number one to facilitate wellness in society. This way of rational thought pertains to the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry can regulate the health of many lives all over the world. It becomes essential that they follow the ethical and moral route for the good of society and to enable wellness....   [tags: medical, benefits, disease]

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Pharmaceutical Drug Approval Process : Case Study

- Pharmaceutical Drug Approval Process Tania Monica Hornecker HAD/553 Healthcare Organization September 20, 2015 Professor Nakia Henderson Pharmaceutical Drug Approval Process During the 19th century, health care delivery in the United States was very limited. Hospitals and doctors were scarce, physician’s education level was not optimized, and there were not that many treatments or medications available. Urbanization led to medical discoveries and the increase of technology has given the opportunity to develop more medication and medical equipment to the health care industry....   [tags: Pharmaceutical industry, Pharmacology]

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