Pharmaceutical Case Study

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Large pharmaceutical industries are making large profits on medications. Having such a high cost for medication prevents patients from receiving the care that they need. These companies are overcharging for medications that are essential to maintaining the health of patients. This may result in patients resorting to desperate measure such as stealing, crime, and other illegal acts. The pharmaceutical industry may require a different set of moral standard because in a way these laws are preventing patients from a quality life. It is not ethical for pharmaceutical industries to make large profits on medications. Pharmaceutical industries that continues to make large profits from patients who needs their medication impairs their quality of life.…show more content…
Some patients would just simply not take their medications, other are forced to take out enormous loans that they will never be able to repay. Some might even resort to illegal acts such as stealing medications or other crimes to try to pay for these expensive drugs that they need for a quality of life. These inflated prices affects the under-served populations and the elderly the most. Most people from low income families might not have insurance and the money to pay for medications that they need to maintain their health. The elderly may not have the support and/or money they need to afford expensive…show more content…
Stan Frinkelstein and Peter Temin believes that one solution is to eliminate the link between drug prices and drug discovery. This will help ease the fear of losing research funding for new medicine and by doing so, drug prices should be a lot more reasonable. The next solution they have is to undo the blockbuster mentality and this is closely linked to eliminating the link between drug prices and drug discovery. Blockbuster refers to pharmaceutical companies that achieve an annual worldwide sale of $1 billion or more. They can achieve this because the drugs are used by many patients and/or used for a long period of time. This will solve the drug price crisis because by doing so, researchers can focus more on society’s needs instead of focusing on how to generate more revenue. Their solutions will help researchers develop drugs that society truly
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