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Optimism And Pessimism Of Pessimism

- B. Cade Massey once said, “It 's gotten to the point where people really feel pressure to think and talk in an optimistic way” (Massey). Optimism is generally seen as healthy, while pessimism is generally seen as dangerous. The difference between optimism and pessimism is a difference in perspective and mindset. An optimist has a positive perspective and cheerful mindset, while a pessimist has a negative perspective and a gloomy mindset. There are consequences to both perspectives. But which has better consequences for one’s health....   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism, Motivation]

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The Difference Between Optimism And Pessimism

- B. Cade Massey once said that, “It 's gotten to the point where people really feel pressure to think and talk in an optimistic way” (Massey). Optimism is generally seen as healthy, while pessimism is generally seen as dangerous. The difference between optimism and pessimism is a difference in perspective and mindset. An optimist has a positive perspective, while a pessimist has a negative one. An optimist has a cheerful mindset, while a pessimist has a gloomy one. There are consequences to both perspectives....   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism, Motivation]

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Optimism Vs Pessimism Vs Realism Vs. Realism

- Optimism vs. Pessimism/ Realism vs. Who’s Right Towards the beginning of this novel, we meet the character Candide, who throughout the novel, Candide by Voltaire, was exposed to not only the philosophical idea of optimism, but also a dose of Pessimism and Realism. The question that arose from the novel however is what philosophical thought is right. It wasn’t until the last chapter where Candide says, “We must cultivate our garden,” which is essentially his own understanding of the events he has experienced....   [tags: Candide, Voltaire, Pessimism]

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The Effects Of Defensive Pessimism On Stress With Anxiety And Motivate Performance ( Norem And Cantor )

- Most individuals can attest to being too self-critical and have a pessimistic attitude towards a situation at a point in their lives. It is simple to assume that pessimistic attitudes and anxiety would be less effective in coping with stressful events, but studies indicate using defensive pessimism is effective in coping with anxiety and motivate performance (Norem and Cantor, ). Recent studies have demonstrated that rumination, or the tendency to dwell on a future event and rehearse all scenarios, is associated with negative emotions and depression....   [tags: Pessimism, Optimism, Anxiety, Nihilism]

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I Am An Occasional Pessimist

- “To the optimist, the glass is half full. To the pessimist, the glass is half empty. To the engineer… the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.” Although I appreciate the humor in this joke, it has provoked me to consider my worldview. The statement makes the assumption that pessimism, optimism, and engineering are mutually exclusive concepts; however, I have found that it takes a combination of all three ways of thinking to be successful. I admit it: I am an occasional pessimist. Although that term usually carries a negative connotation and such a statement seems like self-condemnation, I actually believe it is one of my strengths....   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism]

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Pessimism in Thomas Hardy's Novels

- The purpose of this article is to elaborate Thomas Hardy’s pessimism .The three novels of his namely Far From Madding Crowd , Tess Of D’Urbervilles , and Jude The Obsecure have the reflection of his life and relationships. The major elements in his novels are fate and chance responsible for a character’s ruin. Inspite of this all his novels are not totally dark some ends with a hopeful note. Introduction : Thomas Hardy is regarded a major contributor to English novel , born in rural Dorchester ....   [tags: marriage, novels, philosophy, fate]

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The Sin, Free Will, And Pessimism

- Fairbanks, Henry G. “Sin, Free Will, and "pessimism" in Hawthorne”. PMLA 71.5 (1956): 975– 989. Web. In the beginning of this article it talks about how even though Hawthorne himself is not a church going man, he is a religious man in his books and his outlook on Christian heritage was important. This article focused on the sin of adultery committed by Hester with Dimmesdale. It talked about how her sin is in the will and not the sinful act itself. Pearl is the living representation of their sin....   [tags: The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne]

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Choosing Hope Over Pessimism

- III. Evaluation of Sources I have found both sources to be reliable for my purposes. The Federal Election Committee is an agency of the United States government, and it produces perhaps the most accurate statistics in the world, as they come under heavy scrutiny for the impact their information produces. However there have been instances in which the organizations that the federal government uses to tabulate votes in individual states have produced false results. One such instance was in the 2000 presidential election....   [tags: US Election]

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Optimism and Pessimism in Voltaire’s Candide

- In Voltaire’s Candide, we are taken by the hand through an adventure which spanned two continents, several countries, and to a multitude of adverse characters. The protagonist, Candide, became the recipient of the horrors which would be faced by any person in the 18th century. But Candide was always accompanied with fellows sufferers, two of which our focus will lay, Pangloss and Martin. In equal respects, both are embodiments of different philosophies of the time: Pangloss the proponent of Optimism and Martin the proponent of Pessimism....   [tags: Voltaire, Candide]

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Optimism or Pessimism in A Raisin in the Sun

- Optimism or Pessimism in A Raisin in the Sun “Is your glass haft empty or haft full?” This saying perfectly describes what optimism opposed to pessimism is. Some people always see their glass haft empty, others haft full. The majority of people see their glass haft full some days and on other days haft empty. Our outlook on life is intimately related to the situation we are in and whether or not we believe we can get through the hard times. In the play A raison in the sun certain characters are more optimistic than others....   [tags: Raisin Sun Play Analysis]

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Optimism And Pessimism On Mental Health And Physical Health

- It has become widely accepted that optimism serves as a predictor of positive health outcomes (Rasmussen, H., Scheier, M., & Greenhouse, J., 2009). One particular study assessed the role of optimism and pessimism in children and adolescents. This study revealed the importance of developing optimism in children as it serves as a protective factor, not just in daily life hassles, but in medical complications as well. Furthermore, having an optimistic outlook on the future serves as a predictor of better medication and medical treatment adherence in children and adolescence with chronic illnesses....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Personal life, Health]

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The Pessimism of Beowulf in the Epic Poem, Beowulf

-     Anticipation of catastrophe, doom, gloom are present in Beowulf rom beginning to end, even in the better half of the poem, Part I. Perhaps this is part of what makes it an elegy – the repeated injection of sorrow and lamentation into every episode. In his essay, “The Pessimism of Many Germanic Stories,” A. Kent Hieatt says of the poem Beowulf: The ethical life of the poem, then, depends upon the propositions that evil. . . that is part of this life is too much for the preeminent man. . . .  that after all our efforts doom is there for all of us” (48)....   [tags: Epic of Beowulf Essay]

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Determinism, Objectivity, and Pessimism in The Open Boat

- Determinism, Objectivity, and Pessimism in The Open Boat         In Stephen Crane's short story "The Open Boat", the American literary school of naturalism is used and three of the eight features are most apparent, making this work, in my opinion, a good example of the school of naturalism. These three of the eight features are determinism, objectivity, and pessimism. They show, some more than others, how Stephen Crane viewed the world and the environment around him.         Determinism is of course the most obvious of the three features....   [tags: Open Boat Essays]

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Pessimism in Thomas Hardy’s The Darkling Thrush

- Pessimism in Thomas Hardy’s The Darkling Thrush Thomas Hardy’s writings are often imbued with pessimism, and his poem “The Darkling Thrush” is not an exception. Through the bleakness of the landscape, the narrator’s musings on the century’s finale, and the narrator’s reaction to the songbird, “The Darkling Thrush” reveals Hardy’s preoccupation with time, change, and remorse. Written in four octaves, “A Darkling Thrush” opens with a view of a desolate winter landscape. With “spectre-grey” frost covering everything in sight (line 2), all joyful colours and sounds are smothered with an intangible film of bleakness....   [tags: Darkling Thrush]

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Discuss the pessimism that Golding and Garland present in the novels

- Discuss the pessimism that Golding and Garland present in the novels Lord of the Flies and The Beach. Show how both writers have a pessimistic attitude to human nature. Discuss the pessimism that Golding and Garland present in the novels Lord of the Flies and The Beach. Show how both writers have a pessimistic attitude to human nature. Lord of the Flies was written in 1954, a time when commercialisation was not an issue and media hype only had subtle effects on society. The Beach was written in 1996, American globalisation had begun and the media played a massive part in society....   [tags: English Literature]

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Fate and Pessimism in Far from the Madding Crowd

- Fate and Pessimism in Far from the Madding Crowd       Fate plays a major role in many of Hardy's novels; both Tess of the D'Urbervilles and The Mayor of Casterbridge contain various instances where its effects are readily apparent. Moreover, Hardy's novels reflect a pessimistic view where fate, or chance, is responsible for a character's ruin. Far from the Madding Crowd is one of his earliest fiction; here, although it is much more subdued, fate and pessimism are still visible. It is shown throughout the book; Bathsheba Everdene sends a valentine to Farmer Boldwood as the result of her divination by Bible-and-key, Fanny Robin arrives at the wrong church for her wedding with Serg...   [tags: Madding]

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The Glass Half Full Or Half Empty

- “Is the glass half full or half empty”, a famous idiom, used to determine whether someone is an optimist or a pessimist. Even though seeing the glass half-full or having great expectations in life is a good thing, there is one fact we cannot deny; the fact that the glass is also half empty. To be able to deal with life with as few disappointments as possible, one needs to be an optimistic person, who has a healthy proportion of expectations and “what if” attitude so that one can be flexible when fails....   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism]

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The Progressive Movements Throughout Time

- The progressive movements throughout time can be profoundly expressed through the eyes of the optimistic. The persistent world view that interprets situations and events as being simply the best is not just a mental attitude, but a type of character which cannot be changed. One can argue that an optimistic person will be sanguine nearly in every burdensome situation in order to try to find something positive in it. Without optimism, of course, the world would never be so colorful and different; there would be no inventions, masterpieces of art, or graceful architecture....   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism]

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A Note On My Greatest Strength

- It takes either somebody really brilliant, or absolutely insane to get up and smile after being beaten down time and time again. My greatest strength is undoubtedly what many would consider to be a huge weakness. To the onlooker, it might even seem as if I am constantly lifting my spirits only to get knocked back down once again-- seeing only the best in people as to render myself naive and bound to get hurt. Even so, this mindset of seeing the world as something beautiful and allowing myself to believe that good will always come is most certainly not a regret of mine....   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism]

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Abe K Ō B Ō

- Abe Kōbō had a method with his stories and plays, that captivated his audiences through the complexities of his plots as well as the obscure meanings within them. His use of suspense and charm help keep his audience on their toes, while his disjointed plots help guide the readers to emotions and thoughts that are outside of the normal spectrum of ideas. This approach of evoking powerful emotions such as fear and confusion through a literary standpoint can have a strong impact on the reader. This impact is seen through the significance of the protagonist turning into a plant in the story, "Dendrocacalia" by Abe Kōbō....   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism]

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Optimism vs. Pessimism in Pope's Essay on Man and Leapor's Essay on Woman

- Optimism vs. Pessimism in Pope's Essay on Man and Leapor's Essay on Woman     Both Alexander Pope's Essay on Man, Epistle 2 and Mary Leapor's Essay on Woman expound the fatalist contention that neither man nor woman can "win," as each individual exists in a world of trade-offs. Yet, by each author's singular technique of sculpting his ideas with the literary tools of contrast, argument, and syntax, the cores of the two essays turn back to back, evolving into distinct, but contrary perspectives of Man's (in respect to mankind) and Woman's existence....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Optimism Is Faith For Achievement

- Keller (1903) stated that “optimism is faith that leads to achievement. (p.63). Remaining positive is an aspect that most individuals try to do in their lives. Although some people aren’t as optimistic as others, having a small amount of optimism can be beneficial as well. Even though is not just one definition for optimism, there are some similarities depending on the characteristics of the individual. Definition Optimism is a mode of thinking that can more than likely be conceptualized on a continuum....   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism, Motivation]

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Optimism And Optimism : Optimism

- Just as I always think of having an optimism positively, which make me feel pleasant and hope that I will be better in future, in the same way, people also have different hopes in life from their distinct perspectives. Unlike, predicting brings success in persons’ life; rather, it is an unclear terms that people have. Optimism actually derived from French word optimisme (1737) and from Modern Latin optimus “the best.” Optimism is also like expressing a hopefulness which a person belief that something he or she wish will happen....   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism, Mind, Thought]

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Is Life Really Getting Better?

- Is life really getting better. According to Matt Ridley we have everything to be thankful for and much to look forward in the future. From the Stone Age to just a few years ago we have come a long way in bettering our lives and those of world we live in. Food is becoming more available and efficient in the land that it uses; people are living longer and being able to use their time for luxurious activities instead of slaving away for survival of the individual. If we continue down this path than our future will be even better than what we can imagine now....   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism, Better, Time]

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The Is Not A Crisis

- In life there are many times when we experience hardships, challenging times, and crisis. During these tough times, we are tested; our ability to stay positive is certainly tested during these times as well. We tend to get down on ourselves and in turn, we start feeling as if the world is against us. Everything that we do goes wrong, no matter what we do. Then we begin to doubt ourselves and get deeper into the pit. The author is no different; there have been times when the author has gone through a challenging experience or a crisis....   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism, Motivation]

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Ethics and Character Education

- Students are often lectured about the importance of acting in an ethical matter yet most of the time those around them, such as, parents, teachers, and administrators do not follow their own advice. There is someone who will look up to their teacher; students learn from the adults that surround them. This leads to students believing that it is okay to act in an unethical manner. Everyone is guilty of not doing the right thing; everyone has flaws and it is somewhat naïve to believe that we can have a perfect society where everyone is righteous....   [tags: flaws, education, cheating, pessimism]

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The Positives And Negatives Of Being An Optimist

- Have you ever lost a close one to health problems. How about losing him or her to something that must 've surely been painful. Well, if you 've answered yes to either of these questions, I 've got a follow-up question. Were you sad that your close one was now gone, or were you happy that their suffering was over. If you 've answered yes to the either one, then, good job, you 're a normal human being. But, if you answered yes to the second one specifically, then you 're probably just like me since I thought the same way when my grandfather died....   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism]

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Teenage Depression Statistics

- Twenty percent of teens in America today suffer from at least one symptom of depression.( Teenage Depression Statistics ) Depression is an illness that involves the body, mood, and thoughts, that affects the way a person eats and sleeps, the way one feels about oneself, and the way one thinks about things. Depression symptoms include loss of emotional expression, feelings of hopelessness, pessimism, and social withdrawal (Teenage Depression Statistics )Holden Caulfield, in J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye, suffers from symptoms of depression....   [tags: Psychology, Pessimism, Social Withdrawal]

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All Hidden : Bishop 's Personality

- From this one poem, it is actually hard to understand and fully grasp Elizabeth Bishop’s personality. She seems to be an optimist, but at the same time, she is sarcastic and almost seems to be a pessimist. Her pessimism is completely understandable if one fully comprehends her work though. In “One Art,” Bishop expects to lose anything good in her life but accepts this fate and learns to live with it. Elizabeth Bishop states her plot well, lets her audience know that the poem is about loss, and allows her intent to show....   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism, Madrid Metro, The Loss]

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Be Positive About Yourself : The Best Possible Preparation For Success

- 13. Be Positive About Yourself "A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success." - Joyce Brothers Do you want to have more success in life. Yes. Then become more positive about yourself and your capabilities and potential in life. Become more positive about what you deserve and what you can achieve. When you develop a positive mindset about your worth and capabilities, you are much more likely to put in the work that helps you become successful. This is all about confidence....   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism, 2007 singles, Emotion]

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Works of Naturalism

- “Why should he cling to life. he asked, and dropped the blazing stick into the snow. It sizzled and went out. The circle grunted uneasily, but held its own. Again he saw the last stand of the old bull moose, and Koskoosh dropped his head wearily upon his knees. What did it matter after all. Was it not the law of life?” (London 752). This is a direct quote from the book “Law of Life” by Jack London. It is a fine example of naturalism, which is a philosophical understanding that we are completely secluded in a single, physical universe....   [tags: theory, realism, pessimism, theme, irony]

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My Personal Statement On My Life

- At a very young age, I’ve always been interested in helping and teaching others the power of knowledge. It mostly stems from the knowledge I was taught by my loved ones. Being the youngest in my family. There was always someone looking out for me and always tending to my needs. Which is part of the reason why I have a pessimism attitude. My lack of confidence in future stems from everyone figuring out what’s best for me and not allow me to make my own decisions. If you ask any of my family members, I’m the most pessimism person they have ever encounter....   [tags: Pessimism, Optimism, High school, Maya Angelou]

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A Reflection On The Mind Over Matter

- This article above all else reaffirms my strong belief that the phrase “mind over matter” is one of the most accurate saying uttered by man in our brief existence. The mind has always had the power to heal and destroy. This can be proven throughout the thousands of years of recorded history that we have at our disposal. Though this article was recently written. It is obvious that man, perhaps instinctually, always knew to some extent that the best way to live was with an optimistic point of view....   [tags: Thought, Mind, Pessimism, Optimism]

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Is Optimism And What Does It Mean?

- What is optimism and what does it mean to be optimistic. Optimism comes from the Latin word “optimus” meaning “best” and is defined as “an tendency to anticipate the best possible outcome.” Hardships are inevitable, but the way one decides to handle the situation determines the person they are. Imagine waking up knowing you may lose your mother or that your sibling is no longer alive. These realities can come true in a blink of an eye; and choosing to be happy is a choice only you can make. People who are optimistic not only are they positive,encourage motivation, and make horrible conditions into positive situations, but studies have shown they have better health than those who are pessimi...   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism, Health, Cancer]

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Is It An Optimist Or More Of A Pessimist?

- Whether we are naturally an optimist or more of a pessimist, it’s impossible to know what the future holds. So perhaps the best of both worlds is to be a realistic optimist - someone who tends to maintain a positive outlook, but within the constraints of what they know about the world ( After reading Between the World and Me, it is not hard to see that Ta-Nehesi Coates has gone through the rollercoaster ride of living in his black body. From growing up in the streets of Baltimore city, where fear and vulnerability was his bullet proof vest; to the fear of PG county police as a young adult....   [tags: African American, Race, Criminal justice, Police]

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What Makes A Optimistic Accountant?

- For instance, an optimistic person who receives a raise will recognize that their hard work paid off and enjoy the fact that they have gotten the recognition they deserve. A pessimistic person will not understand why they got the raise and worry about there being an ulterior motive behind it, such as more work and responsibility. That worry will cause them to become paranoid and less effective at their job. 7. When It Comes To Mistakes Mistakes happen, but optimistic people and pessimistic people deal with them very differently....   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism, Random act of kindness]

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Analysis Of Bela 's Memoir After The War I

- The period before 1914 had been a time of relative peace, stability, and prosperity—an age of optimism. However, after 1914 and the subsequent war, the age of optimism, peace, and stability gave way to an overt pessimism, social, economic, political upheaval, and conflict. These effects are seen in Béla’s memoir when describing his experiences during World War I. Béla describes the deteriorating enthusiasm and support for the war, the tensions of nationalism in Austria-Hungary, as well as sheds light on the evolving conduct of the war....   [tags: World War I, World War II, Optimism, Pessimism]

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The Plant Of Positive Thinking

- Cultivate the Plant of Positive Thinking in the Garden of Life I believe in positive thinking because it is like a small plant which can grow huge with the help of some fertilizer and regular care. Similarly, the more I use positive thinking, the better I will be at it, and the more it will grow. I am not saying that it is easy to think positively all the time, but I believe that most of my thoughts and ideas should reflect happiness and positivity. To obtain happiness one needs to learn to be optimistic in even the most difficult situations....   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism]

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Dealing with Adversity and Mood Changes: A Teenager´s Perspective

- ➢ Discuss your dominant mood that day: The day that my boyfriend broke up with me by a text message a couple of months ago left a huge impacted on me, and the way that I approached my coworkers, friends and my family. My most dominant mood that I felt that particular day was completely devastated. I remember the day perfectly. I was working at Kohl’s, starting my 15-minute break, checking my recent text messages, and I stumbled upon a text that I was least expecting. It was an overly long “I’m breaking up with you....   [tags: Breaking up, Boyfriend, Pessimism]

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We Shouldn 't Take Any Of Life

- If the world were a sunflower, children would be caterpillars, adolescents would be the cocoons, and adults would be the busy monarch butterflies fluttering from petal to petal collecting nectar. Before you know it, the sixth-week mark has arrived and there is one less butterfly hard at work in the meadows of the universe. Often, we hear how short life is, and that we shouldn’t take any of life’s experiences for granted. Learning to listen effectively and consciously to others and yourself are just two ways you can achieve happiness....   [tags: Mind, Anxiety, Pessimism, Nymphalidae]

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Notes On What Matters Most

- 2. Pick What Matters Most Once you plan out your day, go through the list and figure out what matters most to you. When things really matter to you, you will be more likely to put and keep your focus on them. If things are not really interesting to you or feel like a bore, then you will find yourself reaching for other things to do in order to avoid the pain of doing them. A lot of experts recommend doing the things you hate first. But, others recommend doing things you love and getting rid of the things you hate....   [tags: Pessimism, Optimism, Want, Need]

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I Loved Winnie The Pooh

- Ever since I was little, I loved Winnie the Pooh. Though I adored all the residents of the 100 Acre Wood, I especially related to one character and from the smile on my face and my uncontrollable bouncing, you’d guess that I was Tigger or Piglet for my warm heart...and small stature- but you’d be wrong. My favorite character was Eeyore. I felt like we had a soul-to-soul connection, I too was the occasional Debbie Downer of the group, and had my own rain cloud that followed me around. We were completely alike - except for that tail....   [tags: Emotion, Psychology, Pessimism, Happiness]

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Barbara Ehrenreich 's Bright Sided

- Ever hear one say, “Sometimes I’m busy making others happy, that I forget to make sure I’m okay.”. After reading Barbara Ehrenreich’s Bright-Sided I have learned that balancing both positive and negative thinking is the single most important life lesson shown throughout the book. Ehrenreich tells readers that the power of positive thinking Is undermining America and how being too positive and too optimistic, can lead to trouble. One that knows how to balance the amount of positivity and negativity will create a proper outcome for their future....   [tags: Optimism, Pessimism, Thought, Motivation]

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Essay on Voltaire's Candide - Voltaire's Opposition to Optimism

- Voltaire’s Opposition to Optimism in Candide Philosophy is a means by which humans search for a general understanding of the world and its concepts. Through experience, thought, and observation, one can arrive at a conclusion that forms the basis of his ideas. However, if one simply thinks and does not act, this conclusion does not make any significant difference on his life. This is a major point that Voltaire tries to make in Candide. He is trying to change society by demonstrating the absurdity of optimism....   [tags: Candide essays pessimism pessimist philosophy]

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The Most Misunderstood Pessimist By Thomas Malthus

- Economists: the Most Misunderstood Pessimist, Thomas Malthus In New Ideas from Dead Economists, Todd G. Buchholz provides a detailed glimpse at the past generations economists and how their principles and theories have and still are affecting our growing world. According to Alfred L. Malabre, Jr., Buchholz, an internationally renowned economist provides a “well-written guide to the still living ideas” of the most influential economists that “fashioned our prosperity” (Buchholz, 3). Thomas Malthus is known for his pessimistic economic theory concerning human population growth in conjunction with the worlds food supply....   [tags: Population, Demography, World population]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Catcher Of The Rye ' By Quot. Salinger

- Catcher in the Rye analysis The Novel “Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger is often know for being the novel that led to the death of pop culture icon John Lennon, but it is also known as one of the greatest novels ever written. Although it does not move me to strike down a Beatle, it does move me to consider my own relationships and what we as a society value and promote among each other. At the beginning of the novel, Holden Caulfield’s pessimism prevents him from succeeding, or even attempting to fit in society, because he is too close minded to the world around him....   [tags: The Catcher in the Rye]

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Mark Twain's Pessimistic Views Exposed in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

- Mark Twain's Pessimistic Views Exposed in Mark Twain's Pessimistic Views Exposed in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, through examples of hypocrisy, racism, and greed, shows Twain's pessimistic view of society and corruption of the human race as a whole. This novel documents the travels of a young boy by the name of Huckleberry Finn, and a runaway slave named Jim as they attempt to explore and escape their homes because of their own respective reasons. The plot of this novel is very simplistic, however the view of Mark Twain's pessimism regarding society as a whole is revealed through various characters and situations....   [tags: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn]

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The School: Postmodernist Ideas

- The School: Postmodernist Ideas Barthelme's "The School" is the first postmodernist story I have ever read. When I read it for the first time, my lips formed a bitter smile. In my imagination, postmodernist stories differed from the classical ones in the arrangement of the ideas and in the standard that postmodernists reject society. True, “The School” does differ in composition, for example the absence of introduction, but though it sounds somewhat comical, it does also have an incorporated pessimism that makes me reflect on the story....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Evil and Human Nature

- ... In “Explaining Evil,” Mark Bernstein boldly states, “There is evil in the world… [and] instances of undeserved pain and suffering provide us with our most poignant examples” (151). These undeserved sufferings include natural disasters, child deformities, or even simply an animal getting hit by a car. However, while Bernstein and others may argue that child sickness and deformities are a result of some kind of evil power, the claim can also be made that these afflictions rather are the cause of evilness....   [tags: v for vendetta, scientific evidence]

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Critical Thinking

- Every day, living creatures are making decisions. Whether the decisions are big or small, they have to be made. As the decisions are performed, there is a process that one goes through. Different types of thinking styles and thought processes are available. The way one feels, believes, attitudes, and relating ideas can play a big part in their thinking styles. Various methods of thinking and thinking styles are used. In this paper the subject is to discuss is three different types of thinking styles....   [tags: Critical Thinking Essays]

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The Pitfalls of Philosophical Absolutes in Voltaire's Candide

- As a novel which ingeniously skewers the fashionable misinterpretation of doctrinal optimism, Candide succeeds in disgusting, amusing and surprising its audience. With unending bounds of irony and sarcasm, Candide thrusts us into a world where we meet numerous characters that endure rather exaggerated misfortune. As a result, we see several doctrinal beliefs, such as that of Pangloss and Martin. Pangloss, Candide’s mentor and philosopher, is a man of optimistic sentiment. Maintaining the belief that all is for the best in this “best of all possible worlds” (1.4), Pangloss is later found to be rather fool headed in his complacency....   [tags: literary analysis, philosophy, analytical]

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Questioning the Meaning of Life

- `Where did we come from?', `Why are we here?', `Where are we going?'. These are questions which surface, centre stage, at some point in most people's lives. For philosophers, and others, they constitute the core problem known traditionally as the Meaning of Life. It might be thought that the first task in considering the question of the `Meaning of Life' is to define the key terms: `Life' and `Meaning'. However, the meanings of `Meaning' are many; and `Life' itself could be seen as not so much a separate entity, but rather, the totality of those meanings to which I have alluded....   [tags: Religion]

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The Five Key Concepts from Chapters Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen and Nineteen in Funder's Textbook

- The purpose of this paper is to discuss five key concepts from chapters fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and nineteen in Funder’s (2013) textbook. Specifically, I will discuss the frustration-aggression hypothesis, defensive pessimism and the declarative-self concerning self-esteem. Next I will cover improving self-knowledge and that personality is a multi-faceted ideal more complex than some might realize. I will use my previous subject, M.B. and extrapolate on these concepts with specific examples from the experiences and behaviors of the subject....   [tags: frustration aggression hypothesis]

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Thomas Hardy's Philosophy Influences His Writing

- Thomas Hardy's Philosophy Influences His Writing In a letter written in 1920, Thomas Hardy comments, "it is my misfortune that people will treat my mood-dictated writing as a single scientific theory" (Hicks 111). Hardy did not write under the pretenses of a single belief system, but was "so often misunderstood that he had to try and give some clear and precise statement of his beliefs" (Hicks, 110). Although he did not fulfill the role of philosopher, often these statements were read as Hardy's "philosophy." According to Jacobson, the task of a philosopher is to "develop articulate, settled systems of thought about the nature of the world, about the moral constitution of mankind, and abou...   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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Edgar Allan Poe - Mr. Pessimistic

- Edgar Allan Poe - Mr. Pessimistic Some people always look at the bad side of things instead of the good side. This is called pessimism. Edgar Allan Poe could be recognized as the king of pessimism. He is known for his tales of the mysterious and macabre. His dark and twisted works are filled with pessimism. Poe was a person who had faced many troubling experiences throughout his life. To escape from his saddened world, Poe drank and wrote short stories and poems with a pessimistic outlook. Being a pessimist is what made Poe such a great and creative writer....   [tags: Biography Biographies]

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Happiness Is A Choice

- What is happiness. Happiness is an inner state of well-being and fulfilment, and therefore it has to come from inside. Every individual has his or her own emotions and way of thinking and as a result of this no one can really say what happiness is and what happiness is not. However, universally, happiness is a by-product of a healthy attitude and viewpoint. Happiness exists in everyone whether they choose to acknowledge and believe it or not. It is not rare nor is it something only the elite have: everyone has it but not everyone recognizes it....   [tags: perspective, optimism, attitude]

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Holden Caulfield: Typical American Teenager

- It is difficult to really define American teenagers, but they’re seen as confused and without any real identity age wise. Although not as prominent as in the 20th century, teenagers have to deal with a misleading phoniness in society today. The teenage years are when a person really decides (or has a decision forced on them) how their views will develop, such as living with optimism or pessimism. Because of pressure from media, peers and parents, teenagers either try to grow up too quickly or simply refuse and get left behind....   [tags: Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger]

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Analysis of Ah, Are you Digging on My Grace?

- The poem under analysis is called Ah, Are you Digging on My Grace. and it is written by the novelist and poet Thomas Hardy. There are two main speakers in the poem, although other characters were referred to as well. The first main speaker is a deceased woman, who is trying to identify the visitor of her grave. The second main speaker is her living feline companion, which responds to her questions. The dog quotes other characters whom presence is questioned by the woman. The referred-to characters are her lover, family members, and enemy....   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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Eugene O’Neill: Pessimistic American who Showed Dark Social Realities of the modern Life and Started Modern American Drama

- ... Many of his characters reveal his own thoughts and experiences and give expression to his views and ideas. Tragedy is concerned with suffering and defeat. O’Neill’s tragic heroes are not men of high social position like other traditional heroes. They are not titans and supermen whose death can affect millions but they are always common persons like us. Andrew and Robert in Beyond the Horizon are the sons of farmer. In Straw, Eileen, because of the heavy burden of the family, is unable to complete her education....   [tags: notorious American playwrights]

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Voltaire’s "Candide"

- Voltaire’s Candide portrays an exaggerated image of human cruelty and suffering in the world. Specifically, Voltaire criticizes people’s lack of willingness to prevent suffering, and their tendency to accept the idea that there is nothing anyone can do about human outcomes. He upholds his belief that practical ways of solving problems generate improvement. He believes that human indifference and inaction cause suffering to carry on. Voltaire’s believes that naïve optimism, absolute pessimism, cruel indifference, and lack of reason hinder positive and constructive change....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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What Makes A Meaningful Life?

- When one asks the question: what is a meaningful life. one is looking for an answer that can adequately satisfy a set of desiderata, and a good answer will be one that if the characteristics of a meaningful life are taken away, then it will no longer be considered a meaningful life. I maintain that a moral life makes a meaningful life. Before diving into the questions that arise with meaningfulness of life, it is helpful to examine two extreme views on the meaning of life, namely, the religious view and the pessimistic view....   [tags: Meaning of life, Religion, Human, Life]

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The Complexities of Hinduism

- The religion of Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world. The many aspects of Hinduism present a complex religion. However complex and intellectual this religion seems, the over whelming branches and diversities of Hinduism pose problems for the Hindu worldview. The history, nature of the world, practical outcomes, and superiority of Christianity display the challenges that Hinduism presents. From Hinduism’s pantheon of gods to its dysfunctional caste system, this religion has wreaked havoc upon its followers spiritually and physically....   [tags: Religion, Polytheism, Caste]

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Polanski’s Version of Macbeth

- Polanski’s Version of Macbeth Prior to discussing its validity, Pearlman’s assertion requires some clarification. It is understood to suggest that through the depiction of tenth or eleventh century Scotland, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and Polanski’s cinematic version of it, present particular views of the political world.[1] The issues, which the play and the film raise, are generic, in that they can apply beyond the specific setting. Although Pearlman records Polanski’s own observation that the scene in which Macduff’s castle is invaded draws on his own life experiences,[2] his assertion does not suggest that the play and film represent the comprehensive worldview...   [tags: Papers]

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Naturalism Literary Period

- Naturalist writing portrays individuality within a character allowing one to obtain humanistic themes from these literary works. Naturalists utilize mundane monotonous lives and reveal the heroine within, when all (environment, opportunities, intuition) seems out of control. This type of literature was found relatable during the rapid urbanization and naturalization after the Civil War, where many in bustling developing cities suffered from poverty and its poorly prevented consequences. The American naturalist movement was important due to the introduction of themes involving popular apprehension during this time period including; man vs....   [tags: Naturalist Writing]

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Ralph Ellison’s King of the Bingo Game

- Modernism and King of the Bingo Game Ralph Ellison’s King of the Bingo Game illustrates ideals of the time period referred to as Modernism. These include traits such as describing the inner workings of the mind or the dream world, searching for new perspectives, and having a pessimistic outlook on life. Ellison demonstrates the concept of a dream-like world in his story when the protagonist is up on the stage, with the control in his hand. The character is intoxicated, which creates a hallucination-filled, surreal world....   [tags: Ralph Ellison King of the Bingo Game]

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William Golding's View of Humanity

- William Golding's View of Humanity Taking a post at the Maidstone Grammar School for boys and joining the Royal Navy, gave Golding his understanding of boys and cynical view of the war. William Golding says, "the theme (of the book) is an attempt to trace back the defects of society to the defects of human nature..." Golding's view of humanity is clearly displayed throughout Lord of the Flies. Through the constant symbolism we are made aware of Golding's pessimism towards society....   [tags: Papers]

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Medieval World Reflected in Japanese Literature: Examples of Changes and Innovations in Literature (Poetry and Prose)

- One of the main reasons that studying Japanese literature from different time periods is so important is due to the fact that it provides the reader with an insight into the time around which it was written. Direct accounts of events are always a good source for learning about history. At the same time, cultural tales can be of the exact same value as the conventional history. The accounts of events might be embellished but it is in the way that the events are embellished that the reader is able to truly gain an insight into what Japan was like in the past....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Optimism in Fahrenheit 451, Invictus, Freedom to Breathe, and The Nobel Acceptance

- There’s optimism in all literature known to man if not optimism then it would be pessimism. They are the basis of any literature work. It’s found in many books and poems today. In the novel Fahrenheit451 by Ray Bradbury evaluates the theme of optimism. The author Ray Bradbury writes about a guy named Montag who is in a society where firemen burn houses instead of putting fires out. Montag seeks out the good in the books which are banned in this dystopian society where knowledge is forbidden to rise from society....   [tags: Synthesis Essays]

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Stephen Crane’s “Maggie: A Girl of the Streets”

- After the Civil War, realism became a dominant form of writing in the United States, with writers attempting to write about everyday life. After realism came naturalism, a form of writing similar to realism, but with more pessimism. One of the reasons for this pessimism stems from free will and the question of whether people possess it or not. In realism, it is definitely true, while in naturalism it seems less so, but the options are often less than ideal. Because choices do exist for characters, free will is still there, which indicates that naturalism is a derivative form of realism....   [tags: Character Analysis]

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Paint It Black: The Evolution of Film Noir

- ... Even so, most film critics consider The Maltese Falcon (1941) to be the start of the film noir wave, with Touch of Evil (1958) being the end of the genre. The Maltese Falcon introduces elements that later became key elements in later film noirs. One particular element included in the film is that the main character is alienated and amoral. This is accompanied by a femme-fatale joining the main character to make sure she gets what she wants. At the time, most American film critics did not notice this highly stylized cinema pattern that began in 1941, until Frank....   [tags: visually styled crime drama, cinematography]

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Poetic Devices in Alone by Edgar Allan Poe

- The poem “Alone” by Edgar Allan Poe depicts the personal life and challenges Poe faced as a child. The poem begins with Poe explaining how he knew he was different from other children. A quote that clearly portrays this would be, “From childhood's hour I have not been/ As others were-- I have not seen” (Poe ll. 1-2). Poe goes on to explain how he felt abandoned and severed from his peers, stating “And all I lov'd-- I lov'd alone” (Poe 8). I believe the previous quote explains how Poe felt alone after his parents died....   [tags: rhyme, child, challenges, life]

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Sartre, Camus, and the Death of Innocence

- The end of the Age of Innocence was, as is to be expected, a time of great disillusionment and horror in the progress of human technology. From the scientific perspective, the ideas of Newton, which had fit so well and so simply into a smaller point of view of the universe, had been destroyed due to advancements in both micro and macro technology which allowed for the true complexities of the universe to be observed. As such, those closely held ideas must be let go and new ideas must be found, creating new devices such as the telephone, telegraph, airplane, and internal combustion engine....   [tags: Philosophy]

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Encouragement to Embrace Our Lord Jesus Christ

- We all know the stories of Jesus. He walked with the weary. He broke bread with strangers. He gave hope to the hopeless. And He loved those who despised him. The list goes on and on. When we remember specifically Christ's sacrifice for us, there are different emotions that are apparent in his story. Grief, anger, and pain are a few. But there is also joy, triumph, and ultimately love. We are able to find rejuvenation in scripture and enjoy the Word. But that is not the whole picture, right. We all know that everything in life isn't just reading verses or pondering intellectual thoughts....   [tags: religious beliefs]

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Personality Is A Complex, Never Ending Process

- Human beings and what defines us is a complex, never-ending process. We are a combination of our biology and our experiences. I believe that a person is born with a personality that becomes molded overtime due to our experiences and produces who we are as people. Who we are as people is determined by a multitude of interactions and constructs. This idea of personality is nearly impossible to define, as everyone defines personality differently. The construct of personality is hard to define, and many personality theorists continue to debate on its definition....   [tags: Nature versus nurture, Human nature, Psychology]

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A Critical Review of Francis Schaeffer

- ... The personal peace is when someone is content with themselves and does not worry about anyone else. The affluence deals with the obsession of acquiring material things. According to Schaeffer (2005), these are dangerous ideologies to live by because they can lead to "pessimism in regard to a meaning of life and with reference to any fixed values" (p.206). This pessimism has sort of thrown the Christian values aside and allowed the ideas of personal peace and affluence to take a stronger hold over individuals....   [tags: literary analysis, literary review, author, book]

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The Rising Cost Of College Tuition

- College Tuition Most people know and are concerned about the rising cost of college tuition. Many may also be aware that it is rising faster than inflation. Unfortunately most people don’t realize the extent of it. Tom Price who is a writer for CQ Researcher points out that “Since the 2007–08 academic year, the average tuition at four-year public universities has risen 28 percent faster than inflation” (Price par. 10). Not only that but “nearly 7 million have defaulted on their student loans” (Price par....   [tags: Debt, University, Education finance]

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The Theory Of Personality System Interaction

- Introduction I will explain and describe with this paper the personality theories with a closer view on the „Trait Theory“. The big-five Theory is in my opinion really interesting and a great help for everyone to see what kind of personlity you have. How was this theory developed and can you use the Theory for different cultures. That are question I would like to research and write about. The Trait theory is one of the major theories. The theories are old and developed for a long time ago and that makes it interesting to know if there are any new theories....   [tags: Personality psychology, Psychology, Trait theory]

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Post World War I: Looking for Hope

- The age of anxiety was the period between the first world war and the second world war. This was a time when people were uneasy and looking for some kind of identity for themselves. Additionally, the loss of human faith and reason led to a new interest in religion. People wanted to know exactly why was the first world war fought. After the first world war, modern philosophy looked farther into that question by stating that, all humans were bad and evil and that there could not be a God because no God would allow such violence to occur....   [tags: world war i, history,]

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To Build A Fire: Naturalism

- “To Build A Fire” is a clear example of naturalism and follows many of its conventions. Some of the characteristics of naturalism are being conditioned or controlled by the environment, having the world understood only through objective science, conflicts which bring out the instincts of man, pessimism, and presenting a viewpoint which is detached from the reader. One characteristic of Naturalism in literature is that the characters in a story are described as being conditioned or controlled by the environment in which they are in; in essence man versus nature....   [tags: Jack London]

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Reflection On The Biological Approach

- Reflection on the Biological Approach Psychology is the scientific study of the mind, its processes, and functions, particularly how these effect behaviors. Psychologists’ goal is to describe, explain, predict, and control. Psychologists base their studies on different approaches, the cognitive approach, biological approach, humanistic approach, evolutionary approach, bio-psychosocial, psychoanalytical approach, and sociocultural approach. The biological approach is examines how an organisms biology, such as genes, hormones, and nervous system effect its behavior such as motivations, emotional responses, and personality....   [tags: Nervous system, Brain, Psychology, Dopamine]

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