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Costs of Labor Contracts

- Introduction Labor relations are a key area in enhancing efficiency in human resource management. This is especially with the realization that human resource forms the basis of organizational competitiveness. As such, labor relations entail recognizing and respecting legitimate interests of labor as well as those of the management. This is necessary in developing and maintaining relationships essential in enhancing organizational capabilities in adapting to the ever dynamic business environment (Holley, Jennings, & Wolters, 2012)....   [tags: human resource management]

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Inside the Clothing Store

- Introduction Human Resource Management involves fostering a company culture that makes working for an organization a pleasant and rewarding experience. Building off the supplemental case: Inside the Clothing Store, this paper will concentrate on key ideas associated with building and sustaining a positive culture, how HR impacts culture with their activities and practices, and how the supplemental case compares with real life experience. Company Culture Most individuals want to go to work every day looking forward to what they do and enthusiastic about working in the environment they are in....   [tags: Human Resource Management]

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Laws in the Organizations

- It is the accountability of Human Resource and the organization to make sure that they are in compliance with state and federal laws that relates to worker practices. A organization’s hand book that is provided to the employees is considered to be the foundation of information that is utilized in management in order to help out managers so that they can avoid any legal actions brought on by the workers and outer entity. A Human Resource manager should be familiar with all the systems of rules that are being enforced within an organization, also should be knowledgeable about what the organization’s written contract and measures within handing employee’s issues pertaining to disagreements and...   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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A Comprehensive Overview and An Analytical Insight Into Human Resource Management at Barclays Bank Plc

- A Comprehensive Overview and An Analytical Insight Into Human Resource Management at Barclays Bank Plc Introduction ============ This report is being produced to fulfil the criteria required for unit 4 of the AVCE course in business. It gives a comprehensive overview and an analytical insight into human resource management at Barclays bank plc. The report particularly focuses on the possible conflict between Recruitment and Selection and Training and Development. At Barclays bank plc in view of current economic climate for banks of competition....   [tags: Papers]

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The Selection Process and the Importance of Involving the Employees

- Articles written by Human Resource Specialists were referenced for the majority of information that has been gathered regarding the selection process. In order to gather information that was current and of the highest quality, I found it beneficial to look at the industry professionals in the area of hiring new employees. The first step explained in this paper pertains to checking the references of each applicant in order to expand on any questions that may arise and acquire a further understanding of who the candidate is as an employee....   [tags: human resource management]

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Vulnerable Muslim Employees

- Religion in the work place has always been a big issue for many employees and employers, but it has become a bigger issue since the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. An article written in the Society for Human Resource Management Magazine entitled Muslim Employees: Valuable but Vulnerable describes the challenges faced by Muslim Americans in the work place and in society in general and what both employees and employer is doing to lighten the negative effect as well as the generalization and stereotype that Muslims currently face....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Impact of the Presence of Sugar Daddies in the European Football Industry

- ... According to Beardwell & Claydon (2010) there is no universal definition of human resource management, therefore for the purpose of this it is defined as ‘a distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of a highly committed and capable workforce, using an array of cultural, structural and personnel techniques’ (Storey, 2007 cited in Beardwell & Claydon, 2010). These capabilities are explained by the concept of human capital which assumes that employee skills, knowledge, experience and attitudes are appropriately utilised by the employer, hence they contribute towards the accomplishments of organisational objec...   [tags: operations, strategic, human resource management]

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Performance Appraisals in Companies Today

- Introduction Nowadays, a lot of companies are emphasizing on employee’s performance. They wish to hire an employee with high quality and well performance to run their organization operation. Hence, there are few performance appraisals used by Department of Human Resources to evaluate employee’s performance try to measure their productivities. Performance appraisal is a simple evaluation review and discussion of an employee’s performance of assigned duties and responsibilities by the manager or other superiors....   [tags: human resource management]

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Managers Must Focus on the Strength of Each Employee

- Clifton and Nelson (1992) suggested if society focused primarily on each person’s strengths and employed them in a job that capitalizes on their strengths more people, and businesses would be successful and efficient. If a company is to ascribe to this model, they must hire the right people; individuals with strengths that match the job for which they are hired. Clifton & Nelson (1992) agreed that our unique talents are significant to success. Each person brings unique talents and skills such as creativity, organization, or networking....   [tags: human resource management, ]

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Effectively Managing Employee Compensation and Benefit Packages

- ... A disadvantage of this approach is that there may be discrepancies between the expatriate and other host country employees with similar responsibilities. In addition, it is oftentimes “expensive and inefficient” (Barns-Green, 2013, p. 13) due to taxation by the host country. A host country approach is desirable for employees that will be an expatriate for an extended period of time. An advantage of this approach is that it provides “equality between the expatriate and his or her new local peer group” (Barns-Green, 2013, p....   [tags: globalization and human resource management]

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Health, Safety, Wellness, & Security Impact on Employees from the HR Perspective

- Health, Safety, Wellness, & Security impact on employees from the HR perspective. Every organization wants to provide a good work environment to all employees to attract possible employees, ensure retention and guarantee employee satisfaction. This protection to employees is due to the fact that employees are the most valuable asset to any organization. Providing a safe and secure work place is the employer priority to ensure the employees health, safety security and wellness. The terms health, safety and security are closely related to each other....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Unified Command, In Need of Training Staff Officer?

- Rear Admiral Cornelio A. de la Cruz Jr. AFP said,"to develop its human resources to become professional citizen-soldiers imbued with proper values and relevant expertise through purposive and progressive education and training.The AFP does this by ensuring a number of highly qualified and competent personnel at all levels, in support of the shift of its mission from internal security operations to territorial defense, within the framework of modernized Armed Forces.” (J8, 2013) Generally the mission of the unified commands is to conduct joint operations against threats in their respected areas in order to established a secured environment, and assist local government in their development ac...   [tags: human resource management]

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Criteria for Performance Evaluation

- Introduction Human resource policies and procedures are the most important aspects of developing acceptable organizational behavior in an organization. This is because mutual well-being, confidence, trust, and intelligence of all members of the organization determines the success of the organization hence the need to pay critical attention to it. The mid-sized manufacturing plant’s engineer hired for the modification of the plant had positive job performance credentials but poor interpersonal relations and tidiness at work place....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Formal versus Informal Learning

- Formal and Informal Learning environments for employees Structured and programmed training venues are designed to equip the employee, supervisor, and manager with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to startup, maintain, and improve services and products provided to general public on a global scale. Formal training is generally the focus of most organizations when discussing the return on investment in the form of revenue generation or in the case of governments, efficiency in utilizing citizens taxes in a responsible manner....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace

- Harassment and discrimination claims are due to lack of education about the subject. As an independent human resources consultant, Santiago-Santos will organize a local education campaign and provide employers with different trainings to educate them and their employees about harassment and discrimination. Employers will have a better understanding on how to develop internal policies and procedures to address these claims. Also, trainings will be provided for employees and they will be educated on how to prevent and identify harassment and discrimination as well as what steps to take in order to report such behavior....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Comparing HRM and IHR Practitioners

- Human Resources Management (HRM) has become a critical component in business strategy of a company which could provide a comprehensive, strategic approach to the management of people, particularly, the MNCs. However, IHRM is largely more complex than HRM, especially the complicated operation. In this essay, I am going to state the functions and activities of HRM and IHRM, then mainly analyze the complex of IHRM through organizational strategy and operation. The HR practitioners have become more and more popular and important job title in last two decades....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Cross-Cultural Training and Pre-Departure Training

- Cross-cultural training is an essential fixture in the human resources management arena of businesses and organizations. The need for cross-cultural instruction is essential in organizations whose breadth stems globally. These training sessions are necessary to expand the organizations vision and strategic plan into other cultures. Furthermore, these organizations must be prepared to strengthen and possibly change their structural plans due to the cultural intricacies embedded around the world. Without efficiently trained managers in internationally based locations, strategic goals, values, and global partnerships may become unrealized or missed....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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ConAgra's Food Brands Employee Policies

- ... Their discovery is comparable to Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory that states salary is a component that can cause dissatisfaction but it does not predict satisfaction (Harshman, 203/04/10). Federick Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory identifies jobs context as the source of job dissatisfaction and job content as the source of job satisfaction. Hygiene factors in the job context are sources of job dissatisfaction, and motivation factors in job content are sources of job satisfaction (Schermerhorn, Osborn, Uhl-Bien, Hunt, 2012, p.g 106)....   [tags: human resource management, strategies]

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Employer Relation: Qantas Airways Industrial Conflict Media Analysis

- Chosen Issue: Employment dispute in quantas Although it is a known fact that cases of industrial conflict has reduced in the recent past (Peetz 2007), inconsiderate management policies can undermine employer relation thus reversing the trend and resulting in serious industrial conflicts. Such was the case experienced in Qantas airways. With a management appearing to be exercises unitary perspective of employer relations, it is not surprising to observe inconsiderate management policies. Such a management will often ignore the interest of their employees....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Organizational Justice and Psychological Contract

- 1. Organizational Justice The idea of justice has become noticeable building in the organizational studies. Researchers and practitioners put a great attention to the concepts of justice in the organization because of the potential results from the study. Perceptions of fairness are used as important factors in explaining, predicting and understanding human behavior in organizations (Hartman & Galle Jr., 1999; Martin & Bennett, 1996; Viswesvaran & Ones, 2002). As Colquitt et al. (2001a) explain that a number of studies on organizational justice have shown that fair treatment has a significant effect on the attitudes of individual employees, such as satisfaction and commitment, and individual...   [tags: Human Resource Management]

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Developing HR Outsourcing Consultants

- What is it our company can do for yours. This is the motto of an organization devoted to outsourcing. These days no good company has done without some amount of outsourcing. Outsourcing is a cost saving method that companies employ by utilizing less labor and overhead in house. Instead companies pay much less to an outside firm to handle some of the duties that are more menial in nature, but important enough for management to consider necessary. To that end, just about any task can be outsourced, including the Human Resources Department....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Employment at Will: A Deeper Look into the Copious Benefits

- It is human nature to look out for one’s individual self-interests. This vested interest is what minimizes unjust treatment by other parties and ensures success. Leverage is priceless when presented with an unfair employment scenario. In the case of an employer and employee relationship, too much power on either side can quickly become detrimental. Balancing this power is no easy task and holds no single solution. In this essay, I will propose that the contract at will, or employment at will, is one viable solution that can legitimately benefit both the employer and the employee....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Learning and Knowledge Application to Improve Product Quality

- Learning is base of Knowledge sharing, it adds more value and helps to improve product quality. We have different products and people keep switching from one project to another, it is very important as organization we need to Adapting new approaches, initiatives in new business opportunities etc. are factors those stimulates the passion in an organization to consider learning as a necessity. It is also important to note that in order to be competitive in the industry; we have to make sure organization thrives for new learning opportunities that eventually lead to success stories....   [tags: human resource management]

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Recommendation on means of measuring employee productivity

- ... Many scholars consider the ties an individual has with others and organizations to be prisms that reflect identity (need source). Pride in one’s workplace is a key driver for employee engagement. When employees are proud of their workplace it is often because they share the values of their organization on a personal level and therefore have greater personal incentive to continually perform well. 4. I feel as though my opinions are considered by my superiors. Here employees are asked to measure the degree of which they feel they can contribute to the company as a whole....   [tags: human resource management]

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The Benefits of a Psychological Contract

- ... For example, the writer will follow work schedule that have been fixed by company and will not take extra time or extend during break time even 5 minutes for socializing with another co-workers or personal callers. The writer know people that have that kind of the behaviors are taking the company’s money to sit around while the company is paying them to work. Therefore, the writer will stay on task. Another example, the writer also will not use company phone for personal problem whether in short or long distance, because the company pay the bills and it also like a taking company’s money even though we cannot see it....   [tags: human resource management and strategies]

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Effective Employee Involvement

- Introduction An apparent mechanism behind the concept of employee involvement is its long-term prevalence in Human Resources Management (HRM) and workplace dynamics, often under different definitions in different eras. Foy (1994: 17) commented on the notion of empowering employees in the workplaces of the 1990s, noting the similarities behind the ideas of ‘involvement’ in the 1980s and ‘participation’ in the 1970s. In order for a company to reach its potential, it was believed its employees had to be directly involved in the pursuit and implementation of strategic objectives, resulting in cost efficiency and effective market practices (Hyman and Mason, 1995)....   [tags: business, human resource management]

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Applicant Tracking System

- Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Initial / Project Charter Copyright © 2001, 2002 Ford Motor Company (U.S. and international notice, and original material was added in each indicated year.) Contents Page EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 PROJECT SCOPE 6 Project Goal and Objectives 6 Exclusions 7 Assumptions 7 Deliverable Scope 7 Project Deliverables 7 Inputs 7 Organisational Scope and Dependencies 8 Temporal Scope (Timing) 9 Project Control Milestones 9 MS Project Plan 9 Logical Scope 9 Financial Scope 10 Spending 10 Operating Expenses 10 Financial Benefits 10 Additional Benefits 10 Approach to Measure Project Results 10 RISK ANALYSIS 11 Critical Risk Factors 11 Other Risks 12 Related P...   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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The Psychological Contract

- Introduction The Psychological Contract is an increasingly relevant aspect of workplace relationships and human behavior. This essay will provide a basic definition of psychological policy, explain and analyze the role of the psychological control in managing human resources by different perspectives from people involved. Moreover, it will point out issues with the Raffles merger, address these issues and detail how it strengthens the contract in the Raffles merger by three inter-related human resource polices....   [tags: human resource management]

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The Communication of Body Mass

- There are many aspects to communication. What one says without words is often more important than the words actually being said. A person’s physical appearance communicates volumes. With obesity becoming ever more common, it is extremely important to understand the weight that body mass can put on people’s communication in business. There are various stereotypes that overweight people must battle. Getting hired is often a major hurdle for heavy people, and even after landing the job, stereotypes can still communicate and inflict negativity....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Training and Development

- The purpose of this chapter is to expand further understanding on the area of training and performance based from different views from different authors. It would further explain the training that has been implemented in Tesco Corporation for their employees. Due to Tesco is a British international grocery and general merchandising retail chain therefore provide training and development opportunities to employees is the way to increase performance in their workplace. 1.1 Training and development Training and Development is the learning process for helping employees to develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities in order to increase performance of the employees...   [tags: Human Resource Management, Performance]

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Roles and Responsibilities in an Organization

- Introduction People are critical to an organisation because without them there is no such thing as a functional business. A business needs employees to run it, organise it and to make sure everything is running smoothly. Employees are also critical in increasing an organisations intellectual capital, for instance, more quality employees’ results in more information being shared between one another. Skills Skills are essential in distinguishing attributes of people. Personal skills are something which makes a person stand-out and it’s what makes a person unique and without this everybody would be equal....   [tags: Human Resource Management]

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Evaluate Demands on Changes in Managing People across International Borders as a Consequence of Changing Workplace Environments

- As we can know that nowadays many people like to develop their business to the author country, no matter “small or medium business they also will like to develop to other country” (Winch and Bianchi, 2006, p. 74). For today build a business is not that hard but managing people is very hard because without managing people they will don’t know what job or work they need to do, so the manager need to manage them. If the company develops business to other country they need to have some trusted partner and find some good workers to help them do the business....   [tags: human resource management]

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The Process of Recruiting, Hiring, and Maintaining Staff in the Hospitality Industry

- When considering the potential and success of any organization, consideration and thought must be applied to the employees. The process of recruiting, hiring, and maintaining staff is critical in the hospitality industry. The employees serve as direct branding and marketing for the company, supplying the customers, or guests, with an experience that meets, exceeds, or fails expectations. The experience given by the employees ultimately determines the satisfaction of new and repeat guests, therefore guiding the company toward its level of success....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA)

- The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) provides certain employees with up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave and job protection for childbirth, adoption or foster care; to care for a seriously ill child, spouse, or parent; or for an employee’s own serious illness (Cañas & Sondak, 2011). It also requires that their group health benefits remain intact during the unpaid leave of absence. The employee must have worked for the employer for at least a year and must have earned 1,250 hours of service during the previous 12 months ((Cañas & Sondak, 2011, pg....   [tags: Human Resource Management, FMLA]

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Roles Managers' Play in Helping their Employees to Use a Problem-Focused Strategy to Cope with Excessive Job Stress

- ... Responsible means that the leader need to take in charge for his or her action taken and also other people error, which also signifying that they need to be reliable for people that work for them such as subordinate. When people work together as a team in order to fulfil a vision, it becomes the leader responsibility to make sure that everything goes according to plan without having any problem. Since the subordinate only follow the instructions given, hence it was the leader responsibility to ensure the entire plan is well organized....   [tags: human resource, principles of management]

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Role of Appearance in the Hiring Process

- Looks and appearance have always dominated Hollywood culture and the actors and actresses that play roles in movies; also the popularity contest among teens in high-school. Bulimia and anorexia plague women and men throughout the United States. Today’s society is dominated by the obsession of appearances. But how far has this fixation gone. Has this Hollywood mentality taken over the otherwise standard way of running a business and the process of hiring one’s employees in a way not determined by weight....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Third Party Conflict Resolution – Sick Leave

- Third Party Conflict Resolution – Sick Leave The case of sick leave involved Kelly, who was hired by Soto Board of Education in Japan. Her employment was with The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) and Conference of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) had taken over the contracts for the workers of JET. CLAIR’s role was to be a liaison during recruiting and selection, counseling and participant welfare. Their main function was to promote the exchange at the local level....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Organizational Testing and Assessment

- Many organizations use some descriptive tests in their development and recruitments of employees at all levels. This is common for persons applying for top management positions, as an error in recruitment will cause a significant impact in any organization. Tests for selection and recruitments assist a company to make an informed choice between candidates on their strength or weakness. In carrier, professional counseling candidates tests on their work values, interest, and preparedness in their new position....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Are Unions Still Useful?

- The usefulness of unions today is an ongoing discussion. Some advocate they are necessary for maintaining a balance of power in the workplace, whilst others challenge this with employers voicing their own concerns as society becomes increasingly individualised. This essay explores these arguments by demonstrating how and why unions have changed, impacts on unionisation levels, and how people decide to join a union or not. Ultimately showing that despite the various circumstances of the past century, unions are resilient and important in voicing concerns of the employee....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Staffing and Recruiting

- This paper relates recruitment, selection, and staffing of employees at all levels with the Kolb Experiential Learning Model. The model has been widely adopted by trainers in designing learning events. Kolb identified four stages of learning, concrete experience, observations and reflections, formation of abstract concepts and generalizations, and testing implications of concepts in new situations. Concrete experience refers to the learner’s personal involvement in something and his/her receipt of feedback regarding his performance....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Testing Procedure Exposition: Personality Test

- When jobs become available applicants begin flooding organizations with resumes and applications. This is a bad thing for the organizations because they have a wide variety of applicants to choose from to fill their needs. The problem arises when the organizations have to pick the best person for the job. To counter this problem organizations have developed testing and screening procedures to narrow down the applicant pool to the best applicants. These tests are made up of intelligence tests, behavioral interviews, assessment centers, realistic job previews, and personality tests....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Workplace Attitudes and Job Behaviors

- This study aims to increase understanding of factors that influence employees’ reactions in the workplace. The relationship between conflict among employees, the perception of organizational politics, conflict or ambiguity of workplace roles and several other work outcomes was explored by studying 11 research articles to investigate individual and organizational effects of workplace attitudes and behaviors. Employees need to work together toward common goals in order for an organization to function well but there are many roadblocks hindering the process....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Personnel Assessment

- In today’s competitive job market with all of legal precautions employers must take in the workplace environment, employers face the challenge of attracting, developing, and retaining the best employees. Personnel assessment is a systematic approach to gathering information about individuals (Dessler, 2011). This information is used to make employment or career-related decisions about applicants and employees. Any test or procedure used to measure an individual’s employment or career-related qualifications and interests can be considered a personnel assessment tool (Dessler, 2011)....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Tattoos in the Workplace

- Tattoos have been around for quite some time now, and they have always been a symbol of belonging, cultural expression or for religion. These days, individuals choose to tattoo themselves because it is part of their lifestyle or personal image. While continuing to grow in popularity and becoming a lifestyle, people are facing issues with having visible tattoos in the workforce. Although it is a form of free expression, employers have a right to enforce certain rules about tattoos in their company because they have a public image to uphold....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Diversity in the Workforce

- Companies today are looking to create a diverse workforce not to have the best staff, but also the right mix of cultures as companies expand globally. Diversity is a collection of many attributes that a person, group or culture has, and how they interact together offering these individuals strength to grow a company’s business. As companies grow globally they need to pay special attention to how they market their business, offer their services in different parts of the world and having a diverse workforce helps meet those demands and achieve a competitive edge over its competitors....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Skilled Labor Scarcity

- Article Summary Skill shortage is a genuine lack of adequately skilled individuals available in the accessible labor market with the type of skill being sought and which leads to a difficulty in recruitment. A recent article by Ben Casselman in the Wall Street Journal highlighted the difficulties recruiters and employers (specifically manufacturers) facing are moderate to severe shortage of skilled labors to fill their well-paying positions that requires specialized skills. The shortages (due to weak labor market) are being felt in what have been heavy-duty blue-collar jobs in manufacturing and other industries that somewhat do not require a college degree....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Motivation and Salary

- . Introduction The majority of people on earth work either with or without salary (housewives, volunteers). Why some of them work more and others less. Why some of them are happy in their jobs and others are not. The questions were puzzled managers and psychologists who, through the understanding of employee incentives want to steer their behavior to reach the objectives of the organization. The following essay will consider two basic motivation theories that attempt to answer the above questions....   [tags: human resource management and strategies]

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Burnout, contributing factor and how it relates to job performance

- In the recent years, organizations have paid extra attention to employee stress and its effect on job performance. Burnout, an outcome of stress is known to cause individual, family and organizational problems and health conditions such as insomnia and hypertension. The question many ask is where does it originate from. And, how supported are the employees by the organization. Researchers have attempted to link stress and burnout and its effect on job performance. This research analysis includes different scholarly studies done and that found many contributing factors such as job satisfaction, work and family demands, work environment, and culture....   [tags: Human Resource Management, Employee Satisfaction]

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The Importance of Corporate Wellness

- To me, wellness simply means the absence of illness, physically or mentally. Where wellness of employees can result in better outcomes, illness can make the performance level low enough to bother about. In case of any corporation or organization, if an employee continues being ill randomly, it surely does effect the overall performance of the team she /he is working in and eventually the organization. So, this is important for the management to have a plan to face this corporate illness. Let me tell you my story....   [tags: personal story, human resource management]

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The Contributions of a Team to an Organization

- The essay will look at the main contributions teams can make to successful organization. In addition, the essay will converse about the conditions necessary in organization if employees are to work effectively in team. The motive for forming a team is that it allows individual to put equal quantity of effort and contribute to the welfare of the organization. This reduces work load and divides the work evenly to members. As a result, this allows individuals to perfect their work which is specified to them....   [tags: Team Work Human Resource Management]

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Managing Employee Retention and Turnover

- Managing Employee Retention and Turnover Employee retention has always been an important focus for human resource managers. Once a company has invested time and money to recruit and train a good employee, it is in their own best interest to retain that employee, to further develop and motivate him so that he continues to provide value to the organization. But, employers must also recognize and tend to what is in the best interest of their employees, if they intend to keep them. When a company overlooks the needs of its employees and focuses only on the needs of the organization, turnover often results....   [tags: Human Resource Management HRM Essays]

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Work-Life Conflicts

- 5.1. Conclusion In conclusion the literature suggests that working long hours is perceived to impact negatively on various aspects of work and home life. Compressed workweeks (one Work Life Balance practice) tend to be associated with positive effects such as increases in job satisfaction and performance. Those who did not feel in control of their working lives were much more likely to report a sense of powerlessness in their organisation; much less likely to feel loyal to their organisation or that their organisation was loyal to them....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Personnel Evaluation

- Personnel Evaluation Personnel evaluation systems can vary from state to state or even between state agencies in the same state. The state of North Carolina has one personnel evaluation policy with some listed exceptions in the North Carolina General Statutes. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the personnel evaluation systems for three state agencies, describe four challenges public managers face in the implementation of personnel evaluation systems, analyze, and summarize four factors for executing public personnel evaluation systems....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Recognition and Prevention of Occupational Stress

- Abstract This paper examines stress in the workplace and examines secondary literature to recommend methods of reducing and preventing stress. The literature used provided great insight into the causes and effects of occupational stress and its affects on organizations collectively. The recommendations and techniques discovered were very interesting and provided detail pertaining to stress management. Introduction Most people experience stress on a daily basis however, occupational stress is one issue that is rarely discussed....   [tags: Human Resource Management HRS]

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Job Satisfaction

- In order to understand turnover’s intention and turnover, it is necessary to define these terminologies first. Turnover intention has been defined as intention of employees to change jobs or companies on a voluntarily basis (Schyns et al., 2007). Turnover intention is the ‘intent to leave’ as the reflection of the possibility that an individuals will change their jobs within a certain time. It is a major predictive for actual employees’ turnover, where individuals with high-withdrawal behaviors will leave organization soon....   [tags: Human Resource Management]

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Employee Engagement

- Introduction The employee engagement has become a hot topic of discussion in the corporate world. There is no single accepted definition of engagement or recognised approach for measuring or raising it. HRM Practitioners have involved in quite a lot of study to understand employee engagement and its impact on the performance of the organisation. According to them, employee engagement is a level of commitment and involvement of employees towards their organisation and its value. An engaged employee works with his/her colleagues to improve their productivity within their job, for the ultimate benefit of the organisation....   [tags: Human Resource Management]

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Interpersonal Conflict

- Hocker (1991) defined conflict and specifically interpersonal conflict as an expressed struggle involving a minimum of two interdependent individuals who have incompatible goals, scarce resources, and they perceive obstruction from the other party in achieving their goals. Hocker’s definition of conflict is criticized for its ambiguity. Rather than being a source of incompatible goals, conflict is caused by incompatible positions. When the term power is used in connection with communications between opponents, it is understood to mean the ability to control some other individual’s behavior (Burgoon & Dunbar, 2006)....   [tags: Human Resource Management]

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Job Satisfaction

- During the last decades, most of the social scientists have reached to a common understanding about the meaning or definition of the job satisfaction. Spector, 1997 cited in (VanVoorhis and Levinson, 2006), defined job satisfaction as the level of how individuals like their jobs as well as their feeling about different aspects of their jobs. According to Fogarty (1994) job satisfaction is “refers to the extent to which employees gain enjoyment from their efforts in the workplace"(Tuzun, p.729, 2007)....   [tags: Human Resource Management]

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Human Resource Mangement in Solvay

- Human Resource Mangement in Solvay In the last decades, small national companies have grown in amazing scale all around the world. Companies that once were family owned have become huge multinational corporations. Corporations, which by the side of globalization, have expanded all around the world. International business has become one of the most important areas of business due to the need for companies to expand to markets outside their borders. Companies have had the need to adapt to another cultures and business systems....   [tags: Personnel Management]

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Human Resource Challenges

- The job of the human resource department in any organization is to conduct job analyses, plan job labor and recruit candidates, orientation and training of employees, performance appraisal, management of salaries and wages, providing incentive and benefits as well as communicating with management and employees (Dessler, 2011, p.2). Amid this myriad of responsibility they must still face exorbitant challenges that engulf them also. Two of the challenges that are facing many human resource departments across the country are the rising costs of health care as well as the strategic planning needed to manage a diminishing workforce in this recession....   [tags: Business Management ]

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The Importance of Performance Appraisal

- The Importance of Performance Appraisal Answering Important of appraising and managing performance Managing performance helps organizations create sustainable. Sustainable does not only mean reducing cost and process change. In organizations, people are the most important asset; people implement changing programs and make changes happen....   [tags: HR Human Resource Management Business Organization]

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Human Resource Managementa Case Study

- Human Resource Managementa Case Study Management of Human Resources-Assignment Introduction: In order to critically assess and recommend alternatives, I would like firstly to give a brief description of the business crisis the company was facing and the subsequent need for change in the company’s overall business strategy. I would then like to focus on the key aspects of the firm’s human resources strategy and the changes that were made in order to supplement the overall changes in the business strategy....   [tags: Personnel Management]

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Human Resource Mangement

- Human Resource Mangement Describe and critically evaluate the key factors that shape the role and practices of the HR/Personnel function within an organisation with which you are familiar. On the basis of your analysis identify the main HR challenges currently facing this organisation. Relate your analysis to appropriate literature. Introduction People are an important and expensive resource to a business. This asset has the capacity to be highly productive and generate revenue for the firm, but it also requires much attention and maintenance....   [tags: Personnel Management]

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Human Resource Planning and Development Leads to Success

- ... The primary role of this department is to ensure that McDonalds hires and retains competent employees who help in the realization of business objectives. One of the major ways that such kind of employees are recruited and maintained in the corporation is through constant analysis of the labor market. Actually, McDonalds has market analysts who keep informed with events in the labor market and labor demands in different restaurants. These analysts keep up-to-date records of labor supply and demand to ensure the company’s operations are not affected by shortages of labor from outlets....   [tags: management, strategies, labor]

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Human Resource and Employee Relations

- Employee Relations is an integral part of human resources. “Employee Relations involves the body of work concerned with maintaining employer- employee relationships that contribute to satisfactory productivity, motivation and morale. Essentially, Employee Relations is concerned with preventing and resolving problems involving individuals which arise out of or affect work situations.” ( The human resource professional requires knowledge and understanding, but they are of a limited value if he or she lacks the competencies to apply them to solving problems....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Human Resource Issues at Capital Airport

- The backbone of any successful company is the HR department, and without a talented group of these people, the company is doomed for failure. This report is basically based on different human resource issues that are faced by Capital Airport in its day to day activities. Capital Airport is largely dependent on air travel and is being run by a state-controlled company. The main problems that Capital Airport is facing are related to staffing, poor customer service, employee training and many more....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Human Resource Planning and Organizational Strategy

- Human Resource Planning and Organizational Strategy The nature of strategic planning Strategic planning is something all upper management must engage in this type of planning. Allen, Plunkett and Attner (2013) “defines the firm’s position, formulates strategies, and guides the execution of long term organizational functions and processes” (Allen, et al. 2013). This being said strategic planning is a simple step by step guide to creating long term goals according to resources and environment. Elements of strategic planning Allen, Plunkett and Attner (2013) stated four questions that are designed to answer critical questions about a business....   [tags: strategic planning, management]

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Computarized Information Systems: Enterprise Resource Management

- ... It was a time-consuming procedure to review resumes, and this process needed to be changed. Computerized information systems within personnel departments were one of the first implemented in organizations in the United States (Weeks, 2013). Some companies still take paper applications, but most organizations prefer candidates to apply for jobs online so the information can be stored on electronic file. This technology has been so effective that many large organizations began to automate these processes, and most organizations have been able to do it inexpensively (Weeks, 2013)....   [tags: human resources, division of labor]

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The Benefits of Human Resource Investment

- Organisations around the world have for years invested a great deal of their resources on employee training and development. Snell and Bohlander in their book (2006: 150) refer to the training magazine ongoing industry report (2004) asserts that in 2004, U.S. businesses spent more than $50 billion in training and development of their staff. According to Michael Armstrong (1993: 508), “training is the systematic development of knowledge, skills and attitudes by an individual to perform adequately a given task or a job”....   [tags: Business Management]

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The Importance of Training in Today's Human Resource World

- Training “is a learning process that involves that acquisition of knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to successfully perform a job.”(9thHRM) Training has a long history from past, present and future. Training is a very important aspect in today’s human resource world. In my current position I train new hire employees, as well as go through many training courses. I really enjoy training and am excited to explain the concepts of training from the beginning from what it could be in the future....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Human Resource Information Systems

- Introduction Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) can provide an organization a wide variety of functionalities that improve the productivity of the HR department while supporting the desires and requirements of the rest of the organization. However, organizations need to ensure that the costs associated with the HRIS is justified. Organizations spend on average $1,300.000 annually to maintain and administer HRIS and their portals (Gueutal, 2005). In a competitive market all project investments need to show positive return-on-investment (ROI) or the project risks not being funded....   [tags: productivity, human resource, regulations]

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Effective Management of Human Resources

- Numerous researchers have recognized effective management of human resources internationally as a major determinant of success or failure in international business (Tung, 1984; Dowling, 1999). A definite link exists between an organization’s strategic human resource management and its business success or failure (Hays, 1971; Tayeb, 2005). Businesses have learned success often depends on forming strategic alliances but successful managing of these alliances is difficult due to differences in the company and country cultures, which often interferes with the ability of organizations to reap economic benefits and rewards from such alliances (Schuler, et al....   [tags: Human Resources Essays]

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Human Resources Management at REI, Inc.

- In a competitive economic environment, human resource management has taken more of a strategic, hands-on role in many companies to handle the challenges they face to stay competitive. Companies must find ways to bring in customers and keep good, well-motivated employees on the job. With this in mind, companies that are successful must have sound HRM practices and provide a positive workplace for employees. Looking at the Top 10 Companies to work for, we want to know if HRM practices have an effect on that company being one of the best places to work....   [tags: Human Resources]

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Human Resources Management

- People are biggest asset for every organization and, therefore, to draw, motivate, and preserve the most skilled employees and assign them to jobs for which they are exceptionally well suited is a responsible job for human resource. Therefore, human resources management is done in all type of organizations. Profound management of people is equally indispensable in success of organizations as the sound management of production, finance, and other operations. The human resource management field postulates the infinite diversity of people and their dynamics (McKenzie & Traynor, 2002)....   [tags: Human Resources Essays]

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An Analysis of Human Resources Management at TNT

- An Analysis of Human Resources Management at TNT TNT is the European market leader in global express distribution, logistics and international mail. Wherever a company operates TNT will make sure that their documents, consignments and business mail are delivered safely and on time using their integrated air and road networks. Their international operations are focused on the key areas of world trade in Europe, Asia, North and South America. They also have strong domestic networks in Australia and Europe....   [tags: Business Human Resources Management Essays]

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Psychology and Human Resource Mangement

- PSYCHOLOGY AND HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT – PERSONAL STATEMENT I am very interested in the career path of human resource management, which involves the management of an organisation’s workforce and personnel. People are the most valuable asset in any organisation and therefore, in order to ensure the smooth-running of that organisation, it is essential that a HR manager possesses a solid understanding of human behaviour. This is where my interest in psychology comes in. Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour....   [tags: personal statement, career choices]

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Careers in Lodging and Food and Beverage Management

- Careers in Lodging and Food and Beverage Management If you are interested in a management career in hospitality industry it is good to research the management position that you may be interested in. Find out what the different positions are is a good way to start your research. The two different industries within the hospitality industry are the Hotel and Lodging industry and the Restaurant industry. The different top management position in the Hotel and Lodging are: General Manager, Director of Human Resources, Director of Food and beverage, Director of Rooms Division, Director of Sales and Marketing, Director of Engineering, Director of Accounting....   [tags: human resource, food and beverage industry]

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Steel Co Human Resource Report

- Table of Contents Background 1 Aim 1 Objectives 1 Limitations/Scope 1 Evaluation of Steel Co Performance and Reward System 2 Performance and Reward management Tools 3 Pay Structure 5 Performance and Reward for different groups 6 Conclusion 7 Recommendations 7 References 8 Background The company Steel Co, which has been established for around 30 years, has been in a steady decline during the current recession and although a Divisional Director has been employed by the owner the fortunes of the company have not improved....   [tags: Steel Co Human Resource Case Study]

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Active Listening Skills between Staff and Human Resource Manager

- While there are many skills a human resource manager may need, the one that is most important is active listening skills. A person might ask how would a human resource manager learn these skills and why are they important. As a human resource manager it is essential that all communication between each party is clear. If for instance an employee comes into the office complaining that their insurance has not been taken out of their check. This employee is upset because of this situation. To apply good listening skills a human resource manager should say,” I will check on that right away for you.” This acknowledges to the speaker I am listening to your problems and I am willing to fix this issu...   [tags: personnel/organizational management]

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Exploring the Arts and Resource Management

- ... Human resource management in the arts will cover the management of any human element related to or touched by the organization, and it relates to the most effective ways to manage these groups of people in order to reach the goals and sustain the vision of the arts organization. These people can include administrative staff, creative staff, volunteer workers, customers and audience members, the community, donors or stakeholders, the board of directors, local businesses, and Unions. In terms of staff, this would include things such as staff training and development, performance reviews, employee rewards and recognition, employee retention, and recruiting and hiring....   [tags: arts organization, effective managment]

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