Human Resources: The Practices Of Human Resource Management

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The practices of HR can impact for the company in the short term and long term, causing the company to lose and gain attractions for employees or new employees. Leaders or leaders that are good and respectable tends to motivate their employees to do a better performance and it will increase in profits which will result in an excellent human resource within the company. Employees working at the Human Resources department are the one in charge of the company to manage employees and customers and with managers, CEO and others to bring a better place. Human Resources looks for strategies and political rules that use in the right department. To operate the personnel policies in an organization is needed and define and articulate social functions…show more content…
This can be achieved the practices that offer ways to solve problems that may arise. It leads to the success and the transformation of companies, making it grow more and generating more cash and securities in companies. It generates workers in attain more objectives, acquiring skills and competition in to the market. Human Resources has the responsibility to take the organization to rise. The information on the performance of workers is for human resources to focus on the motivation of their employers and make your goals become clearer. In every company around the world they will come to the same conclusion that Human Resources is useful in their companies and how useful it can be as well because what if the president, ceo and executives can not make decisions so human resources are there to provide information and replace the executive while they are not present in the companies. There is no doubt that human resources management is important to organizations by creating new organizational plans, employees can be evaluated based by cooperative, spirit at work, the best performance for the company, participation of employees, these things can only be verified if , performing audits to modern human resources and and to know the advantages of these applications, it is clear that the development of the company is related to employee efficiency, therefore any application aimed at strengthening the human capital of a company, necessarily will benefit its final management, to achieve this

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