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Strategy Formulation and the Relevance of Methodologies

- Abstract—This article reviews some strategy formulation methodologies that are elaborated to achieve organisation's goals and objectives. Key words— Strategy, Strategy Formulation, Top- down Methodology, Bottom- up Methodology, Porter Five Force. I. INTRODUCTION TO STRATEGY AND STRATEGIC PLANNING A 2007 survey of European and American firms reported that more than ninety-five per cent have employed a strategic planning process. According to this survey, strategic planning is a very important approach which is designed to create an efficient timely framework....   [tags: Stragety Formulation, Informative]

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Strategic Formulation And Planning Phase

- The strategic formulation and planning phase is of great importance. This current event blog describes why the strategic formulation and planning phase is important and discusses a major strategic effort in a particular company; that is, Coca-Cola Company. The reason for the strategic effort, which was a global marketing campaign, is discussed. Lastly, the strategic planning lessons that would be learned from the Coca-Cola 's strategic marketing campaigns are described. The strategic formulation and planning phase is important because the company 's management uses this phase to decide the most appropriate course of action for attaining the objectives and goals of the company and thus accomp...   [tags: Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Company, Diet Coke]

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Strategy Formulation and Strategic Planning

- The Mission, Vision and Values of a company play a Fundamental role in Strategy Formulation and Strategic planning. We will discuss throughout this assignment, how developing effective mission, vision and values can help shape, develop and guide a firms Strategic choices. They reflect the firm's fundamental core ideology. At the most basic level a mission statement can describe the firms overall purpose for being. It provides an inside to the present business scope and purpose of the firm that is "who we are, what we do, and why we are here"....   [tags: Mission, Vision, Value]

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Task Group Formulation And Overview

- Task Group Formulation and Overview This inter-agency task group is comprised of a team of three graduate social work students, the Ali Forney Center (AFC), and AFC’s clients and partner organizations. The purpose of this project is to formulate a needs and assets assessment around housing options for youth between the ages of 21-24 who identify as transgender and who are homeless. The graduate student team members are all white, cisgender women between the ages of 21 and 38 who have never experienced homelessness....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty, Transgender, Youth]

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Individual Marketing Strategy Formulation

- Individual Marketing Strategy Formulation Introduction The organization under analysis is an organic food manufacturer called Annie’s Homegrown Organic. It is headquartered in Berkeley California, but has facilities throughout the country as well as in other countries such as Canada and the Philippines. In 2013, it was ranked one of the top 25 most successful small businesses in the country. Their marketing strategy is an inspiration for several small businesses that plan on dominating their area....   [tags: business, sustainable company, farming]

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Strategy Formulation

- A primary goal of every privately owned business is profit. The development of marketing strategy for any product proceeds on the basis of domino effects obtained from the study of industry and competition. By the revelation of business strengths and weaknesses, for the growth of a wide range of strategic plans for the successful administration of environmental openings and threats is called the Strategy Formulation. It comprises exploratory or redefining the corporate or project mission by indicating attainable goals, emergent strategies, and setting execution procedure....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Formulation Of A Theory

- Formulation Of A Theory The certain factors that influence the accuracy of estimation is mainly: Age, the time of day it is processed, gender and the style of the survey. The reason age has an affect on the accuracy of estimation, is because if the person is too young or too old the survey may not be reliable enough in order for it to be processed into a data collection sheet the reason being that they may not be suited to the imperial or metric measurement used in modern days....   [tags: Papers]

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Policy Formulation Is The Development Of Relevant And Acceptable

- Policy formulation is “the development of pertinent and acceptable, proposed courses of action for dealing with a public problem” (Anderson, 2011, 4). Policy formulation differs from agenda setting because policy formulation focuses more on the development of finding an effective action plan for what has been addressed in the agenda-setting. As stated, Policy-makers may be confronted with several competing proposals for dealing with a problem, or they may have to struggle with devising their own alternative....   [tags: Government, Public policy, Ku Klux Klan]

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The Stages Involved in The Formulation of a Mathematical Model

- 1) In your own words, define a mathematical model. Describe the stages involved in the formulation of mathematical models. Mathematical modelling is when a person or group uses past data and mathematical methods to predict or model future events or behaviour. This simply means that somebody looks at what has happened previously, does some maths and is then able to work out what might happen in the future. In order to create a mathematical model there are a number of steps that need to be taken: Description of the problem....   [tags: equations, derivative, modelling, revision]

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Diagnostic Reasoning And Formulation Of A Diagnostic Decision

- DIAGNOSTIC REASONING AND FORMULATION OF A DIAGNOSTIC DECISION ACS: Mr P presents with history of sudden onset of chest pain while singing in the church, he describes his chest discomfort as tightness, pressure and squeezing in the chest, pain was radiating to lower jaw and right shoulder, lasted for about 20 minutes, he has difficulty in breathing (dyspnoea), has vomited twice and sweating profusely, these presenting complaints are typical of chest pain of ACS. Mr P’s chest pain was constant and untouched by the use of sublingual Nitroglycerin 3 doses that often brings relieves to the patient with stable angina, therefore angina was ruled out....   [tags: Myocardial infarction, Heart, Pulmonary embolism]

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Formulation and Implementation of Corporate Strategy

- Formulation and Implementation of Corporate Strategy Corporate strategy is concerned with broad decisions about an organization's scope and direction. It is defined as "the pattern of decisions in a company that determines and reveals its objectives, purposes, or goals, produces the principle policies and plans for achieving those goals, and defines the range of business the company is to pursue, the kind of economic and human organization it is or intends to be, and the nature of the economic and non-economic contribution it intends to make to its shareholders, employees, customers, and communities" (Ghoshal, Lampel, Mintzberg, & Quinn, 2004, pp....   [tags: Business Strategy Planning Management]

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Business Strategy Formulation And Implementation Of Business Strategies

- Business strategy formulation and implementation is an integral part of the strategic management process, business strategy is an ongoing process to develop and revise future-oriented strategies that allow an organization to achieve its objectives while considering its capabilities, constraints, and the environment in which it operates. An important aspect in improving the formulation and implementation of business strategy is developing a greater understanding of the internal environment; the McKinsey’s 7S framework is a model for analysing organizations and their effectiveness....   [tags: Management, Strategic management, Organization]

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The Formulation And Execution Of High Level Action Plan

- Strategy is the formulation and execution of high level action plan to achieve the group’s goals or, objectives. The group can comes under the framework of an organization or, an institution; where group can be engage in war action or, in policy making or, in managerial practice in any other institutional activities. The approach of strategy could be start from top or, bottom; depending upon the type of activities (Freedman, 2013). Strategy is important for a group to achieve the group’s goals because every group has limited resources and group leader have to be liable for achieving the group’s goal in the minimal resources by mobilizing and utilizing them properly....   [tags: Management, Strategic management, Organization]

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Case Formulation Of Young Players Joining The Tennis Club

- Case formulation A surge in young players joining the tennis club due to recent club achievements has led to more identified players who have the potential to be successful. However, lacking psychological skills may hinder their transition to becoming elite level athletes. (Macnamara, Button, & Collins, 2010) Six junior tennis players aged between 15-16 years old are potential beneficiaries of a well-structured mental skills training (MST) programme. The six athletes are physically gifted and have solid techniques, therefore possessing the foundations of sporting success....   [tags: Anxiety, Psychology, Junior tennis, Effectiveness]

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The Formulation Of Human Resources Strategy And Policies Specialists

- The formulation of human resources strategy and policies specialists should act as advisors to and educators of top management. It is important that all of general management, and most especially top management, are human resources literate. But being a general manager usually means being literate about a lot of stuff and an expert on rather little, and unless the CEO or the division (or business unit or regional) chief has a human resources background, she is unlikely to be a working force expert....   [tags: Human resource management, Management]

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The Journey Of Strategy Formulation Process And Business Model Execution Before The Board Panel

- Personal Role & Contribution: I find myself privileged to be working with such an interactive group that have enlightened me throughout the journey of strategy formulation process and business model execution before the board panel. For me every working day with the team was a new learning experience. And I’m satisfied with my contribution to the group work and the operational skills of the team. The role I was assigned was chief human resource officer CHRO and the key responsibilities of my role comprised of promoting equality and diversity through company culture, monitoring the workforce performance through appraisals and evaluations, creating and enforcing employee policies, compliance a...   [tags: Management, Strategic management, Business]

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Racial Discrimination : The Body And Expression Of Self Identification, And Formulation Of Individual Body Image

- Many cultures utilize the body as a way of expressing their identity by modifying specific features, which help to demonstrate cultural pride. The modifications of physical features represent racial empowerment, self-identification, and formulation of individual body image. The manipulation of the body and expression of individualism has been scrutinized and unaccepted in most dominant cultures. The establishment of standard body images and rejection of abnormal features has created a hostile environment for racial minorities....   [tags: African American, Sociology, Racism]

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Developing Health Policies in Developed and Undeveloped Countries

- Developing Health Policies in Developed and Undeveloped Countries The purpose of this paper is to review some of the literature available surrounding the complexities of developing health policies in both developed and developing countries. Comparative Health Systems: Global Perspectives in the 21st Century Johnson and Stoskopf (2008) converse in detail the complexities involved in creating health policies in developed and developing or undeveloped countries. The authors reflect that on an elementary level, health policy making is a complex political process that involves a diverse team of actors or participants including both governmental and nongovernmental, individuals as well as organi...   [tags: policy formulation, health systems]

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The Phases of Healthcare Policy Making

- ... It must be reviewed if there may be some minor changes. The three phases have the capability of affecting each other because if one phase of the procedure is not carried out appropriately, the other phases more likely will deteriorate causing the whole policy to collapse (Lewis, 1999). One of primary health care policies is Medicaid. Medicare and Medicaid went through various legislative stages. In 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower had a personal sympathy for health care programs and submitted the idea to Congress....   [tags: legeslative, formulation, implementation]

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Health Care Policies Process

- Health care policies are plans that intended to determine or influence decisions or actions that will help to achieve specific health care goals. Most of these policies are actions taken by the government to improve the American health care system. The purpose of this essay is to describe the process of how a topic eventually becomes a policy and tie to how the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) policy process. This essay will include the formulation stage, legislative stage, and implementation stage of a complete policy process....   [tags: formulation, legislative and implementation stages]

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Challenges to Fair Trade

- Challenges to Fair Trade Though fair trade is being increasingly affiliated with empowerment of the local and marginalised communities and acclaimed for offering an alternative formulation of trade relations and globalisation, the model is not without pitfalls. In this section, various challenges posing threat to the fair trade model – in theory and practice have been analysed. 1. Contradiction in terms: The key challenges facing Fair trade arise from the inherent contradictions embedded within this initiative between movement and market priorities....   [tags: alternative formulation of commercial relations]

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Oral Route and Drug Therapy

- INTRODUCTION: Oral route is the most important route for drug therapy (Roger E). Water insoluble drugs exhibits poor oral bioavailability, hence much more attention has been focus on the lipid based formulation. Lipids are the carriers for the delivery of drugs which has poor water solubility (Pouton CW). Various lipid based formulations like SEDDS, SMEDDS are used for enhancing the absorption as well as bioavailability of the poorly water soluble drugs (Yi T et al). The lipid vehicles that play an important role in the design and can lead to the success of drug delivery, which can control the absorption rate of drug....   [tags: drug delibery, lipid based formulation]

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Case Formulation Process : A Secure Bond Between Partners By Choreographing New Emotional Experiences

- Case Formulation Process The main goal of EFT is for couples to create a secure bond between partners by choreographing new emotional experiences. The three stages of EFT guide the therapist to ensure the couple identifies and processes negative interaction patterns and the underlying emotions caused by these patterns. A secure therapeutic alliance is crucial between the EFT therapist and couple in order to safely complete all stages of therapy. Trust is an important factor that the couple needs in order to take risks and share primary emotions and attachment needs (Dalgleish et al., 2015)....   [tags: Emotion, Psychology, Attachment theory]

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The Influence Of Ideologies In The Formulation Of Social Policies

- Introduction Why do some countries have free universal healthcare and others require their citizens to insure themselves. Why is it that in some countries the retirement benefit a person receives is highly dependent on the amount of work they have done in earlier life whereas in others there is not so much difference made between the elderly. Furthermore, why is it that in Scotland people get to educate themselves in higher level academia for free but The English have to pay thousands of pounds for almost equivalent service....   [tags: politics, ideology, capitalism]

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Three Formulations of the Categorical Imperative

- In Kant’s book, Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals, Kant talks about the three formulations of the categorical imperative. By these formulations, he describes his idea of organizing the moral principle for all rational beings. Kant also talks about the principles of humanity, rational ends, and the “realm of ends” which are constituted by the autonomous freedom of rational beings. The first formulation of the categorical imperative is “act only in a way the maxim of which can be consistently willed as a universal law of nature.” This formulation in principle has as its supreme law, “always act according to that maxim whose universality as a law you can at the same time will” and is th...   [tags: Philosophy]

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Immanuel Kant 's Formulations Of The Categorical Imperative

- Essay #2: Immanuel Kant’s Formulations of the Categorical Imperative In his book, Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals, Immanuel Kant theorizes an absolute and universal guide based on the principle of reason to determine what humans morally ought to do— the categorical imperative. The categorical imperatives consists of different formulations, which simply act as different ways of defining it. Within his formulations, Kant stresses the importance of universalism, equality, and Categorical Imperatives versus Hypothetical Imperatives Before delving into the different formulations of the categorical imperative, Kant must distinguish between categorical imperatives and hypothetical impera...   [tags: Categorical imperative, Immanuel Kant]

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Feldman’s Four Formulations of Attitudinal Hedonism

- Fred Feldman distinguishes two categories of hedonism: sensory hedonism and attitudinal hedonism. Both categories of hedonism center around the notion that pleasure is what makes a life worth living (for the person living that life). In other words, if one obtains (receives or acquires) pleasure from life, then one’s life is going well. Additionally, the more pleasure a life contains, the better the life (the more prudential value it contains). Feldman, however, promptly classifies two interpretations of pleasure: pleasure as feeling (sensory pleasure) and pleasure as an attitude (the attitude of enjoyment)....   [tags: sensory, attitude, pleasure, hedonism]

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Guajilote Case Study

- Guajilote Case Study This essay examines the case study of the Guajilote co-operative, a co-operative with a licence to collect and sell fallen timber in the Honduras. The paper is in five sections; giving an impression of the co-operative as a business venture, conducting a SWOT analysis of the company, looking at any competitive advantage or strategy. Describing the value chain and considering strategic alternatives open to the co-operative. Solution 1. The business is certainly located in rural areas and considerations of how this may affect tribal people should be considered....   [tags: Business Management Strategy Formulation]

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A Comparison of Psychoanalytic Formulations of Addiction and Cognitive Models of Addiction

- ... The ego comes from the id to satisfy the individual’s needs and the superego is like the conscience. It separates wrong from right. Patients tend to think that these addictions helps them cope with their problems. According to the table on page 131, there are three stages to treatment. The first stage is when the person assumes they can’t do something with is call the “I can’t stage”. The second stage is the “I won’t” stage. The final stage is when the patient finally see that they don’t have to drink or do drugs....   [tags: behavior, beliefs, mental, role]

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The Great Philosopher Aristotle Developed Formulations Of Human Virtues

- An individual’s virtues often exemplify extraordinary aspirations as opposed to reactions to historically difficult situations. However, with engineering virtues, an engineer’s track record often takes precedence over their professional goals. As is typically the case, and engineer’s entire worth is judged solely on what he or she has accomplished or done to advance the evolution of mankind. There are many engineers that may be extraordinary members of society but their professional achievements are lacking so they become par for the course in the workplace....   [tags: Virtue, Ethics, Engineering, Virtue ethics]

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Kant's Many Formulations of the Categorial Imperative

- Kant's Many Formulations of the Categorial Imperative “The ordinary man needs philosophy because the claims of pleasure tempt him to become a self-deceiver and to argue sophistically against what appear to be the harsh demands of morality. This gives rise to what Kant calls a natural dialectic—a tendency to indulge in plausible arguments which contradict one another, and in this way to undermine the claims of duty. This may be disastrous to morality in practice, so disastrous that in the end ordinary human reason is to be found only in philosophy, and in particular in a critique of practical reason, which will trace our moral principle to its source in reason itself.” “A reviewer who wan...   [tags: Papers]

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Questions On Formulating Classroom Strategy

- Chapter Three Summary: When formulating classroom strategy, teachers need to address the areas of connection, competence, and control. The majority of discipline problems are the result of unfulfilled basic needs, which motivate students to display misbehavior. An unconnected student will exhibit attention-seeking behavior, while students who have issues with competence tend to give up easily. Lastly, students with control issues will argue and act disrespectfully. The needs of both students and teachers should be consistent with the established plan for implementing a discipline policy....   [tags: Psychology, Education, Social contract, Behavior]

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Formulative Lens of William Shakespeare's Othello

- Formulative Lens of William Shakespeare's Othello The Tragedy of Othello by William Shakespeare is a great work by a great author. Shakespeare was correct in titling it The Tragedy of Othello because Othello lost so much. In the literary sense, a tragedy is the downfall of a character through that character's own flaws. The way most people see a tragedy is a story where there is much suffering and loss, and a not so happy ending. No matter way one looks at it, literary or public sense, this was a correct title....   [tags: Papers]

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Difficulties in Formulating Macroeconomic Policy

- Difficulties in Formulating Macroeconomic Policy Policy makers try to influence the behaviour of broad economic aggregates in order to improve the performance of the economy. The main macroeconomic objectives of policy are: a high and relatively stable level of employment; a stable general price level; a growing level of real income (economic growth); balance of payments equilibrium, and certain distributional aims. This essay will go through what these difficulties are and examine how these difficulties affect the policy maker when they attempt to formulate macroeconomic policy....   [tags: Economics Policy Making Essays]

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Elizabeth Bennet certainly has problems with formulating her opinion

- Elizabeth Bennet certainly has problems with formulating her opinion of people rather abruptly. Pride and Prejudice Pride and Prejudice, written by Jane Austen, is a romantic novel about the problems amongst different social classes in England during the 18th century. The novel centers on Elizabeth Bennet, who despite having an intolerable family, is a vivacious, smart, and agreeable person. Elizabeth, however much an agreeable person, judges people rashly and lets other people's stories cloud her view of people....   [tags: English Literature]

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Difference Between A Hypothetical And A Categorical Imperative?

- Melissa Stachowiak Good Life Take-home #2 Professor Gan November 20, 2015 5.) What is the difference between a hypothetical and a categorical imperative. In class when we had the conversation about chapter two of Immanuel Kant’s Grounding of Morals, we had discussed the imperatives. The imperatives are broken down into two sections, hypothetical imperative and categorical imperative each having different meanings. Hypothetical imperative is described as a “command that a particular action is necessary as a means to some purpose, such as the attainment of personal happiness” (Kant)....   [tags: Categorical imperative, Immanuel Kant]

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Kant And Kant 's Theory

- When dealing with Kant, we must always ask ourselves these question’s before we decide to act: can I sensibly determine that everyone acts as I plan to act, and does my action respect the goals of other’s rather than my own reasons. Kant’s theory looks at the rightness or wrongness of these actions and relates them on not depending on such consequences but on whether they fulfill our duty or not. The Categorical Imperative in relation to Kant is that he believed that there was an utmost norm of morality and that the categorical imperative determines our moral duties....   [tags: Categorical imperative, Immanuel Kant, Morality]

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The Political Administration Dichotomy Is Defined As A System Of Government

- If one was to look at the political administration dichotomy, in theory only elected officials should be the ones who decide the public policy, since they are decision makers, but once the policy is made by the elected officials then the policy implementations. Furthermore, administrations are the responsibility of the bureaucrat with whatever they do. In practice, the bureaucrat is involved in implementation and formulation, in which they have the expertise and the knowledge on the subject. The question then is should bureaucrats be involved in policy formulation....   [tags: Government, Policy, Bureaucracy, Implementation]

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A Model-Based Methodology for Spray Drying Process Development

- A Model- Based Methodology for Spray Drying Process Development Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation September 2009 Volume 4 Issue 3 This paper describes a novel methodology based on fundamental engineering models as well as process characterization techniques to ensure that the spray drying process is efficient and requires minimal time and API. Spray drying methods use rapid drying kinetics to produce solid amorphous dispersions, excipients, and encapsulation. Spray drying dispersions are used to increase bioavailability of poorly soluble APIs....   [tags: engineering models, process techniques]

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Immanuel Kant And The Categorical Imperative

- In Elements of Pure Practical Reason Book, I, Immanuel Kant, a prominent late Enlightenment Era German philosopher discusses his most famous ethical theory, the “Categorical Imperative.” The “Categorical Imperative” is a proposed universal law in stating all humans are forbidden from certain actions regardless of consequences. Although this is the general definition of this ethical theory, the Categorical Imperative” exists in two above formulations, A strict interpretation of Categorical Imperative and a more liberal interpretation....   [tags: Immanuel Kant, Philosophy, Ayn Rand, Kantianism]

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Schools of Thought in Strategic Management

- Strategy can be defined as the plans that businesses lay out to achieve their objectives (Sandberg, 1992). The plans that businesses set up in order to position themselves to make maximum profit include their mission, vision, goals, objectives, strategy, implementation and execution (Sandberg, 1992). For the previously mentioned plans to be successful good strategic management has to be in place. Good strategic management can be organized into three levels: corporate, business and operational levels (Ritson, 2013)....   [tags: strategy, strategic management, planning school]

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Deontological Ethics 's Categorical Imperative And Act Utalitarianism

- The two ethical theories I have chosen to assess the situation at hand are Deontological Ethics 's Categorical Imperative and Act Utalitarianism. The situation up for discussion is whether or not the parents (Sydney and Jack) were right in convincing Olive to donate her kidney, to her younger sister Nancy who is in need because she suffers from end-stage renal failure. Deontological ethics would have us look at the situation based on the best efforts for the future. Based on the procedure of three formulations (tests) that help us make moral decisions....   [tags: Ethics, Immanuel Kant, Categorical imperative]

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Immanuel Kant 's Metaphysics Of Morals

- Immanuel Kant’s Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals explores themes of morality and its application to rational beings. Rationality, to Kant, includes a necessary commitment to morality, wherein failing to be moral is simultaneously a failure to be rational. Within this work, Kant proposes a concept that he entitles the “Categorical Imperative”. The Categorical Imperative is essential in the exploration of morality in the rational being, and, as with morality, is dependent solely on reason alone....   [tags: Categorical imperative, Immanuel Kant, Morality]

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Kant 's Categorical Imperative Of Moral Obligation

- Emmanuel Kant (hereinafter “Kant”) believes that Ethics is categorical and states that our moral duties are not dependent on feelings but on reason (Pojman and Vaughn 239). According to Kant, there is one good thing that comes without qualification – a good will. Any other act done as only being good with qualification, and only a good will is worthy of happiness. A good will is done because it is one’s duty, not someone just doing a duty. The expected consequences of an act of good will are morally neutral, and therefore irrelevant to moral discussion....   [tags: Immanuel Kant, Morality, Categorical imperative]

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Research Study- Improved Algorithms for Yield Driven Clock Skew Scheduling in the Presence of Process Variations

- Abstract Traditional yield driven clock skew scheduling in the presence of process variations can be formulated as a sequence of minimum ratio cycle problems, and hence can be solved efficiently by algorithms such as Lawler's and Howard's algorithms. However, the assumption of Gaussian distributions of critical path delays has been made in this formulation, which becomes inapplicable for next generation nanometer technologies. Recently, a generalization of the formulation for non-Gaussian distributions was proposed, and a modification of Lawler's algorithm was developed for solving this generalized problem....   [tags: algorithms]

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Evaluation Process Of The Affordable Care Act

- This paper will explain the evaluation process of The Affordable Care Act that would be used to determine if the stated policy objective could be met. The formulation stage and the involvement of stakeholders will also be defined. The factors that could prevent the policy objective from being achieved, and the factors that could contribute to the policy meeting its objective will be explained. The paper will also explain the required revisions to the policy resulting from factors identified in the analysis stage. Evaluation The policy making process includes formulation, legislation and implementation....   [tags: Policy, Implementation, Health care]

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Strategic Management Planning And An Organization

- This blog describes about the strategic management planning along with different firms in order to have maximum outcomes to choose a valid and effective strategic plan to be implemented. The Strategy formulation is key to the prosperity of an organization or association. There are two noteworthy by process used by an organization or an effort parts of technique: 1. The Corporate system, in which organizations choose which line or lines of business to participate in. 2. The business or focused methodology, which sets the structure for making progress in a specific business....   [tags: Strategic planning, Strategic management]

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Pediatric Drugs and Labeling

- Historically, pediatric drugs have been used without the adequate research done for pediatric formulation and dosage information for children usage. There have been difficulties and lack of pediatric trials done on drugs and children received unapproved therapeutic uses based on adult formulation, which have caused harmful results in children. There is a profound need for pharmaceutical tests to be approved for safety and effective for use by children. Only few drugs have adequate labeling information and approved indication for dosage, frequency, and route of administration....   [tags: Doses, Health, Children]

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Kant's Categorical Imperative

- Kant's Categorical Imperative Deontology is the ethical view that some actions are morally forbidden or permitted regardless of consequences. One of the most influential deontological philosophers in history is Immanuel Kant who developed the idea of the Categorical Imperative. Kant believed that the only thing of intrinsic moral worth is a good will. Kant says in his work Morality and Rationality “The good will is not good because of what it affects or accomplishes or because of it’s adequacy to achieve some proposed end; it is good only because of it’s willing, i.e., it is good of itself”....   [tags: Philosophy Categorical Imperative Kant Essays]

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Organizational Strategizing

- The epistemological views on organizational strategizing are as old as strategy itself. Strategy scholars distinguished between formulation and implementation; making formulation the key concept which provides the roadmap for the organization. Implementation was seen by early strategy scholars as the tools to navigate the map. The formulation stage of the strategic process has always been seen as critical in identifying a roadmap for an organization; it analyses internal and external influences and assist formulators create a stage for organizational competitiveness....   [tags: Business Management]

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Policy Analysis and Critique

- According to Happell et al. (2011), there are two broad divisions of policy impact, including intended and unintended effects. The intended impacts of a particular policy vary extensively, depending on the organization and the policy context. They are enacted to barricade misgivings noticed in a particular organization. Hence, they provide beneficial protocols to the organization. The mental health recovery policy is an example of a policy that tends to avoid negativity in the mental health care division....   [tags: Policy Impact, Intended, Unintended Effects]

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Categorical Imperative

- Kant thinks that the basic moral principles of our society come from people’s rationality, and people must follow these principles unconditionally. These moral principles are the Categorical Imperative. Meanwhile, its common rules have different directions in society. To conclude these directions, it can be reflected from three different formulations. Among the three formulations, the first formulation of universal law has standout features in the maxim and the constraints about people’s behaviors....   [tags: Philosophy ]

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The Value Of A Business Model

- Businesses reach a particular point in their operations when redeveloping their business model becomes essential for their continued success. A business model consists of four meshing elements, which work in harmony to create and provide value. The elements include customer value proposition, profit formula, key resources and essential processes (Johnson, Clayton and Kaggerman 60). The customer value proposition elements involve the companies coming up with a particular way of creating value for the customers by providing solutions to certain problems....   [tags: Strategic management, Management, Fast food]

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Computer Linguistics and Philosophical Interpretation

- Computer Linguistics and Philosophical Interpretation ABSTRACT: This paper reports a procedure which I employed with two computational research instruments, the Index Thomisticus and its companion St. Thomas CD-ROM, in order to research the Thomistic axiom, ‘whatever is received is received according to the mode of the receiver.’ My procedure extends to the lexicological methods developed by the pioneering creator of the Index, Roberto Busa, from single terms to a proposition. More importantly, the paper shows how the emerging results of the lexicological searches guided my formation of a philosophical thesis about the axiom’s import for Aquinas’s existential metaphysics....   [tags: Technology Philosophy Essays]

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Why An Implied Duty Of Good Faith Can Be Considered An Extension Of The Duty

- it might be said I Introduction In the commercial sphere, contracts and the laws which govern them, have assumed a position of fundamental importance in the operation of businesses i.e. in the transactions which they undertake. Subsequently, Australian contract law has undergone a number of changes both on a judicial and legislative level in order to continue to regulate these transactions efficiently and effectively. However, the changes made have not been enough to keep Australia up to speed with the international legal systems of major trading partners....   [tags: Contract, Contractual term]

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Different Points of View on Abortion

- Abortion is the act to remove the embryo or the fetus from the mother's womb in order to end pregnancy. It is practiced by two techniques, medical abortion and surgical abortion. Medical abortion is the process of taking pills, and surgical abortion implies a surgery to remove the foetus (1). In the past, the availability of abortion would have never been guessed. Now, in Canada, abortion has been legalized since January 28th in 1988. The Supreme Court of Canada passed a law which states that abortion is possible during the nine months of pregnancy....   [tags: ethical and utilitarian perspectives]

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Immanuel Kant 's Philosophy Of Ethics

- “Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the oftener and more steadily we reflect on them: the starry heavens above and the moral law within.” said Immanuel Kant. Morality is referred to as a societal code of conduct put forward by rational persons given the specified conditions. Throughout time, the concept of what morality is has played a crucial role in the study of ethics. Considered as the most influential thinker of the enlightenment era and one of the greatest western philosophers, German philosopher Immanuel Kant profoundly impacted the study of ethics....   [tags: Immanuel Kant, Morality, Deontological ethics]

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Kantian Ethics And Ethical Egoism

- Introduction In Written Assignment #1, I will be talking discussing Situation #1 about Frank Van Den Bleeken. I will be comparing it to Kantian Ethics and Ethical Egoism. Section A Kantian Ethics is described as having two formulations as well as three perfect duties to which according to Kant, allow us to lead ethical lives. The first formulation describes “Act only on that maxim (i.e. personal rule) that you can will as a universal law.” (Wolcott, 2015) According to MacKinnon (2012, p. 78) “(…) whatever I consider doing, it must be something that I can will or accept that all others do....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Suicide, Immanuel Kant]

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Assessment of Counselling Skills

- This essay evaluates the counselling skills used during a 30 minute integrative counselling session with a male client aiming to combine strengths of person-centred theory, attachment theory and cognitive-behavioural therapy. It starts by offering a case formulation based on Padesky and Greenberger (1995), as well as Lazarus’ (1973) multimodal assessment template the BASIC ID (cited in Prochaska and Norcross, 2003, p.496), of a married young male client called Eric, who is suffering from anxiety and marital relationship problems triggered by unemployment and influenced by existing difficulties within the client's relationship to his mother....   [tags: person-centred, attachment, cognitive]

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The Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals

- Can suicide be justified as morally correct. This is one of the many questions Immanuel Kant answers in, “The Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals”. Kant discusses many questions with arguable answers, which explains why he is one of the most controversial philosophers still today. Throughout Kant’s work, multiple ideas are considered, but the Categorical Imperative is one of the most prevalent. Though this concept is extremely dense, the Categorical Imperative is the law of freedom that grounds pure ethics of the metaphysics of ethics....   [tags: Immanuel Kant, Categorical Imperative, morality]

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Cefuroxime Axetil

- The cephalosporin antibiotic cefuroxime axetil is a prodrug primarily absorbed from the upper part of the GIT and degraded in presence of intestinal esterases. The purpose of this investigation was to apply Box behnken response surface methodology for the development of a gastro retentive floating tablets of cefuroxime axetil and to inspect the effect of formulation variables on drug release and the buoyancy properties of the delivery system. The amount of methocel K4M, cetyl alcohol and sodium bicarbonate were taken as independent variables and floating lag time, Q12h and t50% were taken as dependent variables....   [tags: buoyancy, box behnken, drug release]

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Kant 's Categorical Imperative Of Moral Value

- Emmanuel Kant was a influential philosopher and strong proponent of the modern era. Besides his large contribution to epistemology and metaphysics, his work in ethics was just as substantial. Kant’s ethics came to propose an objective morality, where moral judgments is not only true according to a person 's subjective view. He believed the moral worth of an action is not determined by its consequence but the motive behind it. Additionally, the “only motive that can endow an act with moral value, is one that arises from universal principles discovered by reason” (McCormick)....   [tags: Morality, Immanuel Kant, Ethics, Aesthetics]

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Immanuel Kant and the Moral Law

- Immanuel Kant was a German philosopher from the 18th century, widely known for his various achievements and works such as Critique of Pure Reason and Foundations of Metaphysics of Morals. Kant developed a theory of ethics that depends on reason rather than emotion called The Moral Law. Kant was not anti-religious but he wanted an ethical system that was not obscured by religion, emotion or personal interpretation. According to Kant, morality is a function of reason, based on our consciousness of necessary and universal laws....   [tags: law, duty, theory of ethics]

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Kant and Mills on Morality

- Dorothea thought Casaubon was an intelligent and she thoughts that she could learn many things from him. Thus, she decides to marry him. However, this marriage left her with a sense of futility. Casaubon is proven to be petty and selfish. He has an authoritative manner that at times is almost arrogant. Also, he treats Dorothea in an authoritarian way. He is restrictive and discouraged Dorothea. She controls her feelings during her marriage life. It is a far from happy marriage. In chapter 48, Casaubon’s health has deteriorated....   [tags: philosophical analysis]

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Case Analysis : Strategic Management

- "The strategy formulation can develop competitive advantage only to the extent that the process can give meaning to workers in the trenches." —David Hurst (David, 2011). Strategic management can be defined as the art and science of formulation, implementation, and evaluation of cross-functional decisions that enables an organization to achieve its objectives. So, strategic management focuses on integration management, marketing, finance, operations, R&D and information systems to achieve organizational accomplishment....   [tags: Strategic management, Management, Competition]

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My Formal Philosophy Of A Research Area Has Attracted Me Towards A Academic Science

- The tremendous freedom in choosing a research area has attracted me towards a career in academic science. Even more gratifying is the opportunity to share these experiences with students. My earlier experiences as an instructor, mentor, and teaching assistant have been overwhelmingly positive. My formal teaching career started at Jadavpur University when I was a Master of Pharmacy student. I was an instructor in Pharmaceutics Lab-I to a group of sixty undergraduate students. During my tenure at North Dakota State University I was a teaching assistant for both large (e.g., Pharmacokinetics and Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Delivery Systems) and small lecture courses (e.g., Advanced Biopharm...   [tags: Education, Teacher, Problem solving, Pharmacology]

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The Impracticality of Kant's Discussion of Will: Consequences of Actions

- In this paper, I will argue that Kant’s discussion of the will is not always practical because it is the consequences that actually matter, especially in certain situations. The main reason in support of this claim is that everyone is eventually caught in a situation where they have to choose between the lesser of two evils, which means that people should carefully think about all possible outcomes before making decisions. I. Kant and the Categorical Imperative: It is generally understood that society would tear itself apart if people suddenly stopped following a few fundamental laws; such as, arson, theft, and murder....   [tags: Categorical Imperative, Analytical Evaluation]

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The Use of Carbon Nanotubes for Delivery of Anticancer Drugs

- Most of the existing anticancer drugs are very potent small molecules; their efficacy is constrained by their systemic toxicity, narrow therapeutic window, low drug loading, size control, scale up, cost of formulation but also as a result of drug resistance and limited cellular entry. In the last few years, carbon nanotubes have been projected as a promising carrier for many drugs including anticancer agents because of the high surface area and efficient targeting capabilities. The present work is an attempt to investigate the potentialities of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) as a carrier for targeting 6 Mercaptopurine to cancer tissues....   [tags: toxicity, efficient, uptake]

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The Morality Of James Liang And The Volkswagen Emission Scandal

- Analyzing the Morality of James Liang and the Volkswagen Emission Scandal: An application of Kant’s duty ethics and rule utilitarianism James Liang, seasoned Volkswagen engineer, pleaded guilty to charges of “conspiracy to commit fraud against U.S. regulators and customers and to violate the Clean Air Act”. He faces up to five years in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000 dollars. In order to design a clean diesel engine, James and other Volkswagen employees developed and implemented a software device that would detect and cheat the U.S....   [tags: Immanuel Kant, Categorical imperative, Ethics]

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Mission, Vision, and Values of Ben and Jerry's

- Critically evaluate the mission, vision and values of a company that you are familiar with and propose alternative formulations of same The Mission, Vision and Values of a company play a Fundamental role in Strategy Formulation and Strategic planning. We will discuss throughout this assignment, how developing effective mission, vision and values can help shape, develop and guide a firms Strategic choices. They reflect the firm's fundamental core ideology. At the most basic level a mission statement can describe the firms overall purpose for being....   [tags: strategic planning, mission statement]

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Bilayer Tablet Technology in Medical Treatment

- An acute or chronic illness for decades is being clinically treated through delivery of drugs in patients in the form of some pharmaceutical dosage forms like tablets, capsules, liquids, creams, pills, aerosols, injectable and suppositories. An ideal drug delivery system is such that it provides the required drug amount with in a short duration and also should maintain the steady level of drug concentration throughout the dosing period [1]. However any conventional dosage form behaves as per its type either immediate release or sustained release....   [tags: Pharmaceuticals, Patients]

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Kantian Approach On Kant 's Ethics

- A Kantian Approach to Case Two Over the course of this essay, I will present the reader with information on Kant’s Deontology, including, but not limited to, explaining how Immanuel Kant discerns what is morally right and morally wrong. I will then apply these criterion to case number two, and attempt to accurately portray what Kant’s Deontology dictates is the morally correct response. Following this determination, I will show the reader that although Kant’s moral reasoning will lead us to a definitive answer, we should not be so quick to accept it....   [tags: Immanuel Kant, Categorical imperative, Ethics]

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Increasing the Bioavailability of Eye Drops

- ... The promising formulations M1, M2, M3 and M4 were evaluated for pH, drug content, in vitro gelation, in vitro drug release, in vivo drug release, viscosity and stability. Percent drug content of 82.5%, 86.7%, 85.3% and 90.8%; viscosity of 320cP, 405cP, 440cP and 500cP at 100 rotation per minute (RPM), cumulative percent release of 37.9%, 47.7%, 48.2% and 49.7%, was observed for formulation M1, M2, M3 and M4 respectively. The developed formulations were therapeutically efficacious, stable, non-irritant and provided sustained release of the drug for 12 hours....   [tags: conjunctivitis, absorbtion, drugs]

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What it Implies to Apply Strategic Management for Organizational Success

- INTRODUCTION Strategic management can be defined as the art and science of formulating, implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that enable an organization to achieve its objectives. As this definition implies, strategic management focuses on integrating management, marketing, finance or accounting, production or operations, research and development, and information system to achieve organizational success. Sometimes the term strategic management is used to refer to strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation with strategic planning referring only to strategy formulation, (David, 2013)....   [tags: William Edwards Deming]

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The Modernization Of Strategy During World War II

- Strategy itself has been deep rooted in society dating back to the Old Testament, and historical Greek times with writings from Homer, Euripides and other major Greek world influencers (Bracker, 1980).  Much of origin of strategy was founded during battles and wars amongst the Greek. The revitalization of strategy became wide spread during World War II and the introduction of economies of scale. Strategy would now transform to not only prove beneficial in war, but also business. Large companies had influence in the way business could be done and the number of mid-to-large size organizations became more prominent (Bracker, 1980)....   [tags: Strategic management, Strategic planning]

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The Process Of Creating And Implementing Policy

- The Process in Creating and Implementing Policy Policy in my perspective illustrates as a decision making, planning and or action taken to achieve a certain specific goal within our society. According to Longest B. (2010), his definition stated in his text book states that a policy is defined as ” authoritative decisions made in the legislative, executive, or judicial branches of government that are intended to direct or influence the actions, behaviors, or decisions of others.” In developing a policy, certain steps need to be taken in act to implement the policy....   [tags: Policy, Implementation, Rulemaking]

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Developing a Research Problem

- Define the research problem. The definition of the problem stage in the research process is a very important one. Without a properly defined problem the research cannot progress. One cannot design a research plan without a very clear idea of what needs to be proficient. A research problem is a difficulty or a trouble that a researcher experiences during research period. This complexity usually calls for researcher to look for a solution during the study. Formulating of research The problem formulation is divided in to four organized activities of situating grounding, diagnosing and resolving a research problem....   [tags: grounding, situating, diagnosing]

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Formulating Nitrite Butadiene Rubber High Density Polyethylene Blends by Using Industrial Blends and Compatibilized Chloroprene Rubber

- ... Eventually, when mixing finished, the compounds were kept at room temperature for as minimum 24 hours before their cure characteristics were measured. Test specimens were obtained by compression moulding at 160° C and a pressure of 20 MPa for the respective optimum cure time (t90) obtained from rheographs. After curing, the vulcanized sheet was taken out of the mold and immediately cooled under tap to stop further curing. All samples were cured at this temperature and stored in a cool dark place for 24 hours....   [tags: mechanical properties, thermal ageing]

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Operation Dessert Storm and Other Examples of US Political Decisions

- In 1991, Saddam Hussein decided to declare massive aggression on the countries bordering Iraq. The most affected country was Kuwait. Due to the nature of their ties with the United States, Iraq had a well organized and equipped army that was capable of causing massive instability in Kuwait. The United States could not let this happen because of the importance of Kuwait to the US. Kuwait and the US were heavily involved in the oil business with Kuwait being one of the biggest oil suppliers in the world to the US....   [tags: Leadership, Policy, Positions]

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Strategic Planning : An Organization 's Mission, Values, And Vision

- Introduction In order for an organization to be successful in today’s highly competitive marketplace, it must develop a strategy, or set of strategies, which outline a specific path to achieve some, predetermined measure of success (Hill, Jones, & Schilling, 2014, p. 3). However, developing strategy, for strategy-sake, is an ill-advised endeavor and could equate to a significant loss of resources as well as jeopardize the long-term profitability of an organization. An organization and its leadership must develop strategies that align with the organization as a whole....   [tags: Strategic planning, Management]

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