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Dynamic Compression and The Loudness Wars

- Amidst the continually increasing levels of commercially distributed music, there is widespread concern that the sonic quality of today’s popular music is deteriorating. More than ever before, dynamic compression is utilized in mixing and mastering to make a song as loud as possible. The belief that “louder is better” has lead to these mixing and mastering practices that have since been coined as “The Loudness Wars”. The great irony in this matter is that in an age where technology thrives and our advancements in applied sciences have come so far, one should expect the quality of recorded music to be outstanding....   [tags: Dynamic Compression of Music]

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The Importance Of A Dynamic Array Over A Regular Array

- For the unit has learning assignment I would like to started with the meant by a dynamic array. What is the advantage of a dynamic array over a regular array?” I did started with The unit learning guide overview and the topics that defined • Arrays • Dynamic arrays and Array lists • Searching and sorting arrays • Multi- dimensional array By reviewing and reading the given topic as much as possible and practiced some of the basic concepts of Array in the unit. Great thing Advantages of an array- based implementation is- Fast, random access of elements and very memory efficient, every little memory is required to store the contents The negative and disadvantages about Array is to slow de...   [tags: The Elements, Element, Dynamic array]

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A Dynamic Perspective

- A city has to be beautiful, though the definition of “beauty” is so vague. The beauty can be physical, such as enjoyable parks, streetscapes, architectural facades, the sky fragment through freeways and trees; or it can be the beauty of livelihood, people, and history. As landscape architects, we are creating beautiful things or turning the unpleasant memorial. As we can see, the unmeasurable factors are mostly about social consciousness, culture and a higher level of development stages. Most developing countries are still struggling in the first stage to balance development, environmental quality and living quality....   [tags: Sustainability, City, Urban planning]

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Organizational Theory : A Dynamic Capability

- In an organizational theory, a dynamic capability is the capabilities of the organization to persistently adapt the organization 's resources baseline. Such concepts were defined by Pisco, Shuen and Teece (1997), paper a Strategic Management and also Dynamic Capabilities, as "an organization’s ability to establish, reconfigures and also integrate external and internal competence to focus dynamic changing environments (Barney, 1995). Dynamic capabilities term is often used in a plural form focusing on the ability to respond timely and adequately to external variations needs the combinations of multiple capabilities....   [tags: Management, Change, Organization]

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The Dynamic Character in "The Scarlet Ibis"

- Who is the dynamic character in “The Scarlet Ibis?” To answer this question, one must first know what a dynamic character is or means. A dynamic character is one who changes by the end of the story. In “The Scarlet Ibis” the narrator is the one who is the dynamic character. How. First of all, the reason why the narrator is dynamic is he feels atrocious of how he has treated Doodle, his brother. The second reason is the narrator comprehends he should have appreciated his brother more. The last reason is the narrator feels fallacious of what he has done to Doodle; which has possibly led to Doodle’s death....   [tags: Literary Review]

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The Benefits of Dynamic Stretching

- Dynamic stretching has become increasingly popular stretching technique for athletes of all ages. Dynamic stretching is a controlled movement that involves an active range of motion for each joint in the body. It involves stretching while the athletes are actively moving. Dynamic stretching is used to improve flexibility in motion and does so by resembling movements you would normally make in your sport. In comparison, static dynamic stretching involves an athlete stretching their muscles in a stationary position....   [tags: athletes, track, performance]

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The Binding Mechanism ( Static Or Dynamic

- The binding mechanism (static or dynamic by unmodified SV equation) of the interactions between propanil, bromoxynil, malathion and HSA. HSA has a unique fluorescence at 335nm when excited at a wavelength of 280nm and this can be attributed to the presence of tryptophan residue alone despite the contributing effects of tyrosine and phenylalanine [ref cui (34), others]. The intrinsic fluorescence of HSA due to tryptophan can be quenched at the interaction of HSA and small molecules. Fig. 2A and Fig....   [tags: Thermodynamics, Entropy, Fluorescence]

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Culture : The Oldest, Continuous, And Dynamic

- Culture China has the oldest, continuous, civilization in the world that dates more than four thousand years of existence, and has passed its culture through generations. Culture is a “dynamic social system,” containing the values, beliefs, behaviors, and norms of a “specific group, organization, or society”. (FM 3-24 COUNTERINSURGENCY, 2016). The five major characteristics that define a culture are learned, shared, based on symbols, integrated, and dynamic. The first is a characteristic in which the process of learning about ones culture from childhood....   [tags: People's Republic of China, China]

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The Macroeconomic Environment Is A Dynamic Environment

- Question 1 The macroeconomic environment is a dynamic environment, which could not remain unchanged (Gajewsky 2015). There are many factors influence the global macroeconomic environment, such as interest rate, exchange rate, GDP,aggregate demand, monetary policy and other macroeconomic variable (Oxelheim and Wihlborg 2008). These factors are closely associated with commodity price. For commodity price, the demand and supply are directly contributing to the price volatility. The changes in interest rates and exchange rates are significant influence for commodity output and it also has impact on the commodity prices (Dornbusch 1976)....   [tags: Inflation, Monetary policy, Macroeconomics]

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The Dynamic Elements of the Processes Industry

- ... It is found that 97% of the regulatory controllers use PID algorithm [5]. Numerous methods have been projected for tuning these controllers, but every method has some constraint [4]. As a result, the design of PID controller still remains a challenge for researchers and engineers. The Internal Model Control (IMC) provides a progressive, effective, natural, generic, unique, powerful, and simple framework for analysis and synthesis of control system performance [6, 7]. The easiness and enhanced performance of the IMC based tuning rule, and the analytically derived IMC-PID tuning techniques have appealed the attention of industrial users over the past decade [8]....   [tags: controllers, algorithm, performance]

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Macbeth As A Dynamic Piece Of Work

- Shakespeare, who playwrights greatly respect for his conventional technique of writing, writes Raphael Holinshed’s Chronicles into a play. The acts of the play Macbeth display the historical facts that Holinshed’s Chronicles provide, but with Shakespeare’s additions of legends and dramatic imagery Macbeth is now a dynamic piece of work. In Macbeth Shakespeare uses imagery to reveal the true nature of the characters. An important imagery topic that Shakespeare constantly uses is darkness. He utilizes darkness as a symbol to represent the evil vices in the characters and the literal darkness at night....   [tags: Macbeth, Three Witches, Macbeth]

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Healthcare : A Dynamic And Complex Field

- Healthcare is a dynamic and complex field that requires its administrative professionals to be flexible and adaptive. Healthcare administrators not only have to be robustly trained in the various intricacies relative to providing patient care, but they also have to possess the interpersonal skills and business savvy required to manage healthcare organizations. As administrator of a healthcare, my job is to organize medical organization in order to achieve our mission; my team needs tactics to achieve our goal....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Health insurance]

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The Dynamic Nature Of The Tourism Environment

- The dynamic nature of the tourism environment implies that market trend in the sector is constantly changing, and so is the behaviour of tourists necessitating evaluation and analysis of the user of tourism products (Baker & Cameron, 2008). Changes witnesses in the macro environment also have implications for the sector by requiring that organizations gathers as much information about customers so as to address the different emerging customers segments and meet the needs of the target market (Baker & Cameron, 2008)....   [tags: Marketing, Strategic management, Tourism]

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Xerox As A Dynamic Business Environment

- Today, the internet is accessible around the world. This has increased the amount of information being transferred across the globe without the use of physical documents. While the internet industry is growing, there is an industry that is losing its significance in the business world, the paper industry. Xerox being the world leader in this industry is most affected by this dynamic business environment. Although, Xerox has adapted to the changing environment and restructured their business to include automated systems as part of the business solutions for their clients, a great amount of income is still driven by the Printing and paper supplies segment....   [tags: Revenue, Income, Net income]

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Knowledge Management And Dynamic Capabilities

- Introduction (All) Organizations have one way other the capabilities through the integration of tacit and explicit knowledge. However, to become competitive advantage or ‘succeed’ in accomplishing the goals set by the organization, management will have to endeavor in knowledge management and dynamic capabilities in order to expand their learning capacities. In this perspective, Smith and Prieto (2008) elaborated in their article the attempt of integrating these two crucial elements (knowledge management and dynamic capabilities) for effective organizational learning....   [tags: Management, Knowledge, Knowledge management]

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Dynamic Capabilities : Strategic Management

- Dynamic capabilities allude to the specific limit business undertakings have to pattern, reship, arrange, and recompose resources in order to react to growing technologies and markets and breakout the zero-benefit case (Teece, 1977). Dynamic capacities identify with the undertaking 's capacity to detect, seize, and adjust keeping in mind the end goal to produce and adventure internal and external venture particular skills, and to address the endeavor 's changing environment. (Barney, 1991) On the off chance that a venture has resources/competences however needs dynamic capabilities, in fact it has an opportunity to create a com-putative return for a brief period, yet predominant returns can...   [tags: Management, Strategic management]

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Existential Therapy : A Dynamic Approach

- Introduction Existential therapy (ET) is a dynamic approach that focuses on issues and concerns that are imbedded in the individual’s existence (Yalam, 1980). ET is based on the view of “specific forces, motives and fears that interact in the individual” (Yalam, 1980). The purpose of ET is to help clients in making choices based on their belief system, accept reasonability for their actions and the outcomes, whether positive or negative, and find meaning in their life (Eliason, Samide, Williams & Lepore, 2010)....   [tags: Meaning of life, Existentialism]

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Evaluation Of A Group Dynamic

- This quarter’s group dynamic was proposed by our class curriculum, nevertheless, the effect established a rapport amongst the few dynamic members of said group. Although there was no one clearly defined group leader, our diverse characteristics developed our group’s roles and contributions to the final project. What extended our group dynamic and definition was our cohesiveness and personal experiences (even our group size played a contribution into our progress). The overall experience was fulfilling and informative as we were able to apply various concepts learned in theory, as well as recognize what concepts worked towards our progress and what held us back....   [tags: Leadership, Decision making, Management]

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Dynamic Stretching for Resistance Training

- I have been doing resistance training since past four years and it has always been a bodybuilding type training i.e. training for muscle mass. Stretching exercises both before and after resistance training has been an important factor in improving my flexibility and increasing my joints’ range of motion. When you can flex, extend or circumduct your joints through full range of motion without any pain that is called flexibility. Many individuals often overemphasize flexibility training and not focus on improving the strength of the surrounding muscles which can lead to an injury....   [tags: athletics and exercise]

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Nora Is A Dynamic Character

- 1. Nora is a dynamic character. When the play begins Nora is viewed and presented as a playful and carefree person. She seems to be more intent on shopping for frivolous things. But, as time goes on it becomes apparent that Nora actually has a certain amount of seriousness in her decisions and actions in dealing with the debt she incurred to save Torvald’s life. Nora’s openness in her friendship with Dr. Rank changes after he professes his affections toward her. Her restraint in dealing with him shows that Nora is a mature and intelligent woman....   [tags: A Doll's House, Henrik Ibsen]

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Holden Caulfield: Dynamic or Static?

- The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger is a story of Holden Caulfield's growth as a person. Some view Holden as a static character, and say that by the end of the novel he hasn’t changed. I’d say that on the contrary Holden is an extremely dynamic character throughout the story. Holden does change and grow as a character because he lets go of wanting to protect innocence in the world, we see Holden begin to grow into what Erik Erikson believes is the stage of development for adolescents, and he starts to be willing to apply himself....   [tags: The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger]

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Poverty Is A Dynamic Condition

- This population pyramid conveys that the population growth is rapid. The people have relatively low life expectancy and a vast growth birth rates. This mean that the working class is going to have to provide for a large number of children and that is almost impossible with the limited resources they have. There is only a certain amount of land, clean water, health care, etc. and as of right now there is already over 100 slums is Logos and 70% of its inhabitants live in theses slums. Therefore, the amount of people in poverty will increase as the population increase because it is impossible for the working class individuals to provide for all of these children....   [tags: Greenhouse gas, Climate change, Water, Population]

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What Makes a Dynamic Leader?

- The dynamics of leadership require that one look at more than just the leader. In order to assess leadership one must consider the situation, the leader’s behaviors and the followers; all must be analyzed and the leader must understand how to interact depending on the situation (Northouse, 2010). This means, the leader must deal with situations differently. Because of this, it is possible that a person may be a great leader in one setting or situation and not successful in another. This in itself proves that leadership is not defined by a cookie cutter design of traits....   [tags: Leadership ]

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Poverty : A Dynamic Concept

- Poverty is general scarcity or dearth, or the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. It is a multifaceted concept, which includes social, economic, and political elements. Poverty seems to be chronic or temporary, and most of the time it is closely related to inequality. As a dynamic concept, poverty is changing and adapting according to consumption patterns, social dynamics and technological change. Absolute poverty or destitution refers to the deprivation of basic human needs, which commonly includes food, water, sanitation, clothing, shelter and health care....   [tags: Poverty, Poverty threshold]

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Lady Macbeth: A Dynamic Character

- In our society, as a rule, the man is the head of the household. However, in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Lady Macbeth appears to be the neck that turns the head. William Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers in history, but he wasn’t recognized until the nineteenth century. He wrote many plays, sonnets, plays, and narrative plays. It was during the sixteenth century that he wrote the tragedy of Macbeth. Lady Macbeth, wife to the protagonist Macbeth, is one of Shakespeare’s most famous and evil female characters....   [tags: Character Analysis ]

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Critic and Artisit Relationship Dynamic

- To Smithereens and Back “Enter at your own peril, past the bolted doors where impossible things may happen that the world has never seen before.” This pulsating addictive theme song resonated within as I awaited my one guilty pleasure, my one anointed creative catalyst in an otherwise gruelingly rigorous routine. Dexter’s Lab was intrinsically interesting to my generation; the seemingly original idea of the nuclear family with a twist and a very cat-and-mouse like relationship between the main character, Dexter, and his sister Dee-Dee captivated our oh-so-naïve minds....   [tags: Author Topics, Paradox]

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Earthquakes : The Dynamic Earth

- Earthquakes - The Dynamic Earth Precise definition of earthquakes: Earthquake is a natural disaster that occurs when two blocks of the earth suddenly slip past one another. The surface where they slip is called the fault, also known as the fault plane. The area below the earth’s surface where the earthquake starts is called the hypocentre, and the area above it on the surface is called the epicentre. More than a million earthquakes rattle the world each year. But, most are so small that they can only be detected by sensitive instruments called seismogram....   [tags: Earthquake, Plate tectonics, Earth, Love wave]

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The Current Dynamic Healthcare Environment

- The current dynamic healthcare environment is undergoing a tough competition due to various factors such as the cost, quality care, production, efficiency, and safety care. So, the healthcare system requires a significant change to implement strategic management in all its sectors. Additionally, it is important to formulate appropriate tools to execute these strategic plans effectively, and one such great tool is strategic alternatives. Since, one-size-fits all analogy cannot be applied to every single healthcare organization, so it is very important to closely evaluate the healthcare environment, and then select a suitable alternative strategy....   [tags: Strategic planning, Organization]

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Developing A Dynamic Language Register

- Language is crucial to the development of relationships and a sense of being and belonging to a culture. Spoken and written communication is used to live and learn in a variety of contexts and is influenced by adopting and developing a dynamic language register/code to achieve oral language competency by assessing the level of interaction required by the listener/reader and critically evaluate before responding (Fellowes & Oakley, 2014, pp. 34-36); deciding whether information is transitory or permanent and whether context is created or explicitly stated....   [tags: English language, Linguistics, Language, Dialect]

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Dor A Dynamic Character Change

- In the movie, Central Station, the protagonist, Dora, has a dynamic character change. Dora is a thin, simple, and harsh woman. She lives alone in her apartment with no children or husband. She works out in the street writing letters for people that are not able to because they are illiterate. Before this “job,” Dora used to be a teacher in a school. Although Dora seems like a person that will not change her ego, she has deep thoughts that makes her turn into a more considerate person because her friend, Irene, brought it up....   [tags: American films, Black-and-white films, Orphan]

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Dynamic Aspects Of Brand Management

- Pyrmon (2016) in “Dynamic Aspects of Brand Management” states brand equity, “is the added value that a given brand name gives to a product beyond the functional benefits it provides” (p. 138). This added value comes from how the product is viewed in the minds of consumers. Keller (2016) in The Handbook of Marketing Research: Uses, Misuses, and Future Advances, list the following components that make up brand equity: brand knowledge, brand personality and relationships, brand awareness, brand imagery, brand judgments and brand feelings....   [tags: Brand, Brand management, Branding]

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The Strategy Of Apple Inc. Dynamic Capabilities

- Dynamic capabilities refer to the ability of an organization for addressing the rapidly changing business environment by integrating, developing and reconfiguring the internal as well as external competencies. The concept of dynamic capabilities is based on the purpose of developing long-term competitive advantage. Apple is considered as one of the most innovative companies of the world due to the creation of differentiated products such as iPod, iPhone and iMac (D’Aveni, Dagnino & Smith, 2010)....   [tags: Apple Inc., IPhone, Steve Jobs, IPhone OS]

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Jack - Dynamic Character in "Lord of the Flies"

- Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, has four very important dynamic characters. A dynamic character is a character that develops and grows during the course of the story. Ralph, Jack, Piggy, and Simon are four dynamic characters in Lord of the Flies that adapt to their new lifestyles in different ways. Jack is a very important dynamic character in Lord of the Flies because he goes through the most changes during the novel. While on the island, Jack has many life experiences that change him forever....   [tags: Character Analysis]

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Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

- Nowadays, there are a lot of wireless applications sharing the same medium. This overload leads to a lack of the spectrum in given frequency bands. At this time, the allocation of the spectrum is mostly static and based on licensing, as in the case of the FM-band. The purpose of this work is to present another approach of sharing the same medium by means of a dynamic allocation of the spectrum instead of the static allocation which is believed to cause spectrum inefficiency and scarcity, since the wireless users demands change both temporally and spatially....   [tags: Technology]

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Dynamic Pricing : The Future Of Ticket Pricing

- The focal article I chose is Dynamic Pricing: The Future of Ticket Pricing in Sports by Patrick Rishe published on January 6th, 2012 through Forbes. Pricing is an important component of the marketing mix because it is the element where managers have expectations of customers paying their money to the organization (Kopalle, 2009). Compared with other elements of the marketing mix, pricing has the advantage because there is a high level of flexibility. The flexibility is because prices change continually (Smith, 2008)....   [tags: Price, Pricing, Sport, Marketing mix]

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Psycho Dynamic Psychology

- The psycho dynamic approach is a form of depth psychology, the objective of this technique for the psychotherapist is to open up the unconscious content of the mind in order to treat the psychic anxiety of the patient. Even though this method stems from the psychoanalysis it is a smaller amount comprehensive technique. The humanistic/existential approach associated with the conviction that human beings are alone in this world, for the reason of this belief is that a person may perhaps feel a sense of meaningless, this roundabout approach does offers positive growth, the opportunity for the patient to recognize his or her problems furthermore encourages themselves to create his or her own val...   [tags: Psychology]

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Stretch the Right Way: Dynamic Stretching

- Did you know that the most common type of stretching, known as static stretching, can actually be more harmful to a person’s muscles than helpful. Researchers have discovered that “the old routine of holding a position for 20 to 30 seconds, actually weakens them” (Reynolds). So how should athletes warm up if stretching may actually be the cause of some injuries. Coaches and athletes should perform dynamic stretching rather than static stretching before performing activity or exercise because it reduces chances of injury, increases strength and range of motion, and has been proven to be safer and more efficient than static stretching....   [tags: Fitness]

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A Brief Note On Spike And Dynamic Triggering

- 4. Discussion 4.1. July seismicity spike and dynamic triggering The month of July saw a large increase in seismicity beginning of the 15th and lasting for approximately 5 days. The amount of activity during this time was particularly anomalous, as the month and a half preceding it saw relatively low levels of seismicity. An average of 2.8 earthquakes per day was interrupted by jump to 111 earthquakes on 15 July. On the same day that the increase began in the central Southern Alps, Dusky Sound experienced a magnitude 7.8 earthquake (GeoNet 2009)....   [tags: Earthquake, Fault, Seismic wave, Seismology]

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Interpersonal Communication : A Dynamic Form Of Communication

- It is very clear to me that we live in a very dynamic world that changes constantly. The rate at which we communicate what is essential at the moment seems to progress and speed up as technology gets a progressive upgrade. In reality we are what we are thanks to technology, and because of this technology communication seems to evolve with our own evolution as human beings. I start of with technology because by reading the chapter I really fell in love with what the true concept of interpersonal communication is and how its versatility is adjustable to the modern day....   [tags: Communication, Psychology, Graphic communication]

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The Dynamic Character Elisa in Steinbeck's The Chrysanthemums

- This essay of literary criticism is going to be on the Chrysanthemums written by John Steinbeck. This short story is considered to be one of the greatest short stories of all time. The author uses characterization to describe Elisa, she is a dynamic character. He shows us that she is a very lonely strong woman in the begging who wants to be loved. Who later changes because of this mysterious man. In this paper, I will prove that the author wanted to show Elisa as a dynamic character and how she changes through the story, from being strong and lonely in the begging, in the middle she because friendly talking to this man, and finally she gets all nice and dressed to go out In this short the C...   [tags: Character Analysis]

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Canada's Multicultural Dynamic

- Canada’s multicultural dynamic presents the country with a unique perspective unlike no other. The nation is made up of citizens with different heritages, traditions and practices that have positively integrated into Canadian society ever since the government began to acknowledge diversity within the country. This paper will argue that multiculturalism represents a qualitatively better approach to ethnic diversity than did the Canadian immigration and cultural policies that preceded it. Restricted immigration and aboriginal assimilation negatively affect the larger picture of Canadian culture in comparison to public policy supporting multiculturalism....   [tags: acknowledging diversity within the country]

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Dynamic Assessment Of Word Learning Skills

- The article, “Dynamic Assessment of Word Learning Skills: Identifying Language Impairment in Bilingual Children” written by Maria Kapantzoglou, M. Adelaida Restrepo, and Marilyn S. Thompson was a very interesting read. The article dealt with the question of whether dynamic assessment of work learning skills was an effective way of identifying bilingual children with primary language impairment. I learned many clinically relevant ideas that may affect my future clinical practice, although a few aspects of the article were a little confusing to me....   [tags: Language, Word, Linguistics, Learning]

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A Dynamic Web Project Of Eclipse Ide

- Management Minder is created as a Dynamic web project in Eclipse IDE. In a Dynamic web application all the content is data driven, which means any information can be manipulated/displayed according to the user needs. User interaction is the key in a Dynamic web application, the entire application is controlled by a secure web server (Apache Tomcat in this case), which makes it difficult to hack or change the information without authentication. Developers can add/change programming code very easily to include new functions in the application....   [tags: SQL, Database, Relational model, Data modeling]

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- This paper describes a tool for the observation and analysis of the most important dynamic memory allocator metrics under various use cases. At first the problem which this tool aims to solve is introduced, following with the tool design description, which is the main focus of the paper. Current status of the work is briefly discussed in the conclusion. Introduction Dynamic memory allocators (abbreviated DMA) are fundamental part of the operating systems, providing memory allocated at runtime to the programs....   [tags: Computer Science]

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Evolution Of The Body, Social Dynamic And Environment

- Throughout the course of humanity, evolution has been the driving force for change and development of the body, social dynamic and environment. America was not expectation to this, since its birth as a country; it has gone through many changes. This evolution of America has been rapid and dynamic, taking place in a couple of decades compared to other countries America’s evolution is astounding for its quick and effective methods, but with all change comes hardships and successes. Some benefited from this evolution, others suffered from the hand they were dealt due to this change....   [tags: United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, New Deal]

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Relational Communication Success : A Difficult Dynamic

- Relational Communication Success Comes in-Between; How People Succeed in Relationships Communicating with others comes in many forms, is complex, and is a difficult dynamic. For example, romantic couples communicate their feelings about one another while together and separate, utilize Facebook to construct and manage their identities, and deal with self-concept insecurities. While there are insecurities and heartaches associated with all forms of relational communication, there also are triumphs and victories....   [tags: Marriage, Husband, Wife, Family]

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The Dynamic Of George And Lennie 's Relationship

- Within the beginning of the story, the dynamic of George and Lennie’s relationship is introduced, one that is uncommon and presents a fatherly vibe. The readers are thrown into the novel at the height of the great depression, an economic catastrophe that shook the world. Within these dark time, an unlikely friendship is in full blossom and we are meet by Lennie and George setting up camp for the night by a riverbed. After the duo’s personalities are expressed, they begin to set up the idea of a commonly shared dream which exists according to Lennie “Because......   [tags: Of Mice and Men, Interpersonal relationship]

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Social Exclusion : A Multidimensional And Dynamic Process

- The concept of social exclusion is complex. It is understood as a multidimensional and dynamic process. (Sliver, 1994; Levitas, 2005) Under the leadership of Prime Minister Tony Blair since 1997, social exclusion has become an agenda on the British social policy. (Levitas, 2005) The redistributive (RED), social integration(SID) and moral underclass(MUD) discourses are used as one of the models to examine the meanings of social exclusion shifts and changes in the political context. These discourses are not types of dimensions of exclusion, instead Weber suggested that they are indicators that show how the permutations of social exclusion reflected in different British policy implications....   [tags: Sociology, Poverty, Social exclusion]

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The Racial-spatial Dynamic of Violence in Neighborhoods

- ... This study can be compared to previous research in numerous ways. For instance a 1990s research study demonstrated that violence could be dispersed from area to area due to the fact that neighboring communities are pervious to spreading violence across bordering neighborhoods. This analysis made clear that a neighborhood may become influenced with violence because they are irrefutable receptive to such. In another study, the study of Groveland, researchers looked at the poverty rates of the neighboring areas of Groveland and of white communities and compared them....   [tags: article analysis, crime study]

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Dynamic Change and Collaborative Learning Environments

- Dynamic Change and Collaborative Learning Environments The continuous transformation in educational organization requires investigation of how the organization can be equipped to collaboratively handle constant changes and still improve. Leadership and organizational theory provide the support into looking at how an organization functions and how change happens within that organization. Educational organizations are always trying to catch up; hence, a system of improvement is necessary for teachers to have direct access to in-house experts to learn....   [tags: Education, Leadership and Organizational Theory]

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A Dynamic, Motivational Manager Within The Workplace

- A dynamic, motivational manager within the workplace must be an individual that takes the time to understand himself and those that fall under his charge. Motivation is not inherent and research has proven a direct correlation to behavior and the functions of the brain. Merriam Webster’s definition of motivation states that it is “a force or influence that causes someone to do something” which leads to the definition of behavior which is “the manner of conducting oneself”. This paper will research why beings act a certain way, those that paved the path and what underlying factors promote successful behavioral outcomes to motivate within life and the workplace....   [tags: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs]

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Dynamic Methylation Of Numb By Set8 Regulates

- Dynamic Methylation of Numb by Set8 Regulates Its Binding to p53 and Apoptosis Summary Unknown how the Numb-p53 interaction is regulated in cells. “Numb is methylated in its PTB- phosphotyrosine-binding (PTB) domain by the lysine methyltransferase Set8”. Numb is a protein encoded by the NUMB gene - the protein is commonly used to detect the fate of cells during the cell cycle development. Set8 - it is an enzyme that affects a nucleosomal histone, in that it packages and orders DNA into nucleosome - function of histones found in the nucleus of the cell....   [tags: Cancer, DNA, P53, DNA repair]

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A Dynamic Working Environment For All Employees

- Motivated employees are essential to the workplace and set a dynamic working environment for all employees. “Motivation is the result of a set of internal and external forces that cause an employee to choose an appropriate course of action and engage in certain behaviors” (Newstrom, 2015 p.116).” In my company, workers are motivated by verbal and formal recognition, performance feedbacks and performance appraisal. Every company needs workers who are submitted and profitable. It is human instinct to react to internal and external factors that guide in persuading individuals to need to draw in, to be empowered to deliver without being micromanaged, and to contribute to the organization 's succ...   [tags: Motivation, Employment, Existential quantification]

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Online Marketing : A Highly Dynamic Field

- Introduction Online marketing is a highly dynamic field that requires a strong foundation if you are to succeed. To be competitive in this field, you need to create a strong foundation by becoming a critical thinker as well as relentlessly creative. While internet marketing is one of the easiest ways to insinuate yourself into your customers home and mind, it is also the most challenging to pull through in such a way that your target audience enjoys the intrusion. If you are looking forward to promote your product via online marketing, you should make sure that your executing strategy is well laid out before you start....   [tags: Marketing, E-mail, Social media, E-mail marketing]

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Dynamic Figures in Church History I

- Dynamic Figures in Church History II January 30, 2007 Part I I. Up to Now The ecclesia reformanda translated means the church always in need of reformation. With time, many ideologies and practices strayed from the original purpose of the Church. Over the years, people tend to forget the fundamental principles. People put their own ideas into the ideals that may be very different from the original intent. Changes are justified due to cultural changes. Human weaknesses also lend to the changes....   [tags: Church History ]

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Efficient Distributed Dynamic Load Balancing

- Introduction Load balancing is the strategy of load redistribution among the computational elements(CE) of a heterogeneous network where they work cooperatively so that large loads can be distributed among them in a fair and effective manner. Load Balancing strategies ensure that the workload is distributed over all CEs according to their processing speed and availability in such a way that the overall execution time is minimized. But there are a wide variety of issues that need to be considered for heterogeneous environment....   [tags: Distributed Load Balancing]

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Dynamic Decision-Making Amongst Employees

- This research paper, will discuss how employee involvement (EI) programs improve organisational performance focusing on the role of decision-making in the process. Decision-making is an area of interest that gives you the opportunity to study a variety of different facets concerning EI. EI has been of interest to several hundreds of people on a regular basis for many years. It is a philosophy put in place to sculpt management and leadership in order to maintain, improve and achieve success within an organisation....   [tags: organizational performance, unionized workers]

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Toward a Dynamic Conception of ousia

- Toward a Dynamic Conception of ousia This paper is an initial attempt to develop a dynamic conception of being which is not anarchic. It does this by returning to Aristotle in order to begin the process of reinterpreting the meaning of ousia, the concept according to which western ontology has been determined. Such a reinterpretation opens up the possibility of understanding the dynamic nature of ontological identity and the principles according to which this identity is established. The development of the notions of energeia, dynamis and entelecheia in the middle books of Aristotle’s Metaphysics will be discussed in order to suggest that there is a dynamic ontological framework at work in...   [tags: Aristotle Aristotelian Legacy]

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Dynamic Characters In A Tale O

- Dynamic Characters in A Tale of Two Cities The English novelist, Charles Dickens, is one of the most popular writers in the history of literature. During his life, he wrote many books, one of them being A Tale of Two Cities. Dickens uses many dynamic characters in this novel. Dynamic characters or, characters that drastically change, play a very important role in the novel A Tale of Two Cities. Towards the beginning of the novel, Jerry Cruncher’s actions are rather disturbing. Mrs. Cruncher is very religious and is always praying....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Speciation Based Firefly Algorithm for Optimization in Dynamic Environments

- In many optimization problems in real world, objective function, design variable or constraints can be changed during time, so optimal value of these problems also can be changed. These kinds of problems are called dynamic. Algorithms which are designed for optimizing in these environments have some principles that distinguish them from algorithms designed in static environment. In this paper, for the first time, an algorithm based on firefly algorithm is proposed for optimization in dynamic environment....   [tags: Mathematics ]

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Problems for Young, American Owners of Dynamic Duo, Inc.

- ... One of the primary questions that need to be addressed with the Dynamic Duo's owners is, if all of their personnel were trained in respect to following OSHA guidelines in the performance of their job duties. Secondly, do they have OSHA guidelines and safety requirements posted throughout the facility, so that employees can quickly refer to these guidelines on a daily basis. Finally, are the OSHA guidelines included in their standard operating procedures manuals, as well as their training manuals, for utilization by their staff members....   [tags: osha, accident, policy]

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The Dynamic Duo in Volpone

- The Dynamic Duo in Volpone While Mosca and Volpone, the "dynamic duo" in this play, share many similarities, they are still different enough to compliment one another. On one hand, both characters are alike in that they share a common lust for deceit, making their living by tricking others. They take delight in conjuring up and performing elaborate schemes in order to fool people. This becomes a game for the two of them, which they both enjoy playing immensely. Perhaps the common love of this game is what knits Volpone's heart so tightly to Mosca's....   [tags: Volpone]

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“Bridge to Progress: Complex Dynamic Systems as a Development Theory”

- Toward the late 1940s, after Europe was devastated by World War II and several English colonies achieved independence, development studies emerged as an academic discipline aiming to assist poor nations establish solid economic systems and eradicate poverty. Since the inception of development as a social science, specialists have tried to design linear theories and models that could hypothetically depict the best strategies to fight poverty and foster economic growth. The second half of the twentieth century experienced substantial levels of poverty alleviation and economic development – primordially driven by East and South Asia’s bewildering economic growth, the fall of dictatorial regime...   [tags: Political Science, Economics]

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Strategic Planning: A Dynamic Duty

- Strategic Planning: A Dynamic Duty Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola are household names. Together they control soft drink market. Their success can be attributed to their overall strategy to produce and promote their products. They both decided to build global brands to bottlers throughout the world. And a portion of the proceeds goes toward advertising to build and maintain brand awareness. The bottlers are responsible for producing and distributing to vending machines, supermarkets, restaurants, and other retail outlets....   [tags: GCSE Business Marketing Coursework]

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Pi 's Fight For Survival : Dynamic Or Static?

- Pi’s Fight for Survival: Dynamic or Static. “A survival tale peels away the niceties and comforts of civilization. Suddenly, all the technology and education in the world means nothing. I think all of us wonder while reading a survival tale, 'What would I have done in this situation. Would I have made it?’” (Nathaniel Philbrick). Intermittently life unexpectedly thrusts unforeseen obstacles in ones way in which one does not foresee. Nonetheless, it is not the obstacle in which determines ones ultimate success, but the way in which they manage their desire and determination to overcome adversity....   [tags: Yann Martel, Life of Pi, Canada Reads]

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Dynamic Programming Applied to Disaster Relief Response

- With the widespread, expensive, and life-threatening damage that can occur during natural disasters, including floods, wildfires, earthquakes, and other events, it is important that the responses to these events are quick and performed efficiently, with cost and resource optimization in mind. That way, resources are not wasted in areas that don’t need them. And, if this were to happen, other, high-demand areas would suffer. With the amount of damage and displacement of local populations that occur, the planning and deployment of nearby resources needs to address these concerns....   [tags: environmental disasters, floods, wildfires]

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Critique And Analysis Of Dynamic International Airways Flight 405

- During the afternoon, on Thursday, October 29, 2015, a fire erupted with no advanced warning on the Number One (1) engine during taxi aboard Dynamic International Airways Flight 405, a Boeing 767-200. The aircraft was taxiing for takeoff, enroute to Caracas, Venezuela at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. The aircraft was carrying one hundred (101) passengers and crew on board. The National Transportation Safety Board reported of the ninety (90) passengers and eleven (11) crewmembers, two (2) being flight crew and nine (9) cabin crew, onboard the airplane, one (1) passenger sustained serious injuries and twenty-one (21) sustained minor injuries as a result of the emergency evac...   [tags: Air safety, National Transportation Safety Board]

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Evolutionary Dynamic of Parasites Associated with Social Insect Colonies

- Sociality has been one of the most common strategies and specialized form of life. Social insects, in particular those that live in large nest environments, have evolved complex interaction systems when millions of individuals cooperate for the benefit of the whole colony. However, large insect colonies confront public health problems similar to large human societies. For example, food storage and limitation, waste management and disease transmission. Disease transmission has received little attention in large colonies of insects....   [tags: disease, proximity, transmission ]

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E Commerce Is A Dynamic And Constantly Changing Medium

- Strategy Identification In an effort to explain these three strategies congrutently, it is important to realize the necessity to keep the e-commerce sites fluid. E-commerce is a dynamic and constantly changing medium. Customers are fluid also and can move their business to other sites, or as we will show later, use several sites to complete their purchases. Quality improvements and organizational changes are constant to deter the customers from leaving a site and looking elsewhere for products....   [tags: Marketing, Strategic management]

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Dynamic Threshold Value for the Traffic Lane Extraction

- Executive Summary This project is to find out the dynamic threshold value for the traffic lane extraction . At the early stage, we found that the threshold value of the image was the main item we had to solve. This is because the threshold value of the image can provide us the better image on the traffic lane extraction. Dynamic threshold value determination is to produce a continuous threshold value to the traffic lane extraction. By using the LabVIEW Program, we can easily extract the light intensity and HSI data of the image and get the threshold value by comparing the data with the threshold value database....   [tags: solve, search, concept, record]

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The Most Critical Part Of A Flood Of Dynamic Protected Changes

- The seventeenth Amendment, which is the most critical part in changing the American appointive framework, achieved through revising the Constitution. At the in the first place, U.S Senators were picked by the state administrators, however not by the subjects. seventeenth Amendment was a piece of a flood of dynamic protected changes that try to make more just in the Constitution and our country. It gave the Americans the privilege to vote specifically for their representatives, in this way fortifying the connection between the general population and the central government....   [tags: United States, United States Senate]

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The Global Pharmaceuticals Market Is A Unique, Dynamic, And Thriving Industry

- The global pharmaceuticals market is a unique, dynamic, and thriving industry. It is an industry that prospers on the mentally and/or physically sick by developing, producing, and marketing various medications. Due to an ever-increasing societal culture that has normalized the consumption of drugs for health and everyday problems, the pharmaceutical industry has flourished. According to the World Health Organization (World Heath Organization; WHO, 2016), the 10 largest drugs companies control over one-third of the pharmaceutical market, in which the top firms earned upwards of 10 billion dollars annually....   [tags: Externality, Market failure, Economics]

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The Role Of Family Dynamic On Children 's Transition Into Adulthood

- The influence family members can have on the development of a child is enormous; they can either mold a healthy mind or drive a child toward darkness. Jennifer Egan’s Safari is a short story that highlights the different relationships in a family with a complicated background. Rolph and Charlie come from a divorced household and join their father, Lou, and his new girlfriend, Mindy, on an African safari. As the events of the trip unfold, Lou’s children experience a coming of age in which they lose the innocence they once possessed....   [tags: Family, Child, Jennifer Egan]

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New Media, Not Newspapers, is a Dynamic Way to Communicate

- ... These are the hottest social media networks now. They have been using these social media platforms to ensure that their news site is able to bring in more readers to remain interactive. The Straits Times used their Twitter account wisely as a sub-channel to post their news stories. Twitter outlets are good to post up a short header of the news along with its link to the online news site for the full story. Twitter nowadays is a medium where many go to find news or updates. At the same time, they have used the platform to bond and interact with readers....   [tags: internet, computers, social]

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A Dynamic And Progressive Characters Of Grete And Mr. Samsa

- In Kafka’s Metamorphosis, there are numerous transitions in all of the characters, both physically and mentally. At the beginning of the story, the family appears lopsided, as they desperately rely on Gregor for economic stability. Therefore, he holds much of the authority in the family, contrary to the traditional paternal authority in most families. Although the family begins in a discombobulated and static state dependant on Gregor, they gradually evolve into more independent individuals, until they ultimately experience a rebirth and become hopeful for the future....   [tags: Family, The Metamorphosis, Jenny Sparks]

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Dynamic Doctrinal Values : Buddhist Revolution And Protestant Reformation

- Dynamic Doctrinal Values: Buddhist Revolution and Protestant Reformation Despite being born more than two millennia apart, Martin Luther and Buddha Shakyamuni share many religious ideals. Their revolutionary actions to separate from the long held beliefs of those around them took many forms, specifically a shift in views of doctrine and scripture. Luther challenged the practices he saw in the Catholic Church after being a part of the monastic community by nailing his 95 Theses to the Wittenberg Church (Christianity IV, 3)....   [tags: Gautama Buddha, Buddhism, Protestant Reformation]

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Mark Is The Most Dynamic Time Of His Life

- Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984 in White Plains, New York. His family was well-educated and supported Mark’s interest since he was a child. Around twelve years, Mark became interested in computers and was a quick learner. He developed his own software based on Atari BASIC to create Zucknet which was used at his father’s dental office. Mark’s parents, Edward and Karen, even hired a private computer tutor named David Newman to work with Mark. Additionally, in high school, Mark created an early version of Pandora called Synapse....   [tags: Facebook, Social network service, Mark Zuckerberg]

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The Social Dynamic Between African Americans And White Americans

- The themes of identity and intimacy were difficult to define when analyzing the social dynamic between African Americans and White Americans. When evaluating their interactions with one another, it was interesting to observe the many complexities of human beings. Slavery created the need for identification. As the slave trade increased, ethnic sub groups’ exposure to one another and to Europeans resulted in the reinterpretation and acculturation of cultures. Identity persisted as an entity of importance from the African-based communities to their descendants as identification could emancipate black slaves from the shackles of slavery....   [tags: Slavery, African American, Black people, Race]

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Understanding The Market Dynamic Is Essential For Business Planning

- Dog Stay and Play houses a community of like-minded pet caretakers. For our owners and staff, this is more than a business, this is our passion and our lifestyle, and the wellbeing of the dogs we host is of paramount importance to us. Our establishment allows pet owners the peace of mind in knowing that their dog is placed in an environment that affords creative play, love, care and safety while they are at work or away from home. We are proud to be building a community that improves the quality of life for both pets and their owners, and we strive to have positive affect on the health and wellness of our clients and their pets by providing convenient and safe care....   [tags: Customer service, Customer, Dog, Management]

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The Most Dynamic Learning Experiences This Past Week

- I have had the most dynamic learning experiences this past week, since I have attending UMHB. I made new friends, learned how the top echelon of education functioned, and how educational laws are influenced. The caliber of speakers we meet this week had a huge impact on me and the way I look at education. These speaker were motivating and gave us the realistic version of the educational process. They tried to not sugarcoat the issues we face in education and gave us the real prospective on ongoing issues....   [tags: Education, High school, School, Teacher]

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