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Antiquity And Modernity : Cinema And Television

- Antiquity and Modernity in Cinema & Television These days more and more audience like to see their beloved actors and actresses portray superhero or heroine figure in spandex suit blasting laser beam from their eyes, turn into fire then fly away to outer space, or even a scientist who turn into a huge, green, car-throwing, head-smashing monster with indestructible pants when he transforms. But not small amount audience like films with classical-antiquity geographical and timeline set such as Ben-Hur, 300, Spartacus, etc....   [tags: Film, Sociology, Time, Battle of Thermopylae]

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Human Antiquity, by Feder and Park

- "Human Antiquity" by Feder and Park presents an overview of the fossil evidence of our evolutionary history, the current theories of species assignment, and the current theories of the driving forces behind the speciation of our family tree, for the most part. They do not go into great detail about the rationale behind the separation of all these fossils into separate species, other than to say that they are different or “different enough”. This makes it difficult for me to assess for myself exactly what it is that separates Homo rudolfensis from Homo habilis, for example....   [tags: Species Assignment, Evolutionary History]

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Images of Christian Devotion in Late Antiquity and Byzantium

- ... For example, the icon of the image of Adam and Eve are covering their private parts of the body. The scene of Daniel in the lion’s depth is an example of how salvation have been achieved with the help of God. Furthermore, the icon showing Abraham’s sacrificing his son shows that he is going to be save and his son is going to be angel since he is sacrificing his life for god. The importance of Peter and Paul made apparent that two major churches were the Church of St. Peter and the Church of St....   [tags: style and iconography]

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Impact of the Writers of Antiquity on Modern Times

- Impact of the Writers of Antiquity on Modern Times History is riddled with the names of various intellectuals and descriptions of their theories. Born of brilliant men like Marx and Machiavelli, to name a few, these theories are preserved in books, illustrated in day-to-day domestic and international affairs, and immortalized in modern theories and documents. They are the predecessors of present theories that have been reinterpreted for a different era and reapplied in a new context. In his most famous work, The Prince, Niccoló Machiavelli discusses the ways in which to not only attain, but also retain, political power....   [tags: History Literature Theories Essays Papers]

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Link Of Materialism And Spiritualism In The Cultures Of Antiquity

- As long as man has inhabited earth he has strived to express himself for any number of reasons. Yet over thousands of years the enduring theme of these expressions has been the desire to explain our own existence. This is especially evident when considering the early Egyptian and Sumerian societies. Beginning with cave paintings in France around 15,000 BC and leading up to the grandeur of the great pyramids the cultures of antiquity demonstrate belief in a connection in the material and spiritual worlds....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Biblical Antiquity and Prejudice towards Women

- The Biblical Antiquity and Prejudice towards Women When the Bible was written in the early years of civilization, society held a severe prejudice towards women. This prejudice is reflected in the written word of the Bible. While these sexist ways may have been accepted by society at that time, they are definitely not appropriate today. I find it unbelievable that women are “supposed to live” by the same discriminatory fashion they were about two thousand years ago. According to Lu Ann Bransby in Woman: A Formula for Victorious Living, the Bible dictates how women should look, live, and even love....   [tags: Papers]

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Women changing From Hellenistic to Late Antiquity

- The world is constantly changing and evolving. In every society across the world, men and women have specific roles that they each carry out. During ancient times, in most western cultures, women were inferior to men. Women’s status seemed to change in a pattern that repeated it self from one time period to another. Gradually, the status of women did change from political standpoints of the societies. From political power to having the right last name, women have transformed and became a huge part of Western Civilization....   [tags: essays research papers]

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On How the Artists of the Romantic Period Chose to React against the Approaches and Philosophy Established during the Age of Elightment

- ... Romantic artist saw beauty in this and choose to refer to it as Gothic Romance. In simpler terms one can say that they were interested in the Middle Ages as a choice of subject matter, according to Paul Brains ( These interests in Gothic Romance lead writers like Edgar Allan Poe, to seek out the hysterical, mystical, passionate and terrified. The term sublime was coined as a result of this. According to Fred S. Kleiner “Burke observed that pain or fear evoked the most intense human emotion and that these emotions could also be thrilling.” (Gardner’s, Art through the Ages,2013,pg 762)....   [tags: Greek and Roman antiquity inspiration]

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Industrialized Cruelty to Animals, Influenced by Humans

- With the vast history of human use or some refer to this as “humane” treatment to animal species could have emerged or advanced for many reasons, one being the increasing cultural acceptance we have now for animals. Yes, society might be more disconnected now than ever, before with the animals that share our environment, especially when it comes to industrialized treatment or the mass production bond none may share. Yet, without the attention to historical human-animal bonds, we will never understand our present relationships with animals....   [tags: renaissance, antiquity era, domestic animals]

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Classical Art And Classical Era

- Classic, classical, and classicism are all words that describe the historical period, quality of a literature, music or artistic style associated with the appealing achievements of Greco-Roman civilization. Classical art is based on the aesthetic and philosophical principles established by Greco-Roman civilization. Classic art generally refers to a high regard for classical antiquity. Discobolus Sir Kenneth Clark said “classicism (or the classical era) portrays widely accepted ideal forms of art in various ways” (Clark, 1956, p.146)....   [tags: Renaissance, Middle Ages, Classical antiquity]

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Classical Art And Classical Era

- RIWT Task 1 Classic, classical, and classicism are all words that describe the historical period, quality of a literature, music or artistic style associated with the appealing achievements of Greco-Roman civilization. Classical art is based on the aesthetic and philosophical principles fixed by Greco-Roman civilization. Classic art refers to a high regard for classic antiquity. Disco bolus Sir Kenneth Clark said “classicism (or the classical era) portrays widely accepted ideal forms of art in various ways” (Clark, 1956, p.146)....   [tags: Renaissance, Middle Ages, Classical antiquity]

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Buckingham Palace: Epic Antiquity

- Everyone loves to gossip; especially when it’s about royalty. Every one is watching their every move to see when they falter, when they deserve praise, where they should have stepped up and so forth. A story exists behind every royal figure. This story is of Buckingham Palace. The British Monarchy, who stir much of the drama and gossip that flocks todays headlines, the palace herself has a story to tell. A story of transformation, of joy, of war, of destruction, and of victory. Buckingham Palace stands in defiance of time, and continues on as a majestic symbol of royalty....   [tags: British History ]

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Buckingham Palace: Epic Antiquity

- Everyone loves to gossip; especially when it’s about royalty. Everyone is watching their every move to see when they falter, when they deserve praise, where they should have stepped up and so forth. A story exists behind every royal figure. The British Monarchy stir much of the drama and gossip that flocks todays headlines, however, this anecdote is not of the royalty who lived, but where they lived. This is the account of Buckingham Palace. A story of transformation, joy, war, destruction, and of victory....   [tags: British History ]

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Late Antiquity: The Collapase of The Roman Empire

- The Crisis of the Third Century from A.D. 235-284 was a period of Military anarchy and witnessed the collapse of the Roman empire. The empire witnesses numerous crisis like military, political and economic in the form of barbarian invasions, civil wars and hyperinflation. It was primarily because of the settlement of Augustus that failed at establishing succession rule of the emperors. Hence, no emperor was able to hold the Imperial position. This period ended with Diocletian, the Roman emperor A.D....   [tags: crisis, military, diocletian ]

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Is The Enlightenment Dead?

- Is the Enlightenment Dead. I am not sure but I do know most people would agree that the Roman Empire has fallen The hows and whys are up for debate just as questions about the enlightenment abound. I disagree with the ideals of the Enlightenment, the right to life, liberty, and property. No one has a right to life, life is a gift and it can be taken away at any moment or it can be given to you to take care of. No human is completely free, people are free to choose but, one is never free from the consequences of their decisions....   [tags: Middle Ages, Roman Empire, Late Antiquity]

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Got to go Home: Jewish Sovereignty in Antiquity

- “Miserable men indeed were they, whose distress forced them to slay their own wives and children with their own hands, as the lightest of those evils that were before them.” (qtd Josephus, 393) Two thousand years ago an ancient historian named Josephus wrote those words about the zealots in Masada. After the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 A.D. the rebels who made it out alive fled to Masada, where three years later they were attacked. Every man had to kill his family and then commit suicide in order to not get enslaved by the Romans....   [tags: Jewish History]

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Modern Medicine And Early Medieval Medicine

- Modern medicine has always been known to be the only medicine that has ever worked to cure our illnesses. Medieval medicine has always been cast aside, but today historians are beginning to explore the early medieval understanding of health and medicine. In eighth and ninth century Anglo-Saxon England’s use of medicine is summarized in The Life and Miracles of St. Cuthbert by Bede, Bald’s Leechbook, and Herbarium by Pseudo-Apuleius. Through these texts we are able to see how early medieval people created and used concoctions that they believed cured the sick....   [tags: Middle Ages, Dark Ages, Late Antiquity]

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Art and Architecture in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

- The difference between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance is most visible through art and architecture, demonstrated specifically through an emphasis on religion or classical antiquity, and humanity. During the Middle Ages, art was more religious because it had a very religious influence from the church having such great power in the community. When the Renaissance started, art became more focused on ancient Greece. The Greek influence was because scholars were broadly studying the revival of classical antiquity....   [tags: middle ages, renaissance, giotto]

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The Cult of Saints

- The cult of the saints was a raising belief in the connection between heaven and earth through the grave as mediation. During the late antiquity death was such an elaborated event. People saw death as the parting of the soul from their material body. Once the soul parted from the body, the soul is judged. In the writing of Peter Brown, The Cult of the Saints, readers can see a clear picture of the raise and function within Latin Christianity in the late antiquity. Christians during this time were very concerned with life after death....   [tags: Christianity ]

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The Decay Of Ancient Civilization By Michael Rostovtzeff And Mohammed And Charlemagne By Henri Pirenne

- This assignment is both a comparison and an analysis of two essays; The Decay of Ancient Civilization written by Michael Rostovtzeff and Mohammed and Charlemagne by Henri Pirenne. The two essays offer varying perspectives on the fall of the Roman Empire and more specifically the transition between late antiquity to the beginning of the middle ages. The collapse of the Roman Empire is generally known to have concluded through one particular event; the sack of the great city of Rome. Although both essays give different accounts as the eventual collapse of the Roman Empire entails more than the “Barbaric” invasion as they further delve into from different perspectives....   [tags: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire]

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The Influence of Renaissance in Art and Architecture

- The influences of any era is evident through artwork and architecture. During the Middle Ages the main influence was the church, this is evident through the focus on biblical and religious symbols. During the Renaissance the main focus was the study of people. This is shown through the increase in self portraits and classical antiquity-inspired buildings. The change between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance is best shown through the art and architecture, demonstrated specifically through an emphasis on religion and classical antiquity, both suggesting a clear cultural change....   [tags: middle ages, renaissance, architecture]

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Rome in The Age of Augustus

- 30 BC ~ Octavian was given the title of Imperator, which was used in the Eastern provinces. Imperium suggests unlimited imperium (or power) (Antiquity 2 Interpreting The Past) This was the first of many titles that were to be given to Octavian after his defeat of Mark Antony in 31 BC at the Battle of Actium. It indicates that the provinces thought Octavian was worthy of being honoured, and that the power he possessed at the time should remain his. Therefore this was the first factor that initiated the rise of Octavian....   [tags: Roman History ]

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- 30 BC ~ Octavian was given the title of Imperator, and was used in the Eastern provinces. Imperium suggests unlimited imperium (or power) (Antiquity 2 Interpreting The Past) This was the first of many titles that were to be given to Octavian after his defeat of Mark Antony in 31 BC at the Battle of Actium. It indicates that the provinces thought Octavian was worthy of being honoured, and that the power he possessed at the time should remain. Therefore making it the first factor that led to the rise of Octavian....   [tags: Roman History ]

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Michelangelo: The Gates of Paradise

- ... Greek and Roman influences are often seen in Renaissance art due to the resurrection of the classics during that time period; Ghiberti, being an artist from the Renaissance, followed the renewed interest in classical antiquity and included several aspects of the ancient civilizations’ culture in The Gates of Paradise. Content-wise, there are several references to the classics. Among the many busts and statues surrounding the ten gilded panels, some are recognized to be idealized images based upon Roman sculptural prototypes, further indicating the renewed interest in classical Roman art (Parchin)....   [tags: artist, creek influence, renaissance]

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Comparison Of Latin Christendom And The Rise Of The Islamic Caliphates

- During the Middle Ages, the politics and religious systems of the former western Roman Empire changed in many ways due to a number of events and interactions. One of the most important and defining events of this period was the rise of both Latin Christendom and the rise of the Islamic Caliphates. More specifically, is was the ensuing interactions between the two as both faiths struggled to establish their dominance. The rise of the heirs to the Roman Empire, Byzantium, the Caliphates and Latin Christendom, led to conflict and a more clearly defined and structured western world....   [tags: Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Middle Ages]

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Differences and Similarities of The Women of Athens and Sparta

- Women in the ancient world had few rights, they differed from country to country or, in the case of the women of Athens and Sparta, from city-state to the city-state. The women of the city-states of Athens and Sparta had profound differences in their roles in the political and the daily lives of their families and their cities. When it came to the difference in levels of power and the rights of women, Sparta was a leader in its time. At the same time, their rights as citizens were almost the same....   [tags: ancient women, spartan women, athens]

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Nude Art in the Medieval and Renaissance Period

- This paper explains the history and development of the nude art in the Renaissance and Medieval period. In the Renaissance age the patrons and artist readopted the antiquity of the classical Greek into representation of nude. This is an epoch when drastic changes occurred in which Christian authorities no longer viewed the nude art as something conflicting or shameful. In contrary they believed that nude being reformed in ancient in classical antiquity portrays divine characteristics and emancipates the light that is pure and heroic (Long, 2008; Bonfante, 1989; Tinagli, 1997)....   [tags: rediscovery of Greek and Roman art]

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Critique Of Michel Foucault 's ' 1984 '

- This essay will analyze and critique Michel Foucault’s (1984) essay The Use of Pleasure in order to reveal certain internal weaknesses it contains and propose modifications that would strengthen his reading of sexuality as a domain of moral self-formation. In order to do so, it will present a threefold critique of his work. Firstly, it will argue that that his focus on solely the metric of pleasure divorced from its political manifestations underemphasizes state power as a structuring principle of sexuality....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Michel Foucault, Immanuel Kant]

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Domes of Ancient Rome

- The dome is a remarkable engineering and architectural innovation, perhaps made even more so by the fact that those who first employed it lacked the knowledge and technology advantages of today. By considering how a dome supports itself and its various loads as well as the stresses under which it is subjected, and the structures that allow for this to happen, it is not difficult to determine that the domes of antiquity, such as the Pantheon and Hagia Sophia were incredible structural feats in their own rights....   [tags: Pantheon, Hagia Sophia]

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Resistance Training : A Historical Approach

- Purposeful Resistance Training: A Historical Approach from Antiquity to Machine Age Various forms of movement are meaningful to humans due to cultural performance and social practices (Struna, 1997). Therefore, it should not be surprising that strength and conditioning has likely been around for over millennia to aid individuals in performing movements with more grace, speed, endurance, or strength. However, the purpose of training, particularly resistance training, has changed over time. This review will examine how the purpose of resistance training, as well as important cultural implantations, has changed from antiquity to the Machine Age....   [tags: Ancient history, Ancient Egypt, Weight training]

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Composition Of Qianlong 's Education

- Qianlong’s education started at a very young age and was said to have been a child prodigy that by the age of six had learned Chinese characters, and commence his study under a tutor at the age of seven and studied all the Chinese classics with Hanlin scholars. As well as legendary rulers of the Chinese antiquity, Qianlong’s models were those of highly educated, usually referred to literati. Literati were scholars with high intelligence that aimed for ‘ya’, which meant elegance of thought, strong sense of character with the goal of living a simple life ....   [tags: China, Qing Dynasty, Han Chinese]

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The Renaissance Man

- As the fifteenth century dawned, Western Europe was changing. The Black Plague and other illnesses resulted in a significant decrease in the overall population, which resulted in a shift of power from wealthy landlords to those who worked the land. As great estates were crumbling, they demanded hourly wages or bought their own land. Cities were growing larger and people were no longer defining themselves by their family or occupation into which they were born, rather they were thinking of themselves as individuals with the God-given power to shape their destiny....   [tags: European Renaissance Essays]

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Matsuo Basho's Inspiration

- Bashō’s Inspiration Poetry is used to convey one’s feelings in an abstract writing of profound perception. When writing poetry, one’s perception must have inspiration in order to breathe life and produce picturesque imagery upon paper. During late 19th century Japan, a linked-verse form of poetry called haiku, formerly known as hokku, was created. It was utilized to signify an autonomous poetic form originating from medieval comic linked verse. Haikus often describes the occurrences of nature or seasons....   [tags: Poetry, Haikus, Landmark Significance]

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Comparing Two Prominent Nineteenth Century Architects: John Soane and Gottfried Semper

- John Soane (1753 – 1837), is one of the most original English architects. Soane’s personal style is superficially Neo-Classical, but with his interest in death and ruins Soane was also very much at the forefront of the picturesque design. Whilst Gottfried Semper (1803 -79), a German architect, took up Neo-Renaissance design as well as a belief that in the expression of the function of a building in its exterior, including any decorative. This paper will concentrate upon examine the difference and similarities of those two prominent architects in the 19th century....   [tags: Gottfried Semper, John Soane, architects, history,]

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A Brief Treatise for Philosophical Inquiry During the Italian Renaissance

- There is a certain fascination when humans begin to have a retrospective view on life. The Renaissance (or rebirth), which occurred during the Quattrocento period in Italy, epitomized this phenomenon. The individuals involved, pursued antiquity with a fervent vigor and passion not seen in the following centuries of the modern age. Among the city-states on the Italian Peninsula, the Florentine Republic was on the verge of being the most prominent center of the Renaissance. Many contributing factors such as influential families, the various guilds, politicians, and the numerous learned individuals propelled Florence to new heights of achievement; including artistic expression, philosophical st...   [tags: Philosophy ]

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Representing an Age, Oedipus the King and Everyman

- Every society his made its mark on history in one fashion or another. Some do so through war, others through technology. However, They are also identified based on their religious views, often being either Polytheistic or Monotheistic. All cultures have found creative ways to tell stories, which often offer some sort of moral lesson. One of the more popular ways of delivering this message has been through plays. Theatre, having its start in Greece, has always been able to represent cultures beliefs; during Antiquity, Oedipus the King represents the polytheistic religion of the Grecian era, while Everyman represents the monotheistic religion of the Middle Ages....   [tags: greeks, sophocles, creon, religion]

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Humanism and Its Effects on Renaissance Art

- Beginning roughly around the year 1400 an era in Europe began; one that would shape the ideas and the lives of men. This era of rebirth or renaissance came within the fifteenth century through the revival of classical texts. One central effect of the Renaissance was the production of a new intellectual idea: humanism. Humanism being defined as a, “[t]erm invented in the 19th century. . . [regarding] developments relating to the revival of Classical literature and learning in European culture from roughly 1300 to 1600” left its mark on all of Europe leaving nothing untouched not even the artist....   [tags: European Renaissance Essays]

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Patrons and Artisans of the Renaissance Period

- The Renaissance period (1400 to 1700) covered art, literature, philosophy and government. Renaissance culture spread outwards from Florence, to other Italian cities and then, over the following centuries, to the rest of Europe. It is widely understood that it was a unique combination of several different influences that led to the Renaissance, with the social and political conditions of the era, combined with great wealth and the large number of talented artists and artisans in Florence; influencing cultural development on an exceptional scale....   [tags: European History, European Artists]

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Women Of The Classical World Depict Women

- Although many plays of the classical world depict women in lead roles, because they are written and performed by men, the female characters have no agency. Societal restrictions in antiquity forced women to remain in the house, to tend to children, and to support their husbands. As early as the Homeric stories, women were defined by the men in their lives. Helen of Troy defined by Menelaus and Paris, Briseis by Achilles and Agamemnon, and so forth exemplify the male dominance in Hellenic social structures....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Sophocles, Man]

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Sexuality And Its Influence On Modern Society

- Homoeroticism in Roman Antiquity Sexuality, especially in terms of same-sex desire, is something that is extremely difficult to discuss, because often people use historical assumptions to build their own modern perspective concerning how they feel about modern homosexuality. Paraphrasing verses from the Bible or making broad generalizations about what modern individuals might assume they know about sexual desire between people of the same-sex during Greco-Roman antiquity is very common in arguing for or against this modern branch of sexuality....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality, Roman Empire]

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The Ancient Olympic Games Of Ancient Greece

- The ancient Olympic Games were a microcosm of Greek antiquity. Olympia was one of only a handful of festivals that had the prestige to draw athletes into competing from all corners of ancient Greece and the Greek colonies and kingdoms spread throughout the antique world. As the author Stephen G. Miller asserts that “The games brought all Greeks together (to the exclusion of all non-Greeks, to be sure) and, in some sense, promoted international (that is, inter-polis) communication and understanding, albeit on a much more restricted level than today.” And with athletes competing from every Greek state, it is no wonder that politics were endemic to the ancient Olympic Games....   [tags: Ancient Olympic Games, Olympic Games, Olympia]

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Cultural heritage in Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

- The pearl of the Indian Ocean Sri Lanka, reflects a long history of its nations. From the archeological evidence of the prehistoric settlements and prehistoric human Balangoda man (Deraniyagala, 1998) to modern food of kottu like pizza to American; make the broad diversity of culture in Sir Lanka. By analyzing cultural heritage definition in Sinhala language, the definition given in the legislations in 1940, and its relationship with Athens charter and 1954 UNESCO convention, I will demonstrate the cultural heritage vision imbedded in the society through legal definition....   [tags: Sri Lanka, Ordinance]

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Danae: An Image of Visual Seduction

- Danae: an image of visual seduction Rembrandt’s striking light-sized painting of Danae, a character in Greek mythology, allures the viewer and attests to Rembrandt’s profound ability to paint human life. The life-sized nude figure reclines on a bed, her features illuminated by a soft, warm light. Her body appears so lifelike, that the viewer senses the softness of her skin and warmth of the light. In addition to brightening Danae’s skin, the light creates golden highlights on the cupid statue above her head, the sheets draped around her body, and the curtain....   [tags: greek mythology, ductch painter]

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Ancient Greece: Interpreting Herodotus and Thucydides

- Interpreting Herodotus and Thucydides Through the Context of an Intended Audience Our perspectives on historical events in Ancient Greece are heavily reliant on the context and explanations given by chroniclers and early historians of antiquity. It is easily forgotten that these texts were written for an ancient reader base, and that a reading over two thousand years later was of secondary consequence to their authors. For this essay, I will explore the motivations of early historians through their early intended audiences....   [tags: polybus, historians. ancient readers]

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The Roman Family: Center of Roman Society

- The Roman Family: Center of Roman Society The Roman family after the advent of Christianity has been widely discussed in Roman History. Different historians have looked at the topic in different ways. There are two articles at hand, which deal with this very topic. Brent Shaw, The family in Late Antiquity: The Experience of Augustine and Douglas O'Roark, Parenthood in Late Antiquity. Both historians are looking at the family in late antiquity, after the time that Christianity was introduced to the Roman society....   [tags: Ancient Rome Roman History]

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Ireland: The Invention of Tradition

- In order to legitimise a regime or cause, traditions may be constructed around historical or mythological events, people or symbols that reinforce the image required to focus people’s conception of the past. People can be encouraged to invent a cohesive view of their shared ‘traditions’ by what could be called cherry picking bits of history. The ancient mythology of Ireland is one of its’ greatest assets. The glorious, poetic tales of battles, super humans, demigods and heroes ranks among the best of ancient literature....   [tags: irish history]

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The History of Urban Planning

- Evidence of urban planning exists since antiquity. In ancient Greece the first settlements grew to be cities were following no particular urban plans mainly with the exception of their acropolises. However excess population growth in these city states lead to the colonization wave of the mediterranean during what is known as classical antiquity. The colonies were founded by their metropolises after carefully selecting their locations, providing access to natural resources (minerals, fertile lands, water) and trading routes....   [tags: streets, city, zoning]

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The Death Of Jesus Christ

- “By what authority?” is a question that has likely come across every single living human beings mind, whether in this language or by this mode of communication. Why does one, as opposed to another, gain the power to decide fundamental behaviors that are appropriate – what should we eat or not eat, wear or not wear, do or not do. At least according to the Christian scriptures and early history, a man known as Jesus Christ lived, performed various miracles and shared lessons, was sentenced to death by Rome on a cross, and rose again on the third day, leaving His (and by proxy, God’s) new Kingdom on Earth....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Christianity, Christ]

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Jeffersonian Architecture: The Virginia State Capital

- Jeffersonian Architecture: The Virginia State Capital Most people know Thomas Jefferson for his political achievements such as writing the Declaration of Independence or becoming the third President of the United States, however, most people don’t know he was a polymath, or jack-of-all-trades. Jefferson was everything from a political philosopher, diplomat, and mathematician, to a farmer or violinist and everything in between (Howard 10). Even though, in a political sense, he was one of the most influential figures in American history, he influenced American history in other ways as well, including architecture....   [tags: American historic landmarks]

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Biography of French Painter Jacques-Louis David

- ... Napoleon Bonaparte is no exception. Napoleon Bonaparte was always, and still is, a figure of world importance. According to Encyclopedia of the Romantic Era, 1760-1850, Volume 2, its author, Christopher John Murray states that King Charles IV of Spain commissioned Napoleon Cross the Alps "in recognition of the young commander's notable victories and rise to power, and as homage to a powerful ally. It provided the definitive image of the warrior ruler that publicity-conscious Bonaparte was then eager to promote....   [tags: french revolution, hero, napoleon]

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The Boxer of Quirinal

- Introduction Almost always, when we look at Greek sculptures, they are copies of Roman originals. These copies have are made of marble unlike the originals that had been sculpted out of bronze. Very rare is it that original Greek sculptures are found. One such original was the ‘Boxer of Quirinal’, sometimes simply termed as ‘The Boxer’. This sculpture dates back to the Greek Hellenistic period (300’s B.C). Hellenistic refers to the period just after the rule of Alexander the Great and typically it is considered as the last phase of ancient Greek art....   [tags: art history, ancient Greek sculptures]

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The Theme Of Death In Othello and A Doll's House

- The theme of death is present in many works of literature. It is given metaphors and cloaked with different meanings, yet it always represents an end. Every end signifies a new beginning, and every death gives rise to a new birth. Physical death “ mere transformation, not destruction,” writes Ding Ming-Dao. “What dies is merely the identity, the identification of a collection of parts that we called a person. What dies is only our human meaning” (49). Figuratively speaking, death symbolizes a change, an interruption or cessation of regular routine....   [tags: compare contrast essays]

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The Renaissance Reformation

- There is a certain fascination in life when humans at a certain time become retrospective. The Renaissance or rebirth during the Quattrocento period in Italy epitomized this phenomenon. Those individuals involved pursued antiquity with a fervent vigor and passion not seen in the following centuries of the modern age. Among the city-states on the Italian Peninsula, the Florentine Republic was on the verge of being the most prominent center of the Renaissance. Many contributing factors such as the influential families, the various guilds, politicians, and learned individuals propelled Florence to new heights of achievement; these include artistic expression, philosophical views—not seen since...   [tags: European Renaissance Essays]

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The First Crusades

- The principals of human nature force people to fight for what they believe in; therefore, defending religion is not objective to that principle in the case of the crusades. In the case of the First Crrusade many people did just that, volunteered knowing that many of them would die defending their religious beliefs. In the days of the Byzantine Empire, a person’s faith or religion determined how they would live their life. It is the nature of people to fight for what they believe in; therefore, defending ones religion is not objective to that principle as in the First Crusade....   [tags: Religious History ]

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Science and the Christian Church

- The relationship between science and the Christian Church has never been viewed as a positive one. The Christian Church has often been ostracized for their role in the history of science, and to some degree is most commonly held responsible for most, if not all the struggles that science had to undergo to achieve it's status today. In David Lindberg's article titled "Science and the Christian Church" Lindberg explores this idea by not taking sides with the Christian church, or the sciences, but by examining other possible explanations as to why the scientific struggle was so hard....   [tags: World Literature]

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How Sor Juana Defended Women 's Right And Links Female Suffering With The Acquisition Of Knowledge

- The author of this article aims to show how Sor Juana defended women’s right and links female suffering with the acquisition of knowledge. At the same time, the author also redefines female body, which is always excluded power structures. Apart from this, Krik discusses how Sor Juana uses references from Katherine of Alexandria and Lucretia in her works, since they are emblems of the female knowledge and defended their dignity as women in Antiquity. To begin with, the structure of Kirk’s article could be divided into three parts....   [tags: Suffering, Pain, Roman Republic, Psychology]

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Analysis Of Giorgio Vasari 's ' The Lives Of The Most Excellent Painters '

- Giorgio Vasari’s book The Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors and Architects was written as a second edition in 1568. It is a collection of written accounts that Vasari thought were the best and most esteemed artists in the Renaissance, which specifically focuses on North Italian cities such as Florence and Milan. This primary source is a tool that gives the reader an understanding of the ways in which Italian Renaissance artists lived their lives. The Lives is also important because it is considered the first book to focus on art history....   [tags: Florence, Renaissance, Michelangelo]

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Blood and Rage: A Cultural History of Terrorism by Michael Burleigh

- My first secondary source is the book, “Blood and Rage: A Cultural History of Terrorism” written by Michael Burleigh. In his book, he investigates the nature of terrorism, with its origins in the West to the current global acts of terrorism. Burleigh examines the roots of terrorism in the last 150 years such as the Irish Republican Brotherhood, the Russian Nihilists, Red Brigades, Black International, Tamil Tigers and Al Qaeda. He also explores the political impact of those who cause violence and those who are affected by it....   [tags: terrorism, history, research]

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The Fall Of The House Of Usher By Edgar Allan Poe

- In the story “The Fall of the House of Usher”, Edgar Allan Poe presents the history of the extinction of an eminent family know as the Ushers. Similar to Poe’s other short stories and poems, the setting and tone fit in well for the whole story, as he describes the house and it’s occupants to appeal to the reader and give off the atmosphere of suspense and dread. This can best be seen first by considering Poe’s description of the house and comparing it to the residents of the mansion, Roderick and Madeline Usher....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe, The Fall of the House of Usher]

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Analysis Of Mark D. Roberts 's Can We Trust The Gospels?

- Reservations and interrogations about the authenticity of the Holy Bible has been interrogated since the first circulation of the Word. Nonbelievers dispute the entirety of the actuality of the Holy Bible. While skeptical believers along with some nonbelievers question the accuracy of recorded events within the Holy Bible, specifically the Gospels. Individuals debate the issue if the Gospels are historically reliable, claiming there is no tangible evidence and the books contradict themselves. Mark D....   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, Gospel, Gospel of Matthew]

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The Church: The Guardian of Culture in the Middle Ages

- The Middle Ages were characterized by a rigidly hierarchical society, which was justified by the view that, like the branches of a tree, every level of society was preordained and important. While the nobility and the clergy stood at the top of the society hierarchy, Jews and those who pursued dishonorable professions were branded outsiders. The Church acted as guardian of culture, particularly within its monasteries and convents. They preserved the scholarship of antiquity, often through the mediation of Muslim scientists....   [tags: Church History]

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The Transcendence of Cultural Barriers Through The History of Sports

- Even though not every person likes sports, sports transcend all cultural boundaries because the history of sport dates back to the dawn of humanity. The ideology of sports transcending cultural barriers exists in the world today. As evident in the Olympics and several other sporting games across the world which unite a diverse culture range we can look at the empirical evidence as proof of such ideas. The impact of sports reaches much further than serving as entertainment or recreation. Some people argue the notion of cultural imperialism over cultural transcendence in relation to the history of sports....   [tags: Sports ]

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Edward Gibbon's The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

- The decline of the Roman Empire has been the subject of intense scholarly research. Yet the causes of the decline are still the subject of vigorous debate. The classic work on the collapse is the massive text titled The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, written in 1776 by the English historian Edward Gibbon. Over two hundred theories have been advanced to explain the decline. Despite many areas for conjecture regarding the decline of the Roman Empire, at least three points seem to be beyond dispute....   [tags: Changes in the Mediterranean]

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The Raft of the Medusa and the Roots of Romanticism

- The transition from Neoclassicism to Romanticism arose from a desire for freedom of thought. Romantics truly believed that the pathway to freedom was through imagination rather than logic and functioned based on emotion rather than on cognition. The Romantic Movement recognized passion and sentiment as genuine sources of aesthetic experience, and placed a new emphasis on sensations such as apprehension, awe, horror and the sublimity of untamed nature. Théodore Géricault, who is most famously known for The Raft of the Medusa, was a prominent French painter and one of the most influential pioneers of the Romantic Movement....   [tags: neoclassicism, romanticism, imagination]

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The Reformation Debate Letters From John Calvin And Jacopo Sadoleto

- The Reformation debate letters from John Calvin and Jacopo Sadoleto illustrate the religious controversy of the sixteenth century. Sadoleto’s letter was addressed to the magistrates and citizens of Geneva, pleading them to come back to the Catholic church, as they had fallen to the ways of the Reformers. In his letter, Sadoleto painted the Reformers as ‘crafty’ and ‘enemies of Christian peace’ (30), never directly addressing them. Calvin does, however, address Sadoleto’s insinuations directly in his response....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Protestant Reformation]

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The Classical Nature of the Trinity College Examination Hall

- The term “Classical” refers to the time period of the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. The architectural techniques of these peoples’ allowed them to create buildings that we admire to this day. The architectural style has several distinct characteristics that continue to influence modern architectural design. The utilization of symmetry, centralized composition, order, and a devotion to congruence has resulted in a unique and profound model for building. Roman engineer, Marcus Vitruvius, lived during the first century and wrote a book on architecture called De Architectura....   [tags: Dublin, architecture, ancient Greek, tradition]

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Interpreting Modern History: Revival of the Appreciation of Art

- Modern history was the abandonment of European confinement. I understand modern history as being the revival of the appreciation of art, ideas, and moral values known as the Renaissance. During and before this time period, the majority of the European population was deeply embedded and blinded by the church. It is my understanding that Modern history is comprised of a sequence of events. It was not limited to specific dates, it was a continuous cycle of religious and political strives for power, establishment, and scientific discovery....   [tags: renaissance, reformation, age of exploration]

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Origins of Prehistoric People in North and South America

- Introduction Researches on the beginnings of coastal adaptation and exploitation of maritime adaptations have been carried out by John Erlandson and colleagues. There are existing anthropological theories which are over 10, 000 BP but Erlandson believes that the societies of hunter-gather used aquatic resources and among them were popular terrestrial hunter-gatherers (Slaymaker, 2007). This has been challenging since it is difficult to define exactly constitutes of fully maritime culture. There is also the change in environment in which there are rise and fall of sea levels and erosion of coastal environments....   [tags: Clovis Theory, Kelp Highways]

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The King of Franks: Charles the Great or Charlemagene

- ... Unlike Charlemagne, Ottonian’s created a lot of metal work mainly in the form of manuscripts as a cover for books.The influence of Early Christianity reflected on both rulers through its art portraying stories from their christian belief’s. During the early middle ages, the Roman Empire began to decline. Rude people known as the Germanic Barbarians begun to migrate into Europe. As a result, three different cultures fused together marking the beginning of the dark ages. With the fusion of Christianity, Greco-Roman heritage and the cultures of the Barbarians, the visual arts of the Early Middle Ages changed for a long time....   [tags: christian, belief, art, books]

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Women Of A New Light By Sarah B. Pomerory

- Women In Accent History This paper will discuss the well published work of, Pomeroy, Sarah B. Goddesses, Whores, Wives, and Slaves: Women in Classical Antiquity. New York: Schocken, 1975. Print. Sarah B. Pomerory uses this book to educate others about the role women have played throughout ancient history. Pomerory uses a timeline to go through each role, starting with mythological women, who were called Goddesses. She then talks about some common roles, the whores, wives, and slaves during this time....   [tags: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Ancient Greece]

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Reflections on the Scientific Revolution, Deism, and Religion

- Constantly on opposite sides, science and religion both espoused to define the meaning of man's existence and purpose. From the dawn of human cognition, religion seemed to have an important influence in daily lives. On the other hand, the purpose of science was to support theological dogma, and if possible, enforce them. By the 15th century, a pattern of divergence from solely subordination to theology emerges. Why was this possible. Looking at the characteristics of science and theology, the aims of the former is positivistic and the latter is normative....   [tags: Philosophy ]

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The impact of the French Revolution on Ballet

- The impact of the French Revolution on Ballet The French Revolution was a bloody civil war that lasted from the years 1789-1799. [1] The revolution arose out of hard economic times that had befallen France. Widespread famine and hunger, due to a grain shortage, rampaged through sections of the country. The economic crisis led to an increase in taxes on the lower classes, known as the third estate, to upkeep the lavish lifestyle of the nobility. [1] All of these are the known factors that led to the rise of the French Revolution....   [tags: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity]

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Why People Sacrifice Their Life For A Nation?

- “Imagined communities,” a book by Benedict Anderson, attempts to answer the question on why people sacrifice their life for a nation. Why people become very nationalist and ready to be killed in the bloodshed of a war for their nation. Anderson (1991, p. 5) argues that nationality is a cultural object of particular things. Nationality may have a compound intersection with historical powers, capable of being transferred with some changeable degree of perceptions, and may amalgamate congruently with political and ideological assemblages....   [tags: Nationalism, Nation, Nationality, Nation state]

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Evolution And Evolution Of The World Around Us

-   Introduction The world around us is a big one. Besides that, it is a very old one: The earth is estimated to be more than four billion years old. Despite earth 's long history, animals and plants emerged only 700 million and 600 million years ago, respectively, and humans, an estimated 200 thousand years ago. Animals and plants descended from earlier life forms. However, this has not always been known. Evolution has been a thoroughly studied theory that has its estimated origins with the Greeks of antiquity and that has continued up to modern times....   [tags: Evolution, Charles Darwin, Biology]

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Conflict Between A Priest And A Literary Critic

- Often individuals have conflict between their conscious political or social behaviors and actions verses their underlying ‘political unconscious’. One’s political unconscious often supports an individual’s true beliefs on political or social matters, but are overtly suppressed to acquire wealth, social status, or power. This conflict for Father Urrutia in Bolaño’s By Night in Chile is seen in his deathbed confessional where he shares the stories of his past actions or behaviors versus the voice of his political unconscious....   [tags: Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Sociology]

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Reflection Of Islam And Its Fifth Century Origins

- Reflection of Islam & its Sixth Century Origins The beliefs of Islam & hadith or teachings of Muhammad were not a total foreign concept to the people of 6th century Arabia. In fact, pre-Islamic Arabia provided fundamental ideas & values that would later be used in the Muslim tradition. Factors that reflect contemporary ideals and beliefs of Islam lay in the early customs of tribal society, importance of religion in the political arena and the political and economic organization of 6th century Arabia....   [tags: Muhammad, Islam, Religion, Sharia]

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The Modern Era Of Architecture And Interior Design

- The modern era of architecture and interior design since the nineteenth century has often been an exciting expression. The contemporary designers were not only trying to break through traditions such as Rietveld 's Schroder House, but some also taking a leap back to the classical antiquity of style in the form of Empire Style was taken by Charles Percier and Pierre Fontaine in Chateau de Malmaison. Although being very different in term of their contemporary cultural-socio-political state, to a certain extend, the two examples still share similarity, which modern space planning start to be driven more by the characteristic of the client....   [tags: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, De Stijl]

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Reproduction of the Oikos in Aeschylus’ Oresteia

- Aeschylus’ Oresteia is the chronicles of a cursed family that includes a circle of betrayal, adultery, and murder, among other things. The Greek word oikos can be used to describe the Greek family structure. In Homer’s Odyssey, two polar opposites of oikoi are given. First, the son of Odysseus’ son Telemachus meets Nestor, who symbolizes a near-perfect oikos . The family is involved in a large sacrificial feast upon the arrival of Telemachus . He also utilizes xenia, the Greek word for manners or the ideal guest-host relationship, to perfection....   [tags: Aeschylus Oresteia ]

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Classical Roman Art Vs. Early Christian Art

- Classical Roman Art Vs Early Christian There are many similarities and differences between Classical Roman and Early Christian Art. What particularly stands out to me is how much these two cultures have in common when it comes to their art and architecture. Romans were geniuses when it came to engineering and we can see that in the monuments they left behind. Many early Christian architectural styles and ideas were adopted straight from the Romans. Their communities became organized geographically much like those of the Roman provincial governments....   [tags: Hellenistic, architecture]

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The Portraiture of Women During the Renaissance

- This essay will discuss how women were represented in the portraiture during the Renaissance period. It will explain how the women’s body was pictured in portraiture as; marriage celebrant, husbands beloved, figures of fertility, mothers, display of wealth, paragons of virtues, husband’s passive representative, indication of fashion and more (Brown, 2003). Next, it will include analysis from the two female portraits of Leonardo de Vinci’s Ginerva de’ Benci and Sandro Botticelli’s Portrait of a Lady....   [tags: Portraiture of Women]

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