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Linear Algebra in Computer Science

- Linear algebra is a useful tool with many applications within the computer science field. This paper will cover the various applications of linear algebra in computer science including: internet search, graphics, speech recognition,and artificial intelligence. A major focus of linear algebra in computer science is internet searches, which involves finding techniques for effectively storing and searching through information. In the year 2000 there was an estimated 2.5 billion web pages on the internet, with a growth rate of 7.3 million per day....   [tags: search engines, internet, graphics]

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Graduation Speech : College Algebra

- So, college algebra sucks. And I know this to be true because it has been the only class I have almost failed. I was a senior in high school when I had the horrific thought, “I think I’m going to take college algebra.” Worst idea ever. I spent the last semester of my senior year in doubt of my ability to pass the class. Thankfully, I was able to escape, what I thought was the inevitable demise of my college GPA. It was not easy, but I won the final battle to secure my title as king of college algebra....   [tags: High school, Secondary school, Mathematics]

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My First Day Of Algebra

- After the twenty-year high school reunion Doug, Sally and Clint were all sitting at the local diner visiting their old friend Bob, who worked at the diner. The four of them were reminiscing over high school experiences. Sally was talking about her favorite teacher Mrs. Stewart. “I remember the first day of Algebra. Walking in I saw Doug in his khakis, blue button up, orange bow tie, and loafers. He looked fairly intelligent so I decided to go and sit next to him. Then Mrs. Stewart smiled telling us to group up in groups of three.” Clint started laughing, “Yeah, that was the day I pushed my way into your group....   [tags: English-language films, High school, Debut albums]

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Management Accounting and Algebra

- This may surprise you but, there are many jobs dealing with algebra, three different types of jobs that use algebra are accounting, home health care providers, and credit manager. These different jobs all require knowledge of algebra to be able to solve the problems, and to do daily work that happens within the job. Accountants use algebra to make decisions and such, while health care providers use it on a daily basis to take care of their patient. And credit managers use it to help people with their financial deals and such as....   [tags: mathematics, health care, accounting]

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The Most Important Algebra Book And A Lot

- AL Khwarizmi is one of a famous mathematician person in the world. He was in the sixth century, and Khwarizmi has left many publications in astronomy, geography, science of the most important algebra book and a lot. His algebra book, which consists of two main sections contains the first two algebraic theories, which is dedicated to the theory of algebraic equations and calculations, and to resolve the various issues by this theory, and applied to engineering problems. In addition, he has a lot of theories taught today in math and other science such as engineering and computer science....   [tags: Mathematics, Science, Scientific method, Physics]

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history of algebra

- Unlike geometry, algebra was not developed in Europe. Algebra was actually discovered (or developed) in the Arab countries along side geometry. Many mathematicians worked and developed the system of math to be known as the algebra of today. European countries did not obtain information on algebra until relatively later years of the 12th century. After algebra was discovered in Europe, mathematicians put the information to use in very remarkable ways. Also, algebraic and geometric ways of thinking were considered to be two separate parts of math and were not unified until the mid 17th century....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Model Theory Of Dedekind Algebras

- The Model Theory Of Dedekind Algebras ABSTRACT: A Dedekind algebra is an ordered pair (B, h) where B is a non-empty set and h is a "similarity transformation" on B. Among the Dedekind algebras is the sequence of positive integers. Each Dedekind algebra can be decomposed into a family of disjointed, countable subalgebras which are called the configurations of the algebra. There are many isomorphic types of configurations. Each Dedekind algebra is associated with a cardinal value function called the confirmation signature which counts the number of configurations in each isomorphism type occurring in the decomposition of the algebra....   [tags: Algebra Mathematics Essays]

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Algebra Tiles and the FOIL Method

- Algebra Tiles and the FOIL Method Algebra is one of the most critical classes a mathematics student takes. In this crucial course, the student must make the jump from concrete numbers and operations to variables and uncertainty. Unfortunately, this area of mathematics is where most students lose interest in mathematics because the concepts become too abstract. The abstractness frightens students and this fear is where the typical “I hate math” attitude comes from. Educators need to be aware of this problem and accept that the traditional methods of teaching mathematics, specifically algebra, are too focused on intangible concepts....   [tags: Mathematics Education Essays]

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Best Practices in a Learning Skills and Algebra Classroom

- Best Practices in a Learning Skills and Algebra Classroom Part A: Utilized Best Practices Since the beginning of the student teaching experience, multiple first-hand examples of best practices being utilized in the classroom in the area of instruction, assessment, and management have been demonstrated. These practices have led to growth in the students’ learning. Best practices are those classroom practices that focus on the student, are based on experience, and look at learning as holistic (Zemelman, 2005)....   [tags: intervention, instruction, student]

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Effective Teaching of Abstract Algebra

- Effective Teaching of Abstract Algebra Abstract Algebra is one of the important bodies of knowledge that the mathematically educated person should know at least at the introductory level. Indeed, a degree in mathematics always contains a course covering these concepts. Unfortunately, abstract algebra is also seen as an extremely difficult body of knowledge to learn since it is so abstract. Leron and Dubinsky, in their paper ¡§An Abstract Algebra Story¡¨, penned the following two statements, summarizing comments that are often heard from both teacher and student alike....   [tags: Mathematics Education Papers]

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Descartes and the Algebra of Soul

- Descartes and the Algebra of Soul Review of Descartes: An Intellectual Biography and Descartes' Error: Emotion, Reason, and the Human Brain Paul Miers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stephen Gaukroger, Descartes: An Intellectual Biography. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1995. 499 pages. Antonio R. Damasio, Descartes' Error: Emotion, Reason, and the Human Brain. New York: Putnam, 1995. 312 pages. Descartes' error, Antonio Damasio tells us, was his belief in "the abyssal separation between body and mind ....   [tags: Emotion, Reason, Human Brain]

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Identification Of Focal Students And The Algebra And Algebraic Thinking Domain

- Identification of Focal Students Using my I-ready universal screener, I identified six students who were more than two grade levels behind. Of these six students, three were chosen for progress monitoring – Jill, Montrell and Sam. In addition to being overall two grade levels behind, these three students’ scores placed them two grade levels behind in the Algebra and Algebraic Thinking domain. Unit One (which was just completed in our classroom) and Unit Two (which is just being started in our classroom) both focus primarily on skills within the Algebra and Algebraic Thinking domain....   [tags: Problem solving, Mathematics, Problem, Education]

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Evaluating Algebra 1 Textbook & Reading Strategies

- Introduction In Yorba Buena high school, English Language Learning (ELL) student face obstacles connecting with the textbooks and comprehending the academic content. Section 10.1 of the Algebra 1 textbook (Larson, Boswell, Kanold & Stiff, 2007) is analyzed for comprehensibility and strategies to support students to connect with the text at intellectual level (Vacca, Vacca & Mraz, 2011). The chapter ten of the textbook will be thought at a tenth grade class during the week of March 11, 2012. Most of the learners in this Algebra 1 class are classified as level three and level four ELL students (California department of Education, 1999) and most of the students speak fluent conversational Engli...   [tags: Education]

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George Boole: Boolean Algebra and Sets Theory

- The work of George Boole on mathematical logic that gave birth to the “Boolean Algebra” was the most important contribution to the development of computer technology. We are going to see briefly, how the prodigy George Boole came from an economically modest family, to change the way we relate with logic, influencing the concept of computing and processing information. We are also going to analyse how his work in algebra revolutionised the way we think and symbolise logic sets, making the binary code and logic relations as the fundamental tool in the evolution of computer systems and networks, from the first breakthrough of Boole's work, until many years later, when science identified that hi...   [tags: Mathematics ]

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The Application of Linear Algebra in Our Daily Life

- Eigenvalues and eigenvectors is one of the important topics in linear algebra. The purpose of this assignment is to study the application of eigenvalues and eigenvectors in our daily life. They are widely applicable in physical sciences and hence play a prominent role in the study of ordinary differential equations. Therefore, this assignment will provide explanations on how eigenvalues and eigenvectors will be functional in a prey-predator system. This will include background, history of the concept and explanation on what is meant by eigenvalues, eigenvectors and prey-predator system....   [tags: eigenvalues, eigenvectors,prey-predator system]

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Solving the Foreclosure Crisis, like Solving an Algebra Problem

- From the mere sight of this problem, if you have not been regularly practicing algebra, solving it may prove to be a daunting task. The fearful would turn a blind eye; they would allow this problem to go unsolved. Those with a bit more courage, and a general idea of how to solve the problem, may look at all of the X’s and cancel them out leaving just the numbers behind. The X’s are the terms. If one were to cancel out the terms, they would be left with a numeric fraction for an answer. Both of the preceding techniques, however, are fruitless and incorrect....   [tags: foreclosures,]

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Mrs. Everett 's Honors Algebra II Class

- These observations took place in Mrs. Everett’s Honors Algebra II class, Mr. Beck’s applied statistics class, and Mrs. Hinkle’s physical science class. Each teacher used the standards in their class. I will explain what each teacher used and how it affected their classroom. I will start out with Mrs. Everett’s class. At the beginning of the period, her students had to get out their homework so Mrs. Everett could check to see if it was done. She explained to us that she does not check for accuracy but for completion....   [tags: Education, Special education, Teacher]

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Graduation Algebra II During 2nd Period

- The class Mrs. Everett teaches is Honors Algebra II during 2nd period which is from 9:05 to 9:55am. The class is filled up with Sophomores and Juniors. At the beginning of the class the 2 boys and 7 girls had to turn in bell work. The students also had to get out their homework so Mrs. Everett could check to see if it was done. She explained to us that she does not check for accuracy but for completion. Mrs. Everett just wants to see if the students try it and that is how they earn credit. To start off class she went over the homework problems....   [tags: Education, Student, Homework help service]

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Algebra As Thought Experiment

- Algebra As Thought Experiment ABSTRACT: This paper addresses the problem of understanding what mathematics contributes to the exceptional success of modern mathematical physics. I urge that we give up the Kantian construal of the division between mathematics (synthetic a priori) and physics (experimental), and that we ask instead how algebra helps synthetic a posteriori mathematics improve our ability to study the world. The theses suggested are: 1) Mathematical theories are about the empirical world, and are true or false just like other theories of empirical science....   [tags: Education Mathematics Learning Essays]

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Why Algebra?

- Why Do We Teach Algebra. Until recent history, mathematics had not been taught to the general population. Only those who were rich, powerful, and/or politically connected were given the opportunity to study math beyond basic counting operations. Many of my junior high students are excited about the prospects of returning to this situation. I have the opportunity to teach remedial math and math study skills courses for a local university. Many of the college students with whom I am involved are going back to school after many years in the work force....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Misundertanding of Algebra: Why We Should Continue to Have It in Our Math Programs

- ... For example, if a high school student wants to determine what their GPA for admission to a university, they have to know what numbers represent the letter grades. Traditionally, the numbers are 4=A, 3=B, 2=C, 1=D, and 0=F for schools in the U.S. A student with high marks should not have a problem with being admitted to any university, but those with a few bad grades might need to see where they stand. Let us assume the student had A’s for the first two years of high school, but had B’s in their third year, they need to see where they stand as far as applying to a university with high GPA requirements....   [tags: requirement, applies, advancement]

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Algebra 1: Math Curriculum Paper Written by Middle School Math Teacher

- I am a mathematics teacher, with a middle school education degree (grades 5-9) with an emphasis in mathematics and social studies, teaching at an area high school. I have decided to focus on Algebra I for this curriculum paper, because it requires more abstract thought and problem solving. I will address the following areas: curriculum standards (national, state, local (district)), textbook adoption, community, and design of my classroom. This paper will relate the standards at these three levels, discuss procedures for adopting textbooks, focus on the community background and describe my classroom procedures....   [tags: Education, teaching, secondary education]

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The Effects of Daily Formative Assessments In Ninth-Grade Remedial Algebra I Courses

- The Effects of Daily Formative Assessments In Ninth-Grade Remedial Algebra I Courses I. Overview of Assessments A. History of Change 1. Interest in using assessments to shape day-to-day lessons, rather than a final check on student understanding grew in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Schools recognized the limited value of summative assessments (Cavanagh, 2006). 2. In 1967, Scriven presented formative evaluations as the evaluation of an ongoing and malleable educational program and Bloom, in 1969, attempted to transfer the term formative from evaluation to assessment (Dunn & Mulvenon, 2009)....   [tags: textbook reviews, literary analysis]

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Algebra-Investigating Trays

- Algebra-Investigating Trays Statement: The shopkeeper says, “When the area of the base is the same as the area of the four sides, the volume of the tray will be a maximum.” Aim: To prove the shopkeeper’s statement true. Task: To investigate this claim and investigate further. 18 x 18 I firstly started my trays investigation by drawing a net for a square measured 18cm by 18cm. I then cut out this net square, after it had been cut out I cut off 1cm off each of the four corners....   [tags: Papers]

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Teaching High School At A Charter School

- 1. Briefly describe the following: a. Type of school/program in which you teach, (e.g., middle/high school, themed school or program). b. Kind of class you are teaching (e.g., eighth grade Algebra – first year of a two-year sequence, Honors Geometry) and organization of subject in school (e.g., departmentalized, interdisciplinary teams) c. Degree of ability grouping or tracking, if any. I am teaching high school at a charter school in one of the suburban cities in Riverside County. While we are an independent study based charter school, we provide individual and group in-person support with Highly Qualified Teachers in each subject area at local Resource Centers....   [tags: Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic]

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The Progression of Mathematics in School

- The educational system grooms children to be productive members of society. First coined in the days of one-room schoolhouses, the phrase “reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic” has become a common mantra of education. The third of these three r’s is mathematics, an infamous subject. It is incumbent in many professions, from accountants and doctors to physicists and teachers. Both hated and adored by many, math is complex, essential, and encompasses hundreds of topics. These topics can be sorted into four basics categories: elementary math, algebra, physics, and calculus....   [tags: Arithmetic, Algebra, Physics, Calculus]

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Why Is Mathematics Important For Mathematics?

- S. Gudder once wisely stated, “The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.” Many people have different views of mathematics and the role it plays in their life. There are some students who believe that learning mathematics is useless and is not a necessity for their major, and there are others who find math, arithmetic, and numbers easier to process. I find Gudder’s thoughts to be true based on my upbringings and recent experience in my Math 110 course....   [tags: Mathematics, Algebra, Pythagorean theorem]

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I Learned About Geography And Geography

-      In advisory, I have learned about others, and I have made a lot of friends. In advisory, I talked to a lot of people that I never knew I would become friends with. I have grown in my advisory class because I have met a lot of students that I have never met before. Next year I want to get closer to some people from the same advisory as me. I am struggling in being more social with the people in my advisory because I am very shy and do not talk to a lot of people. I loved how in this time we had time to do homework because I would not have time to do it at home....   [tags: Learning, Skill, Education, Algebra]

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I Am My Best Skills

- My fifth grade teacher once asked a standard question on what I thought was one of my best skills. Although quite a great exercise for an icebreaker, my response was not. I would reply "my knowledge of the multiplication table up to $15 imes 15$." Of course, I am paraphrasing this, since I don 't believe these words could possibly come from my 10-year-old self. Regardless, my answer to that question was always mathematics. Later on during the school year, my teacher encouraged me to compete in the University Interscholastic League event of Number Sense, for which I placed as one of the top three competitors every week....   [tags: Mathematics, Algebra, Bachelor's degree]

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The House of Wisdom Library

- The House of Wisdom was a highly respected library that not only contained books, but collected and preserved them. The main purpose of this vast library was to translate Persian books into Arabic, which later expanded into the translation Persian, Indian and Greek texts. It was built during the 800s and was founded by the Caliph Al-Ma’mun . He was born in 786 and died in 833 after leading a life full of passion for knowledge. He was a Caliph during the time the Abbasid Caliphate strived to intregrate ethnic and religious minorities into their culture, which is what gave brith to the Islamic Golden Age....   [tags: arabic, persian, algebra]

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My Favorite Thing About Teaching

- Mr. Counterman, at first, did not have any career goals in teaching. His career goal was owning and operating his own business. Even though his intentions were to own and operate his own business, he chose to teach. “I chose to teach because there was a program that paid for my student loans if I taught in a needy subject. I figured that I could do anything for five years and then could focus on building a business. I focused on math because the crossover of math skills would help me in business, (math is money).” After the five years where up, he could not stay away because he enjoyed teaching so much....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Algebra, School]

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The Contemplation of Zero

- Prompt: Tell us about zero. Zero, zilch, zip, nada, naught, nil - frequent expressions used to express nothing or a lack of something. It is a concept often not thought about today. However, some of the greatest thinkers of the past spent a lot of time contemplating nothing. It was these thoughts that allowed the Arabic numeral system to gain prevalence in the western world, spreading over continents through the transportation of goods and the waging of wars. Today, many modern concepts and technologies rely entirely on the existence of zero....   [tags: mathematics, numeral, algebra]

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Exploring Binomial Expansion Theorem

- Exploring the Binomial Expansion Theorem Introduction In algebra binomial expansion is the expansion of powers of a binomial. A binomial expansion is an expression in which it contains two terms eg, (a+b). This expression could also have a power on the outside of the brackets. Aim To generate a formula for finding the general expanded form of binomial expressions of the form (a+b)n. (Source The Sheet) Basic Binomial Expansions (a+b)1 = a+b (a+b)2 = a2+2ab+ b2 (a+b)3 = a3+ 3a2b + 3ab2 + b3 (a+b)4 = a4+ 4a3b + 6a2b2+ 4ab3+ b4 The power (n) and the number of terms in each expansion is equal to the amount of terms in each expansion plus one....   [tags: math, algebra, pascal's triangle]

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Biography of Janos Bolyai

- Janos Bolyai was born in December 1802 in Kolozsvar, Hungary. Janos’ father, Farkas Bolyai, was also a mathematician. This most likely where Janos attained his touch in mathematics. He taught Janos much about mathematics and other skills. Janos proved to be a sponge soaking up every bit of knowledge given to him. Farkas Bolyai was a student of mathematical genius Carl Friedrich Gauss, a German mathematician who had made many mathematical discoveries. He tried to persuade Gauss to take Janos and give him the education that Farkas himself had gotten, but Gauss turned him down....   [tags: mathematical genius, algebra, geometry]

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Kate Is Always Looking For Sin And Purity

- When I transferred from Ohio to Bureau Valley, a larger school, but in comparison, still very small, the class size issues were still a problem. My high school class was roughly 85 students, making each regular class 15-20 students big. However, if you were in the honors classes, like me, the class sizes were much smaller, roughly 5-8 students per class. While my honors class did indeed outperformed the regular English classes, it lacked a variety of ideas. I concentrate on class size in high school because of the inefficiency to have meaningful conversations....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Algebra, High school]

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Activities That Enhance Learning With Free Public Education

- Activities that Enhance Learning Free public education has been apart of the United States since 1948; since then many changes have been made and different ways to teach have been passed along. I have been going to school since 2002 and am one of the 88% of young adults in the nation that has a high school diploma. Along the way I have participated in many activities and found a few that work the best. Playing games, doing projects and interactive lectures are great activities for learning purposes....   [tags: High school, Education, Learning, Algebra]

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The Use of Mathematics in the Medical Field

- The medical field is a very interesting career field. There are hundreds of different occupations within this field, including anything from saving a fragile newborn baby’s life to prescribing antibiotics to a relatively healthy adult. No two occupations are exactly alike, but each one is equally important. Although there are several job variations in medicine, they all have at least one thing in common. Every occupation within the medical field relies heavily on mathematics. Elementary mathematics, geometry and algebra are all obviously crucial to advancing in new technology, saving lives and curing diseases....   [tags: x-rays, nurses, doctors, algebra]

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Alex Grothendiek

- M. Hamilton Honors Math II 2nd period Honors Paper on Alex Grothendiek As stated in the book, “A Strange Wilderness” Alex Grothendieck was born on March 28, 1928 in Berlin, Germany. He was one of the famous mathematicians born in the 20th century. Alex began to love mathematics in 1942, when he attended a secondary school in Chambon, France. When World War II ended, he went to University of Montpellier, wanting to continue his fascination with math and become a mathematics teacher. He received a scholarship after three years in 1948 and moved to Paris, to the University of Nancy and worked on functional analysis....   [tags: mathematics, algebra, geometry, mathematician]

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Level 3a Reflection Paper : Level Class Algebra

- Level 4A Reflection Paper Level 4A has allowed me the chance to engage in various clinical experiences that have helped master my nursing skills. This semester I was assigned to Select Specialty. This clinical site is specialized in caring for complex medical conditions, such as patients who were on mechanical ventilation equipment’s, complex wounds, cardiac diseases, prolonged surgical recovery, long-term IV antibiotics, patient requiring dialysis support, renal failure, pre and/or post-transplant, post injury, neurologic diseases, uncontrolled diabetes and infections disease....   [tags: Nursing, Nursing theory, Nursing care plan]

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Elliptic Curve Cryptology Used to Make Keys

- Elliptic Curve Cryptology What and Why of ECC. Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) is a public key cryptography technique by making use of elliptic curve properties and their algebraic structure of over finite fields. It is one of the efficient ways of providing encryption of cryptographic keys. Elliptic curves as algebraic/geometric entities have been studied extensively for the past 150 years, and from these studies has emerged a rich and deep theory. Elliptic curve systems as applied to cryptography were first proposed in 1985 independently by Neal Koblitz from the University of Washington, and Victor Miller, who was then at IBM, Yorktown Heights.[1] These curves have allowed establishmen...   [tags: Algebra, Algorithms]

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Mathematics Is A Relative Term When Speaking With Some People

- Being “good” at mathematics is a relative term when speaking with some people. For example, some people may consider a person a “good” mathematician if they can work through problems without a calculator. Yet some may consider “good” as someone who can decipher complicated, high-level thinking challenges with a high level of accuracy. As it relates to me, I fall in between both definitions of good from the ones I just shared above. Most mathematics type problems, I can do mentally and I do have the capabilities to be successful on complex problems....   [tags: Mathematics, Algebra, Mathematics education]

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History and Knowledge

- Prompt: “That which is accepted as knowledge today is sometimes discarded tomorrow.” Consider knowledge issues raised by this statement in two areas of knowledge. Many consider knowledge as an organization of facts and information. Whereas others believe knowledge is the gain of familiarity through experience. Nevertheless knowledge is endless, occasionally changing despite the time period. As new knowledge is introduced, we choose whether to accept or disregard these new claims based on our current beliefs and the values we hold....   [tags: recorded information, algebra]

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Kate : A Relationship For A Long Time

- Kate wanted a relationship for a long time - and finally, she had met Aaron and they started dating. They went on a couple of dates and had a great time together. Aaron recently graduated from university, so he wanted to take a few months off, before applying for a steady job. This change also gave Aaron an opportunity to shake off some of his romantic dust and find new ways for Kate and him to spend time together. At first, Kate was delighted with Aaron’s sense of romance and creativity, but as time went by, she barely found time for herself anymore....   [tags: Psychology, Emotion, Elementary algebra, Equation]

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Books Of All Sizes And Shapes Filled The House

- Books of all sizes and shapes filled the house. There were stories of beautiful princesses, wild adventures, and Bible tales. Pieces of paper collected around the room over the years with writing that started off sloppy, but morphed into stories and essays. It was within the pages that were flipped and the paper that pens danced across that I learned to read, understand History, and discover my true writing potential. The water making its way down the drain leads to the best part of the night for the young me....   [tags: Writing, Essay, American Girl, Graded algebra]

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The Humor of Lewis Carroll

- The works of Lewis Carroll, and in particular Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, cannot be read without noting the author’s mastery of wit. The creativity and insight permeating the humor in these texts are so clever and artful that the parody, pun, and nonsense are themselves the topic of many a critical essay. Most literature on the subject claims one of two things: either that the humor in his writing is inspired by his mathematical inclinations, or that it is a byproduct of an astounding innate linguistic aptitude....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Through The Medium Of Technology

- Through the Medium of Technology Introduction Students who are deaf or hard of hearing have the right to earn an education in the least restrictive environment. To the highest magnitude suitable, individuals with disabilities of any type, whether in private or public schools, must be in classrooms like their hearing or non-disabled peers (TITLE 1, B, 612, a, 5). Those members of the team working with students who are deaf or hard of hearing have an obligation to attentively; hence, thoroughly be cognizant of each student’s individual cultural style of learning....   [tags: Educational psychology, Education]

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Alice in Wonderland and the Mathematics Involved

- The latter half of the nineteenth century became a time of evolution for different forms of mathematics such as symbolic algebra, Riemannian geometry, Boolean algebra , and quaternion calculus. "To him [Lewis Carroll], algebra was all about numbers," mathematician Keith Devlin explained. “But in the 19th century, people were developing all kinds of bizarre new algebras, where x times y was not equal to y times x.” (Devlin) While mathematicians knew that Carroll, a mathematician himself, was slipping numbers in to his classic, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” the hidden math came as a surprise to many others....   [tags: Lewis Carroll, rational, math, language, limits]

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How Honors Doesn 't Mean Much Of Anything

- Honors Doesn’t Mean Much of Anything In the 21st century, people are no longer harassed for their intelligence or pariahs for studying more than others. Although I didn’t study as much as others for tests and exams, I paid attention in class and sought help when I needed it. My friends would be angry at me when I didn’t study as long as them and would get an equal or high grade. I cared about my grades and performance, but I never strived to have a 4.0 GPA or be valedictorian. I never thought of honors as something that was important but a title that people would appreciate....   [tags: High school, Homework, Seventh grade]

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Hacker 's Proposal For Fixing The Problem With High School Level Math

- Andrew Hacker, emeritus professor of political science at Queens College, City University of New York, wrote “Does Algebra Matter?” on July 28, 2012. The article discusses the cons of an education system that puts too much emphasis on advanced mathematics. Hacker argues that, although math is indeed important, the advanced mathematics we force high schoolers to take is unnecessary and possibly even detrimental to their learning experience and while I agree that the expectations America’s education system have regarding mathematics is unfair, I believe that Hacker’s proposals for fixing the issue are unrealistic....   [tags: High school, Education]

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A Survey On The First Day Of Class

- A survey was performed in a nursing statistics class on the first day of class at The University of Minnesota. The sample was asked their age, gender and if they were a current student in the School of Nursing. They were then asked if they have taken a college-level statistics class before and what their highest level of mathematics they uphold. The sample was asked to rate their confidence level in math ability and anxiety level regarding the statistics course on a scale from 1-10, 1 being not confidence and not anxious and 10 being very confident and very anxious....   [tags: Statistics, Statistical hypothesis testing]

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The Good, The Bad, And The Teachers

- The Good, The Bad, and the Teachers Teachers can make a difference in a student’s life and as an upcoming teacher I would like to make an impact on my student’s lives as well. In my opinion a teacher is one of the most valuable parts in a child’s life. Teachers share their knowledge about the world and content that a child must know to succeed in the world and as a teacher the ultimate goal is the belief in every child being successful. In my past I have had many teachers, some are wonderful and some awful but some teachers can be acceptable....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, History of education]

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The Difference Between Metacognition And Self Regulation

- The Difference between Metacognition and Self-Regulation Metacognition is the understanding of one’s own thinking process, also known as “thinking about thinking or cognition about cognition”, (Flavell, 1979). Metacognition is the ability to control our own thoughts. Metacognition enable us to control cognitive control processes such as perception, action, memory, reasoning, and/or emoting. Self-regulation is described as a system of conscious personal management that involves the process of guiding one 's own thoughts, behaviors, and feelings to reach goals....   [tags: Psychology, Cognition, Cognitive science, Thought]

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Descriptive Essay : Altering Sequoyah High School

- Altering Sequoyah High School High school is a time for students to develop new interests, talents, and hobbies. As well as, prepare them with material they need for college or the workforce. Most schools, Sequoyah High School being amongst one of these schools, are lacking the resources that students need in order to pursue these academic interests. Although Sequoyah High School is a great high school for students in Monroe County, there are several issues that still need to change in order to help better the school system as a whole....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, High school]

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My First Week Of High School

- First week of high school Fun, scaring, exciting are the feelings of my first week of school. This is a brand new experience of my life having to leave my friends and teachers in middle school behind. New school, new friends and new teachers are all part of this new school year. This one is different though, it’s the first week of high school. Most freshmen like me that enter the school are scared. I think the first week of the school is the easiest since there would not be a lot of homework and what you need to do is to listen to what you need for the class and know other people well in the class....   [tags: Personal Experience, Autobiography]

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Amalie Emmy Noether

- By the time Amalie Emmy Noether’s life ended, she had become one of the greatest mathematicians of her time. She was born on March 23rd 1882, in Erlangen, Germany and died on April 14, 1935, at the age of 53, in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. She was the oldest out of the four kids that her mother, Ida Kaufmann, had. Amalie, known as Emmy, to most everybody she knew, was the only female child out of the bunch. Her dad Max Noether was also a famous mathematician. She had an unproblematic time in her early years of school, being smarter than the majority of the kids at an adolescent age gave her an advantage....   [tags: Biography]

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I Will Not Be Math At The Same Level As All Of My Friends

- I am sitting on a swivel chair in my bedroom. The late afternoon summer sunshine streams in through half-opened windows, casting long shadows on the walls. I breathe in the sweet smell of honeysuckle that fills the room from my mother’s flower garden outside as a breeze blows through my hair. Somewhere in the distance, I hear a bird singing. With my school chromebook perched on my lap, I log in to the Genesis website and eagerly click on ‘Scheduling’ to see my math class placement for the upcoming 2014-15 semester....   [tags: Thought, Mind, Seventh grade, Educational years]

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Mathematics And Engineering At An American University Class

- Intro to Mathematics and Engineering at an American university class is very significant, for it can help you to improve your mental abilities in mathematics and arithmetic. You have been studied mathematics in your school but in different languages. In English, the symbols and methods are different than others. When I took the last lesson with Mr. Steven, I surprised because I studied different things in my language. I found it easier in English because mathematics is very complicated in Arabic, and the rest of us know that....   [tags: Scientific method, Science, Hypothesis]

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Mathematics Is Not A Challenge For Me

- Mathematics has always been a challenge for me. I believe that math is the hardest subject in school. I have many memories of learning math through the years including elementary, middle, high school and college. In elementary I struggled with fractions and word problems. I didn’t understand what the problem was asking me to do. I didn’t know what steps I need to make to get the correct answer. I didn’t know if I should multiple, divide, add, or subtract. My Dad had to help me with my fractions every night....   [tags: Education, High school, Teacher, School]

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Reflection Paper On The Arab Spring

- PLSLO #2 When I was a freshman in college, I started my first semester with four basic classes, English, algebra, chemistry, and developmental psychology. Back then I did not see the significance of those classes other than the fact that I had to take them to meet general education requirements. I knew that the purpose of general education was to create a well-rounded student with a variety of skills and knowledge, but I did not understand why a nurse would need to know how to write a five page paper on the Arab Spring....   [tags: Learning, Education, Nursing, Psychology]

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Graduation Speech On The Arab Spring

- When I was a freshman in college, I started my first semester with four basic classes: English, algebra, chemistry, and developmental psychology. Back then I did not see the significance of those classes other than the fact that I had to take them to meet general education requirements. I was aware that the purpose of general education was to create a well-rounded student with a variety of skills and knowledge, but I did not understand why a nurse would need to know how to write a five page paper on the Arab Spring....   [tags: Learning, Nursing, Education, Patient]

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Booleography: George Boole

- Numerous computer databases today use the Boolean logic as the basics of querying databases. Many computer users imagine that Boolean logic was introduced close to the time when computers were invent. In fact, this genius idea was created by man named George Boole a century before computers were used. It is very helpful to understand the background and theory behind the Boolean logic, because this logic is pragmatic of today’s computer science and information technology “world”. George Boole was an English mathematician born in an industrial town of Lincoln, England back in 1815....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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Should the Accuplacer Exam Be Mandatory?

- Accuplacer is entry test software which evaluates the performance of students. Accuplacer is a mandatory entry test, and has to be taken by all the freshmen’s according to Texas State Law. This test is used to evaluate the writing and mathematical skills of freshman’s. This test consist two major parts which are English and Mathematics. Moreover, English and Mathematics tests are divided into sub tests, which basically are used to evaluate essay writing, grammatical, reading, basic algebra, intermediate algebra, and college algebra skills....   [tags: education, college, test, academics ]

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The Important Role of Mathematicians in Society

- The Important Role of Mathematicians in Society Thesis Statement This report will focus on the professional field of mathematicians. It will highlight some of the history, responsibilities, opportunities, and requirements of this occupation. Outline I. Introduction A. A condensed history of mathematics B. Famous mathematicians and their accomplishments II. Body A. Opportunities for mathematicians B. Education and training C. Requirements D. Earnings III. Conclusion A. Good mathematicians are problem solvers Mathematicians: Making numerous contributions A mathematician is described as someone who uses logic or theory to solve problems....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Earliest Civilization is the Region of Mesopotamia Because of Their Language of Cuneiform

- ... They give squares of the numbers up to 59 and cubes of the numbers up to 32. Most frequently Babylonians utilized tables of squares and cubes to simplify multiplication. The concept of reciprocals was also first introduced by the Babylonians. Because they did not have a method for long division, they were able to recognize that using their sexiagesimal system of numbers, numbers with two, three, and five, had finite factors of which tables have been found. For numbers not containing one of the finite factors, the Babylonians used approximation reciprocals....   [tags: calculations, babylonians, mathematics]

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A Student During The Span Of My Education

- I’m proud to say that I’ve mostly been an ‘A’ student during the span of my education. Though, looking back, I can’t say it had been too difficult. Of course there are always those few classes most everyone bumps into that makes it hard to stay afloat. Aside from those, those A’s have been pretty easy to attain. I almost expect it, in fact, when I check my grades. It could just be me being a smart, but I don’t feel as this story is unique. I used to sweat over assignments and obsess until I was completely satisfied, while many of my peers hurriedly came up with answers minutes before class, or not…and received the same grade as me....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, High school]

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I Have A Good Amount Of Success

- I always feel the obligation in doing my best in many things in life. Accompanied by this outlook, I am pleased to say that I have had a good amount of success in my academic achievements. However, not every subject in school has not been easy for me. Math and Science have created many difficulties and challenges for me. Math is probably one of the only subjects that I have really struggled my whole life or more accurately, all my years being in school. Math has been such trouble and really challenging because I cannot really remember mathematical formulas and problem solving methods....   [tags: Problem solving, Mathematics, Pythagorean theorem]

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My First Person Who Has Influenced Me

- As we grow up, we have our parents we always look up to or other family members we admire and who influence us in our lives. Superheroes to us do not wear capes in this world. Many of our childhood friends as well relatives did not stay in our lives for long. However, we always have those special people who do stay and who impact our lives more than anyone else. The three people who have influenced me the most are my freshman Algebra I teacher, my mother, and my boyfriend Jonathan. The first person who has influenced me is my freshman Algebra I teacher, Ms....   [tags: High school, College, Family, School]

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Dr. James Banks on Multicultural Education

- As we proceed further into the 21st century, multiculturalism becomes more relevant to obtaining a truly global society. Dr. James A. Banks defines the meaning of multicultural education and its potential impact on society when it is truly integrated into American classrooms. In his lecture, Democracy, Diversity and Social Justice: Education in a Global Age, Banks (2006) defines the five dimensions of multicultural education that serve as a guide to school reform when trying to implement multicultural education (Banks 2010)....   [tags: Education]

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My Toolbox for the Future Educators

- My Toolbox for the Future Educators Introduction: I haven’t always been a good student. There were days in school that I didn’t do a single assignment, but that was in elementary school. Soon, I learned the benefit of completely homework and doing as I’m told. I became a capable learner as I continued in my education, so to make myself into a better learner, I chose the tools that I did. Also as a future educator, I chose the tools I did because I believe I need to work on them. I’m not perfect, and neither will be my future students, so in conclusion I hope these tools be implemented in my own study habits and my future classroom....   [tags: teacher classroom techniques]

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Qualities That I Become A Teacher

- Qualities That I Bring to the Teaching Profession Being a teacher is said to be just a job but to me teaching is “an instrumental or practical art” (Arends, 4) to create a more diverse way of learning. When I become a teacher I want it to be more than just a job I want it to be my life and something I’m proud of doing. Creating life and laughter in a classroom is going to be a part of my everyday teaching style. So many teachers have lost what it means to teach because they have lost the love for educating our youth....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Special education, School]

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The Career Path I Have Chosen

- The career path I have chosen, is law enforcement. There is a lot of math involved in police work and criminal justice, much more than I had expected. Police officers use algebra skills in traffic accident investigations and ballistic trajectory investigations. Crime scene investigators use trigonometry in crime scene reconstruction, while detectives use statistics to determine crime rates in neighborhoods and cities. Lastly, Precincts and police officers also use modular arithmetic to determine their work schedules and days off....   [tags: Crime, Gang, Police, Traffic collision]

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Promotes Student Learning For Students Learning

- Quizizz Promotes Student Learning There are many very useful online tools that can contribute to student learning. Things like Kahoot and Quizlet have played a big role in promoting student learning. In fact, I used to have Quizlet’s in my high school Spanish class, and they helped, tremendously. Our teacher would take us to the lab and we’d individually work on the assigned quiz. It was a really great experience for me and my classmates. I would recommend the use of these online tools for every teacher to use because as a student, they really help give the best learning experience....   [tags: Problem solving, Education, Learning]

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A Report On The Web Site

- The first web site that I look into was Aplusmath, which is a commercial web site due to having advertisements. The web site address is easy for students and teachers to remember because it is the title of the web site. The web site address for Aplusmath is Aplusmath has worksheets, flashcards, games, and homework helper. The worksheets, flashcards and games found on Aplusmath deal with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry and algebra. All of these concepts are concepts teachers teach during elementary school....   [tags: Website, World Wide Web, Internet, Web page]

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The Assessment Of The Eoc Assessment

- The assessment I chose is called End of course assessment (EOC). The purpose of the EOC Assessments is to measure student achievement in the subject areas of English/Language Arts and Mathematics. The EOC is a criterion-referenced assessments developed specifically for students after they have completed the course. It is a computer-based examination with computer based accommodations. The EOC assessment measures the Florida State Standards or the Next generation sunshine state standards (NGSSS) for courses such as Algebra 1, Biology 1, Geometry, U.S History and Civics, starting in 3rd grade all through 12th grade....   [tags: High school, College, Education, Higher education]

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George Boole and Mathematics

- George boole was the math matitian that was picked because of the fact that he has put such an impact on the world.It has become so common that it is now taught in most school durnign 9th grade and on.One thing that is remberbed by his are his laws which are communitive, associative, distributive,deMorgans law ,constants,variables. Being born in england with a passion for math and technology Boole most of his time at the Lincon mechanics institution, which was a club with an affiliation of research, and discussion as well as talking about other finding in the math and science eara.Boole’s father eventually became the head administrator of the institute, which would explain why boole would ev...   [tags: communitive, associative, distributive]

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Web Browsing Shortcomings

- 5.1 Introduction World Wide Web has become a global source of information sharing and exchange. With a tremendous increase in volume of data available on web, it becomes difficult to locate relevant information. Thus it is needed to recognize some effective and efficient tools for information consumers, who must be able to easily locate and manipulate information on the web [37]. At present information retrieval mechanism is comprised of two tactics i.e. browsers and search engines. There are certain shortcomings of this information retrieval phenomenon....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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The Importance of Education

- I have often heard fellow students complain about classes they are required to take. I sometimes have difficulty responding to them when they ask "How will all of these classes help me in a rock fight?". At times they question the need to learn algebra. Why should non-scientists study biology, chemistry or environmental science. Why is it important to study the arts and social sciences. There are many reasons why it is essential that everyone obtain a broad education. Basic Skills: It is important for a student to master basic skills first....   [tags: The Importance of Education]

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Math is the Universal Language

- Every semester throngs of incoming freshmen howl out their earsplitting lamentation: “This is so stupid. Why do I have to take algebra classes. I am not going to use any kind of math in my profession!” What these arriving freshmen do not understand is that math is a skill that is used every day in all professions in some form or another. Understanding and being able to function mathematically is a fundamental building block of a well-rounded education. However, disabilities related to math and numbers can hinder students who are affected....   [tags: argumentative essay]

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The Influence of Islamic Mathematicians

- It’s hard to believe that a civilization consisting of once illiterate nomadic warriors could have a profound impact on the field of mathematics. Yet, many scholars credit the Arabs with preserving much of ancient wisdom. After conquering much of Eastern Europe and Northern Africa the Islamic based Abbasid Empire transitioned away from military conquest into intellectual enlightenment. Florian Cajori speaks of this transition in A History of Mathematics. He states, “Astounding as was the grand march of conquest by the Arabs, still more so was the ease hit which they put aside their former nomadic life adopted a higher civilization, and assumed the sovereignty over cultivated peoples” (Cajori...   [tags: islamic scholars, arabs]

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The American Secondary Education System

- After 13 years of formal schooling, the average American high school graduate should have a good educational foundation and be ready to put what they have learned to use in college. Well, the fact is, their foundation may not as be as strong as it should be. The youth in the United States today is becoming less and less prepared for life after high school. Parents, as well as students, have taken notice of these defects and demand change. They criticize the system for teaching irrelevant information that students won’t always need upon graduating....   [tags: High school, Education, College]

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