Management Accounting and Algebra

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This may surprise you but, there are many jobs dealing with algebra, three different types of jobs that use algebra are accounting, home health care providers, and credit manager. These different jobs all require knowledge of algebra to be able to solve the problems, and to do daily work that happens within the job. Accountants use algebra to make decisions and such, while health care providers use it on a daily basis to take care of their patient. And credit managers use it to help people with their financial deals and such as. Algebra is also used on a most daily basis with the most simplest things that are done daily. Tasks such as: getting gas, buying and paying for items at the store, sharing candy among siblings, and exercising.

The use of algebraic methods is the very element that goes into working in management accounting. Accountants would express the relationship between variables using formulas, and using calculations involving powers and roots. They use theses variables and equations for decision making through graphs, like: what if we did A, what would happen, and how does B outcome compare to what could have happen. They would also use algebra and graphs to see profit distribution, and maximization of profits.Algebra is basically what the accountants do, they need to know some type of high school algebra to get through a day at the job. Accountants make $61,690 on average a annually, but in Texas alone they make $52,000 a year, and to be an accountant you must have: Two-Year Associate Degree in Accounting, a Four-Year Bachelor's Degree with a major in Accounting, and a 150 Credit Degree for the CPA Exam.

Home health care providers that live with the patient, if the patient is unable to care for themselves or ju...

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...he past hours, and figure out how many calories are burned every hour, so like how many calories are burned after three hours. If you have intaked 2345 calories and wish to burn 1000 of those, and approximately you burn 165 and hour you would divide it by 2345 and you'll get the answer. Or, if this is the way you exercise, you can figure out how many pounds you want to lose. Like, how many pounds are lost every hour, by testing it ,you can have and estimate formula that will allow you to configure how long it would take you to lose say, 100 pounds if you wish. Then say after every hour you lose 20 pounds approximately, so divide 20 into 100 and you’ll get 5 hours.

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