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Should Service Learning Be Beneficial?

- Summary Service Learning entails a different kind of learning as it prepares you to get a feel of what the real world is like. Studies show Service Learning to be very successful with students as it involves them reflecting and bringing forward their own knowledge when engaging in the community. As students are forced to reflect on what they’ve been taught and applying this knowledge, it has lead to greater success in comparison to a student who takes notes while listening to a prof who speaks for a solid 2-3hrs being less effective....   [tags: Learning, Knowledge, Education, Walk This Way]

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The Balancing Act of Adult Life

- The Balancing Act of Adult Life Life in the 21st century seems more complex than ever, as adults cope with the demands of multiple roles, the stresses of a fluid workplace, and the pressures of child and elder care. Individuals feel compelled to update their work-related knowledge and skills and to keep up with the proliferation of information. Family resource management is increasingly complex, with expanded choices and decisions that must be made about utilities, banking, investments, retirement planning, etc....   [tags: Role Roles Work Responsibility Papers]

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Transfer Of Learning Pl Malcolm Knowles Model For Learning Transfer

- Transfer of Learning Plan This was taken directly from our Group I Project This program utilizes the Malcolm Knowles model for learning transfer. Knowles envisioned learning as active and that the goal was to replicate as closely as possible the environment within the skill or knowledge will be applied. As detailed by Foley and Kaiser (2013), this type of learning transfer is active and utilizes role play and fictional scenarios in order to replicate where in the real world this information will be applied (p....   [tags: Learning, Educational psychology, Knowledge]

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Preschoolers: Learning Capabilities Analysis

- Problem solving. Within society, people are constantly solving problems whether it’s simple or complex; and young preschooler are not exempted. Thought their problems during this time may seem mediocre to adults but children do have this issue and are exceptionally better at solving these problem because of their willingness. Children can be taught problem-solving skills during the regular course of each day through modeling, coaching and adult assistance. Before beginning a problem-solving process, it is important for the child to know that there is a problem....   [tags: problem solving, social learning, preschoolers]

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Adult Basic Education and Implications of Digital Literacy

- Adult basic education or ABE is a complicated area given that there are varying definitions of the words the title contain. Theorists, practitioners and learners can give differing accounts of what it means to be an adult learner, what constitutes basic education and how to facilitate said education. In practice, the area of ABE describes a whole range of programs that deliver a baseline or basic set of skills that all adults are expected to have acquired during compulsory education (ABE, 2013)....   [tags: technology, digital literacy]

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Learning Is The Way Of Getting New Knowledge

- According to me learning is the way of getting new knowledge or modifying existing knowledge and skills. Learning can bring change in an individual. Learning starts from birth. As we grow watching our parents we adapt or learn their habits. We observe our parents and we try to behave in similar ways. According to Bandura’s social learning theory, children learn social behaviour through watching the behaviour of adults (Hoffnung et al., 2013). The child is more likely to act in the same way as their parents....   [tags: Learning, Education, Constructivism, Knowledge]

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Adult Education for Social Change

- Adult Education for Social Change Popular education is a form of adult education that encourages learners to examine their lives critically and take action to change social conditions. It is "popular" in the sense of being "of the people." Popular education emerged in Latin America in the 1960s-1970s; Paulo Freire is its best known exponent. However, its roots may be found in the French Revolution, in workers' education of the 1920s-1930s, and in such movements as the Highlander Folk School in Tennessee (Beder 1996; Jeria 1990)....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Papers]

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Brain Gym Learning Program

- With this article I want to educate people on the idea that you need help with test scores and the answer is not only reading from a book. The way to reach to students that are struggling is to make things active and watch how much more children will be interested in learning. In 1960s Paul E. Dennison, “a specialist in kinesiology and an authority on the breakthrough in cognitive and academic skill, began the seminal research into reading achievement and its relation to brain development that would form the basis for the Brain Gym work(” With his study he proved that the movement-based learning program had improved peoples learning challenges into succes...   [tags: Movement Based learning, Brain Development]

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National Certificate Of Adult Education And Training ( Levl5 )

- Southern Institute of Technology National Certificate in Adult Education and Training (Levl5) – US7091 Assignment 1 Values: Values or core values are the fundamental beliefs or the guiding rules that dictate behavior and action., I take my personal core values as decision guidelines that keep me persistent and concentrated in my daily decision-making, and out of trouble. Here are some of my primary values that I strive to survive by: • Honesty: is always the best policy and that trust has to be brought in....   [tags: Education, Psychology, Culture]

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A Child Learning Ride Bike Bicycle

- By learning, an individual understands a certain skill or task or they simply monitor and watch another individual to see how something is done. For example, growing up one might remember learning to ride a bike, learning to read in class, or even learning to cook whether it was by using an Easy Bake oven or using the oven in his/her home. In all of the aforementioned scenarios, an individual started off not knowing how to do something and over time they “learned” to do whatever that something was and now they have a clear understanding and can master that obstacle....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology, Learning]

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Bandura 's Theory Of Cognitive Learning

- There are different types of cognitive learning, in which each person has made their contributions to the human learning theories. Each theorist has made some great points to find the human understanding and how it shapes a person in learning and the cognition. Albert Bandura was one of those theorist in which he believed that our behavior is learning by observing others. One of Bandura’s theory was the Bobo doll study (Bandura, 1977). Bandura’s Contributions Banduras research became a part of the cognitive revolution in psychology (Bandura, 1977)....   [tags: Psychology, Theory, Learning]

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Social Media And How It Impacts Young Adult Relationships

- The argument essay I wrote was on social media and how it impacts young adult relationships. Social media itself does not impact a young adult relationship in a negative way. Young adult relationships are considered relationships in which the couples age ranges from 18 to 25. Social media has been an important topic of discussion when relationships are involved. Social media is often looked at as the poison to a relationship. I wrote my paper on this topic to show that social media itself is not the poison or “bad” in a relationship....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Credibility, Sociology]

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The Middle School Classrooms : Blended Learning

- A concept that is newly being integrated into the middle school classrooms is blended learning. Blended Learning is the approach in which the content is taught through both face-to-face and through online-technology. This could be a very useful approach to the teaching process, if it is used in the correct manner. Technology should be used sparingly, and in a way that keeps my students engaged in the class. Reading articles that are their reading level through a program like Achieve3000 would be a good use of the technology....   [tags: Education, Psychology, Learning, Teacher]

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Distance Education For Adult Education And Self Enrichment Courses

- Introduction Distance learning has been part of the educational system since the 1700’s with the first correspondence course being offered through the Boston Gazette (Miller, 2014). Other forms of distance education were Lyceums, which “designates a period of educational reform from around 1830 until a few years after the Civil war ( and the Chautauqua “In 1874, John Heyl Vincent and Lewis Miller rented a Methodist camp meeting site to use in the post-camp meeting season as a summer school for Sunday school teachers; this became known as the Chautauqua Institution and reflected a nation-wide interest in the professionalization of teaching” (   [tags: Distance education, Education]

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Instruction And Precision Teaching Learning Skills

- After learning about both Direct Instruction and Precision Teaching I wish all of my schooling had taught using these methods. Just using some of the principles of each method in PSY 3517 I can tell if it was used in my early math schooling I would be much better than I am today. Even the skills I feel I am strong in, such as reading and writing, I wonder how much better I would be if I were taught with these methods in my early schooling. One of the things I enjoy about Direct Instruction is that its goal is to teach generalized skills and more in les time....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Learning, School]

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The Is A Learning Institution

- “A magical place where it is rumored that learning takes place, a beautiful land in which beer flows in amber currents next to a golden pasture, but more precisely, a Shangri-La rite of passage into adulthood which involves rampant consumption of alcoholic beverages, and a general and fundamental disregard for any form of responsibility by its habitants,” a definition by Urban Dictionary is describing what today’s young adult society thinks about, when they hear the word college. Now college is a learning institution to help students to be able to pursue a degree in their future line of work and to help them to succeed in life, but what happens outside of the classroom can be a learning expe...   [tags: Alcoholism, Drinking culture, Week-day names]

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Young Children's Learning

- This assignment will describe some of the ways young children learn, it will also identify some of the key areas of learning and features of an effective curriculum; it will also describe the understanding role of practitioner’s in supporting young children in the curriculum. The area of curriculum that will be looked at is the Early Years foundation staged curriculum (EYFS) and the key area of learning will be the communication, language and literacy, focusing more on the literacy (writing). Some of the key features of young children’s learning in the writing area include books, mark making, flash cards, painting, magnetic letters, puppets, storytelling, singing role play etc Ferreiro and T...   [tags: Learning, Education, Effective Curriculum]

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Learning Styles Based On Peter Honey And Alan Mumford Theory

- There are four types; reflectors, theorists, activists and pragmatists of learning styles based on Peter Honey and Alan Mumford theory (2006). Each individual often complies with a specific style of the four styles for their learning. These styles of learning interpret the way individuals’ processes information and develop their knowledge. Reflectors surpass in their learning from observation and analysing. They excel in learning through also thinking methodically. Student nurses can benefit from complying with this learning style, as during the course, we would be frequently examining techniques and analysing the steps needed to perform the techniques and correctly....   [tags: Learning, Learning theory, Education]

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Bandura 's Social Learning Theory

- Bandura 's Social Learning Theory Bandura 's Social learning theory is very strong theory and its well supported by research. The social learning theory has been around for decades and has been utilized by thousand of professionals to understand and explain human behavior in all types of environments to include school, home and, workplace settings. The theory itself posits that learning is a cognitive process and happens through observation and instructions. Hundreds of researchers have examined this theory and haven’t been able to successfully discredit it....   [tags: Psychology, Behavior, Learning, Scientific method]

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Individual Education Plans: Learning Disabilities

- “She’d done some tests, and she had determined that I was never going to be able to function as an adult in any meaningful way. Never graduate from high school, never even go to high school, never work or have a job or be married or have kids or any of the things you dream about. She told my parents they needed to put me in an institution in Maryland, where she had already reserved a spot for me.” – Quinn Bradlee, A Different Life Though Quinn’s case may sound extreme, it is not far from what many parents and children face on a daily basis as more and more students are labeled as “Learning Disabled.” In an era when Autism and Attention Deficit Disorders are being diagnosed in epic proport...   [tags: autism, learning disabled, attention deficit]

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How Learning Might Interest People

- How Learning Might Interest People: It That Possible to Be. From the article “How to Make It in College, Now That You’re Here,” the writer Brain O’keeney mentioned at the end of it, “Going to colleges can be an exciting time. You do learn. And when you learn things, the world becomes a more interesting place” (690). Sometimes, deciding in learn things or understand points is uninteresting, but there are lots of things and ways that radically refreshed it and make it interesting for us. Learning supplies people understanding processes, and that can be existing and gratifying for them....   [tags: Education, Psychology, Learning, Study skills]

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Adult Education

- Adult Education Education is the most important activity that every human should be an active partaker. Education is an activity that is designed to bring about changes in the knowledge, skills, attitudes and perceptions of individuals, groups or communities. Adult learning does not occur in a vacuum. What one needs or wants to learn, what opportunities are available, the manner in which one learns-all are to a large extent determined by the society in which one lives. Whenever adults are asked about their learning, they most often mention education and training programs sponsored by the workplace, colleges and universities, public schools, and other formal organizations....   [tags: Teaching Education Essays]

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Perspectives of Learning and Teaching in Piaget's and Vygotsky's Theories

- The Venn diagram is comparing the similarities and differences of two theories Piaget’s and Vygotsky Theories on Cognitive development. Piaget’s difference to Vygotsky is children collaborating with peers of the classroom, having stages of development that impact child development over birth to adulthood and how inherited characteristics of being a confident or quiet child. Vygotsky Theory is about Zone of Proximal development, scaffolding of adults helping children in understanding and gaining knowledge and sociocultural development (Duchesne, McMaugh, Bochner & Krause (2013)....   [tags: venn diagram, teaching and learning]

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Teaching And Learning : Montaigne And Three Theories Of Education

- On Paradigms of Teaching and Learning: Montaigne and Three Theories of Education Montaigne’s own unorthodox childhood education played a role in shaping the way he thought about learning and about life. He spent his infancy in the countryside, his childhood immersed in Latin, and his adolescence in classes with older students at the Collège de Guyenne. Because of his father’s nontraditional ideas about education, as Bakewell states, Montaigne “grew up to be an independent-minded adult, following his own path in everything rather than deferring to duty and discipline” (55)....   [tags: Education, Learning, Teacher, Mind]

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Adult Career Counseling in a New Age

- Adult Career Counseling in a New Age The changing workplace - a by-now familiar litany of economic, demographic, organizational, and social changes - has made ambiguity the only certainty in work life. Many adults had little or no career education, guidance, or counseling when they were "in school " and often seek such help now, making job or career changes spurred by their personal stage of development or by the "postmodern" workplace. Although career development is a continuous lifelong process, "media and some scholars continue to dramatize crisis in midlife" (Lea and Leibowitz 1992, p....   [tags: Job Workforce Argumentative Papers]

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Adult Education for the Caribbean People

- The Caribbean people have emerged from the experience of slavery with lots of baggage along the way. One such baggage was in the form of barriers to education. The history of adult education stems way back in the colonial days of the 1700s where slaves experienced their first taste of adult education through the apprenticeship system. With this system, slaves were apprenticed to masters who taught them art or a trade which was also inclusive of reading and writing. (History of Adult Education, n.d.)....   [tags: changing schooling culture after slavery]

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Managing Time as an Adult Learner

- Managing Time as an Adult Learner For most adult learners, it is always a struggle to find the time to sit down and do their day-to-day life work on top of schooling whether it is online or in the classroom. In the following paper, people will be able to see steps that can be taken to help plan out time to do things for class and day to day and get them completed. There will be knowledgeable information on how adult learners can manage time with school and day-to-day living. One of the biggest things that was found during research was that it is best to have a calendar or monthly printed calendar marking when things are due....   [tags: education, planning]

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Learning Theories, Learning Models, And Core Teaching

- The course Wiki is an excellent source of information pertaining to the learning theories, learning models, and core teaching and learning practices. In addition, it offers links to external resources, which provides extensive information to understand the subject better. Each semester, students contribute to the existing knowledge and/or create new knowledge to expand the repertoire. At the beginning of the course, we were asked to analyze the Wiki pages in order to locate information and feel comfortable with the contents provided....   [tags: Instructional design, Educational psychology]

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Annotated Bibliography On The And Adult Literacy

- Annotated Bibliography Barry, A (2012), “I was Skeptical at First”. Content Literacy in the Art Museum. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy J Adolesc Adult Liter.55(7), 597-607. Doi10.1002/JAAL.0071 Retrieved on June 8, 2014, from Wiley on-line Library, this resource increased the understanding of ways to integrate content thru development of additional resources, practice thinking, and the ability provide intelligences in many ways. This resource allowed for an opportunity to step outside of the classroom into a different environment....   [tags: Education, Curriculum, High school]

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The Adult Mind and Abilities Within

- The way a human learns is very exciting and can really go in depth when explored. The brain is in control of everything, there are endless abilities it can do and plays an enormous role in how the average human learns. There are various learning styles and theories of intelligences that can explain or even put in perspective in everything we do. Without the exploration of multiple intelligences, the knowledge of how humans learn would be irrelevant. Learning something new can be very easy or very difficult depending on the type of person and their capabilities....   [tags: learn, intelligence, brain]

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A Research Project On Adult Students

- Introduction This research project aimed to uncover motivation of adult students from Progression to Access to Higher Education (Humanities) course in Wirral Metropolitan College. Data for this research gained from questionnaire filled-in by students. The questionnaire is anonymous to provide the confidentiality to the participants. All participants are willing and informed about the way information will be used. Ethics table completed before this research and research overlooked by tutor to assure fair practice and conformity of the BERA guidelines....   [tags: Higher education, Education, Further education]

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Factors that Promote Rapid Language Learning in Children?

- According to Chomsky (1972), language acquisition is one of the exclusive characteristics of human beings and is known as the jewel in the crown of cognition (Pinker, 1994). It is well known that other species on earth have communication system also, but differ substantially in their qualities from human communication. Several attempts have been made to teach apes to speak (Allen & Gardner, 1969; Savage-Rumbaugh, Sevcik, & Hopkins, 1988), but language acquisition is a mystery of human beings, it starts before a child is born (DeCasper & Spence, 1986)....   [tags: learning acquisition, skinner's theory, LAD]

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Prosecuting Juveniles as an Adult

- Multiple surveys have proven that 65% of the most ridiculous mistakes made by an adult were made in their teenage years. Adolescents are known to make mistakes, but when punished correctly, instead of repeating, they learn. Most people believe the harsher the punishment the less likely a child will act out again, but through research and analysis of the brain this was proven to not be true. When a teenager goes as far as committing a crime, judgement should still be based on the fact that he or she is still a minor....   [tags: juvenile delinquents, supreme court]

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The Reason For The Article ' Assessment Of Thinking ' Adult Learners ' By Darlene Eleanor Crone Todd

- The reason for the article “Assessment of Thinking in Adult Learners” by Darlene Eleanor Crone-Todd is to discuss higher-order thinking in college education. This research compares MHC to the modified Bloom’s taxonomy in an effort to find consistent procedures for evaluating adult learning. According to Lamport Commons (2014), “MHC is based on a mathematical model based on the ‘Theory of Measurement’ that has gone through a number of iterations as a measurement system.” Researchers discuss the first four sub-categories: knowledge, comprehension, application and analysis, however, the writer feels there is not enough evidence for so few categories....   [tags: Higher education, Education, Critical thinking]

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Interview With An Older Adult

- Interview with an Older Adult Assessment tools used in interviewing an older adult allow one to gain an understanding the problems and risks associated with this individual and gain a perspective for which health care interventions can be introduced. The vulnerability of the elder population regarding health care is jeopardized without the assessment skills and interventions by qualified and caring health care professional. The following describes my interview of D.K. includes various assessment tools in gaining an understanding his social history, nutritional status, independence with activities of daily living, mental status, fall risk, and listing of medications taken....   [tags: Health, Health care, Health care provider]

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Adult Literacy and Community Development

- My vision in my work with VOC this year is to explore the intersection of adult literacy and community development. Through research, I hope to learn more about the connection between research and practice in writing for adult learners; through working with a community based organization I hope to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the impact and challenges of working in a literacy program and how this translates into overall goals of improving livelihoods and building a stronger community....   [tags: Social Work Essays]

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Juvenile Delinquency And Adult Offenders

- Throughout the history in the article “Early in U.S. history, children who broke the law were treated the same as adult criminals” (1999) that was written by the Bulletin: Juvenile Justice, explains around the nineteenth century, young children at age seven who are accused for a dishonest behavior were to be imprisoned either with the adult or sentenced to death if found guilty on stand trial in criminal court offenses (1999). In early 1825, the society for the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency was supporting the separation of juvenile and adult offender because many States took the responsibilities for utilizing the juvenile facilities when the youth were under various abuses (1999)....   [tags: Crime, Juvenile delinquency, Health care]

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Benefits Of A Working Adult

- Does it benefit a working adult to get an education, or not. Plenty of people in this world have made millions of dollars without an education. However, the number of people who have not made a fortune is definitely higher. Receiving an education in this day and age is extremely expensive compared to what it used to cost a student. School can be out-right unaffordable for some people, and end up leaving them with more debt than they can repay. With so many options between trade schools, colleges, and universities a student should be able to find an education at a less expensive rate....   [tags: Higher education, High school, United States]

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My Experience As An Adult

- It has been many years since I went to the Museum Tolerance. I believe that my experience as an adult was so very different from when I went as an adolescent. As an adolescent I did not understand the ignorance and significance and the pure hatred that Germans felt towards a group of people, Jews, giving them permission to eliminate them as if their mere existence permitted it. Visiting the three areas of the museum, The Tolerance Center, The Holocaust, and Finding our families was so powerful, enlightening and educational....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment]

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How Bilingualism Affect The Learning Process Of Children

- Group Supervision 1 The main focus was to consider the topic for the dissertation; the class discussion covered the main title question for the research. Questions were raised with regards to the applicability of the main question for the research, whether it was too extensive or too narrow. Using flipcharts to brainstorm ideas relating to bilingualism. Also with the teacher’s assistance I recognised my initial question for the topic was too extensive and needed to be narrowed down to a specific achievable question research....   [tags: Scientific method, Research, Ethics, Learning]

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Juvenile Justice And Adult Justice

- Quite often it is found that legislatures find a great deal of their problems in the procedural areas of the law more than actually attaining by skill and effort, justice for all. In this chapter titled “Theories of Delinquency and Juvenile Offending” ( Hess, Orthmann, & Wright, 2013) expresses why juvenile justice and adult justice has significantly veered over time. To begin, norms are greatly known to be deeper than values. Every society has their own norms, and or things that are normal for a specific ordered community....   [tags: Crime, Sociology, Criminology]

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Process of Learning

- There are many ways that children and adults learn but there are two processes of learning which have been of great debate for many years. Observational learning and cognitive learning have been theories which many great philosophers have been researching extensively. Both theories provide valid points and both can be applied to our world today. The question is do I believe in them and can they somehow be integrated. I believe that learning is observable yet I also recognize that there are many other factors to consider when discussing this issue....   [tags: Education Essays Observational Cognitive Learning]

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Adult Education And Its Effects On Consumer Behavior, Investment Education Programs

- It is true, and as the authors clearly state, we live in times of economic uncertainty. The background relates to a world debt crisis coupled with high unemployment rates as a communal concern, this calls for FLE, Financial Literacy Education, more so for all adult learners in a system that grows in complexity. Previous studies inform about adult education and FLE efforts. Existing studies explore issues in FLE and the effects of FLE on consumer behavior, investment education programs and goals, and FLE effects on the community and in the workplace....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Pedagogy, Psychology]

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Juveniles and Adult Time

- ... Distance between the supervisors and the children can result into the child getting into acts of crime. A parent should be able to monitor their child and try to deter them from committing acts that can danger their life. It has also been known that children of parents, who have also been criminals themselves, are likely to follow in the same footsteps that their parents did when they were younger. Discipline can also play a major role in molding the child into being a better and more successful person....   [tags: legal system for juvenile delinquents]

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Sociolinguistics and Fairy Tales; An Integrated Approach to Adult ESL Classroom Practice

- Rationale The purpose of this study is to consider the current materials adult ESL students’ use and incorporate authentic material (through the use of fairy tales) as a way of helping adult learners achieve proficiency in second language through a mock prospectus. This study investigates the sociolinguistic, sociocultural and psychological features found in fairy tales, including Grimm’s tales, and the potential of using modern fairy tales as practice material for ESL learners. It explores various dimensions of fairy tales and demonstrates how they can be used as content to instruct and provide language practice to ESL learners....   [tags: English, Second lLanguage, Teaching, Education]

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Programs for Adult Learners

- Thus far, we have focused upon models and approaches for determining the purposes that curriculum should fulfill. Other decisions must be made about how to achieve stated purposes and how best to evaluate progress toward goals intended. The choice of emphasizing purpose and content as a first step in curriculum development is arbitrary. Alan Purves has been building curriculum for over twenty years. When was asked to think about the processes by which he developed and arranged materials to effect learning, he realized that existing models are a fine way to look at curriculum but that they don't tell a person how to proceed any more than a blueprint tells where to begin building a house....   [tags: curriculum, models, approaches]

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Intergenerational Learning and Social Capital

- Intergenerational Learning and Social Capital The elder cannot be an elder if there is no community to make him an elder. The young child cannot feel secure if there is no elder, whose silent presence gives him or her hope in life. The adult cannot be who he or she is unless there is a strong sense of the other people around. (M. P. Somé, Ritual Power, Healing, and Community. Portland, OR: Swan/Raven & Co., 1993, p. 2) Knowledge has been transmitted from one generation to another throughout history, often informally or incidentally....   [tags: Learning Education Essays]

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How Play Is Essential For A Child 's Development And For Learning Life Skills

- Children like to play. Play is essential for a child’s development and for learning life skills. It provides a natural, comfortable setting for young children to develop and learn. Froebel and Montessori have said that play is children’s work, but it is also adult work. Preschool must work to better understand the role of play in the lives of young children, and how to nurture and utilize play with children. (Koralek, 2004) Play is important to the academic environment. The school focuses on social, emotional and cognitive development of children....   [tags: Learning, Play, Problem solving]

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Adulthood And Adulthood Essay

- Childhood and adulthood are two different but equally important times in our lives. Childhood is the period of time when we are still growing up. Adulthood is the time in our life when we are grown up, though we may still be developing as people. Throughout the world, the beginning of adulthood is usually legally deemed to occur at a certain age, for instance, 18 or 21 years old. However, it can also be argued that we become adults as soon as we become independent, responsible for our own actions, and able to participate as a part society....   [tags: Adult, Adulthood, Adult development, Coming of age]

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The Benefits of Self Directed Learning

- Merriam, Caffarella and Baumgartner state that “Self-directed learning as a process of learning, in which people take the primary initiative for planning, carrying out, and evaluating their own learning experiences, has received a great deal of attention in literature” (2007, p.110). Being self-directed in learning is a part of our adult life. Self-directed learning is a learner-centered approach to involve students in the learning process. The article that I chose is “Using Study Plans to Develop Self-Directed Learning Skills: Implications From a Pilot Project” by Fengning Du....   [tags: education, plan, teacher]

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The ICU as an Effective Learning Environment

- Learning is the lifelong process of transforming information and experience into knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes. It may occur as part of education, personal development or training. According to Hinchliff (1999), there are many factors that can give and affect the quality of learning such as students, teachers and the environment. Meanwhile, learning environment itself is the physical or virtual setting in which learning takes place. Hannafin, Land & Oliver (1999) described learning environment as a typically constructivist in nature, engaging learners in “sense-making” or reasoning about extensive resource set, including four components which are enabling context, resources, a...   [tags: Nursing Reflective Practice]

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Play is important for development and learning.

- Play is a freely chosen and personally directed behaviour that actively engages children. It is very important that early years practitioners have a good grasp on this subject as the developmental usefulness of play for a child is extremely significant. For children, play provides them with the necessary skills to develop: socially, emotionally, physically and creatively. Bruce (2004) explores the fact that play is a valuable tool for children to discover their environment and to learn about why things happen using all of their senses both indoors and outdoors....   [tags: Legal Issues, The Childcare Act]

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How The Psyche Carries On The Society Of Children, And The Life Of Adults

- As a life is lived, it develops, and there are phases of this development. In this developing, there are seasons of understanding and seeing the world in interchange routes, with similitudes and contrasts in every viewpoint. These stages can be essentially separated into two gatherings: the life of children, and the life of adults. The ways that life is inhabited these two phases are radically distinctive yet specific perspectives in how the psyche carries on and how it reasons circumstances can be clearly diverse, or unusually comparable....   [tags: Adult, Adulthood, Mind, Child]

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Teaching And Learning And Professional Development

- Educators have used theories in education as the philosophy and framework of presenting ideologies, behaviors and psychological explanations of phenomenon in education. Quin, Deris, Bischoff and Johnson (2015) posited that leaders use theories to create and implement various avenues to effectively and systematically unravel the phenomenon in educational concepts, teaching and learning and professional development (Slavich & Zimbardo, 2012). Educational theories are the guiding principles by which school leaders assess their performance and leadership skills in order to determine which theory is pertinent to the exploration of an educational phenomenon such as, teachers’ perception of teacher...   [tags: Education, Leadership, School, Skill]

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Learning Theories for an Effective Classroom

- INTRODUCTION Learning theories are critical for every teacher to keep in mind. While they are theories, they are great guides for teachers. From what I remember reading, research has shown that when teachers use learning theories to guide their teaching correctly, they get positive results. The following explores how learning theories that naturally promote classroom management both explicitly and implicitly and most importantly offer students a chance to learn in a safe environment that is developmentally appropriate and environmentally stimulating for the young learner ages three to six....   [tags: teaching techniques, education systems]

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The Facets and Perspectives in Language Learning

- ... An adult L2 learner will have a distinct accent when learning the new language. According to assigned file to read: Krashen (1982) there are two ways an adult can learn a second language: “adults can (1) ‘acquire’, which is the way children ‘get’ their first language, subconsciously, through informal, implicit learning. Once you have acquired something you’re not always aware you have done it. It just feels natural; it feels as if it has always been there. Quite distinct from acquisition (2) conscious learning....   [tags: aquire, students, accommodations]

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An Experiment On Social Observational Learning

- 1. Social observational learning is described by the text as being an active model. It involves observing a behavior of another person as well as observing the consequence to the behavior. The consequence can be either positive or negative and this type of learning can persuade the observer to behave the way the individual did also known as “vicariously learning” or not “vicariously punished” depending on if the consequence was positive or negative. An example the text gives is that there are two volunteers that participate in an experiment and first one volunteer observes another volunteer complete the experiment....   [tags: Observation, Philosophy of science, Knowledge]

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Learning A Second Language Acquisition

- Second Language Acquisition As globalization become more embedded in daily life, second language acquisition is considered as a necessary for people to be more engaged in the modern society. However, learning a second language is not an easy task. In order to acquire a second language in a more effective way, issues concerning the role of consciousness in foreign language learning have been raised. While there are general debates about the best way of learning a second language, I will advocate for the position that unconscious learning is taking place as a significant portion of second language acquisition....   [tags: Language acquisition, Linguistics]

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The Concept of Lifelong Learning

- The lifelong learning concept has changed over the past years by different scholars such as Jacque Delors and international organisations such as OECD, World Bank and European Commission It is a concept that many countries try import into their educational policies to better their economies. The purpose of this essay is to use literature review to analyse the 20th century term lifelong learning prefiguring the ideas in the 21st century learning and the discourse of lifelong learning and knowledge economy....   [tags: Education]

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The Adulthood And Middle Adulthood

- The area that I would like to touch on is the different levels of adulthood, young adulthood, early adulthood and middle adulthood. These developmental stages are new to me, especially the Emerging adulthood theory that was discussed in this course. I will be discussing what stood out to me as I learned about these different stages, before this I was under the impression that once you turned 18 years old you were considered an adult. Not that I agreed with that theory, but until I took this course my thought had been confirmed and there are different “levels” of being an adult....   [tags: Adult, Adulthood, Developmental psychology]

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The Foundation of Quality Higher Learning

- Beginning with the Dual Enrollment program for high school students, English as a Second Language classes for non-English speaking legal residents, and the Adult Basic Education courses for GED seekers, through the numerous university transfer programs available for those planning to continue on at one of Arizona’s major universities, the staff members of the Foundation Studies Division provide guidance to bring students successfully through their current program of study and onto the next. Because of these programs and dedicated staff members, the FSD not only personifies the definition of “quality higher learning”, but also provides much needed services to members of the community and thei...   [tags: dual enrollment program, education]

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The Teaching and Learning Process

- Introduction Teaching and learning are complicated processes. The literature is full of research describing how people learn. Two well-known models characterize learners by age: pedagogy and andragogy. Pedagogy focuses on the teacher-child learner relationship and andragogy focuses on the teacher-adult learner relationship. While pedagogy is a longstanding theory that can be traced back to the monastic schools of Europe in the 7th century, Malcolm Knowles brought recognition to the concept of andragogy in the 20th century (Merriam, Caffarella, & Baumgartner, 2007; Knowles, 1973)....   [tags: pedagogy and andragogy]

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Traditional And Distant Learning Programs

- Distance Learning Both traditional and distant learning programs provide eminence education, with the main difference between them being the content delivery method not quality. The advent of technology has brought a change in varied echelons of life, as is evident through the rise of e-commerce and social networking, and their related impact on society. Needless to say, educational sector is not immune to the technological development. While presently web-based learning dominates the educational paradigm, it is learned since the days of televisions, post and teleprompter educational climate has been dynamic....   [tags: Distance education, Education, Classroom]

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Learning Is The Essence Of Education

- Learning is the essence of education and serves as the catalyst in all decision-making for academic communities. School systems serve students, families, and the community and have the responsibility of providing learning opportunities that allow students to grow academically and socially as they prepare for adult life. Embedded in this undertaking is a responsibility for establishing the right “fit” between the school system’s goals and its people. Forming meaningful relationships and investing in deeper levels of understanding assist in providing a structure that embraces empowerment, support, open dialogue, and collaborative decision-making....   [tags: Management, High school, Public school]

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Online Learning For High School

- Chairs in a straight row, chalk squeaking on the chalk board, students gazing out the window daydreaming while their teacher is lecturing on Medieval Times. Is this a scene from 2014 or 1967. With so many new obstacles in students’ home lives and school settings and increasing drop-out rates, what better way to prevent, alleviate, or better yet solve these problems than use what we are increasingly using everyday; the internet. With higher education moving fast in the direction of online learning being second nature, students should also get this same alternative to the traditional educational method in high school as well as they look ahead to the future of their adult careers....   [tags: High school, Education, College]

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National Center For Learning Disabilities

- National Center for Learning Disabilities: NCLD NCLD has as a purpose to improve the lives of the one in five children and adults nationwide with learning and attention issues by empowering parents and young adults, transforming schools and advocating for equal rights and opportunities. Some of the programs offered include understood for learning and attention issues, which help parents to identify symptoms and signs of children with learning and attention issues. Also, the website provide information to teach parents how to treat and approach their child....   [tags: Educational psychology, Disability]

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Foreign Language Learning For Children

- Foreign Language Learning for Children; Need or Option. Relocating to a new country is an opportunity that a few families get to experience, sometimes even more than once during one’s career. While such a move can be complex and in some ways even frustrating, the professional and personal gains are numerous. It teaches flexibility, agility and compassion as well as increase one’s competitiveness, pay and career promotion potential. And while learning the language of the relocation country is a personal and professional advantage for the moving professional, what about the accompanying family and children....   [tags: Linguistics, Language acquisition]

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Adult Education: Social Change or Status Quo?

- Adult Education: Social Change or Status Quo. Some believe that adult education was focused on a mission of social change in its formative years as a field in the 1920s. As it evolved and became institutionalized, the field became preoccupied with professionalization. More recently, emphasis on literacy and lifelong learning in a changing workplace has allied it with the agenda of economic competitiveness. This Digest examines the debate over the mission of adult education: is it to transform individuals or society....   [tags: Argumentative Pesuasive Papers]

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Young Adult Parenthood

- Generations these days believe that parenthood is based on only having children without considering that this stage in life is more complex than what we tend to believe. Most new parents are not financially stable and once faced with the situation of being a parent, they realize that the stress of not being able to provide the basic necessities can be unbearable. Being a successful parent is a learning process, there must be an awareness that mistakes will be made. There must be compromises made by both parents thus not to confuse the child, especially when both parents have different religious beliefs....   [tags: Parenting]

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Piggy as the Adult Figure of Lord of the Flies

- Piggy as the Adult Figure of Lord of the Flies In the most dire situations, some children are able to put aside their childish behaviours and become a mature adult figure, one who takes the right actions and makes mature decisions. According to the National Institutes of Health, only a certain few children are able to act maturely in situations; the other completely normal children are not able to take it seriously. Even though some people think that a child who acts adult-like is not any different than the other children, being adult-like can be very important and useful in many situations, including ones without any parental supervision....   [tags: childish behavior, civilization, justice]

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Formal versus Informal Learning

- Formal and Informal Learning environments for employees Structured and programmed training venues are designed to equip the employee, supervisor, and manager with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to startup, maintain, and improve services and products provided to general public on a global scale. Formal training is generally the focus of most organizations when discussing the return on investment in the form of revenue generation or in the case of governments, efficiency in utilizing citizens taxes in a responsible manner....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Turning 17 And Being An Adult Right

- Turning 17 and being almost 18 guarantees you being an adult right. Wrong. You are still treated like a kid--at least in my case it does. I am still treated like I am 10 years old being only allowed to do certain activities like playing with the TV only with parent permission. Maybe not that bad, but being treated like a kid and having a curfew with set times and restrictions that are still placed upon me. Being close to 18 and not having the freedom as an adult may have is what I have to deal with....   [tags: Need, Want, 2009 singles, Stay]

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Adult Basic Education and Employment in Saskatchewan

- Adult Basic Education in Saskatchewan follows the provincial Grade 12 curriculum however a hidden curriculum exists. The hidden curriculum is the "subtle or not-so subtle messages that are not part of the intended curriculum" (Nieto, 2001: 28). There is a high expectation that Adult Basic Educators are facilitating opportunities for students to gain the skills to enter the workforce either immediately after graduation as well as preparing some for post-secondary education. The Saskatchewan government has identified the need to increase the province’s workforce....   [tags: Education, Employment]

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How Does Prior Word Knowledge Affect Vocabulary Learning Progress

- In the article “How does prior word knowledge affect vocabulary learning progress in an extensive reading program?” Webb and Chang (2015) study many essential variables in learning vocabulary in L2. In addition to that, they expand on several cotemporary researches in the field of SL acquisition. Therefore, they have chosen sixty of sixteen years old secondary school students to participate in three levels of extensive reading course, high, intermediate, and low, based on their prior word knowledge in L2, and throughout 37 weeks....   [tags: Learning, Writing, Modern Language Association]

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Experiential and Constructivist Learning

- Experiential and Constructivist Learning Experiential approach to learning can be an extremely effective form of learning, especially for adults. Confucius said “Tell me, and I will forget. Show me and I may remember” and that saying still applies to today as many adults learn better by experience than they do by the traditional chalk and talk (Conlan, Grabowski & Smith, 2012). The following essay will discuss how to utilize experiential learning in a heavy equipment construction company. It will illustrate how to facilitate student employee learning by doing....   [tags: heavy equipment, construction, experience]

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What Are The Three Major Theories Of Gender Are Known As The Learning Theory

- The three major theories of gender are known as the Learning Theory, The Social Learning Theory, and the Cognitive Development Theory. The learning Theory states that “Traits and behaviors are not inborn- we learn them.” (122) This means that we aren’t born we knowing what traits and behaviors are for each gender, we learn them through our environment. For example growing up, I was assign the role of playing with dolls and playing house and dress up. I didn’t think much of it at first, but learning from my peers and my environment, I learned that was expected of me, since I was a girl....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Man, Learning]

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Juvenile Justice And The Adult Justice System

- Life 's too short and we only live life once, but what we do with our life is our own choice. There are many kids deciding to go the wrong way to living their short lives. Some kids become Juvenile criminals, and these crimes that these kids did goes to the Juvenile Justice, Department. Juvenile Justice Department makes up for different agencies that work with kids who did something bad with the law. The different agencies or police, court, detention, probation, and prosecutor. But if a kid commits a really bad crime or more than one crime....   [tags: Crime, Criminology, Criminal justice, Trial]

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Andragogy Reflection: Malcom Knowles

- Introduction Andragogy, made famous in the United States by Malcom Knowles in 1967, is the art and science of teaching adult learners as opposed to pedagogy which is the art and science of teaching but not distinguishing what age group (Rachel, 2002). Knowles implemented andragogy through the use of a learning contract, in which learning objectives, strategies and resources, achievement, and methods for evaluation are all determined by both the learner and instructor (2002). Andragogy has been and still is well debated among educators and psychologists....   [tags: adult learners, experience, class]

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Managing Time as an Adult Learner in College

- ... Before writing anything in the planners it is important to estimate the time needed for each task and to make sure to include absolutely everything in them which should consist of study time, homework time, appointments, family responsibilities, work, and personal time. When allotting time for studies students often do not allow enough time to complete everything that is due. This should include around two hours of study time for each credit hour for each course they are taking. If they are taking eight hours of classes per week then they should include at least 16 hours of study time in their planner (Keeley, 2011)....   [tags: Procrastination, Time, Education]

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Is Adult Learners Face A Scary Reality?

- Adult learners face a scary reality when they choose to go back to school. Many adults are faced with several obstacles, such as finding time to go back to school. I have found in my recent choice to go back to school that my time management skill has been put to the test. I have had to get creative to juggle day to day life and school. This course has given some useful tools to help better manage my time. Growing up I always thought I would have a degree long before I had a family, however it seems life had other plans....   [tags: Management, Personal life, Time management]

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