Adult Education and Adult Learning Analysis

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It is my conviction that the noble profession of instructing teachers is the greatest, most powerful contributor to nation building. Teachers, within the school system, have the responsibility of imparting knowledge, acting as agents of socialization, creating responsible, productive members of society and guiding students towards the achievement of their goals.

It is, therefore, important that great emphasis be placed on training teachers, since in education teachers are viewed as significant contributors to the quality of students produced. Thus, the input by teachers will have a direct bearing on strategies and materials needed to aid the learner in an educational pursuit, to achieve at the highest possible level. As an adult instructor at the Cyril Potter College of Education where teachers are trained to be professionals, the main goal of the college is to create learning experiences that would, “…help individuals satisfy their needs and achieve their goals,” the ultimate goal being “human fulfilment” as is encouraged in the writings of Knowles (1980) p.27.

The concepts of adult education and adult learning varies from person to person and theorist to theorist. It is important to note that there are marked similarities regarding Adult Education and Adult Learning. Thomas (1991) states that “…education cannot exist without learning…” since they both contribute to personal and societal growth of the Adult Learner. These learning experiences are therefore integrated into the curriculum of Adult Education. This gives the Adult Learner greater liberty in directing their learning and its outcomes. In some cases learning practices are even adjusted with the discovery of new research.

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