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Are Actors Liars?

- It is not a secret that people usually lie a lot, and for some people it is part of their lives. People usually consider actors as liars because they usually change their behavior and faces. To provide the audience with the relevant information whether acting and lying are similar or different, the very concept of these two notions should be considered, compared and contrasted, and the results of the investigation may help us to answer the question. Considering the lying as the part of people’s behavior, the first aspect, which should be mentioned, is that whether to lie or to tell the truth is the personal choice....   [tags: Acting]

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How Directors Work with Actors

- Scope of the essay: The essay investigates how a director should communicate and work with actors during rehearsal and on set to produce engaging performances. The essay investigates different acting styles, the rehearsal process, directing on set and communication between actors and director. The essay assumes the actor has formal training and basic experience. The essay then proves effective communication achievable through the “actor’s vocabulary” is key not to over-direct and building trust with the actor....   [tags: Performances, Rehearsals, Director]

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Transnational Actors and Coporations

- Question 5 Transnational actors have increasingly gained power in international politics. They have become strength that cross the traditional boundaries which set up by nation states and gradually shifted the focus in international politics from old school thoughts of state actors to a much more discursive range of concerns about considerable number of potential actors. This kind of transnational actor is including transnational corporations (TNCs), individuals, international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), and international governmental organizations....   [tags: organizations, conflicts, treats]

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Television And Film : Deaf Actors And Actresses

- Television and film are things that have been enjoyed by people for decades. A lot of people do not think of deaf people when they think about television and film, but they do not realize how much of an influence Deaf people have had on television and film. Deaf people have been part of television almost since it started. In this Paper I will talk about the history of deaf actors and actresses in Television and film,Marlee Matin,and deaf actors and actresses in television and film now. The first thing I would like to talk about is the history of Deaf actors and actresses in television and film....   [tags: Actor, Acting, Film, Marlee Matlin]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Asian American Actors '

- Race is involved in media because of box office revenues, the interest of audience, the verbal content of commentators, and the actors showing on the screen. In order to get more box office revenues, the companies directly include the idea of race into films as who they would choose to be the main characters in the films. Who is going to be the main character of the film is directly affecting the box office revenues. Commonly, companies would choose the white to be the main character instead of Asians or others....   [tags: White people, White American, Race, Black people]

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Structural Realism and Non-State Actors

- The rising power of transnational terrorist organizations post 9/11 has weakened the state-centric framework of the international system and challenged the structural realist’s conception of power. As one of the major theories, one would assume that the premises of structural realism would be more applicable in the 21st century. However, leaders of today are enveloping countries in a globalist mindset, contesting a state mentality that honors sovereignty. 9/11 represents a historical turning point; in which clashes between state and non-state actors increased the vulnerability of state actors and challenged their internal sovereignty....   [tags: Foreign Relations]

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The Center For Medical Progress Paid Actors

- In 2014 the Center for Medical Progress paid actors to pose as a biological tissue procurement company and attend a luncheon that was filmed interviewing Planned Parenthood’s senior director, Dr. Deborah Nucatola of which several videos were released. My client is a political candidate vying for presidency who desires to post a statement on his website saying: “The release of the fourth video showing a Planned Parenthood doctor discussing the sale of body parts from aborted babies demonstrates the failure of the organization’s efforts to defend itself....   [tags: Pregnancy, Abortion, Aristotle, Fetus]

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The Theme of Actors and Acting in Hamlet

- Custom Written Essays - The Theme of Actors and Acting in Hamlet. Many would perceive madness and corruption to play the most influential role in Hamlet. However, it could be argued that the central theme in the tragedy is Shakespeare's presentation of actors and acting and the way it acts as a framework on which madness and corruption are built. Shakespeare manifests the theme of actors and acting in the disassembly of his characters, the façades that the individuals assume and the presentation of the `play within a play'....   [tags: Shakespeare Hamlet Essays]

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Primary Actors in International Society

- After the end of World War II, two nations remained dominant: the United States and the Soviet Union. From roughly 1945 to 1990, The U.S. and the Soviet Union did not engage in direct military conflict, but they prepared for it. After massive military build-ups and periods of mounting tensions, the Cold War subsided as Communist regimes collapsed and Germany became whole again. Since then, emerging actors have joined states to collectively impact international society, and an important question to ask is: Are non-state actors becoming more important than state actors....   [tags: Politics]

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Latino Actors and Resistance Cinema

- Latino Actors and Resistance Cinema During the second half of the twentieth century Latino actors began to resist the previously portrayed stereotypes in American films. "The beginning of this "coming to self"…was the desire to expose the terrible conditions under which Puerto Ricans of this generation had been raised; challenge the assumptions under which these conditions thrived; and re-create the institutions and society that had engendered them" (Jimenez, 188). For many years Latinos allowed themselves to be depicted under various stereotypes which they therefore represented in real life to audiences everywhere....   [tags: Movies Films]

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Non State Armed Actors Across Time And Place

- Encounters with multiple non-state-armed actors across time and place, and the intuitive puz-zles born of these experiences animates my research agenda. As a peacekeeper in Kosovo, I wit-nessed how a random rifle shot could spark a string of reprisals along invisible lines that separat-ed villages. My soldiers and I were powerless to stop them. On the one hand because of our spe-cific legal mandate. And on the other, because we understood so little about our adversaries. Subsequent experiences leading soldiers in both Iraq and Afghanistan as part of a foreign inter-vention force immersed me again in the turmoil created by overlapping networks of non-state-armed groups competing for economic...   [tags: United States Army, United States, Military]

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Global Governance: Globalization and Non-State Actors

- “The process of globalization and the increasing role of non-state actors in global governance are undermining the role of the state as the principal actor in global policymaking.” Globalization and the increasing role of non-state actors have shifted the position of states, the traditional “main players” in global governance. However, whether this change undermines states is debatable. In one sense, states’ roles have somewhat diminished: Non-governmental entities – namely transnational corporations (TNC), but also global non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and others – have an increasing voice in global policy debates, which may lessen states’ influence in governmental affairs....   [tags: transnational companies, NGOs]

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Settings and Actors: What´s Mise-en-scene?

- ... - Describing the role-play of lighting, settings, props and décor in subconsciously providing details to the audience. - Deriving desired results in scenes by applying subtle modifications in costume, makeup, physical gestures and vocal tones of actors. - Contribution of space and time in providing completion to the term mise-en-scene with respect to film. In one of the scenarios the props will play a vital role along with the narrative, while in the other scenario they shall simply fulfill their rudimentary purposes....   [tags: scenario, lightning technique, script]

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Spanish Actors and Actresses

- Spanish Actors and Actresses Benicio del Toro When Benicio Del Toro first announced to his father and siblings that he intended to pursue a career in acting, they didn't take the news very well. As Del Toro told one interviewer, "My family freaked when I told them I wanted to be an actor. It was like telling them I wanted to be an astronaut. On top of that, it was like saying that in order to be an astronaut, I was going to have to drive a cab in New York for five years....   [tags: Papers]

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Greek Actors

- GREEK DRAMA: the actors The actors in ancient tragedies were hired and paid by the state and assigned to the tragic poets probably by lot. By the middle of the fifth century three actors were required for the performance of a tragedy. In descending order of importance of the roles they assumed they were called protagonist ‘first actor’ (a term also applied in modern literary criticism to the central character of a play), Dueteragonist ‘second actor’ and tritagonist “third actor’....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Blacks Actors

- Black actors, since the beginning of cinema have struggled to get the attention and credit from the Academy. Several times, my personal heroes where forced to compromise their grandiose acting ability for small “mammy” and “sambo” characters. We were forced to the back and never really given a chance to shine in the spotlight. Discrimination against African Americans even plagued children’s cartoons. In my paper I would like to cover how, black actors, especially women, are being discriminated against in the roles they are given to play....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Elizabeth Taylor

- Elizabeth Taylor was considered one of the world’s most famous film stars. She was recognized for her beauty, acting ability and her glamorous lifestyle. For outsiders, Elizabeth’s life looked flawless. Yet, not everything about her life was as perfect as it seemed. Elizabeth was born at her parents’ home in Hampstead Garden Suburb in northwest London, England on February 27th 1932 (Christopher, par. 1). Her parents, Francis Taylor, an art dealer, and Sara Warmbrodt, a former actress, were Americans originally from Arkansas City, Kansas....   [tags: Actors]

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Sociology And Social Activity : How Individual Actors Interpret Social Situations

- INTRODUCTION A vital element of the study of sociology and social activity is the study of how individual actors interpret social situations. Deep within the discussion of how individual actors understand and react to social situations, there is an underlying dualism similar to that of ‘nature versus nurture’. Individuals understand and act in social situations based on both individual interpretation, as well as large underlying structural forces. The micro interpretation of this concept can be critically examined with theories such as interpretivist sociology and symbolic interactionism (Scott 2009:16, 24)....   [tags: Sociology, Agency, Structure]

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The Impact and Outcome of the Key Actors, Institutions and Ideas of Low-carbon Regulation

- Outline 1. Introduction 1.1 Background 2. Case study – Critical Policy Analysis 2.1 The policy of Increasing The Use of Low-carbon Technologies 2.2 Actions 2.3 Actors 2.4 Institutions 2.5 Ideas 2.6 Storyline 3. Conclusion 4. Bibliography 1. Introduction In this essay, the policy of Increasing The Use of Low-carbon Technologies will be taken as a case-study to identify the key actors, institutions and ideas in environmental policy and how they impact on policy processes and the outcomes. 1.1 Background ‘Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, and since the 1950s, many of the observed changes are unprecedented over decades to millennia....   [tags: environmental policy]

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Political And Social Issues Created By Non State Armed Actors

- My research agenda focuses on political and social issues created by non-state armed actors. As a peacekeeper in Kosovo, I witnessed seemingly random acts of violence spark hate-filled reprisals and expose previously dormant feuds. My soldiers and I understood little about our adversaries who hid among an acquiescent population with shifting identities and loyalties. Furthermore, we were almost powerless to stop this kind of violence, both because of our legal mandate and because it appeared to be enabled by our presence....   [tags: Sociology, Social sciences, Society]

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Article Analysis : An Argument Of The Policy Positions Of Political Actors For Informal Reasons

- Article Critique #2 Many people try to determine the policy positions of political actors for informal reasons. The article Extracting Policy Positions from Political Texts Using Words as Data by Michael Laver and Kenneth Benoit explains the special method of treating data in the form of words as opposed to more traditional methods of data gathering. They use A Priori Approach in combination with different methods to operationalize this experiment. This based more on theoretical deduction instead of observation....   [tags: Scientific method, Science, Empiricism, Reference]

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State and Non-state Actors that Pose the Greatest Cyber Threat to the United States

- 3. IDENTIFY THE STATE AND NON-STATE ACTORS THAT POSE THE GREATEST CYBER THREAT TO THE UNITED STATES External global threats are on the rise. Cyber-attacks against the U.S. government are notably targeted for intrusions focusing on exfiltration information some of which are attributed to the Chinese government military (Kirk, 2013). Stolen information by China may be valuable for defense and technology, U.S. policy makers in China, and military planners. (Kirk, 2013). It’s noted that Cyber warfare abilities may intercept military response operations by limiting the communication and commercial activities of an adversary....   [tags: homeland security, terrorism, ]

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Analysis Of David Henry Hwang 's ' The Casting Of White Actors '

- In this documentary play, David Henry Hwang places himself center stage, where he comments of the casting of white actors to play Asian roles. Yellow face premiered at center theater group on may 10, 2007, in Los Angeles California, and was honored for its ironic play on culture and identity. Through out the play, Hwang is being critical of society’s views on the importance of race and public figures, and the controversy between these two characters DHH and Marcus Gee. David Henry Hwang and Marcus Gee plays a big role in this documentary play where both have to explains them selves in order to be heard and not be judge for their ancestry....   [tags: Asian American, United States, White American]

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Closer look at the Actors, and Behind the Scenes Information on the Popular Film, Grease

- Grease is the Word INTRO: Girls, grab your poodle skirts, Guys, grab your combs, hair grease and leather jackets. “Grease is the word” and after three decades since its original theatrical run its every bit had been enthralling as it ever was. As for the numbers, they can speak for themselves, since two remarkable theatrical releases, the first being in the summer of 1978 and a reissue in the spring of 1998 made the worldwide box office hit a staggering total of $394.5 million !. Starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John who take the lead roles set in the shifty 1950’s of America at the famed Rydell High School, as what has to be considered to be Hollywood’s most triumphant film, thu...   [tags: movies, films]

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Actors Must Go Beyond Immitation and Become the Character

- Actors Must Go Beyond Immitation and Become the Character What is acting, who are people which we can name actors. In fact we are all actors. Every single human being is an actor in his everyday life. Yet acting can be subdivided into two parts depending on a professional basis or daily one. Within the professional acting there are two major categories, Imitation and the art of becoming. Imitation, is when an actor tries to mime or imitate a certain character by talking the same way and making similar physical gestures that the character him self would normally do....   [tags: Papers]

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Critique of Actors in Charles Griffith's Little Shop of Horrors

- Critique of Actors in Charles Griffith's Little Shop of Horrors Little Shop Horrors is a story about a man who finds an unusual plant in a Chinese market. The man, Seymour nurses the Venus flytrap like plant to full health by his blood. The plant wins him everything he could want, respect, love and money. All to be lost in unity at the end. The main plot of little shop of Horrors revolves around Seymour. Seymour's ambition of Audrey to become his girlfriend. Seymour also wants respect from his boss and he also wants to make a little money....   [tags: Papers]

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Terrorism Is The Greatest Problem Plaguing The Eastern United States And Nations Targeted By Non State Actors

- Terrorism is the greatest problem plaguing the Eastern United States and nations targeted by non-state actors with political gain and psychological aftereffects in mind (Lecture 2014). The politically motivated violence towards threatening a state breaks international law standards consequently state actors cannot take action against terrorist organizations in the same way as if attacked by another state actor. Terrorism can be an internal action taken on by non-state actors within certain states that desire political supremacy or anarchy....   [tags: Terrorism, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Osama bin Laden]

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Foreign Policy And Security Actors

- Even though the EU’s intentions to provide its members a voice and emerge them as one strong voice, along with such developments that had helped the EU in beings an important foreign policy and security actor, there had been mixed criticism, as well as several major failures and setbacks of the CFSP and CSDP. One of the main challenges the CFSP had to face is the formation and the maintaining consensus positions of the twenty-seven sovereign countries. Each country has a different view, preferences, interests and priorities – coming up with a disagreement is no surprise....   [tags: European Union, Treaty of Lisbon]

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The Use of Stanislavski's Ideas to Guide Actors During the Rehearsal Process

- The Use of Stanislavski's Ideas to Guide Actors During the Rehearsal Process Stanislavski's ideas on relaxation, concentration of attention and tempo-rhythm went into great detail. He had very distinct, yet simple to follow ideas on each three, which actors still use and study to this day. Stanislavski dwelled on concentration of attention to a great extent. The use of attention when playing a role was considered very important. Concentrating on the attention was a skill that came from practise and focus, beginning in rehearsal and continuing into the final performance....   [tags: Konstantin Stanislavski Acting Theatre Essays]

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The Good, the Bad, and the Celebrity

- ... For instance, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows made a profit of 1.33 billion dollars. The main character, Daniel Radcliffe, was paid twenty-five to forty-five million dollars. That is less than five percent of how much the movie made. It very logical why celebrities are being paid millions of dollars. But, the reason why movies and television are earning so much money, is because American people simply want entertainment. Who else could be capable of producing such films, if not done by a gifted thespian....   [tags: entertaintment, actors, payment]

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The Globe Theater, Home of Many of Shakespeare's Plays

- ... A selection or ropes and rigging would allow for special effects, such as flying or exciting entries. They would have crowded around each side of the stage structure. At the time bathrooms weren’t built so people would relieve themselves outside. (3-1) The Globe Theatre built by a carpenter named Peter Smith and his workers. The theater’s wooden framework made at the builder’s yard. Eventually taken apart and each piece marked for re-assembly on site. Bear-building rings may have proposed to build the theater....   [tags: architecture, costumes, actors]

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Men of Comedy: Adam Sandler and Chevy Chase

- Throughout the history of comedy, many actors and actresses have come and gone and left behind their hilarious movies and stand-up shows. Adam Sandler and Chevy Chase are good examples of how comedy has helped shape the face of acting. Comedy is very important in today’s society, with famous actors and blockbuster hits. Comedy is fun for the whole family, and it is the most watched form of movie out there. Most people find enjoyment out of a good laugh with their friends and family. It is a form of entertainment that has been around for a very long time, and I don’t see it going away anytime soon....   [tags: Saturday Night Live, actors]

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Comparing and Constrasting Changes Between the Elizabethan Theatre to Theatre of Today’s Society

- Within this essay I will be comparing and contrasting the changes that have occurred between Elizabethan Theatre to theatre of today’s society, in particular drawing attention toward American theatre and its first existence. I will give specific examples, such as’Tis Pity She’s A Whore’ a play by John Ford, with regards to Elizabethan Theatre in comparison with the works within Broadway, and how particular playwrights, such as Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller, helped to ground the movement that is American theatre....   [tags: broadway, travelling actors]

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Recommendations for Making Shiver by Karen Robards a Movie

- ... Even though Tyler’s original age was a great window of opportunity, it had to be done. One part that would be suitable to be taken out is Sam looking throughout the town-house they’re stationed at looking for ways out in-case of emergency. Another thing would be when Sam argues with “Marco” about how Tyler shouldn't be playing violent video games when she catches them playing Halo on an Xbox. Something else would be the scene where the doctor is explaining to Danny which medicine to take and when for his leg....   [tags: age, actors, location]

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The Top Eleven Popular Episodes of the Twilight Zone

- The Twilight Zone (1959-1964) is one of the most well know sci-fi series ever made, and filmed in black and white which even adds to its visual mystic. It is hosted by Rod Sterling who wrote many of the episodes himself. The series also featured many soon to be-famous actors such as Lee Marvin, Robert Redford, Burt Reynolds, Dennis Hopper, Carol Burnett, James Coburn, Robert Duvall, Charles Bronson, Peter Falk, and William Shatner, plus a number of established stars of the time such as Buster Keaton, Art Carney, and Mickey Rooney....   [tags: sc-fi, actors, episodes]

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The Life of Benedict Cumberbatch

- ... However, he was not getting too far so he changed agents, and, because of his new agent’s suggestion, he changed his name to Cumberbatch. Benedict Cumberbatch had a breakthrough when he acted as “Stephen Hawking in the television movie Hawking (2004)” (Kad). Cumberbatch also starred as Sherlock Holmes in the hit BBC television show series “Sherlock”. While filming a show called “To the Ends of the Earth” for BBC in 2005, Cumberbatch almost met his death when the tire of his car blew. He and some other actors in the car were ambushed by South Africans as they tried to change the tire in the darkness of the night....   [tags: notorious British actors]

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Commentary on the Play "Wicked"

- On Saturday, December 21 at 8:00 p.m., I saw the play Wicked in Chicago at the Ford Center for the Performing Arts with my family. I had always heard how spectacular the play was. My parents even saw it on Broadway in New York years ago and absolutely loved it and wouldn’t stop talking about it. Well let me tell you, describing Wicked as being a spectacular show is dead on, maybe even an understatement. Wicked was by far one of the best plays I’ve ever seen. Between the actors, lighting, scenery, and music, it was an amazing show and grabbed your attention at all times....   [tags: Oz, Costumes, Actors]

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Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe's Appeal

- Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin were two charismatic figures of popular entertainment whose images, biographies, and associations still resonate with audiences today. Monroe and Chaplin appealed to millions of fans and admirers with their charm, attractiveness, and magnetism. However, these projected auras were not completely natural, but rather constructions of semi-mythic personae by the charismatic and exploited through the media. The nature of their charismatic appeal can be understood in the context of a creative response to traumatic childhood experiences....   [tags: Actors]

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The King of Cool

- Over the years, Hollywood had great and memorable actors. Some of them were tough guys, some rebellious, and some performed their own stunts on screen. Steve McQueen was one of those actors. Known as “The King of Cool”, he performed most of his own stunts in his movies as well as participated in auto and motorcycle racing. Steve McQueen was born Terence Stephen McQueen on March 24, 1930 in Indianapolis, Indiana (Encyclopedia Britannica). His father was a stunt pilot for a flying circus who left McQueen and his mother at an early age (Turner Classic Movies)....   [tags: hollywood, actors, Steve Mqueen]

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TV and Film Industry

- Bestselling author, Og Mandino, once said, “Obstacles are necessary for success because in selling, as in all careers of importance, victory comes only after many struggles and countless defeats” (“Career Quotes”). In life, not everything will be smooth sailing. Some things are hard to accomplish. People may need to struggle a bit before they finally achieve their goal. An example of this is in careers. A person may not get his most desired job right off the bat. He may have to work for it. One particular job this especially pertains to is the TV and Film industry....   [tags: Hollyywood, Success, Struggles, Actors]

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Are Actors and Athletes Paid Too Much?

- What comes to mind if someone mentions entertainer or an athlete. People think of their lavish lifestyle, and their salaries are excessive. Many say that athletes and entertainers live in a care free world by all the money they make and that their job isn’t that hard to do. Although some people say that people who contribute to the society don’t make money like entertainers and athletes do, because of all the extravagant amount of money they make, the consumers would have to pay more. I feel that entertainers and athletes should be making their high salaries because they put in hard work to get to that point, freely donate to charities, and society aids their high wages....   [tags: salaries in the entertainment and sports industry]

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Dress For Success

- What is the intention of Tyler Perry in his portrayal of Madea in his highly successful movies series. Equally, what are movie producers and executives attempting to illustrate to audiences about black men dressed as women. Of greater importance, what is James McBride trying to convey to readers about black men, their masculinity, and their identity in the context of their role in modern society. Black masculinity seems to be an important theme in many artistic and literary works to date. This fact dates back to colonial obsession with everything black especially skin pigmentation and sexuality....   [tags: masculinity, black, actors]

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Elements of Theater

- Elements of Theatre The elements of theater consist of three fundamental requirements; Stage, Actors and a script. We feel that K-mart needs to adjust their theater in order to give their customers an overall better experience. K-marts current theater is unexciting and quite honestly mind-numbing. In a simple market place the oldest form of retail is the business of selling products to consumers. With the internet allowing customers to purchase online, retail stores like K-mart must create some “theater” in order to create experiences where customers are amused, or find value beyond purchasing products at lowest price....   [tags: Stage, Actors and a script.]

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Ira Aldridge: The First African-American Othello

- Many actors throughout the centuries have performed William Shakespeare’s Othello, both on stage and in film. A few famous actors to have played Othello include Richard Burbage, Edmund Kean, Ira Aldridge, Orson Welles, James Earl Jones, and Laurence Fishburne (Arogundade). Othello was described as a Moor by Shakespeare, despite this, Othello was usually performed by white actors that would wear blackface makeup. Not only were women not allowed to perform in theatre, neither were African-Americans....   [tags: actor, william shakespeare, white actors]

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A Wonderful TV Drama: One Tree Hill

- One Tree Hill is an American series that started back in 2003. It is set in a fictional town Tree Hill in North Carolina. One Tree Hill is a nine season story that starts off junior year in high school. Each episode focuses on relationships with friends, partners and parents. This is a hit TV drama, what makes it great is the message behind each plot, relatability, interesting actors, unique soundtrack, and good use of camera angles. This TV series isn't all about the plot but about the message within the plot that viewers receive; this is a well thought out masterpiece of drama, that connects to millions of teens of the shows target audience on a high emotional level....   [tags: actors, soundtrack, camera, relatability, plot]

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The Public Market - Company Managers Should be Public Actors Rather than Private Agents

- The Public Market - Company Managers Should be Public Actors Rather than Private Agents ABSTRACT: The marketplace as an institution enjoys widespread popularity today. Many economists hold that most of society’s problems could be best solved by applying the market mechanism to them. Government, by contrast, is widely considered to be a problem rather than a solution. Some would like to see the government restructured along market lines so that policies would follow voter choice, as products follow that of consumers....   [tags: Public Administration Economics]

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Casting Actors to Play Helena and Hermia from William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

- Casting Actors to Play Helena and Hermia from William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream A Midsummer Night’s Dream examines the theme of love in all its aspects. When Act one scene One opens we are at the court of Duke Theseus and he is swearing his undying love for Hippolyta so at the very start we are introduced to love and its deep emotional impact. The declaration of love between the Ducal pair is shortened by the arrival of Egeus with his disobedient daughter Hermia. The mood immediately changes and we discover that Hermia rather than being filled with filial love is determined to marry Lysander rather than her father’s choice for her....   [tags: Papers]

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Australia: A Bit of History, Culture and Famous Actors

- Australia Since I am interested in Australia, I decided to find out a little more about it. One of the first things I would like to find out is basic information about the country. Another thing I would like to find out is what happened in Australia’s history. Furthermore, it would also be interesting to learn about the country’s current leader. Information about the capital city is another thing that I want to discover about Australia. In addition, I would like to find out about popular attractions that are located in Australia....   [tags: Hugh Jackman, government]

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Innocence Indeed?: Innocence's Dual Actors in Benito Cereno

- All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts. —William Shakespeare, As You Like It (1623) In Benito Cereno, Melville establishes contrasting forms of innocence. Innocence of mind lacks knowledge of wrongdoing, and, as a result, may commit and excuse heinous crimes. Innocence of action understands that to accomplish a greater good, a lesser evil must sometimes be committed. For example, Captain Delano is too naive to see the slave revolt because he imputes black people with good....   [tags: Melville, ethics, morality, performance, acting]

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History of the Hollywood Star System

- ... Unfortunately, bad news surrounded Downey during his dark days in the late 1990's and early 2000's , and then it was topped off by a messy divorce in 2004 ( Downey's life started to turn around after he remarried in 2005. He is no longer dependant on alcohol and drugs and remains one of the most versatile stars in Hollywood. Downey's comeback is an inspiration to many people around the world, and his personal problems are no longer dominating the stories in the media. According to Finn, Downey recently won the Kid's Choice Award for Favorite Male Butt Kicker....   [tags: studio system era, developing popularity of actors]

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Types Of Films Movies Are Everywhere

- Types of Movies Movies are everywhere. They are a part of everyone’s life. Think about it, how many movies do you watch in a month or a week or even a day. Too many to even remember. Whether they watch them at the movie theatre, or in their own home, they will find a way to watch a movie. Today electronics plays a big role as well. People can watch movies on their phones, laptops, and tablets. There are hundreds of different movie genres and types....   [tags: Film, Horror film, Actor, American film actors]

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Who And What Can We Consider An Artist Or Art?

- Who and what can we consider an artist or art. One can say that throughout pop culture, celebrities have been dabbling in the art world, but especially today, now that we have access to celebrities and what they are doing we can see everything about them with just the click of a button. Today A listers like Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Shia Labeouf, James Franco, and Miley Cyrus along with other celebrities have, in one way or another made their name into the art world. Some people consider them to be “artist” and others refuse to accept the idea that they could be seen as such, and when I say “artist” I am referring to visual artist such as painters, sculptures, photographers, etcetera, not musicians...   [tags: Art, Arts, Aesthetics, American television actors]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Macaulay Culkin '

- To implode means to collapse inward as if from external pressure. Most actors and actresses strive for success. They work hard to make it big in the acting industry, and to become a notable and well know actor or actress and receive Oscars. Many people forget how much effort goes into embodying the characters that they admire. and because of the pressure the stars inevitably implode. Actors know the pressure that comes with this job, even the child stars know the pressure that comes along with acting....   [tags: Actor, Acting, American child actors, Childhood]

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Film Review : Jed Buell

- In 1938, Jed Buell was a movie producer who was well known for his black and white musical westerns, but all of his movies took on an odd twist. Jed Buell was known for his westerns with singing cowboys and he produced about twelve within a four year period. He was known to produce some unique and obscure movies, but he may be best known for his comical musical cult western; The Terror of Tiny Town (O 'Connor and Rollins 65). This movie is the world’s first and only know movie to feature an all dwarf cast....   [tags: Actor, Film, Cowboy, Screen Actors Guild]

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Labour Relations of Coffee in Brazil

- Brazil is known for having a very large biodiversity and having a huge portion of the Amazonian forest in its land. Yet, because of globalization, this country suffers a great deal environmentally wise and socially also. Both adults and children have to work in order to be able to survive. Many of these workers are exploited and changing this reality is quit hard. It all comes down to profits at the end: exploiting workers is much cheaper than paying them properly. At least, there are some people who are actually putting some effort on solving this problem....   [tags: farmers, solutions, protect, fair-trade, actors]

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Movie Analysis : ' Mind For Our Chase '

- Working on this project with my group, which included me, Lauren, Madison, and Miguel, was interesting. Being someone who would want to get the work done while still deliver acceptable results, I have to say that we were mostly on top of this particular project, and that our results at least provided a serviceable short film, which is better than I expected despite that we almost worked on this last minute. It started off slow at first, as some scheduling issues prevented us to meet-up regarding where to go with our project’s story and so forth until March 29th—exactly a week before this project’s deadline....   [tags: Film, Actor, Jason Robards, American film actors]

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Actors and Actresses of the 50s: Vivien Leigh, Audrey Hepburn, Marlon Brando, Grace Kelly, Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn, Burt Lancaster, Bing Crosb

- In the 50s, several things happened to shock and awe the entertainment business; such as the invention of the teleprompter, TV’s first soap opera, “The Little Rascals” TV show, and the “I Love Lucy” TV show. But the most important thing about the entertainment in the 50s was the actors and actresses. Through out the 50s there were hundreds of actors and actresses. To name a few Vivien Leigh, Audrey Hepburn, Marlon Brando ,Grace Kelly, Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn, Burt Lancaster, Bing Crosby, Dorothy Dandridge, Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor, and Doris Day....   [tags: essays research papers]

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James Marsden

- James Marsden “The All-American Boy” James Marsden attended Oklahoma State University for over a year, when he dropped out to become an actor. James Marsden was born September 18, 1973, in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and graduated high school from Putnam City North High School in 1991. His father was an eminent Professor of Animal Sciences and Industry at Kansas State University. His mother was a Nutritionist, divorced to his father when he was the age of 9. James grew up with four siblings, two brothers, Jeff and Robert, two sisters, Jennifer and Elizabeth....   [tags: Actors]

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Catherine Deneuve

- Catherine Deneuve’s film roles are typically characterised by ‘a temperament at once passionate and inviolable’ (GEOFFREY HARTMAN). To what extent, and in what ways, is this manifested in any ONE OR MORE of the films you have studied on the module. Catherine Deneuve is famed for not only her acting credentials but her beauty too, having once been the flawless face of Chanel. She has appeared in various films that exploit her sexuality and desirability, but one could claim that her characters are never one-dimensional....   [tags: Actors]

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Hollywood's Biggest Stars

- Hollywood's Biggest Stars Where do Hollywood’s biggest stars come from. Why do we consider them to be the top of the many actors and actresses that show up in movies every month. Is their success and popularity the public’s doing, or does it stem from somewhere else, somewhere like Hollywood itself. I‘d say the latter is as probable as the former. Let us take Julia Roberts for example. Certainly not the most beautiful of all of Hollywood’s actresses, what makes Julia Roberts so special in the minds of Americans....   [tags: Actors Actresses Famous Papers]

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Great Enterntainers

- There are Billions of Entertainers in this World, but only a handful of them can say that they are great entertainers. Many Athletes, Actors, Musicians, and Comedians only last a year in their line of work, or only have one successful year. Most Artists these days only sell Albums based on their sex appeal and not on the level of talent they have. A lot of Athletes gain exposure on one play that they made in their careers and then you never hear from them anymore. These are all examples of what great entertainers don't do....   [tags: Entertainment Arts Singers Actors]

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Pretty Is Carly : An Idol That Could Never Do Wrong And No One Could Be Better Than Him

- Throughout Maggie Mitchell’s novel Pretty Is Carly May and Lois repeatedly hold Zed as an Idol that could never do wrong and no one could be better than him. This causes both Carly May and Lois to have unhealthy relationships throughout their adulthood. For example Lois cannot respond to the feeling Brad, a colleague at the school, shows toward her. Making the relation, they have strained. In addition, Chloe unable to keep a relationship with any male including her father runs away from the situation refusing to confront it....   [tags: American film actors, American television actors]

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Potential Spoiler Alert : A Pilot For A New Hallmark Series

- Potential Spoiler Alert: Since this is a pilot for a new Hallmark series, I just want to state that while I endeavor to not reveal too much when I write a review like this, there is the chance that I will reveal something you did not wish to know. But I can promise that more often than not, there will not be anything in this review that ruins or spoils the plot. But if you are worried, please do not read on. If you are ready, however, let 's do this. Also, please note that I HAVE not read the books, so I will not be telling anyone how faithful these are to the series....   [tags: American television actors, American film actors]

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The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Directed By Stephen Chbosky

- There is a great deal of social interaction that can be used for psychological analysis in the film The Perks of Being a Wallflower directed by Stephen Chbosky. This movie holds a strong focal point regarding mental illness, coming of age, and acceptance. (Halfon, Malkovich, Smith & Chbosky, 2012) Social psychology concepts from the textbook Social Psychology and Human Nature: Brief Version will be used to describe some of the actions and cognitions of the characters. (Baumeister & Bushman, 2014) The Perks of Being a Wallflower follows the life of main character Charlie, a high school freshman who tries to find acceptance and validation of his troubles by the help of his peers....   [tags: American film actors, American television actors]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Never Let Me Go '

- Regret is something you wish you did differently and makes you sad to think about. Sometimes your regret is over not doing something sooner and other times it is over not doing something at all. However, no matter what everyone has something they regret, this includes the people in the book, Never Let Me Go. They are many characters within the book who directly state their regret for certain situations. One of these times Kathy specifically mentions she has regret is when she recalls her conversation between her, Tommy, and Ruth....   [tags: American film actors, American television actors]

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Movie Analysis : American Ultra, Directed By Nima Nourizadeh

- Is it possible for an actor to be beloved and hated all at the same time. Someone should probably ask Jesse Eisenberg that very question, since he fits into that equation like no other actor in Hollywood. He’s comparable to a pro wrestling star that gets paid to irritate fans – proving that he’s so good at his job that you can’t help but fall in love with his willingness to invoke aggravation. For instance, take his role as Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network. He’s the closest thing to a protagonist in the film, yet he’s smug, arrogant, and plenty would describe as a likeable bad guy....   [tags: American film actors, American television actors]

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Analysis Of The Film ' 10 Cloverfield Lane '

- When Cloverfield stormed the big screen in Godzilla-like fashion, it was clear producer J.J. Abrams was on to something. The film followed a group of adults that found themselves in the dead-center of an alien attack - with the “survivors” documenting the events using a camcorder. Now, when the film ended, viewers had absolutely no idea what was happening or whether or not humanity managed to secure the upper hand in the alien invasion. And to be honest, that was half the fun. This time, Abrams has made it clear this latest Cloverfield-themed production is not a sequel - although it could easily have been dubbed that way....   [tags: American film actors, American television actors]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Mother 's Day '

- Jennifer Aniston might very well be the most beautiful woman on the planet (according to People), but looks will never trump bad decisions. To be frank, maybe it’s time Aniston made the leap into the superhero genre, or even to horror genre, for that matter – because nearly every single time we see her these days, she’s either wasting her acting talent in a barely-tolerable raunchy comedy or a barely tolerate romantic comedy. Nevertheless, this gorgeous woman, who will forever be linked to one of the most adored sitcoms of all-time (that would be Friends, folks), has struggled mightily to leave a meaningful impression on the big screen....   [tags: American film actors, American television actors]

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Is Everything Okay Between You And Miss Haver?

- Francis: (slightly concerned) "Is everything okay between you and Miss Haver?" Johnny: (sighs) "Technically, yes." Max: (confused) "What do you mean 'technically '?" Milo: (nods) "Talk to us, man." (Johnny sighs deeply as he slides his fingers through his hair before facing his friends) Johnny: "I love Abby. I love her a lot. I always will. But sometimes I get so frustrated with her. We had problems in the past and I 'd like to think that we 've dealt with them." Max: (shrugs) "Okay, so what 's the problem?" Johnny: "It 's when she drinks." (shakes his head) "Don 't get me wrong....   [tags: American film actors, American television actors]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Emily '

- Once he was in the trees it was a quick run over to Sam and Emily 's house. Jake walked in the door and immediately smelled something wonderful coming from the kitchen. “Hello, Jacob,” Emily called with a soft smile on her face. “Hi, Emily.  Is Sam around?” “He should be in soon.  Would you like to stay for lunch?” “Yes, please.” Jake knew that his mouth was watering and he just hoped that he wasn 't making a puddle on the floor. He walked over to the large worn table and took a seat.  In no time Emily brought a large bowl of wide egg noodles covered in a beefy stroganoff sauce and set it directly in front of him....   [tags: American film actors, American television actors]

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New Applicants Committee Assembles The Interview Team

- "I can 't just do that. The New Applicants Committee assembles the interview team." Mimi lowers her voice both in tone and in register. "Hey Don." "Yes...?" Don answers as he gets up to close his office door. "Who 's the headmaster of Brookside Academy?" "I am," he says hesitantly. "That 's right," without realizing it Mimi is nodding her head, "Now, please let me be in charge of that interview." A brief pause and then Don starts up again, "I can 't do that without others getting suspicious. But I can put you as next-in-line as head interviewer without too many flags being raised....   [tags: American film actors, American television actors]

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Shirley Lucille Hardin, Lou For Short

- II. LOU Her full name was Shirley Lucille Hardin, Lou for short. She was the daughter of Herbert Sidney Hardin and Shirley Lucille Jackson. Lou was born in 1919 in San Francisco, California. Lou’s childhood was very unstable due to the mother being only nineteen when she had Lou. Her mother, Shirley was known as a 1920s flapper girl, which at the time was similar to an exotic dancer. Flappers bobbed their hair, smoked, drank, and treated sex very casual. Herbert disappeared shortly after the birth of Lou and he mother gave her to her mother, Shirley Lucille Jackson, to look after her and raise her....   [tags: American film actors, American television actors]

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American Horror Story By Ryan Murphy

- American Horror Story was created by Ryan Murphy. The series, which is still airing to this day, aired on October 5, 2011. This series uses crude comedy that is full of adult innuendos. In each season, the viewer experiences a different theme and setting. The first season is centered on a man, his wife, and their home. The second season is centered on an insane asylum and its patients. The third season is centered on a coven of witches in New Orleans. The fourth season is centered on a circus. The fifth season is centered on a hotel and vampires....   [tags: American film actors, American television actors]

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The Disappearance Of Max Powers

- Max Powers trusted people he thought were his “best friends”, but not all friends are best friends, as Max would soon find out. Max was blinded by the fact that he recently received a will of $12.4 million, due to a skydiving accident that resulted in his parent 's death. He didn’t even realize that his previous “best friends” (Dez Tenney,Chloe Goode,Beverly Hills, Ray Leetuff) were plotting to kill him and become millionaires themselves. Max hosted a housewarming party, at his new place in a very expensive neighborhood due to the fact that he recently received $12.4 million....   [tags: American film actors, American television actors]

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The Judge Of Said Court

- TO THE HONORABLE JUDGE OF SAID COURT: NOW COME DARRELL DONALD DOLSON JR., ELBERTA LOUISE DOLSON ECKERMANN, DORIS DOLSON SHAPIRO, DIANA LYNN DOLSON AND ROBERT G. MAYEUR (herein after “Defendants”) would respectfully show as follows: I. On October 21, 2014, the Special Commissioners filed their finding with the court in the above captioned case. Pursuant to the Award of Special Commissioners, The State of Texas (herein after “Plaintiff”) deposited the amount of Three Hundred and Ten Thousand and No/100 Dollars ($310,000.00) into the Registry of the Court on December 2, 2014....   [tags: American film actors, American television actors]

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Hong Kong Artist

- Hong Kong Artist Have you ever seen "Rush Hour" or "Shanghai Noon". Were you excited when you see all the stunts and kung fu fighting in those films. All these film starred a famous international artist and singer, Jackie Chan, who was originated from my hometown, Hong Kong. It is interesting to know about his childhood, and how he became who he is today. Jackie Chan's Childhood was not very pleasant because his family was very poor. Jackie Chan's real name was Kwong-Sang Chan, and he was born in Hong Kong on April 7, 1954....   [tags: Jackie Chan Actors Movies Films Essays]

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The Lives and Work of James Earl Jones and Geoffrey Holder

- Two thunderous voices can be seen in the arts during the late 20th century. James Earl Jones is well known for his roles in Hollywood films such as “Dr. Strangelove” and “Star Wars”, and has an even greater presence in the theatre community. His achievements as an actor were inspired by his hardships growing up, for he had a strong stutter until high school. Similarly, Geoffrey Holder suffered from a speech impediment at a young age, but would become a well-known artist. Holder is recognized for many different fields, he is an actor, dancer, choreographer, painter, and more....   [tags: Artist Biography, Actors]

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Editing Techniques Give Us the Movies of Today

- According to Retchless, earlier films were not edited at all and everything was done in one shot. The camera could not hold a large amount of film resulting in short films. Filmmakers and audiences wanted longer and more detailed films. This was accomplished through editing techniques. Intercutting is an editing technique that cuts back and forth between two or more scenes that are occurring at the same time to create high drama and gives the viewer the sense that the scene is moving quickly. (Retchless, 2006)....   [tags: actors, sound effects, emotion]

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A Brief Biography on Jackie Chan

- ... market with Rumble in the Bronx and Jackie Chan’s First Strike; but it wasn’t until Rush Hour that he really connected with mainstream American audiences. The earlier two films were essentially camp chop-sockies packaged for Westerners, but Rush Hour, with its high production values and Lethal Weapon–style cop-buddy formula, is pure Hollywood formula moviemaking, pairing Jackie with the unlikeliest of partners: abrasive comic Chris Tucker" ( Chris Tucker is Chan's partner in Rush Hour film series due to his comedic role and more....   [tags: notorious Chinese American actors]

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A Brief Biography of Ana Sokolow

- Through her cultural influence on dance, as well as her impact on reinventing dance itself, Anna Sokolow has gone down in history as one of the great modern dancers. Her Jewish roots were a huge basis for the dances she would perform and the messages that she would try to get across, which is significant to me and my own similar religious views. It was important for dancers and choreographers to speak up for what they believe in and disseminate their message throughout the world of the arts, and Sokolow was one of those who did this with great success....   [tags: Co-founder of the Actors Studio]

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