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Hamlet being a good actor. Act III, scene ii, when Hamlet is telling the actors how they should perform in front of Claudius can also have another meaning in which Shakespeare is telling the actors who will act out “Hamlet” how they should act it. Shakespeare is describing in detail how he wants the actors act, thus that they should all act natural and do not use too many gestures, speaking this through Hamlets words. Shakespeare could also be saying that he doesn’t want them to add anything of their own to the play, he want the play to be exactly the way he wrote it. Shakespeare sets up a standard for actors in his day so that they know how his plays should be acted out in theaters. In addition this scene shows how Hamlet knows the way…show more content…
If he knows acting that well, this can possibly prove that Hamlet isn’t actually mad and that he is just putting up a show himself. He just wants everyone to believe that he has lost his mind. For if a man that knows how to act, he can pursue anyone to believe what he wants. Or maybe Hamlet is playing his role so good, that he is the one to become who he is playing, the mad prince. By playing someone out of his mind, Hamlet could have easily lost his own conscience. During Hamlets soliloquy he says “I will speak daggers to her but use none. My tongue and soul in this be hypocrites.”(Act III, scene ii, line 358-359) Shakespeare is using simile in Hamlets speech because he is comparing what he is going to say to his mother to a dagger. This shows appearance vs reality, because he says that he will be quite rude with his mother, but that is not what he actually feels, also showing that he will be acting. Shakespeare is also using plot development, because Hamlet is planning what he will say to her mother when he sees…show more content…
There were black actors in the play. I don’t think that black actors were introduced in acting during the Shakespearian time, back then community had much less racial tolerance. The play within a play was in a small room rather than a big theatre or something rather larger than a room. When I was reading I felt like there were a lot of people gathered to watch that play and that the groundlings were watching the same play also. But in the movie the play within a play was set in a tiny room where only a couple of “noble” people were sitting to watch the play set up by Hamlet. Costumes during the play within a play were something that I was expecting more and picturing in my head when I was reading. I feel like those were actually used during the Shakespearian time and that the costume manager during that particular part did a wonderful job in presenting the actors. Overall I believe the scene I watched was played out very well by all the actors and it makes me want to watch the whole movie. The only thing that I believe weren’t spot on were the costumes that the actors were wearing throughout the

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