The Success of a Trained Actor

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Trained Aspiring Actors Success in the Acting Industry Thesis: Aspiring actors and actresses should get professional training before trying to get into the theater industry because it boosts the amount of success one can have in the industry, it strengthens an individual’s talent, and it helps a person learn the nature of the business. Aspiring Actors and actresses are often judged based off the amount of training they have had. Having professional training can usually determine whether or not someone can receive positive or negative judgement. Most actors and actresses that get negative feedback are usually the people that lack professional training. Individuals that have theatrical training usually get more positive feedback. When someone gets constructive criticism it can usually show whether or not he or she is ready for the industry. Professional training can boost a person’s success in the industry because most directors look for trained actors as opposed to raw talent. Being a trained actor lets the director know that the actor or actress won’t need as much guidance and direction because he or she will probably already know what to do in a professional situation. On page 643 of “Werner’s Magazine: A Magazine of Expression, Volume 28” Daniel Frohman, an early filmmaker and producer, says, “ The school-trained actor is so much more fortified with technique of the stage that his progress should be more rapid than that of an untrained beginner.” This statement is proof that training can help an actor be more successful in the future because this is a comment straight from a producer’s perspective. an aspiring actor has been taught how to operate on a stage or set by an acting When coach or teacher it gives them the greater a... ... middle of paper ... ... actress can achieve their goals through having training. Professional training for the most part is an addition to an actors value the only downside to it is how much competition there is and the statistics on how unsuccessful actors are. Gaining success, strengthening talent, and learning the business seems to be the main things that are what can help advance an actor trying to achieve a goal in their career choice. Success can only be defined by the actor or actress. Not everyone may think that fame and fortune is what makes he or she successful. Some actors may be satisfied with doing lower budget films and local theater productions. Hearing various perspectives from “successful actors”, directors, teachers, and labor bureaus doesn’t matter if the actor is impressed with what he or she is doing. And training can help an actors chances, but it’s not guaranteed.
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