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Implementing A Hotel : Accessibility For Every Consumer

- Question #1 In order to modify a hotel to have accessibility for every consumer, from very young to seniors and all disabilities, there are a lot of obstacles to take into consideration that have solutions. Accommodations and accessibility should start from the start, therefore, the hotel will need to provide priority parking for individuals that have disabilities, for expecting mothers, and for family that have babies and/or toddlers. In the front of the hotel, there will be a loading and unloading dock for those that might need it....   [tags: Disability, Wheelchair, Accessibility]

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More Application Accessibility On The Cloud

- . More application accessibility on the cloud With most new programming being constructed for cloud from the start, it is anticipated that by 2016 over a quarter of all applications (around 48 million) will be accessible on the cloud. This bodes well when you consider that around 56 percent of endeavors consider cloud to be a key differentiator, and roughly 58 percent of undertakings use more than 10 percent of their yearly plan on cloud administrations. The Everest Group, in their late Enterprise Cloud Adoption Survey, further contends that cloud reception empowers operational incredibleness and quickened advancement 2....   [tags: Computer security, Security, Information security]

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Birth Control And Accessibility Of Minors

- Olivia Wilson Mrs. Gallos English 3 Honors April, 20 2016 Birth Control and Accessibility to Minors Birth control has always been a controversial topic, with very strong views on each side of the argument. But birth control for minors is an even more controversial subject. Many people think that giving birth control to minors will encourage them to be sexually active. While many other people think that they will be sexually active either way and so they should be provided with birth control. On one side of the argument they are saying that birth control will encourage minors to engage in sexually activity....   [tags: Pregnancy, Abortion, Sex education]

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Copyright, Accessibility, Fraud, And Deception

- It is important that all the work on the web is either done by the publisher or stated by reference. Everyone has the right to have equal opportunity to access and understand the web. Taking advantage of the Web and fraud the viewer can be considered as cyber crime.  Introduction This report discusses three important legal issues when publishing websites: Copyright, Accessibility, Fraud and deception. Plagiarize is not allowed, all the works that are published or even not published are copyrighted by the original author....   [tags: World Wide Web, Website, Copyright]

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Easy Accessibility Of Prescription Drugs

- easy accessibility of prescription drugs that led Martin to an overdose. In her own words, Mrs. Lee says that “So many things could have been different. I could have talked to him about his depression that Martin hid from me. His friends that introduced him to drugs could have gotten real help instead of relying on drugs. The doctors could have been more alert before prescribing certain prescription drugs.” In addition, Mrs. Lee says that it was so easy for her son to get the drugs from friends or classmates without getting caught....   [tags: Prescription drug, Pharmacology]

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The Accessibility Of Planned Parenthood

- Accessibility of Planned Parenthood Planned Parenthood is a program designed to help men, women, and teens decide on whether to go with an abortion, obtain birth control, guide pregnancy and educate women’s health. The facility gives people hope for a better life; a life that possibly could have changed because of a baby or a potential STD. It is important that young people know that they have places like this available if they are in need of knowledge, or just need to restock on condoms. Planned Parenthood gives families the option to plan their families sometimes they do not have what is necessary to raise a baby....   [tags: Pregnancy, Birth control, Abortion]

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Current issues of Accessibility

- Introduction Distance education has and continues to play an essential role in educational access. It is characterized as teaching and learning via technology, where the students and instructor are not in the same space and time during learning. The integration of technology provides the mechanisms to facilitate interaction between the students and the professor, and the learning infrastructure. Whatever the methodology, distance education is a mode of delivery that ensures access to education to those not able to attend traditional education venues, or denied access based on social or ethnic status....   [tags: distance education, educational access]

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Internet Accessibility

- Two of the most important inventions in the last 50 years include the Internet and the World Wide Web. Over 1.96 billion people currently use the Internet around the world. Current statistics on world Internet usage and population from the Internet World Stats Web site. However, many of those people are unable to access the information on the Internet fully. Using the United States as an example, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2005 “among the population 15 years and older, 7.8 million people (3.4 percent) had difficulty seeing words or letters in ordinary newspaper print, and 1.8 million of these people reported being unable to see,” (3)....   [tags: The Internet]

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- OVERVIEW Accessibility is generally understood to describe the ease with which a place may be reached from elsewhere. It is defined here as the ease with which person at a point may gain access, via the transport system (or whatever modes or sub-systems of it are nominated), to all other places in a defined area, taking into account their varying attractiveness and the perceived cost of getting to them. A location with high accessibility will tend for most purposes to be more attractive than one with low accessibility and hence to be more highly valued....   [tags: Urban Development]

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The Quality of Wireless Fidelity and Its Accessibility

- Wi-Fi is a technology that allows the interchange of data and connection to the internet using radio waves. The name Wi-Fi was a brand name which in English is a synonym of the word "WLAN" (Wireless Local Area Network). The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) defines it as any WLAN products on their 802.11 standards that complete the Wi-Fi Alliance interoperability certification test may only use the “Wi-Fi Certified” Trademark. As of today, more and more devices are starting to use the Wi-Fi technology like laptops, Smartphones, and other media devices....   [tags: technology, connection]

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Disability Accessibility And Preservation Of Beacon Hill

- I. Introduction On June 26, 2015, a Massachusetts Superior Court judge issued an injunction against the City of Boston, halting the City’s replacement and upgrade of existing handicapped accessible ramps in the Boston historic district of Beacon Hill. The Beacon Hill Civic Association, a group dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of Beacon Hill, had filed suit and sought an injunction against the City arguing for the preservation of the existing ramps to maintain the historic nature of Beacon Hill....   [tags: Disability]

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Disability Accessibility And Preservation Of Beacon Hill

- I. Introduction On June 26, 2015, a Massachusetts Superior Court judge issued an injunction against the City of Boston, halting the City’s replacement and upgrade of existing handicapped accessible ramps in the Boston historic district of Beacon Hill. The Beacon Hill Civic Association, a group dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of Beacon Hill had filed suit and sought an injunction against the City arguing for the preservation of the existing ramps to maintain the historic nature of Beacon Hill....   [tags: Disability]

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Accessibility of Primary Care Providers in Nebraska

- According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, Nebraska has twenty-three counties that have no primary care providers (PCP) currently practicing in them (2011). This means that if a person lives near the center of that county, they may be as far as an hour and a half before they find a physician who practices primary care. Why is this important to public health. It is important because in rural settings where health departments may be covering districts hundreds of miles wide, often the biggest influence and source of health information in a patient’s life is their primary care provider....   [tags: Utilization: Available Healthcare, CAHs]

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Abortion, Education, And Accessibility Of Birth Control

- "Let 's talk about sex, baby/Let 's talk about all the good things/And the bad things that may be," let 's address the "bad things" society does not "talk" about such as the responsibility women must take to prevent pregnancy and STDs, baby (Kalveit 1). The role of women in this case seems unjustifiable, education and accessibility to birth control was almost non-existent until 1916 and have been closely regulated or restricted since then, compared to condoms, which has been around since the River Valley Civilization (Escobar 1)....   [tags: Birth control, Sexual intercourse, Sex education]

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Assessing the Accessibility Compliance of US Libraries on the Web

- 6 Findings and Discussion Following the previous Section’s analysis and results, the research proceeds to reveal what answers could clarify the questions being raised on the current LibWeb accessibility status. Both FAE and WAVE have been verified as the independent measuring tools for assessing the LibWeb accessibility compliance. The former with a mean score (5.88) seems stricter than the latter with a mean score (6.50). This is not unusual, for example a “data table” rule in FAE’s Navigation & Orientation category and a nested “structural table” in FAE’s Styling category always get no errors by the WAVE tool....   [tags: Library Science ]

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Internet accessibility for people with disabilities

- Internet accessibility for people with disabilities The Internet has quickly become one of the most beneficial tools in use today. With the click of a button, you can find information on practically anything. In fact, Internet use is so widely used, that it is no longer an eminent skill, but is an ability that is now expected of people. Unfortunately, due to a number of reasons, not everyone can take advantage of this useful tool. With over a half-a-billion disabled people in the world, there should be steps taken to make the Internet more disabled-friendly, which indeed there is....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Effects Of Wider Gun Accessibility On The United States

- Effects of Wider Gun Accessibility The Second Amendment of United States Constitution states that "A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." The modern gun law protects the rights of people to possess the firearms. Gun laws were passed on September 25, 1789 for the first time and various changes has been made since then. According to Kost, the recent modification of gun law gave gun rights advocates a major victory on June 26, it decreased the restriction and struck down the hand gun ban (891)....   [tags: Firearm, Gun, Handgun, Cannon]

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Digital Literacy : A Direct Proportionality Between Accessibility And Authority

- The shift from print to digital literacy showcases a direct proportionality between accessibility and authority because the increase in accessibility has eventually diminished the authoritative power of publisher’s. We can say that the transition has brought both positive and negatives changes in terms of content reliability, quantity over quality, opportunities to spread out talent, etc. Today, Internet users are all over the platform like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Word press blog, Wattpad, etc....   [tags: Newspaper, Journalism, Mass media, Person]

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Quality, Accessibility, Affordable Health Care For All

- Quality, Accessibility, Affordable Health Care for All The need for quality and wellbeing development initiatives permeates health care services. If advancement is to be made, essential parts must incorporate, prepared and all around persuaded staff, medical centers and laboratories and pharmaceuticals. Life-sparing interventions must be conveyed to those at greatest dangers through health care services. Healthcare administrations contribute to the way dispatching devices and supporting techniques needed to battle infectious diseases....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Health, Healthcare]

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Genetically Modified Babies : The Power And Accessibility Of Genetic Technology

- Draft 1: Genetically Modified Babies The increasing power and accessibility of genetic technology may one day give parents the option of modifying their unborn children, in order to spare offspring from disease or, conceivably, make them tall, well-muscled, intelligent or otherwise blessed with desirable traits. Would this change mean empowering parents to give their children the best start possible. Or would it mean designer babies along with society could face unfathomable problems. Before completely siding with a stance on this widely debated topic, necessary information first be understood to better grasp this topic....   [tags: DNA, Genetics, Pregnancy, Gene]

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The Importance Of Accessibility And Equity Of Primary Health Services

- With the development of health care system and the enhancing awareness of public health care among the society, the quality of health services is widely discussing in the global. Therefore, an international conference on primary health care are committed which is the Declaration of Alma-Ata on primary health care. It strongly reaffirms the importance of accessibility and equity of primary health service s no matter in developed or developing countries (World Health Organization, & United Nations Children 's Fund, 1978)....   [tags: Health care, Health economics, Public health]

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Information Systems : The Security Mechanisms, Privacy, Accessibility, And File Integrity

- Organizations today face many ominous cybersecurity concerns that must be addressed systematically and effectively to protect the organization, their customers, and their employees. Information systems which house significant amount of data can be extremely alluring to hackers. Thus, ensuring the classification, uprightness, and accessibility of databases ought to be incorporated as a component of the security arrangement for each association. Vulnerabilities and threats identified within our research has harmed their credibility, integrity, and confidentiality of iTrust databases....   [tags: Authentication, Access control]

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The Mission And World Sustainability, Consumer And Seller Accessibility And The Core Principles

- When was the most recent time you purchased something from the world of Amazon is a staple provider and supplier for many people around the world, who are able to order a variety of products all in one place. Just this semester, my professor of my photography class assigned us to all order our necessities for our class via because they WILL have everything we need in one website or store. Amazon chooses to make the world their target market, because their goal is to have the biggest selection for every one of their customer....   [tags:, Electronic commerce, Online shopping]

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Web Accessibility: How Improving Online Communication for the Blind Aids Businesses

- Many businesses are struggling in today’s sluggish economy. According to ShopperTrak’s National Retail Sales Estimate, total retail sales for Christmas week 2010 were down 4.1 percent and foot traffic in brick-and-mortar stores fell 6.1 percent. To increase sales, companies must look for new marketing ideas and revenue streams. Web advertising and the creation of online storefronts— ‘click-and-mortar’ stores versus ‘brick-and-mortar’ stores—are two such ideas (Journal of Interactive Advertising 2002)....   [tags: Technology ]

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Web Accessibility: How Improving Online Communication for the Blind Aids Businesses

- Many businesses struggle in today’s sluggish economy. According to ShopperTrak’s National Retail Sales Estimate, total retail sales for Christmas week 2010 dropped 4.1 percent and foot traffic in brick-and-mortar stores fell 6.1 percent (Christmas Week Retail Sales). To increase sales, companies must look for new marketing ideas and revenue streams. Two ideas are using Web advertising and creating online storefronts— ‘click-and-mortar’ stores versus ‘brick-and-mortar’ stores (Journal of Interactive Advertising 2002)....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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Barriers That Can Not Foster An Inclusive Environment

- Barriers After analyzing the programs that the library offers, there were a few barriers that would not foster an inclusive environment. The first barrier, transportation, is very important because since the library is a public place, people with disabilities should not have to encounter these barriers and if they do it could result in exclusion (Datillo, 2012). As mentioned previously the library has fifteen programs, but does have an option of transportation to them. This barrier can affect all populations and cause exclusion....   [tags: Disability, Wheelchair, Accessibility, Inclusion]

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Achieving the Right to Health with 'The Global Fund for Health'

- Introduction Global health inequalities within and between countries are still prominent although we are approaching post MDG (Millennium Development Goals) era. It can be clearly seen with the fact that 99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries. Not surprisingly, more than half of these deaths are from sub-Saharan Africa and one third from South Asia (WHO, 2012). In terms of HIV/AIDS (Human Immunodeficiency Virus/ Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), sub-Saharan Africa again bears 70% of the global prevalence burden (WHO, 2013)....   [tags: low-income, accessibility, government]

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Technology Can Increase Academic Sucess

- ... to connect with the individual students preferences which will also help educators move beyond the one-size-fits-all style of teaching (Edyburn, 2011). Another aspect that comes along with flexibility of technology is the ability to manipulate information to how the individual using it wants or needs which can be a great help to students with different styles of learning as well as students with disabilities. Shank and Bell (2007) state that, “digital resources allow students to more effectively match their ideal learning style through interaction with the content in various modes”....   [tags: mobility, flexibility, and accessibility ]

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Classroom Is Accessible For Children

- I purposely designed the classroom by making each center area accessible and comfortable for children’s play. The classroom is designed for the individual interest, individual rate of development, language cultural background and learning styles. The social environment of the classroom allows the child to fully participate, engage and learn. It also encourages children with and without disabilities to increase their participation. The classroom I designed for preschool /Kindergarten supports the ECER-R criteria and NAEYC accreditation standards....   [tags: Disability, Wheelchair, Accessibility, Learning]

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Key Factors That Play Important Roles On People 's Accessibility For Purchase Fresh And Healthy Foods

- Introduction: As we have believed, there are many socioeconomic factors that play important roles on people’s accessibility to purchase fresh and healthy foods. The concept of “access” have broken down into three different categories, ability, asset, and attitude (Shaw, 2006). Shaw (2006) has defined ability as “physically prevents access to food which a consumer otherwise has the financial resources to purchase and the mental desire to buy” (p. 242). It means that people have money and want to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, however, there is not any place to do the purchasings....   [tags: Nutrition, Food, Junk food, Supermarket]

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Health Care Accessibility for the Homeless

- According to a study conducted by the Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, “Homelessness can be the cause as well as the result of poor health” (Wise, Emily, Debrody, Corey & Paniucki, Heather, 1999, p.445). This is a theme that has existed within the homeless population for decades. While progressive programs are being put in place all over the country to provide adequate medical services, many are still finding that health care needs of individuals as well as communities are not being met....   [tags: Health Care, Primary Care Giver]

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A Report On The Bus Stop

- The ULL bus stop is something students and faculty walk by and use every day. It is a very visible part of ULL and has been looked passed and it is apparent that it has been neglected for years. Our Action Project is focusing on not only adding on to the bus stop, but also the renewal of what is already there. Our project topic is something that is important because the current bus stop does not meet certain needs. When you are at the bus stop to go to Cajun Field and you look at the covering you will notice that it is falling apart....   [tags: Public transport, Bus stop, Bus, Accessibility]

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The Influence of Water Accessability on Ancient Civilizations

- Water is one of the most important elements needed to sustain life. Some ancient civilizations struggled to maintain a steady supply of usable water, while others gained consistent access, and those that did, thrived. Nonetheless, these civilizations, whether they failed or succeeded, depended on water to drink and irritate their crops; without it, they suffered food shortages and famine. Ancient civilizations such as China, Egypt, Mesopotamia and Rome were among those whose advancement benefited from the successful cultivation of water....   [tags: usable, floods, economies]

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The Concept of Accesibility and Its Impact on Rural Communities

- Accessibility is a concept that has come of age, especially in rural communities (Farrington and Farrington, 2005); accessibility can be defined as the ease at which people can reach desire activity sites such as those offering employment, shopping, medical care or recreation (Hanson, 2009).One may be effectively inaccessible because of one’s inadequate skills, social talents, income or moreover, from there being physically or spatially separated from the thing of desire (Moseley, 1979, pp56). These social, economic, technological and physical dimensions of accessibility are concerned in rural communities, where isolation is common....   [tags: socioeconomic analysis]

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The Cost of Cuts: The Accessibility of Free Legal Assistance to The Nation’s Poor

- In criminal cases, defendants are granted an inherent right to legal representation when defending their case in court, regardless of whether or not they can pay for it later—but in civil cases (e.g., those dealing with spousal abuse, small claims, protection orders, etc.) this is not necessarily the case, even when it means risking someone’s health or safety. Guaranteeing professional legal assistance to those about to head to court is important due to the complexity of the legal system and jargon that would leave the average, untrained citizen confused and unable to effectively defend their case....   [tags: Social Issues]

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Design and Application of E-learning to Enhance Quality and Accessibility to Education

- Introduction: Advent of Internet made modern world like a global village, and it has reduced the distances between the learner and teacher. A learner can use e-learning to take education not only for a limited period of time but for the whole life thus e-learning facilitate continuing and life long education. E-Learning also supports the concept of classrooms without walls where learner and facilitator have the flexibility to make contact with each other, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; this develops Social Networking, Collaboration and Self learning among learner, which helps in effective learning....   [tags: Education ]

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Michael Connolly 's ' The Rolling Exhibition '

- Double Take is about a man, Kevin Michael Connolly, who was born without legs; “doctors said it was bilateral amelia.” He grew up in Montana with his two sisters, and was raised just like any other kid by his parents. He competed in the X games and took home a silver medal. With the winnings from the X games, he decided to travel the world to create collection of photos, called “The Rolling Exhibition.” This collection of photos included people’s reactions to his situation from all over the world....   [tags: Disability, Wheelchair, Accessibility]

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Disability Sports And Its Effect On Society

- Disability Sports and Its Effect on Society Disability sports was initially created to help rehabilitate war veterans, since then it has become extremely popular and occurs across the globe. Historically, disability sports has not received very much attention, to this day it is taken less seriously than sports played by able-bodied athletes (DePauw). This calls for a change, disability sports should be taken more seriously because it brings awareness to disability, forces those able-bodied to redefine its outlook on disability, and encourages those disabled to accept and think positively about their disability despite the standards set by society....   [tags: Disability, Paralympic Games, Accessibility]

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A Literary Revolution

- Once upon a time, books were artfully handwritten in beautiful calligraphy, and accompanied by gorgeous illustrations that lay between the leather bindings. Being very expensive, these works of art were highly treasured and valued. Naturally, when the invention of the printing press revolutionized the written word, some people feared that the tradition of reading books aloud with one another would become unpopular, and that an exquisite art form would be forever lost. The first book ever printed was The Bible (Kreis), which lead religious leaders to fear that people might actually think they could read and interpret the bible for themselves....   [tags: eBooks, Tradition, Accessibility]

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Battle Against Starvation and Malnutrition

- Throughout human history there has been an ongoing battle against starvation, malnutrition, and the production, accessibility, and availability of enough food for the growing populations. Today many people, families, communities, and even entire countries struggle to maintain an adequate and fulfilling diet. The state of not having enough food for all people in a given family or community is known as food insecurity. To contrast food insecurity, and since malnutrition and hunger are such prominent issues, a condition known as food security is a goal of many initiatives across the globe....   [tags: Production, Availability, Acessibility, Food]

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Information and Communication Technology: Cloud Computing

- ... To begin with, enterprises ICT may consider cost saving as a huge benefit of CC. An enterprise depends on classic model of ICT , has many expenses such as of power consuming, hardware, software, maintenance , IT staffs and others; nevertheless, CC providers can supply ICT systems and applications as services with acceptable time, less cost, staff less and low consuming of power . According to Gelenbe, di Girolamo, Giuliani,de,Quan and Pentikousis (2009), a survey conduct by Company reports that servers in datacenter occupy more than fifty percent of the total energy cost and more than twenty percent is occupied by power and cooling infrastructure; therefore, cost saving...   [tags: virtual storage, accesibility, cost savings]

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The Lanyard by Billy Collins

- The popular American Poet, Billy Collins, is playing a significant role in the evolution of poetry. His writing style evokes an array of emotions for the reader. Every stanza in his poetry passes the satirical standard that he generated for himself over his career. Collins swiftly captivates his readers through his diverse use of figurative language. More specifically, his use of vivid imagery paired with humorous personification and extended metaphors create his unique style of satirical poetry....   [tags: american poet, writing style, accesibility]

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Lack of Latino Students in College

- The current trend in lack of Latino students attending college combines a lack of college readiness with a deficiency in resources to prepare this student population. Increasingly, higher education scholars are accepting these deficiencies as roadblocks to college access, and are looking to preparation programs, parent educational resources, and transition programs as subjects worthy of consideration. There are many different challenges being faced by this population, a population that is the fastest growing minority population in the country....   [tags: minorities, accessability, heritage]

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Public Community Colleges : Creating Access And Opportunities For First Generation College Students

- Public Community Colleges: Creating Access and Opportunities for First- Generation College Students The author, Julia Brookshire Everett commenced the article, “Public Community Colleges: Creating Access and Opportunities for First Generation College Students”, by first characterizing first- generation college students and also expounding on the difficulties first-generation students encountered when acquiring post-secondary degrees. According to Everett (2015), the term ‘first- generation college student’ was first coined in the 1960s in order to regulate student eligibility for federally financed programs to aid students from low-income households....   [tags: Higher education, University, College]

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Assistive Technology And Eportfolios Can Create Opportunities For Students With Disabilities

- Assistive technology and ePortfolios can pair together perfectly to assist disabled students and assist in creating and maintaining an environment for learning that will promote respect for and appreciation of human diversity. Consequently, as time and technology progressed, there have been impressive strides in integrating the blind into society on a basis of equality, ensuring full access to information technology and resources. College or university students with disabilities could employ the ePortfolio to showcase the characteristics of their learning strengths, styles, and needs....   [tags: Disability]

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A Brief Note On Winston Salem Transit Authority

- Winston-Salem Transit Authority Issue 1: Assessing gaps in community accessibility The public use of its transportation services is a key indicator of whether the system is functioning appropriately and can be affected by many factors. One use of the statistic is measuring community accessibility of the transportation routes. While perhaps not the best tool as it is indirectly measuring the data point, ridership is partially reflected by accessibility. Looking at total ridership, the trend over the past ten years is an average increase in ridership of 2.1% with some fluctuation in that number in FY 2009-10 and FY 2013-14 where decreases in ridership occurred (City of Winston-Salem, 2015)...   [tags: Bus, Public transport, City, Rapid transit]

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Factors That Influence Decision Making

- When it comes to making simple decisions, people have the ability to draw from heuristics and implicit memories to make quick decisions. We would not have this ability if it was not beneficial to us, but the heuristics we implicitly use to make conclusions are not always accurate because they are not always able to use all of the information present when making these decisions (Gildbert, Pelham, & Krull, 1988; Greenwald & Banaji, 1995; Kahneman, 2003; Jones, 1976). Alternatively, people are also capable of being significantly influenced by stimuli that they themselves are unaware of (Arendt, Marquart, & Matthes, 2015; Cialdini, Reno, & Kallgren, 1990; Graham & Lowery, 2004; Greenwald & Banaj...   [tags: Cognition, Psychology, Decision making]

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Product Cake At $ 34.95

- Throughout our eight years of service, our marketing strategy has remained consistent. When our corporation was first established, we anticipated our product cake, to be a low-tech product. We priced Cake at $34.95 in order to reflect the low-tech market. During the first year of operation, we did not price our sole product toward the lower end because we wanted to get a larger contribution margin. Although 15$ was the lowest acceptable price for a low tech product, we did not want our product to start out at the very low end....   [tags: Marketing, Customer service, Sales, Customer]

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The Industrial Revolution for the Disabled

- The Industrial Revolution for the Disabled In this new age of Internet and the World Wide Web, everything is accessible. If you needed up to date news, research, or entertainment; just go online. Everyday people take this choice for granted, maybe by ignorance or by stupidity, but a small, ever-growing population don't have these choices. The disabled have overcome many pregitouses and were once regarded as mentally and physically retarded. But recently, a number of organizations have recognized the need for the disabled to achieve ultimate web accessibility....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Obesity in Populations With Limited Access to Health Care

- In this review, it is evident that lifestyle plays a significant role in identifying obesity and low health accessibility in the U.S. among disadvantaged populations (Ogden, Carroll, McDowell, & Flegal, 2007;, 2012; Flegal, Carroll, Ogden, & Curtin, 2010). The New Mexico Department of Health, (2005) states that “employing a multi-level approach that creates supportive environments to address these behavioral factors may be the most promising direction to take”. Therefore, the examination of groups within the society with low access to health care is essential....   [tags: Obesity in America]

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Barriers Access For Oral Health Care

- Barriers in Access to Oral Health Care in Canada Studies on health care note that accessibility to care is often determined by two broad factors: economic and physical (Rosenberg, 1983). Distinguishing the two broad factors, Rosenberg (1983) states that economic access entails the ability to pushcase goods or services at the care-given location whereas physical accessibility involve the ability to overcome not only physical proximity but cost of distance in getting the care-given location. The issue of accessibility to necessary health care services remains vital to Canadians researchers and the general populace, as it is imbued in the Canada Health Act (1984)....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Healthcare, Canada]

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- THE WAI AND DISABLED POPULATIONS Introduction-In a world where the Internet is the fastest growing method of communication and educational resources, it should be available to all of its users. However, it seems that the creators seemed to have left out a certain group of people. This group of people would be the disabled population of the world. It might seem to the "normal person" that this is not a big issue. Contrary to what people might think it truly is. The Web Accessibility Initiative was established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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High Availability Database System

- ... An oversized spectrum of applications would like higher levels of accessibility from their Database Management System (DBMS), as well as real period of time and embedded systems, internet applications and alternative sorts of online systems. Availability can be defined as the time that a system or resource is available for use. The definition of high availability is typically measured according to its percentage of absolute availability where 100 percent means that the resource is available all of the time and there is no downtime....   [tags: computing resources in an enterprise]

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Advantages and Problems for a City Being a Transport Hub

- Advantages and Problems for a city being a transport hub: from urban planning and governance perspective. Introduction Transportation hub is an agglomeration of different transport modes, such as maritime, road, rail and air transport. The role of transport hub brings a lot of benefits and adverse effect to the city, which will be discussed in the later part of this essay. There are common features of transport hub. Transport hubs are usually the growth poles of the nation and region where the flow of goods, people, capital and information are facilitated....   [tags: urban planning, governance]

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Healthcare Access Of The United States

- Healthcare Access in the United States In general, access to healthcare describes how easily an individual can receive appropriate medical services. These include measures of access health insurance coverage, ability to see a physician and obtain needed medical attention, ease of obtaining after-hours care, and short waiting times for doctor appointments. Throughout the entire world, better healthcare access correlates to better health status and lower hospitalization rates as the whole. The United States has always tried to reach equality and justice in politics....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Health insurance]

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Informatics In The Healthcare Industry

- Informatics in the Clinical Area Informatics has affected many areas of the medical field. Informatics has improved the field by “helping people to revisualize and redesign their information management and knowledge management skills and learn new ways of using clinical data to mange clinical practice and patient care” (McLane & Turley, 2011). The purpose for this paper is to explore informatics in streamlining paperwork, provide decision support tools, and review contribution that is made towards patient safety....   [tags: Information Technology]

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The Multi-faceted Role of the Pharmacist in Alberta

- ... The pharmacist is additionally an advocate who utilizes their wealth of expertise and influence to advance health and well-being of individual patients, communities and in some cases entire populations. They accomplish this by acting as communicators and educators, whereby they support and disseminate their pharmaceutical knowledge and expertise to empower patients to make informed decisions about their own health. Lastly, the pharmacist is a scholar who furthers innovation in the research and development of drug therapies by generating, interpreting, and applying their pharmaceutical knowledge in various research settings....   [tags: health, medication, patient]

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World Wide Consortium

- World Wide Consortium Tim Bernes-Lee in 1989 created the World Wide Web, and in 1994 he and a few others established the World Wide Consortium. (a) The World Wide Consortium’s mission is “to lead the world wide web to its full potential by developing protocols and guidelines that ensure long-term growth for the web (a).” This is an international organization with a variety of members making up the organization. They all have a common goal which is to make the web standardized with rules and principles, and to date they have made over eighty recommendations.(a) The World Wide Consortium has had three long-standing goals....   [tags: Expository Internet Essays]

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Transnationalism: The Study of Population Moves

- "As a theoretical construct about immigrant life and identity, transnationalism aptly suits the study of population movements in a world where improved modes of transport, as well as the images that are transmitted by means of modern telecommunications have shortened the social distance between sending and receiving countries." An immigrant's ability to adapt to a different nation has become an easier task than it was before. Customs, practices, religions, political standings and cultures have blended in many nations to create an almost global civilization where media and communication through the internet are connecting people from across the world....   [tags: Population Movements, Transport]

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Childhood Obesity : The Most Serious Health Affliction For American Youth

- Problem Statement Specified as the “biggest problem” for children, childhood obesity serves as the most serious health affliction for American youth (C.S. Mott 2015). Within the state of NJ itself, 24.7% of children aged 10-17 are overweight or obese (NJ Health 2013). This can be attributed to a few root causes such as living in an impoverished area with a lack of grocery stores and a very limited amount of fresh, affordable produce (CSSP 2011). Therefore the state needs to focus on bringing healthy, low-cost produce to local and school communities so that children can obtain healthy foods in the environments they spend most of their time in....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Childhood obesity]

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The Effect Of Industrial On Regional Unemployment And Income Inequality

- (4) The Effect of Industrial Composition on Regional Unemployment and Income Inequality: A Spatial Panel Data Approach Many regional scientists have emphasized policies of industrial diversification as a means to achieve regional economic stability. The purpose of this research is to examine the effect of industrial diversity on regional economic characteristics. Using 2000-2010 U.S. County data, we attempted to identify two key aspects associated with the effect of regional economic diversity; first on unemployment and second on income distribution....   [tags: Economics, Economic growth, Sustainability]

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Comparison in Public Health Care between Jordan and UAE

- Introduction One of the most important aspect of industrial and technological advancement across the globe is the enhancement of the healthcare industry. In the Middle East, the health systems and practices are undoing fast growth and rapid change. In fact, the increasing burden of chronic diseases and the ever rising cost of health care services have forced the Government to conduct a comprehensive review of the entire system (Kronfol, 1999). As the various countries of the Middle East examine their health care policies and infrastructure, the number of issues and their complexities keep on growing....   [tags: access, quality, government, financinal, issues]

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Dr. Akabas and Amino Acid Residues Lining the CFTR

- Dr. Akabas and his colleagues wrote an article about the amino acid residues lining the chloride channel of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator, or CFTR. In 1994, the time when this essay was published, the structures and functions of the cytoplasmic domains have been extensively studied but very little was known about the 12 membrane spanning segments and their relationship to the chloride channel. Mutations in certain residues were also known to be associated with mild clinical diseases, but the structural basis of those changes was unknown....   [tags: cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance]

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Environmental Matters that can Lead to Sustainable Transport

- Introduction Climate change is playing a significant role toward delivering sustainable transport. The location of workplace, home, leisure, education and other facilities, act as the driver of traveling framework. Transport system is the main support of daily activities. At the same time, it is a source of discomfort, due to the noise, traffic congestion, air pollution and climate change, contributing to 20% of greenhouse gas emission globally (IPPC 2013). The level of car ownership and usage nowadays is unsustainable leading to polluted and unhealthy cities....   [tags: energy efficient transportation]

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The New Crossin ove the River Don

- The new crossing over the River Don, is a proposed scheme comprising of a new car, cycle and pedestrian crossing at a point between the Danestone and Grandholm areas on the north side of the River Don, and the Tillydrone area the river’s south bank, in Aberdeen (figure 1.1). The River Don provides a natural barrier to north-south travel movements across both Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Within the Aberdeen area, the River Don currently has two main crossings points; the Bridge of Don located in the King Street and A956 corridor; and Persley Bridge located in the A90 and Parkway corridors (Davidson, 2010, pp1)....   [tags: proposed urban project in Aberdeen]

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The Goal Of Community Based Intervention Programs

- The goal of community based intervention programs focused on children is to increase the accessibility and effectiveness of initiatives in order to promote behavioral changes of individuals, thereby improving the health of the community. The programs are implemented in order to prevent illness or injury by avoiding or eliminating negative behaviors. Therefore, the intervention programs are effective when optimum community heath is achieved through health promotion and disease prevention. The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) can utilize the information available through the community health based initiatives to educate pediatric patients and their families....   [tags: Public health, Health, Health care, Prevention]

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The Problem Of Public Transport

- Public transport become one of core topic while contributing a livable society. However, people tend to highly dependent on car, which is not only means of transport but also play an essential role in society such as sense of superiority and power (Steg, 2005). Accessibility tends to become the focus of transport planning (Morris, Dumble & Wigan, 1978). This essay will analysis the problems bought by shortage of public transport occurs in Mernda in terms of low accessible and higher car dependency....   [tags: Public transport, Bus, Sustainable transport]

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Redesign The Service On Coursera

- Redesign the Service on Coursera - From Accessibility to Individualization I. Introduction According to Wikipedia, Coursera solves the access problem by connecting 10 million users with 839 courses from 114 institutions in October 2014 (“Coursera,” n.d.). Coursera achieved the first-step success by offering high-quality higher education resources to everyone for free since 2012. At the same time, accessibility brings Coursera various challenges like high dropout rate, poor assessment and low interaction....   [tags: Education, Virtual learning environment]

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Access of Care

- 1) What is access of care. Access of care can be defined as the capability to obtain affordable, convenient, acceptable, effective and mostly needed healthcare assistances at the right time. According to healthy people 2020, access to care is the appropriate use of healthcare amenities for a person to attain the best possible health condition. This include entry to a health care system, access to appropriate locations with needed services, and contacting a health care provider who can be trusted ("Access," 2013)....   [tags: Healthcare Assistance, Health Care]

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Re-Analyzing Cyberdeterrence and Cyberwarfare

- Cyberdeterrence and Cyberwarfare by Martin C. Libicki from the RAND corporation [1] was an interesting read but I noticed it contains many short-sighted descriptions and theories that can possibly lower the defensive and offensive posture of any government, military, or private sector industry that views the opinion as a "de-facto" source, to be relied upon. My perspective comes from some of the statements and assumptions that the author makes. For example, Libicki states: "Cyberattacks Are Possible Only Because Systems Have Flaws." [1 pp 14] Unsure if this statement comes from the knowledge available to the author at the time, or if this is what the author truly believed and or believes at...   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Internet Privacy

- This essay will discuss the way social networking sites affect the nature and limits of privacy. There are various social networking websites e.g. Facebook, MySpace, Youtube, Twitter, Google Buzz, and many others with various privacy settings and in the past several years billions of people have joined these social networking sites. Social networking sites give their users an easy way to share information about themselves. However, many users are quickly finding that the information they intend to share with their friends can all too easily find its way into the hands of the authorities, strangers, the press, and the public at large....   [tags: Internet Web Privacy]

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The Role Of President 's Role During The 1950s And The 1960s

- within a community among the educational arena. That role continued into the 1950s and the 1960s (Darden, 2009). In addition, the president’s role changed again during the 1970s and 1980s. Presidents were faced with the “outside world” interactions, for example, presidents had initiated fundraising, and interacting with local, stated, and federal government. As a consequence, presidents became more concern with the networking aspect between the institution and society, than with the internal affairs – academia programs – which was delegated to the provost – or its financial activities, which was the responsibility of the chief financial officer (Darden, 2009)....   [tags: Higher education, College, Community college]

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How The Availability Of Electronic Information Affects Me, Society And My Family

- In this report I will be investigating how the availability of electronic information affects me, the society and my family. In order to explore this in depth I will comment on the advantages and the disadvantages of electric information. In addition to exploring different prospective towards electronic information, I will explore the affects it has on individuals who do not have access to it and those who choose not to obtain access to electronic information. My use Being a sixth form student I am required to complete various assignments, tasks and research with the use of electronic information provided on the internet....   [tags: Internet, Social network service, MySpace]

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Ocean Park and the Certificate of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Receipients

- Ocean Park has a supportive service for extremely poor visitors. Visitors who are able to present “Certificate of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Recipients” and their own identification documents, which show that they and their family members are receiving financial support from CSSA, the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme, can enter the park by paying only $20 at the main entrance. Therefore, low-income people can get into the park by paying much lower price instead of paying $320 which is normal price for adults whose age is over 12 years old....   [tags: hong kong, prices, visitors]

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The Factors That Affect Individuals And Choice Of Diet

- Diet is something that plays a significant role when it comes to one’s heath and disease. Everyone is required the same nutrients, but the amount varies depending on age, size and other patterns (Wiley & Allen, 2013, p. 75). There are three determinants that that affect and individuals’ choice of diet; economic, physical and social. When it comes to the economic factors that affect individuals’ choice of diet, cost has a major influence. Cost and income work hand in hand with one another due to the fact that, one has to have an income in order to obtain food....   [tags: Nutrition, Food, Health, Junk food]

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Raising Children To Succeed in the Real World

- Modern society is much more detached than ancient society, where parents may be far in distance from their children, but only a short phone call away. An example of this can be noted in the provided rhetorical essay, where the author, and mother of a few children, explains how modern society has greatly shifted from the stay-at-home mother who is readily available, to the modern mother who is"involved" and is therefore harder to reach. This detached relationship consequently challenges the already established relationships of nurture and support already seen throughout society....   [tags: Child Development]

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The Impact of Digital Media on Consumer Spending

- The impact of digital media on consumer spending has had a positive and negative impact on the average consumer. While digital media has opened up new businesses and career fields, simultaneously it has closed and decimated traditional “brick and mortar” establishments, decreasing the need for sales professionals. Many years prior to the affordability of personal computers in the 1980s, consumers were hunter-gatherers, whereas their actual jobs were hunting and gathering food for everyday subsistence....   [tags: Consumer Issues]

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Collective Responsibility As A Model Of Educational Innovation

- Collective responsibility as a model of educational innovation in Boston Boston appears in the United States (U.S.) history as one of the most important places where the revolution of America began. Likewise, diverse socio-political aspects of Boston are recognized nationwide, including its accent, characterized by replacing the er at the end of the words by ah; famous Bostonian breweries such as ‘Samuel Adams’; or perhaps its ancient and worldwide eminent Harvard University. In this regard, Boston is considered the academic capital of the U.S....   [tags: Education, Higher education, High school, College]

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Health Care Marketing Plan for Primary Care

- Health Care Marketing Plan for Primary Care When promoting primary health care services, there are many factors that must be considered when developing an effective marketing plan. Primary care providers are the gatekeepers of health care in the United States; many patients have to visit them before being referred to specialist providers (Bodenheimer, 2003). They are also being tasked with ensuring patients are receiving preventative services and managing more complex chronic diseases (Akinci & Healey, 2004)....   [tags: Care Services, Clinics]

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The Organizational Chart of the Financial Department

- 1) Explain the organization chart of finance function in a typical organization. What is the key function of each role/position. Explain the difference between the treasury and controller function. The organization chart of a finance department is determined by each company, it’s not depending on whether it is a minor, middle or huge sized organization. The organizational chart consists of a chief financial officer (CFO), a vice president, one or more accountants and a budget analyst. The CFO is the head of the finance department....   [tags: budget, management, investment]

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