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Working-Class Poverty and the Southern Colorado Coal Strike

- The working class has served as an integral part of our capitalist society; as the building blocks, and producers of the goods that supply and support our country, the working class and working poor have faced many struggles to gain working rights. The histories of labor movements in the United States are often silenced from the mainstream culture; while we take our current union laws for granted, long forgotten are the bloody battles that took place to secure these rights. The ideological issues facing our modern day working class have shown to stem from the same socially constructed ideals that existed during past labor wars, such as the Colorado Coal Strike....   [tags: working class, working rights, labor movement]

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E.P Thompson's The making of the English Working Class

- E.P Thompson's The making of the English Working Class From looking at The making of the English Working Class it seems quite obvious that E.P Thompson’s main arguments throughout his book are about the notion of ‘class’, in particular the ‘making of the working class’ ; and in order to evaluate his theories we must attempt to look at other historians opinions about his book, and his suggested theories, in order to come to an impartial evaluation. Many historians have their own interpretations when trying to define class, like Bourke who links class to characteristics such as accent, clothing; Marx who states that class was ‘no more or less than an objective social category’; and E.P.Thomp...   [tags: Thompson Working Class Essays]

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Working Class Students and Higher Education

- ... Also, he discusses about a study, Inequality: A Reassessment of the Effect of Family and Schooling in America, that examined how educational attainment is related to students’ class backgrounds, IQ scores, and average test scores of school they attended (Sacks 39). As a result, Sacks proposes to have a national test that allows to get away from the punishing effects of standardized tests (44-45).    In Robert Haverman and Timothy Smeeding’s work, “The Role of Higher Education in Social Mobility,” they claim that the social and economic gap between students who are from the lower class and those who are from the upper class is getting bigger and bigger, despite the fact that education is...   [tags: socioeconomic class, quality of schooling]

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The Working Class

- Karl Marx once said “Capital is dead labor, which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labor, and lives the more, the more labor is sucks” (Karl Marx Quotes). Marx is well known as the Father of Communism, but now that the cold war is over and Communism is but a theory of government for a few countries, we can study Karl Marx as a visionary of his time, who foresaw how capitalism would grow out of control. With the used of religion, government laws and capitalism the wealthy will always reach out to control the masses....   [tags: Economics]

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Working Class Solidarity:Rebuilding Youngstown

- Working-Class Solidarity; Rebuilding Youngstown Undoubtedly work and place influence its surroundings. Youngstown, Ohio is emphasized as one in particular. As a result “steelmaking fueled the area’s economy and defined its identity” (68). The city was represented in newspapers, art work, postcards, and many texts as both “impressive and attractive” (75), as well as “imposing, confusing, and uninviting” (86). Considering the conflicting representations, steelmaking “also suggest(s) a key element of conflict in the community” that it was so clearly creating an identity for (69)....   [tags: Ohio social and class conflicts]

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The Dispossessed: What Is a Working Class?

- What do you think of when you hear “working-class?” One perhaps might think of a specific race, gender, sexuality or a specific type of lifestyle. In William Deresiewicz’s “The Dispossessed” aims to raise awareness to his audience that people of the working class still exist and should be recognized. His targeted audience being the educated, younger generations of middle and upper class. Through the use of logic and building his credibility, Deresiewicz makes a convincing argument about the way the working class has been neglected and forgotten....   [tags: William Deresiewicz]

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Production Materials That Were Regulated by Working Class

- During most of the history of the humankind, the production of certain materials for subsistence or even commercial purpose was regulated exclusively by the (work) class, related and interested, in these products. The 18th century changed this relation, in sense that: → Firstly, you won't need anymore to be at the mercy of the working class. → Secondly, the production could now respond faster to the necessities of the market. → At last, the profit shrank from the hands of the producer (or manufacturer) and moved for the great commercials and, specially, the industrial bourgeois class.(1) So now, let's expand these three points and try to connect them in a such way that we can understand...   [tags: society, commercial, work, class]

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Funding the Rich & Brutalizing the Working Class

- You may have heard the catch phrase “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer,” but have you ever stopped to ask yourself what that really means. Income inequality, as defined by Investopedia it is “The unequal distribution of household or individual income across the various participants in an economy. Income inequality is often presented as the percentage of income to a percentage of population,” (Income Inequality). If income inequality is allowed to continue its growth unchecked, the working and lower class citizens will continue to experience declines in physical and mental health, the United States Economy will be stifled, and create other inequalities....   [tags: income inequality, Robert Frank ]

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The Working Class

- The Industrial Revolution consisted of scientific innovations, a vast increase in industrial production, and a rapid growth of urban populations which consequently shaped a new social structure in the European continent. Initially in the late eighteenth century, the new industrialization period produced dominant bourgeoisie employers and a united men, women, and children workers. The continued increase of factories coupled with a need for employees made the Proletariats within a short period of time a large, underprivileged, hungry, and desperate for money....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Social Class and Parents in Public and Private Families: An Introduction by Andrew J. Cherlin

- ... Alexander’s mother believes that it is her responsibility to help cultivate her son’s talents; she sees the extra-curricular activities as way to develop important life skills. She gives an example of how Sports give Alexander the opportunity to learn how to be competitive and accept both defeat and victory. Alexander’s father believes his son’s rich experiences will make him a better citizen, husband, father, and better student (Cherlin Reader). From looking at Alexander’s lifestyle it can be recognized that he has been blessed with a lot of privileged life chances....   [tags: middle-class, working-class, and lower-class]

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The Struggles of the Working Class 1860-1914,

- "Oppression can only survive through silence" said Carmen de Monteflores and history proved this concept most thoroughly. However, the oppressed groups are generally not silent at all. They revolt, get violent, and are repressed again. This is not a rule, just a simple generalization and, of course, there are numerous exceptions. There is always a possibility that these downtrodden factions will get together to form a strong opposing force that will be an equal or almost equal rival to those that oppress....   [tags: European History]

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The New Working Class Created by the Industrial Revolution

- The Industrial Revolution created the new working class. Comparing to the life of the wealthy and people in middle class, the housing conditions of the industrial workers seemed outlandish. They were packed into tenements, or multistory buildings divided into tiny rooms, with no running water, sewage, nor clean drinking water. Their wastes were dumped onto the streets and rivers. On top of these harsh conditions, the sanitation system in these tenements were extremely poor which caused the widespread of diseases, such as cholera....   [tags: socioeconomic strata]

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Upton Sinclair: A Hero to the Working Class People

- Today, Upton Sinclair is regarded as a hero to the working class people. He is currently recognized for the extensive work he has accomplished, such as most famously writing The Jungle. This dynamically contrasts the way Upton was viewed during his time. Although some viewed him as famous, his fame was controversial. Many denounced his religious and political views, and felt he was extremely unpatriotic. While reviewing several documents and periodicals from his time period, it was proven that many felt negatively towards Upton Sinclair and his beliefs....   [tags: notorious American writers]

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Working-Class Representation

- Literature, as a crucial part of culture, functions as the reflection of reality. According to Marx, “the mode of production in material life determines the general character of the social, political and spiritual processes of life” (Williams 266). Superstructure, as the product of men’s spiritual processes, containing various ideological forms one of which is literature, is not determined by “the consciousness of men”, but by “the social existence” (266). Concerning working-class literature, it follows this rule as well—“the whole class produces and shapes these out of its material foundation and out of the corresponding social conditions” (267)....   [tags: Literature, Ideology, Society]

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Working-Class Writer

- David Herbert, D.H., Lawrence published his third novel, Sons and Lovers, in 1913. The story follows the Morel family. They live in “The Bottoms”, a small mining community in England, built over the remnants of “Hell Row”. The Morel family is unhappy, because of the relationship between Walter, the father, and Gertrude, the mother. Walter drinks too much, does little to provide Gertrude with emotional satisfaction, while Gertrude feels superior, and is unhappy with the family’s social status. Searching for emotional satisfaction, Gertrude turns to her children for comfort....   [tags: Authors]

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Obamacare Is Punishing Working-Class Americans

- A family of four, making nearly $24,000 a year, is situated just above the national poverty line. Even though the family doesn't have health insurance, they are maintaining their current lifestyle. Now, this struggling family will have to come up with an extra 7,000 dollars annually to cover the health insurance being forced upon them by the government. The Affordable Care Act is punishing American citizens and it will not fulfill its purpose to lower the cost of health care for our country. Its poorly constructed plan is only a band-aid that is patching up a problem that will lead to more problems in the future....   [tags: The Affordable Care Act]

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Separation of the Working and Middle Class Child

- ... In the beginning, Horatio Alger depicted Dick as a young boy born into poverty with no education who continued living in poverty because of his own misled ways. Alger then utilizes the attitude that anyone can overcome their situation by a little hard work and good behavior. Because Dick becomes successful by working hard and changing his mischievous ways, Alger in a way iterates that the differences in working and middle class is the behavior of a person, and that anyone in a dire situation can better themselves with a little luck and a lot of determination....   [tags: education, work, wealth, poverty, support]

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Working Women

- “Male and female represent the two sides of the great radical dualism,” wrote American journalist and women’s rights advocate Margaret Fuller in 1843, “there is no wholly masculine man, no purely feminine woman... Nature provides exceptions to every rule.” (((Margaret Fuller, Jeffrey Steele, The Essential Margaret Fuller, Page 310, American Women Writers, 1992))). Her statement during the mid-nineteenth-century was symptomatic of the changing dynamics of the traditional household and workplace in Western Europe and North America as a result of rapid industrialisation, and improvements in education and medical standards....   [tags: feminism, working class, workplace, gender]

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Silkwood's Working Class

- Silkwood's Working Class [1] Before I begin, I would like to provide some information about where I'm coming from as I look at Silkwood. When I chose this film, I did so in a somewhat desperate attempt to avoid working on a film about war or a biographic film on a male historical figure. Alas, these are the types of films that tend to dominate the historic genre. I turned to Silkwood not as a film about the nuclear industry or a murder mystery, but rather a film about a woman -- not a glamorous woman, but a real woman with flaws....   [tags: Movie Film Essays]

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Academic Failure of Working Class Boys

- Academic Failure of Working Class Boys Rationale I want to investigate the concept of the relative academic failure of working class boys, as it is a relatively recent development that not only reflects the under achievement of boys but academic success of girls. My motivation has been influenced by observing a lower ability classroom and viewing low school SATs results related to gender indicating the academic failure of working class boys, a part of my AS course. David Hargreaves, looked at the reasons for the failure of working class boys and suggested one of the reasons for this was the way in which teachers and pupils interact with each other....   [tags: Papers]

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Working Class Realism in British Cinema

- When “Working class realism” emerged within British cinema in 1956, it became acknowledged as a break of determination to tackle certain social and real issues. This was presented as a “New Wave” within British film and offered an opposition to the original procedures and approaches to British Cinema. “Working class realism” an analytical piece by John Hill, reveals to us how, coinciding with the 'new Britain' that was stabilizing and evolving after the war, was a 'New wave' of British social problem films....   [tags: British Film]

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The Mass-marketing of Working Class Culture

- The Mass-marketing of Working Class Culture The fads of the father are visited on the son: we've all seen how adult fads are given down to children. We've seen how cargo pants have trickled down, thanks to the Gap, Baby Gap, and Old Navy (all corporations owned by The Limited, Inc.). Cargo pants have always been a mystery to me. The attractive thing about them is storage (which I'll get to later), blandness and personal appearance. I only considered wearing cargo pants because they'd hide how chunky my thighs are....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Working Class Protest in East Germany

- Working Class Protest in East Germany The troubles in East Germany in June 1953 reached a peak on June 17th, when there were mass demonstrations and a General Strike throughout the German Democratic Republic. (G.D.R.). There has been many reasons cited for these protests, but it is perhaps possible to bring them down into two categories. Firstly, the long-term causes. These include the raising of work quotas, and the subsequent reduction of worker income. As well as this was the program of collective farms in the countryside....   [tags: Papers]

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Making Sense of White Working Class Educational Underachievement by by Diane Raey

- Making Sense of White Working Class Educational Underachievement Summary The article ‘Making sense of white working class underachievement’ by Diane Raey (2009) In the K. P. Sveimsson (ed) Who Cares about the White Working Class. , Published by The Runnymeade Trust, is important in indicating the weaknesses of the education system in the United Kingdom today. According to this article, the White working class children do not perform well in academic performance. This issue is the centre stage for a tug of war among the parents, teachers, the government and the wealthy and middle class people within this jurisdiction....   [tags: poor, access to education, marginalized generation]

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Christian Appy's Working-Class War: American Combat Soldiers and Vietnam

- ... History. The author sums up all his points and gives us the conclusion that Vietnam War is basically a war in which powerless, working-class teenagers were sent to fight an undeclared war (Appy 27). Many working-class men enlisted because they have no better alternatives. The author proves his point by giving several examples of the before, during and after war experiences of the Vietnam Veterans. In the third and forth section, the author tries to prove how the basic training is harsher on the men from the middle class background....   [tags: book analysis]

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The Pursuit of the American Dream by African Americans, Native Americans, and the Working Class

- America, for many, has long been a country where it was believed that you control your own destiny and prosperity. With hard work, persistence and struggle, success found in the “American Dream” can and will be achieved regardless of past social statuses and financial shortcomings. It is something that has rang true for most Americans, but certainly not without struggle. The late nineteenth century brought a great amount of obstacles to many groups of people living in America as they pursued comfort in social and economic aspects....   [tags: Essays on the American Dream ]

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Intellectual Passing: An Exploration of the Identity of the Genius from the Working Class

- Within a community, there are differences among the individuals, both subtle and obvious. Emphasizing the differences in intellectual ability, the definition of the genius is a person of great individual talent and ability that far exceeds that of their peers. In that context, the genius comes from all walks of life, yet, inevitably, becomes conflicted with issue of identification. The genius is simply unlike his or her peers, yet desires to identify with their community. In this, the puzzle and conundrum that is the genius is revealed....   [tags: Intelligence ]

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Relationship Between Blues and the Working Class in Ishmael Reed's Blues City

- Ishmael Reed, in ‘Blues City’ gives an account of the realms of ethnic diversity, cultural rivalries, the capitalism philosophy, and the interrelationship between blues and the working class. Oakland, often viewed as a sister to San Francisco across the Bay, is one of the most unique cities in the America. It is the home to dozens of artists, blue-collar workers, the Black Panther community, and a vibrant rustic and yet industrial town. Due to Oakland's bad reputation, Reeds in 1979 expressed his reservations when his shallow pockets forced him and his wife to find a house in Oakland....   [tags: cultural diversity, black panthers, oakland]

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Analysis of the Working Class during The Great Depression

- ... Eventually this extreme amount of abuse became unbearable for many employees who led to strikes and workers’ demanding civil liberties and the desire to be part of a union became greater. The other lifestyle for many Americans during the great depression was to be a Tenant Farmer. When it came to farming there were two kinds of farmers a sharecropper and a tenant farmer. Tenant famers lives were a lot more self-regulating than the life of sharecroppers. According to Eric Foner in “Give Me Liberty”, Sharecropping is defined as a “type of farm tenancy that developed after the Civil War in which landless workers—often former slaves—farmed land in exchangefor farm supplies and a share of th...   [tags: United States socioeconomic history]

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The Powerful Force of the Imagination in Keat's Poem, Ode to a Nightingale

- In his poem Ode to a Nightingale, Keats describes the power and force of imagination belonging to a man who desires to escape the emerging consumerist society of the 19th century. The Nightingale in the poem is based off of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and the narrative mirrors Philomela escaping the threat of her murderer. In the poem, the narrator travels to the dark forest to join the nightingale, which Keats’ uses as a symbol of freedom and immortality however, he realizes to be able to experience the luxuriousness of it, he must use his imagination to be able to create this with his senses....   [tags: marxist, religious, working class]

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Marx and Engels on Social Classes

- The changes which arose by way of the Industrial Revolution had a significant and long-term impact on the economy, the political arena, and society. Because of all the negative changes caused by industrialization and urbanization the Europeans wanted and needed answers on how to deal with these changes. Society was now divided into different classes the upper-middle class (wealthy) and the lower class (working), “Although reform organizations grew rapidly in the 1830s and 1840s, many Europeans found them insufficient to answer the questions raised by industrialization and urbanization” (Hunt 703)....   [tags: Economy, Working Class]

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Should The Minimum Wage Be Increased?

- As of February 2014, there are approximately 155 million civilians in the United States work force [1]. Even with a minimum wage established by the federal government, working class civilians that work under the federal minimum wage of $7.25 are struggling with day to day life, including mortgage payments, food payments, and children. President Barack Obama addressed the many individuals and their families working full time under the federal minimum wage in the poverty level during his annual 2014 State of the Union Speech....   [tags: unemployment, poverty, working class]

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Opium and the Industrial Revolution

- ... Opium was introduced to the public for it’s medicinal benefits. Great Britain was a region where issues such as overpopulation, air pollution, contaminated drinking water, and deforestation were present. Conditions that opium treated included boredom, anxiety, squalling babies in close quarters, chronic fatigue and pain, diarrheal diseases, insomnia, ubiquitous, and several other deadly afflictions as a result of overpopulation (David T. Courtwtight, 32). Not only was opium helpful but also affordable, a result of Britain’s mass production of the drug to trade with China for tea during the Opium Wars....   [tags: British working class, history]

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Slims Table: The Life Of A Working Class Black Person

- Slims Table: The Life Of A Working Class Black Person Slims Table, written by Mitchell Duneier has been called a true stereotype buster due to its content in which it truthfully examines the lifestyles of working class black men. The book is designed to break the common misconceptions imbedded in a majority of peoples minds over how a black man lives his life and why he in a sense "does what he does," "thinks what he thinks," and "acts the way he acts." Prior to the writing of this book by Duneier, there were many common stereotypes of a working class black man, which often caused negative attitudes towards them....   [tags: Papers]

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Effects of Industrialization and the Conditions of the Working Class in England

- Effects of Industrialization and the Conditions of the Working Class in England In the middle of the 19th century the industrial revolution was flourishing in England. With all of the advancements in machinery there would be new opportunities and drawbacks for citizens. Many would leave their lives on the farms and work in factories with unsafe settings. Karl Marx felt that the new advancements in society were able to support the fourth stage of human development, Communism. Along with these new advancements the people would have to learn how to self-govern themselves in the workplace and understand their new responsibilities....   [tags: Communism Karl Marx History Essays]

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Is Working Class Crime a Product of Social Background?

- Working Class Crime is Best Understood as the Product of the Social Background of the Offender To outline and assess this view we will need to look not only at the working class as a sub-culture but also at the other sub-cultures, as a comparison. All sub-cultural theories share the same belief that people who commit crime have different values from the average law abiding citizens. However, these same people associated with crime, do not live in a world with completely different values, they just amend certain values which may justify criminal behaviour, this in turn creates these sub-cultures....   [tags: Crime Essays]

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Critical Media Literacy Project

- People in the lower class are often portrayed as pitiful, unworthy, lazy people who aren’t good for anything. That is according to what the media shows us daily. Blue collar work is viewed as “real” work (Linkon). The lower, working class takes pride in what they do because they accomplish something that takes effort and skill. The working class requires effort and strength. There are good lower class citizens who work for the benefit of their communities. The working class is unfortunately being brought down by the more “fortunate” higher-middle class and rich people....   [tags: blue collar, working class]

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The Second Industrial Revolution

- America’s Gilded Age, roughly between 1877 and 1890, was a time of expansion. Apart of the Gilded Age was the Second Industrial Revolution, and during this time America endured “one of the most rapid and profound economic revolutions any country has ever experienced” (Foner, 2012, pp. 586). Many people were affected during this time especially the working class, but the Industrial Revolution brought so many technologies and innovations which propelled a transition to a new economy (Atkeson and Kehoe, 2001, pp....   [tags: economic, working class, technology]

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How Wealth Affects Education

- There are many different factors that affect education. One such factor is, socioeconomic status. Children who attend school in a wealthier community receive a better education than those students in poor communities. In poor communities, student’s education is not only affected by a lack of resources, but also from teaching methods and philosophies. Urban and poor schools’ students do not receive as equal of an education as their more affluent and suburban counterparts do. In an education journal, Anyon (“Social”) provides the reader with the concept that there are four different types of schools, working class schools, middle-class schools, affluent professional schools, and executive elit...   [tags: lack of resources, working class]

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Capitalism and Social Darwinism

- The economic system and ideology of Capitalism modifies the patterns of social, political and economic relations justifying a culture of Social Darwinism. As Capitalism modifies culture, its connection to Social Darwinism becomes obvious. The success of Capitalism is derived from the backs of the working class. Capitalism establishes a culture of paternalism that limits the autonomy of organizations, society, and the state. The social mobility of the poor and working classes is denied, and their condition is seen as voluntary....   [tags: culture, working, class, poverty]

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Flannery O’Connor and Working-Class Literature

- Flannery O’Connor and Working-Class Literature Although Flannery O’Connor could not herself technically be called a member of the working class, the majority of her characters exist as “good country people” or those who have been displaced from the city to the farm. Whatever the situation of the characters, rural, working-class life is nearly always the focus in her work. Just a few of the critical elements of the working-class genre that O’Connor offers in her pieces include: a show of the many differences between classes, chiefly the ideas that working-class people are happier in their station in life and also experience less loneliness than those of the upper classes, and a heavy focus...   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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Fast Food Operation

- Since 1970, the amount of fast food restaurants has doubled; it brought the total to 300,000. In U.S. History has always been a fast pace culture, with a big working class. As the U.S. progress into the 1970’s they slowed down, many think that the advance in technology has slowed American down making most American lazy. In reality, the introduction of fast food and the rapid increase of their building all over the nation, has slowed and fatten Americans. Making society slow down and making the people around the world thinking the United States as fat slow people....   [tags: obesity, restaurants, working class]

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Social Classes, Prostitution and Jack the Ripper in the 19th Century England

- After the Age of Enlightenment in the mid 18th century in England, the tension between the social classes intensified even more. A huge gap generated between the aristocrats and the working class, but dozens of new layers of society appeared. While the rich lived to the fullest, the lower class starved and needed to find alternative ways of money making. Prostitution became more and more widespread, which lead to an inequality and social stratification between poor and rich and due to the economical crisis the number of prostitutes grew from year to year....   [tags: Aristocrats, Working Class, Age of Enlightenment]

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The Dictation of Learning

- The academic instruction given to students caused numerous approaches to form in order to best determine how concepts were received, sought throughout life, and utilized out of schooling. The debate over the dictation of learning has and continues to be a controversial topic. W. E. B. Du Bois made a point in his essay “The Talented Tenth” that higher education should focus on intellectually privileged, promising, and exceptional blacks in order to raise the academic level for their race. His essay, written in 1903, tackles the issue of education in an equally important, but different way than Charlotte Perkins Gilman, who protests against the idea of (the then) conventional instruction in he...   [tags: working class, talents, academic instruction]

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Child Labor in India

- As children raised and settled the majority of our lives in the urbanized and advanced Americas, the youth in this region is portrayed inherently as a life of happiness alongside family and parental support, and the participation in schools to gain knowledge. Innocence and children in this country are treasured and the singular stimulus for the future, but unlike this country, childhood of kids in other areas of the world are neglected and innocence is lost. Predominantly, the practice and incorporation of child labour in countries is the culpable reason for the unstable and unhealthy population of kids....   [tags: economy, working class, children, work]

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Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca: Disparities Between Upper and Working Class Women

- Disparities between upper and working class women and their roles in society are made very obvious in gothic literature. However, they are especially highlighted in Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, in which the protagonist sits between the upper and lower classes because of her own choice to marry a man from a higher class than herself. In the time period that the book was written, there were still large distinctions in class, though it was also a period that allowed for more social mobility because the older distinctions in class were beginning to fall away....   [tags: social classes, gothic literature, rebecca]

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Experiences of Working-Class Women in the 1930’s as Depicted Within The Tin Flute and Breadwinning Daughters: A Comparative Essay

- This essay will explore the experiences of working-class women in Canada during the 1930’s, particularly, how “the 1930’s shaped [young women’s] economic and social positions within their families and altered their life choices, yet also created the possibility of independence and adventure, and opened up access to the city’s commercial amusements.” This essay will draw upon examples from two literary works – The Tin Flute by Gabriel Roy and Breadwinning Daughters by Katrina Srigley – in order to compare the similarities and differences of the experiences of young working women during the Great Depression....   [tags: Canada, Gabriel Roy, Katrina Srigley]

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To what extent did comprehensive schools enable working class

- To what extent did comprehensive schools enable working class pupils to succeed. Comprehensive schools enabled working class students to succeed because when there was the Tripartite System the majority of working class pupils would go to secondary modern schools as the 11+ test was favoured towards middle class experiences and language. Pupils attending secondary modern schools were seen as a student failing, this then affected the attention the students got at school, the opportunities open to the students and they also gained a low self-esteem....   [tags: Economics]

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The Importance of Out of School Factors for Educational Attainment Among Working Class

- The Importance of Out of School Factors for Educational Attainment Among Working Class It has been seen by Marxists that working class children start school at a disadvantage, because many of the working class children suffer from out of school factors that stops them from having a fair chance. There are many out of school factors that working class children are seen to suffer from, many have little money and so from that more problems occur meaning they are disadvantaged even before they enter the school gates....   [tags: Papers]

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Why Most Convicted Criminals are Young, Male and Working-Class

- Why Most Convicted Criminals are Young, Male and Working-Class Official crime statistics show that young, working-class males commit most crime. The following are some reasons that I can think of to explain these generalisations. Young ===== I think young people commit crime as they are out of the age group when their parents closely supervise them. Their curfews may have been extended and parents tend to give them a bit more space, privacy and freedom. They are no longer treated as children but are denied the same rights and responsibilities as adults....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Evaluation of the Benefit of the Nazi Policy to the Working Class in Germany 1933 - 1939

- Evaluation of the Benefit of the Nazi Policy to the Working Class in Germany 1933 - 1939 When the Nazis came to power, Germany transformed from a former depression country into a powerful world state but there is conflicting evidence as to whether the German working class benefited from the Nazi regime. Source A is statistical evidence showing a decrease in the number of unemployed people between the years 1932 (just under 6 million) and 1938 (0.4 million). Assuming this source is reliable, one can come to the conclusion that the Nazi policy was directly beneficial to the working class as many jobs were created, bringing employment, and therefore money, to many mo...   [tags: Papers]

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Christian G. Appy's Working-Class War: American Combat Soldiers and Vietnam

- The Vietnam War, which lasted for two decades (1955-1975), was probably the most problematic of all American wars. US involvement in Vietnam occurred within the larger context of the Cold War between the US and the USSR. It was, and remains, morally ambiguous and controversial. The Vietnam War was slated as both a war against Communism and a war aimed at suppressing dangerous nationalist self-determination. Christian G. Appy's book, Working-Class War: American Combat Soldiers and Vietnam, is a graphic and perceptive portrayal of soldiers' experiences and the lasting effects the Vietnam War has had on the American culture and people....   [tags: American History]

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Working Women in the Victorian Middle-Class

- Working Women in the Victorian Middle-Class Charles Dickens’ character Miss Abbey Potterson is “some sixty and odd” years old, obviously unmarried (Miss), and a business owner (she owns a bar). Despite the fact that Victorian middle-class women were supposed to aspire to idleness, a growing number of women were becoming employed in the 19 th century for a number of reasons. The growing number of “redundant” (unmarried, like Miss Potterson) and widowed women were rarely in a position to be ladies of leisure (Hudson)....   [tags: Victorian Era]

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Political Cartoon

- America has gone through different economical phases, especially when one of the big issues is the working class and the conditions that the working class faced. The most rigorous and grueling conditions were brought about in the era of 1870-1920. At this time the make up to the working class shifted drastically, the work expectation was not possible, and the working conditions were horrendous. The world of the ‘working class’ thus changed drastically. In the 1870’s, there was a flood of immigrants coming into the country....   [tags: American History, Working Class]

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Industrial Revolution

- The two most significant social consequences to the First Industrial Revolution of 1780-1850, was the impact on urbanization and the working class. The Industrial Revolution began in England in the 18th century. It was a time of pronounced transformation to the manner in which people existed and functioned in the world. The inventions of machines provided the ability to have dramatic growths on mass manufacturing in textile and coal mining, iron and steel making. It led to large factories and mills that were built to house machines and employed workers, which lead to increased production and wealth for industrialists worldwide....   [tags: urbanization, working class]

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Paying Taxes in the United States

- Paying Taxes In the United States, it is an obligation for every citizen and residents pay taxes; whether they are working full-time or part-time. However, certain people believe that it is prejudiced when the government collect taxes from them, if they are working for minimum wages and have low incomes. In a like manner, individuals who also wealthy are thinking that the government collect excessive taxes from them as well. In either case, certain people loathe the concept of government collecting money from their hard-working paychecks....   [tags: Resident, Taxes, Working Class, Government]

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Investigating Whether Schools Benefit Middle Class Students more than Working Class Students

- Investigating Whether Schools Benefit Middle Class Students more than Working Class Students There is a lot of evidence to suggest that schools benefit middle class students more than working class students. In general, the higher the person’s social class of origin - the higher their educational qualifications. Pupils are constantly being assessed and classified. They are defined as able or less able, placed in particular sets or streams, entered for particular examinations and given or denied access to certain parts of the school curriculum....   [tags: Papers]

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The Dual Oppressions of Working-Class Women in Agnes Smedley's Daughter of Earth by Alex Gomez

- ["What I have written is not a work of beauty, created that someone may spend an hour pleasantly; not a symphony to lift up the spirit, to release it from the dreariness of reality. It is a story of a life, written in desperation, in unhappiness. I write of the earth on which we all, by some strange circumstance, happen to be living. I write of the joys and sorrows of the lowly. Of loneliness. Of pain. And of love." Smedley 7).] <p> The socialist movement criticized the exploitation of workers under capitalism....   [tags: American Literature]

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Russian Revolution

- The Russian revolution of February 1917 was a momentous event in the course of Russian history. The causes of the revolution were very critical and even today historians debate on what was the primary cause of the revolution. The revolution began in Petrograd as “a workers’ revolt” in response to bread shortages. It removed Russia from the war and brought about the transformation of the Russian Empire into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, replacing Russia’s monarchy with the world’s first Communist state....   [tags: Russia, peasants, working class, agriculture]

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How the Image of Working Women Came to Be

- Over the past few centuries, beginning with the start of the industrial revolution, the roles of women in the family have been constantly in flux. At the beginning of the industrial revolution, we can see that the role of women shifts to staying at home and taking care of housework, while the man serves as the “breadwinner”. In current time, we see women, now more than ever, having jobs outside of the household. In some cases, the roles of the mother and the father in the family are even switched: the women are the ones with steady full-time jobs outside of the household, while males are the ones staying at home taking care of children....   [tags: supermom, housewife, working mothers]

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Class Statification in the UK

- Social Stratification has changed multiple times within the United Kingdom, though there has been a more recent study completed by the BBC. The most recent study suggests that the original Upper, Middle and Working Class designs were out dated only fitting 39% of people. A new seven tier system has been proposed (BBC, 2013). As social stratification has changed from occupation, wealth and education to one of economic, social and culture (BBC, 2013). Though this is not a new concept as in 1981 a six tier social scale was devised separating the population through job roles (Saunders, 1990, p.29); however through convenience the social scale have always been simplified into the three main categ...   [tags: Social Class, Socioeconomic Status]

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Differences in perception of class through the media

- Differences in perception of class through the media Do the media promote a class divided within the society in the United Kingdom. The purpose of this study is to delve into the media’s influence on perception of class. One cannot open a newspaper or tune into the TV without being exposed to stories of class culture stereotypes. From the bankers scandals to the corrupt politicians to the ASBO (anti-social behaviour order) ridden council estates, it would seem apparent that the media have a certain control over public perception of society....   [tags: UK, stereotypes, class research]

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Occupations in the Victorian Era by Class

- Throughout the Victorian Era, the standard of occupations were distinctly divided based on class. These social classes that divided the caliber of work in occupations were: the upper class, middle or working class and the lower class. Occupations that required skilled labor and unskilled labor each employed people in separate classes. Men and women within each class had different jobs in accordance with the type of work in their social class. (Victorian Web.) Men in the upper class had jobs of high ranks and involved less manual work....   [tags: social class, skilled labor, social structure]

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Education and Class

- Class theorists argue that class provides the basic structure of society and is also the chief cause of the inequality of modern societies. The hierarchy of the Australia class system consists of a "ruling" upper class, a "white-collar" middle class, and a "laboring" working class. There is enormous inequality between the class groups and especially between the upper- and middle-classes and the working-class. What class you belong to plays a determining role in what sort of life you lead. Those at the top of the class structure typically seem to have more power, more wealth, more opportunities, and more control over their lives than those at the bottom....   [tags: Social Class]

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Class Vs Race

- When asking the question, “Race versus Social class: Which really matters?” there are several important concepts that must first be addressed in order to approach this very complex query sufficiently. First, what do the terms “social class” and “race” signify. Also, in determining which really matters, the context of this question is crucial, in other words, to WHO or to WHAT or WHEN or WHERE or HOW each of these terms matters. All of these more specific questions are directly relevant to the answer and each may produce a contextually different explanation....   [tags: social class, status, presitge, prejudice]

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The History of all Hitherto Society is the History of Class Consciousness

- Because capitalism is the foundation upon which the rest of society sits, looking at any sociological data with a capitalist/Marxist lens is difficult. Because capitalism is at the root of modern society, all social things have small traces of capitalism. Though, Karl Marx may have said: “the history of all hitherto society is the history of class struggles,” the history of all hitherto society is the history of class consciousness (1848). Class consciousness, class, class struggle, and capitalism are all showcased in the film “They Live.” The film and the rest of society show that there are classes within a class system....   [tags: capitalism, marxist theory, class system]

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Reducing Class Sizes Improves Grades and Behavior

- How often do you hear teachers requesting for smaller classes. Does grading assignments and tests for big classes make you stressed and tired. It has be proven that reducing class sizes improves grades and behavior for most students. Issues that concern the staff is that we would have to hire more teachers and find more classroom space. Reducing class sizes is a good educational effort for the students of Valley Center Schools because it would positively change the behavior in students, students will receive more one-on-one time with teachers, and our teachers would want smaller classes....   [tags: teacher, small classes, class reduction]

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Class Consciousness in Country Music

- Class Consciousness in Country Music The term class consciousness, like any term which attempts to define group mentality, is somewhat imprecise. This lack of precision, of course, lends itself to the provocation of scholarly dispute. Historians of the labor movement in the United States have written volumes about both the meaning of class consciousness and the question of whether American workers possess it, however defined. While there are some demurs, most historians, including the non-Marxists, have accepted a Marxist interpretation of the term "class consciousness."1 Generally, Marxists insist that class consciousness is composed of two elements, a recognition by a particular group th...   [tags: Music Musical Class Essays]

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Emily Bronte and D.H Lawrence's Exploration of Social Class

- Social class plays a very significant part in my core text, ‘Wuthering Heights’ and also my partner text , ‘Sons and Lovers’ because it helps the reader determine a sense of character and plays a massive part in the reader finding the true depth of a character. Social class in both novels is determined by location and the origin of the characters, as in ‘Wuthering Heights’ we see that Heathcliff is considered as abnormal and known as having a lower social class because of the uncertainty of his origin....   [tags: Emily Bronte, D.H Lawrence, Social Class, classism]

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Class in Australia Today

- Is class still relevant in Australia. To facilitate this question, the readings of Karl Marx, Fredrick Engels, Max Weber, Helen Marshall, R.W. Connell and T.H. Irving will be considered. Connell & Irving (1992) identify ‘class structure’ in Australia with the ‘ruling class’ owning property/business, and the ‘working class’ in the way of labourers whom ‘act together in resistance to the capitalists’. This is relevant today in Australia with the privileged having majority of the power and wealth. Moreover, exploitation of the ‘working class’ continue to maintain less power within the workplace & less wealth....   [tags: Social Class Australia Hierarchy]

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Wal-Mart and Class Inequalities

- Wal-Mart has become a staple company in many communities. It is a place where individuals can find most of their needs, and many of their wants. The appeal of Wal-Mart can be found in its slogan, “Always Low Prices.” It is the appeal of low prices during a time of economic recession that entices consumers. What many consumers do not recognize are the means by which Wal-Mart ensures these low prices. The media coverage of Wal-Mart during the recent months has not been favorable towards the company, and with lawsuits pending regarding issues such as low wages, anti-union practices, and sexual discrimination, Wal-Mart provides an avenue for examining media and alternative media depi...   [tags: increasing class inequality]

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To What Extent Does Difference in Gender, Ethnicity and Class Influence Health Inequalities?

- Health is a large cause of one of the most important social divisions in society, with a divide existing between those whom are healthy and those who are not. Your health largely impacts the quality of life which you can lead, meaning there is those who are healthy and can lead a good quality of life, and those whose quality of life is impaired by illness and the potential illness surrounding their lives. The divisions which create health inequalities affect many aspects of everyday life. Though this division is sometimes just down to pure chance, there are structural factors which mean that those who face ill health often come from particular groups....   [tags: social class, the priviledged vs the poor]

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America: A Class Divided

- On Christmas Eve in 2010, my grandmother received a gift from a hospice nurse who was assisting with my grandfather’s deteriorating health. Initially both surprised and embarrassed by the gesture, her emotions quickly changed once she removed the wrapping. A single package of Ramen Noodles was revealed. Embarrassment changed to confusion as she attempted to wrap her mind around what she had received. The hospice worker drove a 1997 Plymouth Voyager that she regularly complained about not being able to run properly for more than a week....   [tags: classist, middle class, lower class, upper class]

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Reflection on Home on the Range Class

- ... Now that it has been used for that, it would be very difficult to revert it back to wild land with wild animals. Another, idea was to have more buffalo than cattle. Buffalo graze the land more evenly and, because they are less domesticated, they are leaner meat. When first hearing about this, I was definitely all for it. As I started thinking about it more, however, I decided that having as many buffalo as cattle would just cause the buffalo to become just as domesticated as the cattle. This would mean that they would probably end up overgrazing the land just as cattle do today....   [tags: history, class, buffalo, learn]

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The Class Struggles of 18th and 19th Centuries in Europe

- The Class Struggles of 18th and 19th Centuries in Europe Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto in order to give a voice to the struggling classes in Europe. In the document he expressed the frustrations of the lower class. As Marx began his document with "the history of all hitherto societies has been the history of class struggles" he gave power to the lower classes and sparked a destruction of their opressors.1 He argued that during the nineteenth century Europe was divided into two main classes: the wealthy upper class, the bourgeoisie, and the lower working class, the proletariat....   [tags: History Historical Class Europe Essays]

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Observe a Sixth Grade English Class at Bain Middle School

- Observe a Sixth Grade English Class at Bain Middle School I observe at Roosevelt Middle School, which is in River Forest, in Mrs. Braun’s sixth grade English class on Tuesdays in the morning. As I have observed, I have noticed that the classroom is student-centered. During computer time, Mrs. Braun focused more on helping the students get into the computer program to start the assignment than on having enough time to get the assignment done. Several times, Mrs. Braun gave helpful comments on how to do things on the computer or in the program, such as how to install automatic spell check....   [tags: Teaching Education Class Observation]

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My Least Favorite Class My Freshman Year

- The class that I like the least my freshman year is government, not only did I find out after half of the semester that I did not need the class I found out that I could not drop the class because I had to have 12 credits for my financial aid to cover my classes. I was so mad at my advisor for putting me in a class that I did not need and putting me in a situation that I could not do anything about. So I finished the class and ended with a low grade because I did not enjoy the class. I did not like the teacher he made a lot of squiggly lines and boxes and circles and I need words not just random drawings on a dry erase board and that was not even the worst part I told him that I couldn’t un...   [tags: government college class]

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America Seems to Be Moving towards a Two Class System Instead of the Traditional Three Class System

- ... Matter of fact, it should be called “The American Struggle”. Within sociology, functionalism is defined as a theoretical perspective that interprets each part of society in terms of how it contributes to the stability of the whole society. Functionalism describes inequality as inevitable and functional for society, which is true to an extent. Yes, inequality is inevitable, but the extremity of how unequal our society has become is not functional. The textbook states that “functionalists would argue that that it is fair and equitable that the higher social classes earn more money since they are more important (functional) to society.” The textbook then goes on to say, “critics of funct...   [tags: middle class diminishing]

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Working Women and Dangerous Liaisons

- At the end of nineteenth century men and women migrated from rural areas to urban areas for industrial work (Smith, p.142). This change ushered in the system of wage labor which became the way most members of lower class gained income. However, wages for workers were incredibly low (Smith, p.145). The blooming trend among the middle-class of the head of household as the only working individual of the family was completely unattainable for working class families. It was a necessity for lower-class women to work to support the family as well as maintain their role as mother and keeper of the home (Smith, p.273)....   [tags: Women's Rights ]

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The Working Poor by D. Shipler

- The Working Poor The objective of this essay is to illuminate my overall reaction to the reading of “The Working Poor” conveying what I do not like while highlighting a sociological perspective, in addition to explaining if the reading is applicable to my own life experience. Taking notice, the subject at hand was very sobering alluding even if we ourselves have not been partakers of living in the obscurity of prosperity between poverty and wellbeing, certainly we have encountered someone that has become a victim to it....   [tags: social darwinism, poverty, disparity]

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