Working Class In The Communist Manifesto, By Karl Marx

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In the Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx, it brings up the pressing issues against the bourgeois and the proletariats. One issue that brought up the cause of a revolution is how the bourgeois benefit more than the proletariat in labour, basically creating a working class. The proletariats want a society that has total and complete equality, no one higher and no one lower. The bourgeois have oppressed the working class to a type of class that is ultimately killing them slowly. The Communist Manifesto calls up a revolution from the ideas it portrays, and the ideology it displays. Additionally, it also discusses the unjust nature of the bourgeois’ capitalistic goals using the proletariats.

The Communist Manifesto is a call to a revolution because of the nature it 's written. Karl Marx has one class against the other, the bourgeois and the proletarians. The bourgeois exploited the proletarian, working class, for cheap labour and capitalistic approach for the production of material goods. Marx witnessed children being exploited and realizes that this class was being exploited for the bourgeois gains in wealth. “these workers, who must sell themselves piecemeal, are a commodity like any other article of commerce and equally exposed to all the vicissitudes of competition…”(7) This quote expresses how the working class are selling their lives in
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There are many problematic issues with the bourgeois need to over power the proletariats to create more capital. They made sure that the proletariat class had to work everyday in order to survive, thus creating the working class. Communism is the ideology of full equality between all classes of people, which is what the proletariats want. The manifesto is a call for a revolution, because it helps draw a bigger picture on the inequality of the classes and how it is
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