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Benefits of Playing Video Games

- Video games have been argued about for decades. Some people have argued that video games are linked to violence. However, new research shows that video games can be used for therapeutic purposes, exercise, stress relievers, positive interactive learning, hand eye coordination, and different types of patient treatment for people all around the world. When playing video games, the coordination and concentration can physically, socially, and mentally benefit the user. Research today shows that certain video games can reduce fat and therefore promote weight loss....   [tags: Video Games]

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Video Games: A New Experience?

- In 1972, the famous video game Pong was released and quickly became the first popular arcade game. A simple game based on ping-pong with archaic graphic design and controls. Thirty-nine years later we have gone from Pong to elaborate Hollywood style games that are based around narrative like Call of Duty or Metal Gear Solid. Video games have come from simply being games to becoming what some argue is a new medium for narrative that can tell a story uniquely and completely unlike film and literature....   [tags: Video Games]

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Are Video Games Therapy?

- The use of video games has become a norm for many people and families. They may be used to relax after a long day of work, or as a way for the family to all participate in something together. Many people view video games as just another form of entertainment, but could they actually be more. Meditation is used as a therapy to reduce the stress of everyday life. It is a way to focus one’s mind on the present and alleviate the stress that life can cause. By focusing on something besides stress, a person is able to relax....   [tags: Video Games]

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History of Video Games

- Did you know that Pong; the first game made by Atari, wasn’t originally meant to be released to the public. A new Atari employee was given the assignment of making it simply as a test of his game design skills. Since Pong became a hit, video games have been a large part of the entertainment business. They have found their way into homes all over the world. “You can’t say that video games grew out of pinball, but you can assume that video games wouldn’t have happened without it. It’s like bicycles and cars....   [tags: Video Games]

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Video Games and Violence: Cause, or Scapegoat?

- It seems like everything coming out about video games is bad. A student tried to kill his fellow classmates, and he was an avid Call of Duty player. A study has been released that proves that playing video games will turn you into a criminal. The many benefits of games and gaming, such as their possible applications to education and their ability to tell more complex stories than other forms of media, are almost universally ignored. I know better, though. Between the lifetime I’ve spent playing and loving video games, and the articles I’ve found, I can tell you that video games do not cause violent behavior or thoughts....   [tags: Video Games]

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Video Games Effect On Society

- Video Games Effect On Society The U.S. population consumes violence media voraciously. Youths between the ages of 8 and 18 spend more than 40 hours per week using some type of media, not counting school or homework assignments (Rideout et al.). Television is the most common source of violent media, but electronic video games are rapidly growing in popularity. Numerous studies have shown that video games, especially ones with violent content, make teens more aggressive. Part of the increase in aggressive behavior is linked to the amount of time children are allowed to play video games....   [tags: video games, teens, entertaintment]

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The Effects of Video Games

- The Effects of Video Games Video games and its effects on adolescents and responsibility of parents is a topic that is widely debated whether it’s the parent’s responsibility or the game industry should be regulated. The video games industry itself has been available to consume for only about the last 30 years. With that being said the topic is still rather new in terms of its effects but its effects on children can currently be measured. The industry is very unique in terms of entertainment because players are transported into the game its self essentially becoming part of the script....   [tags: Adolescents, VIdeo Games, Violence]

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Positive Effects of Video Games

- In times when a child or a teenager is involved in violence, the Government Officials, Newspapers and parents have all blamed the video games as the culprit. As a result, video games have become a scapegoat for antisocial and violent behavior. It seems like the media always points out their fingers to something that they don’t fully understand. Studies had proved that video games are actually beneficial to different kind of people in many ways. For example: video games have helped kids with autism to improve their social skills....   [tags: video games, violent behavior, positive]

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The Rise of Video Games in Today’s Society

- ENC 1101 Cause and Effect Essay 06/12/10 Turnitin ID: 140507651 Word Count: 1015 The Rise of Video Games in Today’s Society (Zach and Herb) “Anger is a killing thing: it kills the man who angers, for each rage leaves him less than he had been before - it takes something from him” - Louis L'Amour. Video games, quite possibly the most popular form of entertainment in today’s society and one of the few industry that are seemingly immune to the current economic situation, offer an invaluable outlet to countless individuals....   [tags: Video Games ]

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The Violence of Video Games and the Effect It Have On Society

- The Violence of Video Games and the Effect It Have On Society In today world video games have come along way since the birth of game consoles, with such games as Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and Frogger. Not only have the graphics done a complete three hundred and sixty degrees turn but the violence has also on video games. There have been many people discussing on the topic of video games that have violence and the effect it has on kids. It brings out more aggression on kids that play those types of games than those who does not....   [tags: Video Games]

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Top 5 Video Games

- When people ask, “what is your favorite game of all time”, you cannot help but feel somewhat lost in response. But when you put into context, and think very hard, the best you can do is narrow it down to a select few. And after much time and deliberation, I’ve managed to put it down to just 5. And that was only possible because I put the decade moniker on it. So, with that in mind, here are my top 5 games of the decade. #5: Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection: When you think of what you want in a hand held game, a lot of things may pop into your mind....   [tags: video games,]

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The Impact of Video Games on American Culture

- Video games are advanced, hands on form of entertainment that have been played for the past fifty-five years. The number of users of video games has dramatically increased over the past five decades, which has immensely impacted American society through numerous positive and negative aspects. Video games have emerged as one of the most popular forms of entertainment and have severely improved in quality on account of technological advancements. The very first video game ever created was by a man named Thomas T....   [tags: Anti Video Games]

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Video Games: Positive Agents Of Change

- Video games have come under fire recently. Many people claim the graphic violence and adult themes in the games have affected younger generations and caused many violent acts. Others claim that video games have contributed to obesity and a lack of communication skills. Both of these claims are most often an older generation's misunderstanding of today's youth and the overreaction of the media. Rarely does the mainstream media portray video games for what they really are, a new way for kids to interact and share meaningful experiences all without being in any danger....   [tags: Video Games Essays]

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Violent Video Games and Bad Behavior

- At this day in age we bask in the luxury of having easy access to advanced technology at our disposal. From the World Wide Web, to cell phones, music, movies and video games the human race has thought of any and everything to keep us entertained. Over the years studies have shown reasonable concerns regarding the long-term effects of video games. These games can desensitize gamers to real life violence, which is usually seen in the younger crowd. The studies especially hit on the games containing player-on-player violence....   [tags: Anti Violent Video Games]

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Violence in Video Games

- Imagine a calm setting at work one day and you get a phone call. It’s your child’s elementary school principal and he has awful news. An intruder has broken into your child’s school and he or she has performed what is commonly known as a school shooting. Things become hectic as you rush to the school to see if your child is okay. Luckily, he comes out of the school safely and you wrap him in your arms while other families are devastated by the results of the school shooting. The shooter’s motive was a result of playing violent video games....   [tags: Shooting, Violence, Profanity, Video Games]

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Exploring Different Types of Video Games

- Video games in today’s society have become very popular. Every new game that comes out to be played and conquered by the average gamer has its own category. There are several other types of genres of games that people play but because of big hit titles and the new popular game systems like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, people become more interested in a game that is well known than a game they have never even heard of before. Every game has its own storyline and own way of how it unfolds and where the game ends according to game play....   [tags: Video Games, media, ]

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How Video Games Help Society

- “Lets play a money making game!” -The Legend of Zelda. Video Games are revolutionizing society. They have changed for the better, transitioning from mindless wastes of time, to useful tools of learning, video games are revolutionizing, and are becoming smarter, more complex, and healthier. Video games are not just simple, mindless forms of entertainment anymore; they can now teach, inspire, and provide the player with life skills, or the knowledge needed to start a successful career. Many games companies like Electronic Arts (EA) are changing the content of their games....   [tags: Technology, Video games]

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Video Games: An International Crisis

- A team of German researchers studied students in schools in central Germany. Of the students in the study, 1.3 percent met criteria for video game addiction, while an additional 2.65 percent were judged to be at risk (Vitelli). This is an insanely staggering number. Nearly four percent of these students meet criteria for video game addiction, or are at risk for addiction. Video game addiction is not a myth like some people think it is, it’s real. Ninth grade boys averaged two-hundred and seven minutes of video game playing each day (Vitelli)....   [tags: video games addcition,fantasy world,gamers]

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Censoring Video Games

- The censoring of violent video games has been a controversial issue since the early 90’s to the present time, and has been growing more and more with the advanced graphics that have been developing each and every year. (Including the fact that people react even more to the unexplained missions that they give in video games). For the good of society violent video games should be banned. There are many positive effects to censoring violent video games, but one that has the most impact on the whole controversial issue is health....   [tags: violent video games, obesity]

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The Unknown Effects of Video Games on Teens

- There has been quite a bit of controversy concerning the real effect video games are having on teenagers. Numerous studies have been done to show both positive effects, as well as negative effects on the rising generation. Furthermore, the increased sales of smartphones and, in effect, apps or video games on your phone, have led to an increased use of games. This in turn, has raised the level of force that these video games have. However, some say this increased power video games have is good, others say they are bad....   [tags: Controversy, Gaming Industry, Video Games]

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Connections between Video Games and Violence

- Many of the young people of today’s generation have played video games, whether it is Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, Mario, Sonic, Call of Duty, Minecraft, or Skyrim. Almost every electronic device is capable of running games. As advancement in technology increases, the video game industry will also advance. More and more of the next generations are bound to be affiliated with video games. There is a debate whether video games cause people to be violent, especially in adolescents. There has been much research done to come to a conclusion to this question....   [tags: Generation, Video Games, Violence, Teenagers]

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New Video Games and What They Offer

- This war has been fought with parents since the dawn of time. Well...maybe not the dawn of time but maybe when video games arrived. PAC-Man, Space invaders, and Super Mario 64 were such good games. As video games got more popular, the more violent and better they became. Video game companies started to produce games that were violent. Then video games became more realistic. More blood and gore. At least all the popular games out there are violent. The one that is the most violent and bad is the Saints row series....   [tags: game consoles, violence in video games]

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Should Violent Video Games Be Banned?

- Should Violent Video Games Be Banned. In 2008, the computer and video game industry has made $1.7 billion in revenue. Of this, 16% was made through the sale of violent video games (FYI: Video Game Statistics by the Entertainment Software Association | Critical Gaming Project). Many parents are concerned about these violent games because of how they can affect their children. Many think that these games are dangerous and should be banned. Others believe that the sale of these games should go unregulated....   [tags: minors, violent, video games, ratings]

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What are the Benefits of Video Games

- Video games are virtual worlds where a person is allowed to live in the life of somebody else. In some cases you are able to play as a wealthy, retired criminal and are free to do whatever your heart desires. Whether it’s shooting everyone in sight, or planning huge bank robberies with a crew composed of a bunch of friends, you can do it all. In other instances, you are placed on a team and are armed to fight other real people in an online, modern warfare environment. Although it may sound like fun, video games like these are on the “first to blame” list whenever kids do anything violent....   [tags: call of duty,grand theft auto,violent video games]

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Parents Must Control The Types Of Video Games Their Children Play

- Video games will turn thirty-eight in 2010. The industry the started with Pong is now a 10 billion dollar industry. These days, video games have become extremely popular, especially amongst children. Games of violent content are what children today like to play. Though some people say that it is a good way to relieve anger, others say it is desensitizing the youth. My presentation shows the risk parents take if they don’t control the type of games their children play as well as the amount of time that they play....   [tags: Video Games]

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Violent Video Games: Closing the Doors to Success

- An increase in violent outbreaks may be linked to violent video games. There has been an increasing amount of crime in the age groups involved violent video games in some way. In turn, watching and/or participating in violent video games can increase violent behavior. Violent outbreaks are more common with age groups that are actively participating in violent video games, or have an active role within the community of violent video games. An article states "Sales of video games have more than quadrupled from 1995-2008, while the arrest rate for juvenile murders fell 71.9% and the arrest rate for all juvenile violent crimes declined 49.3% in this same period" (Video Games   [tags: violent, video games, behavior]

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How Are Violent Video Games Affecting Young People?

- “YOU SUCK!” “I killed him!” “Head shot!” These are just a few examples of dialogue spoken by children while they are playing violent video games. These video games might seem like harmless fun, but what if the violence in these games is affecting the behavior of young players interacting with others. In a society driven by technology, video games are becoming more popular each and everyday. People of all ages enjoy video games in their free time; these games allow the player to become an athlete, a soldier, or a professional fighter at the tip of their fingers....   [tags: Society, Technology, Video Games]

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Youth Exposure to Stereotypical Gender-Bias in Video Games

- Playing video games has become an increasingly common activity for the youth world-wide; in contrast, this also results in a rise of concerns by the media and researchers about youth-engagement with video-games. This critical essay discusses some of the primary concerns of video-gaming, focusing primarily on youth engagement, from the age-group of 13-18, in relevance to the stereotypical gender-bias that exists within video-games. Many video games promote the passive role of women in our society relative to the dominant sex - men, thus, casting unjust roles and gendered societal expectations of women in our society....   [tags: Video Games, Male Roles]

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Do Violent Video Games Cause Aggressive Behavior?

- Does playing video games cause aggressive behavior. Because children and teenagers spend an increased amount of time each day playing video games, they are shaping their values, attitudes, and behaviors. For people who do act out aggressively, the results can be deadly. Monthly, the news is filled with blood-chilling accounts of crimes committed due to a copy-cat obsession with violent video games. This paper will present a brief review of literature and reveal the difficulties in answering this question with certainty....   [tags: Media, Violent Video Games]

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Exploring the Effects of Violent Video Games on Children

- Video games have changed our society radically, in which some people doubt it's for the better. According to one survey, 9 out of 10 U.S. households with children have rented or owned a video or computer game. Ever since the beginning of gaming, people have observed the effects of the games. Kids and adults alike, are more attracted to violent games. But is it the games to blame for how people act or behave around people or by themselves. A majority of gamers are adults, and what kind of games are they playing....   [tags: video games, media violence]

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Violent Video Games Do NOT Cause Violence

- People have always been looking for a reason why horrible things happen. The media is quick to blame video games as the target and cause of many shootings that have occurred, ever since Columbine and Quake. People have been blaming video games for violence for years now, ever since violent video games have been made. News reports blame video games more and more for each shooting, telling the public how this person played video games for x amount of hours a day, and that video games caused him or her to shoot people, and how video games encourage and reward violence....   [tags: video games, violence]

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Parental Responsibility in the Regulation of Violent Video Games

- One of the fastest growing sectors in the United States economy, with sales over six billion dollars in 2012 is the video gaming industry ("Games: Improving the Economy’). Technical innovation has given the video industry power to create exciting realistic worlds, turning video games into the vast entertainment business that it is today. Setting sales records, Violent Video Games (VVG) are now a common staple in many households. One of the most argued topics in media studies, investigation on the impact violence has on society from mass media continues to rage on....   [tags: Parenting, Youth, Video Games]

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Video games

- Do videogames really need to be censored by the United States’ Government. Over the past several years there has been a controversial court case under discussion to censor videogames. This case is trying to get the United States’ Government to prohibit the selling of all videogames that may include graphic violence, virtual sex, violent and gory scenes, partial or full nudity, portrayal of criminal behavior or other provocative and objectionable material (Mears, Para 1). There are numerous arguments why videogames should or should not be censored....   [tags: Government, Censoring Video Games]

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Violent Video Games Do NOT Contribute to Youth Violence

- Although violent video games are thought to encourage real world violence, they actually help to prevent it. I am focusing on violent video games and how they affect juveniles because I feel that this issue needs to be looked at in the criminal justice community. It is an unnecessary distraction to blame the actions of a disturbed youth on a form of entertainment that has been used by millions of people without incident. A review article published in The Psychiatric Quarterly found that many studies which claim to indicate an increase in aggression due to video games are, in fact, biased....   [tags: Video Games Violence]

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Why Video Games Give Positive Effects to People

- Video games, are they a godsend or are they a menace. Research has shown that they are, in fact, doing a lot of good for the human race. Effects such as better memory, increased hand-eye coordination, and a greater cognition are a few notable examples that video games have been shown to improve. The implications of video games on people are positive because it has effects such as better memory, it gives an increase to hand eye coordination and it helps people relieve the stress that they accumulate during the day....   [tags: Video Games, Virtual Reality]

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Violent Video Games Cause Violence?

- Bloodshed and aggression is everywhere; in magazines, in the shops, on the TV, on websites like YouTube as well as in video games. Yet, why is it that those video games are assumed to be the biggest media source responsible for the violent outbursts of different individuals. Is this really the case. Every eight out of ten homes in the United Kingdom own a existing generation games console and video games have become a extraordinary source of education when helping kids to learn, such websites like or the VTech Learning System that teach kids literacy, numeracy and the sciences through their games....   [tags: video games, violent games, call of duty]

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Violence and Sexuality in Video Games

- Violence and Sexuality in Video Games Unlike popular belief, the first violent video game was not Mortal Kombat. The killing started with a game called Death Race 2000 released in 1976 by Exidy Software. It was based on a B movie by the same title and features the main theme of the movie in the game: to run people over. You control the car to run over people, and the people you have killed become a cross. Needless to say, the game was quick to draw attentions towards it. The criticism from Americans all over the nation eventually got the game pulled off the market....   [tags: Video Games]

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The History of Video Games

- The History of Video Games 1972, the year the first home video game system, named Odyssey, is released by Magnavox. This main games featured on this system were a light gun game and a tennis game. During the same time, a game by the name of Pong is a success in the public. It is because people wanted to play Pong in the comfort of their own homes, that they bought Odyssey. The system only sold around 100,000 units since Magnavox only sold the game system from their own stores, making consumers believe that the game system would only work on Magnavox TV sets....   [tags: Video Games]

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Video Games Are Beneficial

- Video Games Are Beneficial Video Games have come a long way since their first introduction into the main stream. With video games becoming more sophisticated and using advanced technology, it seems as if video games are closing in on the gap between games and reality. However, as video games become ever so life-like it brings up the question of if the violence associated with video games is having a negative consequence. There have been many accusations over the years over the harm video games are causing children and teenagers....   [tags: Video Games]

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Do Video Games have a Negative Impact on Children

- In the world today, video games are a big part of almost more than half of America’s children. But some people like to believe that video games are a danger to their children and blame the violence in the world today among children on video games. But is that really the answer, blaming “violent” video games. Parents should be more involved in what their children interact with. However, it is highly doubtful when the creators of video games don’t force anyone to purchase their games; but only advertise and spread the word about their game....   [tags: virtual world, video games, violence]

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Violent Video games cause violence? I Think Not.

- Violence is everywhere, in magazines in the shops, on the TV, on websites like YouTube as well as in video games. Yet, why is it that those video games are said to be the biggest media source responsible for the violent outbursts of different individuals. Is this really the case. Every eight out of ten homes in the United Kingdom own a current generation games console and video games have become a fantastic source of education when helping kids to learn, such websites like or the VTech Learning System that teach kids literacy, numeracy and the sciences through their games....   [tags: Video Games, Violence, Media Source]

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School Shooters Direct Connection to Violent Video Games

- Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, Adam Lanza, Steven Phillip Kazmierczak, and Seung-Hui Cho all have a few things in common, they are all school shooters that have killed and injured a combined total of 149 human beings and are or were believed to be avid violent video game players, who also committed suicide immediately after carrying out their attacks. To the public, school shooters seem to share a direct connection to playing violent video games and that playing them leads to violent behavior....   [tags: behaviors, video games, media, violent]

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Can Video Games Really Improve Learning?

- The common stance toward video games is that they lead to seclusion, anti-social behaviors, obesity, and even sometimes violent crimes; however, video games today can benefit many gamers. They can improve learning, promoting physical activity, and benefit the brain, as well as create a positive social environment. There are even video games that are used to train our armed forces as well as games that get people that live in nursing homes up and moving. Can video games really improve learning. The answer to this question is yes....   [tags: gamers, gaming, video games, learning]

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The Significance of the Concepts of ‘Convergence’ and ‘Localisation’ for Understanding Today’s Global Video Games Industry?

- The video games industry today has evolved, adapted and advanced dramatically involving profoundly new and improved technologies, increasing communication (online and through the social aspect of gaming) and entertainment, since it first emerged in the 1920’s with the early pinball machines, continuing further into the 1960’s, with the first videogame called ‘Space War’ produced in 1962 by Steve Russell (Merino 2006) and further developing to become the successful multi billion global phenomenon that it is today....   [tags: Video Games]

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The Effects on Kids and Teens Due to Violent Video Games

- Games are cool and nice and all but there are some video games that are considered ultra violent video games due to the real world type of violence it shows. These games are graphic and do have violence in it, but it isn’t enough to conquer or influence a teen. In other cases, it may conquer or influence a kid because kids have fresh minds, and learn everything in their way. It’s been experimented to see if games do influence but until present day, yet, there’s no proof or evidence. Violent video games may have an affect on children depending on their age....   [tags: video games, violent games, grand theft auto]

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Do Violent Video Games Cause Bad Behavior?

- Ever since the video game was invented many years ago, violent, bloody games have existed also. Some include killing zombies, shooting people, and fighting that ends in either someone dying or being hurt. The outcome remains the same, and a select few continue to live out these games throughout their daily life. These games can sometimes cause people to become angry. Although, some video games may have a negative effect on some people’s lives, other reasons such as their home life can be a factor in these people’s behavior....   [tags: child's behavior, violent games,video games]

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What Video Games Can Teach You: How to Do Surgery

- Remember how your parents always said to you that video games does not teach you anything, that all it does is rot your mind and always telling you that video games are evil that can cause you to kill people. Most people think that video games just cause problems in the world today, when there are some video games out there that are teaching some children to how to become surgeons or doctors. The wii remote is used the same way how surgeons use there hands when doing an operation. It also states that people who play video games builds there reaction time and hand and eye coordination better than the people who do not play video games....   [tags: Video Games, Surgery, wii, ]

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Introducing Rubrics to Video Games through Grand Theft Auto IV

- The reviewer starts out by showing how he is driving up the central avenue in the game’s version of a GMC or Ford SUV listening to the radio before he is about to rob a warehouse of cocaine dealers. Then he explains that he got bored and carjacked a luxury SUV, visited a woman friend, and went to a Ricky Gervais comedy show. Next, he goes on to give background information of the game, it is a sequel of the original 1997 Grand Theft Auto that will be released for Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, for $60....   [tags: rubric, video games, review]

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Video Games and Ethical Responsibility

- Video Games and Ethical Responsibility We are the first generation to grow up in a world full of computers. Everyone and their cousin has one. It is almost impossible to go on a vacation anymore without seeing a computer. Some hotels and cruise ships have public computers and even many planes have video game systems built into the back of every chair. With computers being so predominant in our daily lives, we must have some use for them. Many people use them for work and many for the internet, but an overwhelming amount use them to play games as well....   [tags: Video Games Ethics]

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Violent Video Games and the Effects on Adolescents and Children

- In our society we have many issues that plague our youth. Problems such as substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, and verbal bullying are just a few of the issues. There is one issue that has been on the rise for many years, and is relatively new to the world; and that is violence due to exposure to violent video games. Research done by a panel of scientists led by Professor Rowell Huesmann found “Unequivocal evidence that media violence increases the likelihood of aggressive and violent behavior in both immediate and long-term contexts” (qtd....   [tags: Video Games, Gaming Industry, Addictions, Teens]

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Violent Video Games: Society’s New Scapegoat

- Do modern video games contribute to the increasing level of violence that we see around us. Can we really attribute the shootings and bombings we see on the news to the increased violence and realism of video games. Every day, people are exposed to violence through the TV shows and movies they watch, the video games they play, and national media networks who bombard us with graphic information portraying violent and hard-hitting global events. To top it all off, the media frequently loves to make outrageous claims that video games either “inspired” or “trained” the culprits of many of these violent acts....   [tags: Video Games, sociology, psychology, social comment]

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Video Games: Assassin Simulations

- Video Games: Assassin Simulations Video game violence has been a wildly debated topic since the beginnings of the industry. The topic evolved from the debate on media violence or violence in print media. However, the video game debate brings a new angle. Video games, because of their immersive nature, are said to have more impact on children. The proponents and opponents of video game censorship do not really fall into traditional political boundaries. The proponents of censorship tend to be some parents and doctors....   [tags: Video Games Violence Papers]

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Video Games - The Forgotten Art

- Video Games - The Forgotten Art Ask any major in the fine arts for the definition of art. They're likely to tell you that it is self-expression through the use of some sort of medium. Most commonly thought of are clay for a sculpture, paint for a masterpiece, even music notes for a four-movement suite. The last thing you'd think of is a computer program for a video game. But why not. Don't video games incorporate both artwork and music. Each one is considered art, but many people consider the result, when put together, to be a waste of time....   [tags: Argument Paper Video Games Art]

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Video Games: Good or Bad?

-             Many young children and teenagers have heard their mother’s incessant plead to get away from the screen and to go outside or pick up a book for once instead. The urge to play “just one more level” before starting that homework or doing those chores can be quite distracting. But are video games really as awful as Mom exclaims or as brutal as those TV ads depict. It turns out that video games can have a strong impact on participants’ lives in both positive as well as negative ways. When imagining the typical video gamer, one might envision the stereotypical overweight, slightly nerdy looking man who traps himself within his basement till two every morning leveling his character....   [tags: Video Games Pros Cons 2014]

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Violent Video Games are a Key Contributor to Teen Violence in America

- Violence or aggression refers “to any behaviour that demonstrates a malicious intent to harm one another”. Numerous people are being killed and murdered because of the continuous violence happening all over the world, particularly in the United States. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), violence, in general, is among the leading causes of death, and that each year; over 1.6 million people worldwide lose their lives due to it. WHO states that about 8.2% of the world’s population are being murdered because of violence in the United States....   [tags: violence, video games, argumentative, persuasive]

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Postive Impact of Playing Video Games

- In the past few decades there has been debate over the positive and negative affects of video games with a good deal of focus on more violent games. Prior to and concurrently with this debate, there have also been similar debates over radio, television, and movies but, as should be obvious from the current breadth of media, no studies have definitively proven any negative affects. The detractors of video games claim, based on media effects research, that people who play video games with any sort of violence in them have heightened antisocial and decreased prosocial tendencies afterwards; this is the assumed cause of certain acts of violence including the majority of school shootings....   [tags: Benefits Video Games 2014]

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Video Games in Education

- Video Games in Education Since the Early 70’s video games have been giving a bad name. Parents state that video games rot the minds of children and are influencing them do be violent. These accusations are far from the truth. In my research I found that there are many positive effects of gaming. Some of these effects are increased skills, creativity, general knowledge, and also help those in need. Parents can also take proper precautions and look into a game before buying it to see if it meets the criteria discussed in this paper....   [tags: Gaming Video Games Essays Papers]

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Should we Ban Violent Video Games for Fueling Violence in Teens?

- If the readers are familiar with video games, then ripping someone’s heart out right in front of their eyes and beating them to death with it should obviously ring a bell. Due to realism in today’s video games, many gamers are immune to strong language, blood, death and violence shown. As video games evolved, many critics believe that the strong content in video games are making gamers aggressive and lazy. There is an on going debate between many that critics are video games the gateway to violence....   [tags: grand theft auto,video games,gaming industry]

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Violent Video Games Don't Lead to Increases In Violent Behavior

- A young, blonde woman stands with her fists raised. She shifts her weight back and forth, staying in constant motion. Her jaw is set and her blue eyes dangerous. She faces her opponent with no fear. Her fellow combatant is a skilled warrior and a member of a Shirai Ryu clan. He’s spent years mastering his own special style of martial arts. The woman observes him carefully. He’s muscular and, no doubt, fast. She cannot see most of his face, as a gold and black mask obscures it, but she can see his eyes....   [tags: Video Games Don't Cause Children to be Violent]

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Violent Video Games and Aggressive Behavior

- Violent Video Games and Aggressive Behavior Statistics have shown that the violence among young people is increasing every year. Many people blame musicians and other types of artists who portray negative actions as something positive. Others might blame the parents for not watching over their children. But many people fail to bring up technology as an issue. With the new DVD that shows sex and violence or computers that gives kids access to unauthorized sites, technology is something that many parents need to look out for....   [tags: Violent Video Games Youth Violence]

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Violent Video Games Do Not Cause Violence

- Do violent video games increase aggression in the people who play them. If so then video games could be responsible for much of the bad news we hear on television. Are video games responsible for school shootings. Do producers of video games need to tone down the violence. What will happen if video games become more and more violent and realistic. On the other hand, are video games to blame at all for the increase of violence in kids. When violence in video games started to increase, people started noticing an increase in the aggression of their children as well....   [tags: Violent Video Games 2014]

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Argumentative Essay: Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence

- Our nation has changed over the years. There is no question about that. The generation that my grandfather grew up in during the 1930’s and 1940’s has often been called “The Greatest Generation” (Brokaw). Why is my generation not talked about for our inventions and advances in technology. Maybe that the downfall of our generation has been the media and the influence it has on the public. There is no doubt that the media can spin a story into a shocking and scary account produced solely on the intent to sell....   [tags: Violence, Video Games]

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Video Games And The Video Game

- ... Vass 2 Have you ever heard of cultural lag. Essentially it means that society is hesitant to embrace new things like technology, trends, things of that nature. For example, before video games, people blamed rock music for violence amongst the people of society (Bezio 1). Before that, people blamed television for violence. We as people are horrible at coming up with answers when a problem we can not comprehend immediately emerges. This is why we have cultural lag, we would rather point the finger, rather then find the solution....   [tags: Video game, Game, Video game culture]

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Video Games And The Video Game

- ... One perfect example for this is the case of Cody Wygant, a 24 years old man who killed his son who was one 16 months old so he could play in peace with his Xbox. Cody Wygant smothered the boy’s nose and mouth for several minutes until the child became lethargic then left him in a playpen unattended to for five hours, according to authorities. Another case similar to this one is the case of James Dearman who is a 270-pound man who sat on his 6 years and killed him. Dearman killed his son just because he caught his son watching him and his girlfriend playing video games so he told forced the boy to lie on his side on the couch with his face against the rear couch cushions....   [tags: Video game, Video game addiction, Addiction]

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Video Games do Not Cause Violent Behaviour in Children or Adolescents

- Video Games do Not Cause Violent Behaviour in Children or Adolescents From the beginnings of the industry, violence in video games has been an issue of discussion. From the pixilated weaponry in 'Space Invaders' to the myriad of weapons in 'Unreal Tournament 2003,' games have evolved over the years. Newer games are more real. Their environments are more immersive. Small details such as rain drops or a falling corpse are now realistically detailed in the games we play. Because of this, some people believe that this level of realism is desensitizing our kids and making them violent....   [tags: Video Games Teen Viloence Argumentative Essays]

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Video Games : A Video Game

- ... Especially for 3D video games, the fact that it looks so similar to the real world would sometimes give us the feel of wanting to recreate the scene of what we see from a video game to fully satisfy ourselves because we wanted to know what it is like to be that certain character. With that in mind, violent video games would be the main target of those who are opposed or don’t like video games. In the same way, I noticed that the video game industry usually gets the most critiques from many parents who have children that play violent video games....   [tags: Video game, Video game industry, Atari, Half-Life]

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Video Game : Video Games

- ... Other gamers sitting next to you was reality of playing any game with others and the concept of someone playing along side of you sitting in another living room on the other side of the world, would have not have occurred to gamers. Along with Xbox Live, Microsoft also provided gamers Xbox Live Arcade. The Live Arcade would allow developers to create and sell video games to the general market by providing them a digital copy downloaded to their gaming console. The early years of Xbox Live would again open the doors for other consoles to start selling digital content to their fans through their Internet connection....   [tags: Video game console, Video game, Xbox Live, Gaming]

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Video Games And Violence : Video Game

- ... Since the creation of violent video games or “mature” games, there have been constant arguments to if these games having anything to do with violence in the player. Although, not all video games are graphic and violent in nature, some video games may promote skills such as motor coordination, learning, and creativity. Recent games of the 21st century such as: Mortal Kombat, god of war, Call of Duty, and most notoriously debated Grand Theft Auto all involves gore and blood violence and a reward system for it....   [tags: Video game, Video game controversy]

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Video Games : Playing Games

- ... Game Designers get to let their creativity flow out and build off the ideas of the other designers involved in the making of a game, creating a beautiful and interesting game concept. During it 's making, a game will go through a lot of changes, and game designers are needed to constantly go over and recode thousands of lines of coding. A designer can also be needed to focus on a particular aspect of its creation, such as market, design, technology, or art. Games that are made for market are mainly made just to make a profit, and so their development is limited to the consumer 's demand....   [tags: Video game, Video game industry, Game designer]

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Video Games : Video Game Industry

- Maneth Chan Video game industry is part of our culture not just the U.S. but around the world. The 2014 video games industry has come far from it original days, the graphic, sound, play ability, story and many more. To me video games are kind of like math or food since you can relate to it anywhere around the world. Video games goes as far back as early 1950s, when academics began designing simple game and other thing as a computer science research. They weren’t popular until 1970s and 1980s when arcade, consoles, home computer game were introduced to the public, now days the graphic in the game industry have amazingly realistic to them, you can almost mistake them for real if you’re not c...   [tags: Video game, Video game industry, Arcade game]

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The Effects Of Video Games On Children

- ... This is the biggest misconception about video games. People like to say that the violent video games make children perform violent acts or makes them more aggressive. This understanding is wrong. According to an article in the Chicago Tribune Christopher Ferguson an expert who has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology has done dozen of studies dealing with video games and violence has always come to the same conclusion. Which is “violent video games do not contribute to societal aggression. One recent project actually concluded that some children who play violent games are less likely than others to act like bullies “ ( Keilman)....   [tags: Video game, Video game genres]

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The Effects Of Video Games On Children

- ... “One neuroscience study, published in Nature, showed that playing action video games can improve visual attention to the periphery of a computer screen.” (Video Games Affect the Brain-for Better and Worse "Cerebrum.") This means it helps a person’s peripheral due to the nature of a bunch of action and commotion that can occur during a video game. also says that gaming builds upon teamwork skills.(Video Games Affect the Brain-for Better and Worse "Cerebrum.") Some games have multiplayer which involve a common goal and having a group that are affected in different aspects of obtaining that goal....   [tags: Video game, Video game controversy]

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The Effects Of Video Games On Education

- ... Through looking at who is playing the video games and the downward slope in the countries education, it shows the link between the rise of one empire and the fall of another. According to statistics in 2006 provided by Buckley, and Anderson, “ 50% of all U.S. Americans play video games…Similarly, 68% of homes with children 2-17 have video game equipment”(363). Video games are taking away from the education by over two thirds of the youth population in America. These video games are taking away from children’s ability to learn and grow their minds....   [tags: Video game, Video game controversy]

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The Effects Of Video Games On Teens

- “Adverse Effects of Playing Violent Video Games” Can playing violent video games have detrimental effects on teens. According to an article by M. Lee and Laura Finley entitled “Video Games Are Addictive and Promote Irresponsible Behavior” the authors’ claim, “Research shows disturbing links between exposure to violent video games and desensitization to violence in the real world "(Lee M. and Laura Finley). In other words the article confirms that video game violence can have negative social and emotional effects on adolescents....   [tags: Video game, Nonviolent video game]

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Video Games : Video Game Genre

- The average video player today is far from the image of a nerdy, lonely man sitting in a basement drinking cola drinks. Far from it, video gamers are young, old, men and women. The grace of getting lost in these virtual worlds is something all of us enjoy. But as gaming has become more popular, the number of games has also grown exponentially. Unfortunately, not all games are worth the time and money, so what to play if you want to enjoy something good. We’ve created a list of the must-have video games in different genres....   [tags: Video game genres]

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Video Games : The Good And The Bad

- Video Games: The Good And The Bad American educational philosopher John Dewey once said, “ Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” Education is the foundation of a permanent lifestyle. Parents should desire for their children to have educational stability to build upon. Any concerned parent should want nothing but the best for their child as they are well aware of the new forms of child entertainment. Since the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, children in the United States have become subject to a new type of entertainment: video gaming (Nickson, 2010)....   [tags: Video game, Video game controversy]

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The Effects Of Video Games On Children

- In today’s day and age and with the advancement of technology, video games have become one of the most popular cultural hobbies enjoyed by users worldwide. However, the increase use of video games has generated a controversy regarding its psychological harm on children. Many people have assumed there is a correlation between video games and violent behaviour by youth. As a result, countless studies have been conducted to test whether the hypothesis that video games negatively alter the attitudes and behaviours of players is a theory or myth....   [tags: Video game, Video game controversy]

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Video Games : A Violent Video Game

- Violent video-games have become the target of many in the wake of events such as the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre shooting and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. David Waddington, author of “Locating the wrongness in ultra-violent video-games”, examines the arguments made by Matt McCormick’s article “Is it wrong to play violent video-games”. Waddington explains that McCormick’s use of utilitarianism does not go far enough when evaluating the wrongness in violent video-games. Waddington proposes, as a correction to McCormick’s claims, a stricter view on evaluating the potential harm found in playing video-games....   [tags: Video game, Video game controversy, Immanuel Kant]

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The Effects Of Video Games On Children

- Background Video games are electronic sports which involves user interface and user interactivity. They generate a visual response which helps to provide excitement and entertainment. Video games are played on computers, televisions, or any kind of device with a display screen. People play video games for fun and also because some games are more productive and useful. With growth in technology video games have become very popular in children. Those games can be informative and a brain-builder for children but at the same time it may be so violent that they not only become the reason for the children to be destructive but also vigorously increase anti-social behavior....   [tags: Video game, Video game controversy]

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Video Games Are Bad For You?

- ... When a child see a Middle Eastern with same traditional outfit, their brain functions to that situation in a same way it does work in video games that children play regularly; at that moment video games turn into reality and aggressiveness raises within their mind and gives birth to major crimes from fights to major murders. Although there are many negative aspects of video games, but video games are more good than bad. While playing video games can be time consuming and tedious, it does in fact help to get involved in cooperation and social activities....   [tags: Video game, Video game genres]

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