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The Negative Portrayal of Women in Hip Hop and Rap Music

- Doug E. Fresh, a popular beat-boxer in rap music today, has been quoted saying, “Hip-hop is supposed to uplift and create, to educate people on a larger level and to make a change.” Although this is the original intention of hip-hop music, public opinion currently holds the opposite view. Since the 1970’s musical artists have changed the face of hip-hop and rap and worldwide, people – mostly teens—have been striving to emulate certain artists and their lyrics, which has created negative stereotypes for hip-hop music and also for those who choose to listen to it....   [tags: music, hip-hop, public opinion, morality]

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Supreme Court Case: Sheppard V. Maxwell 1966

- ... Jonathan Entin does just that in his article Being the Government Means (Almost) Never Having to Say You’re Sorry. Entin puts a different (and slightly more unknown) perspective on how the law feels about the Sheppard V. Maxwell case by giving insight on the prosecutor’s point of view. Entin explains in detail, “The prosecutor’s theory of the case was straightforward: Sam Sheppard,… whose wife was frustrated by his infidelity, argued with Marilyn in their bedroom, beat her to death… and invented a tale of a bushy-haired intruder who slugged him unconscious… After killing his wife, Sam called his brother Steve to help him fix up the murder scene…” Entin goes on to proclaim in detail th...   [tags: press affecting social opinion and case outcomes]

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What Factors Influence the Government

- When most people think of government and changes in policies they think institutions or branches of the government. however these are only the final stages in the process. There are many other factors the influence the government and the way in which it functions. Many other factors influence and help to bring about these changes. Some of these are other factors are the media, interest groups, and public opinion. The media in America has evolved since the founding of the country. In the beginning there was only one form of media available, that of newspapers and other print material....   [tags: Government, media, interest groups, public opinion]

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Basic Ways of Determining Electoral Results

- There are two basic ways of determining electoral results: first-past-the-post and proportional representation. First-past-the-post is the British and American way. From Britain, it spread to all the former dependencies of the British Empire. It is a solid system in that it makes the elected representative of a constituency inescapably responsible for his voting record. Every time there is an election the representative or the parliamentarian has to go back to his electors and convince them that he, mainly as an individual (although party performance also affects public perception), deserves to be re-elected....   [tags: vote, voting record, public opinion, democracy]

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Questions and Answers: What´s Restorative Justice?

- 1. What are the four primary aims of Harris’s model for evaluating restorative justice practices. And what other two factors should a restorative approach incorporate. Harris initially proposes six aims - at least when it comes to restorative justice program with four primary aims as empowerment, restoration, reintegration and emotional/social healing (Doerner & Lab, 2012). Empowerment enables all parties, both offender and victim, to be a part of the process of restoration. But not by the same definition over all as empowerment for the victim is wanting the offender to take responsibility for the offense....   [tags: victim, public opinion, restitution, law suit]

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Robert Frost and His Literary Devices

- Authors throughout time have used many different literary devices to bring their stories to life. Stories capture the attention of people through communicating the author’s either personal experiences or otherwise completely imaginary scenarios. Some authors use their talent to the very best of their ability and successfully engage the reader and explain thoroughly the significance in what they are attempting to portray through different literary devices, such as personification. Robert Frost is a prime example of one of these authors....   [tags: personification, poetry, opinion]

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The Media Bias And Propaganda

- Abanob Gress American Government Prof Margot Blowlby 10/04/2015 Gun owners frequently assert that the press in the United States is biased in favor of gun control. Media bias has affects most of our decisions, especially when it comes to gun control. While it is easy for critics of the media to point out inaccuracies in individual stories, proving more systematic bias is difficult perhaps a program such as CBS 's "The Guns of Autumn" was slanted. But, it might be argued, CBS 's coverage of animal rights activists is just as distorted as its coverage of hunters.....   [tags: Opinion poll, Sampling, Shy Tory Factor]

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The Birth of Modern Politics

- There are thousands of years of history that have taken place. History is not like art(less subjective), but there is still plenty of room for speculation, criticism, and debate among historians, professors, as well as average citizens. However, not all these moments are documented, or done successfully specifically. Some of these moments end up becoming movies, books, or even historical fiction novels, but what about those fundamental moments that aren’t readily documented. In the book The Birth of Modern Politics Lynn Hudson Parsons claims that the 1828 election was momentous in the history of both political history, as well as our nation....   [tags: Lynn Hudson Parsons, political history, opinion]

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Low Countries in The Simpsons

- The perception of a culture from outside is important for it influences the culture itself as well as economic and political decisions: money is spent on the representation of countries abroad. For example, China is present everywhere through the Confucius Institutes, so is Germany with the Goethe Institutes and Spain with the Institutos Cervantes. However, in everyday life, the perception of a country from abroad is closer to a bundle of stereotypes usually corroborated in popular culture references: Americans eat burgers and drink coke, Brazilians dance on the beach, Japaneses work round the clock, Australians surf all the time, Spaniards are lazy, and so on....   [tags: public opinion, confucius, Kirk Van Houten]

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William Lyon Mackenzie King

- William Lyon Mackenzie King was one of the greatest prime ministers in Canada, although he did not give a fascinating speech or had an exciting image and supported few radical policies . King’s opinions were very strong and would not be changed no matter what. No one could influence King and this was shown through his leadership during the Great Depression and the election in 1930. When the Great Depression occurred right around 1930, William Lyon Mackenzie King and his government did not respond strongly ....   [tags: opinion, depression, government, election]

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The Opinion And Universally Accepted Of The Scientific Methods

- Are the Views of Peirce the Most Objective and Universally Accepted of the Scientific Methods. Envision a world in which there was insufficient scientific method for the attainment of knowledge. For ages, humankind has struggled with the idea of how one obtains knowledge, if for nothing more, than to learn efficiency in its acquisition. Without Descartes ' reasoned arguments of rationalism, Hume would not likely have been so inspired to formulate his counter argument of empiricist thought. Without Peirce 's Scientific Philosophy, and his advancement of Hume 's empiricism, scientific progress would have been greatly slowed....   [tags: Scientific method, Science]

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Health Care Reform: Is Public Opinion In?

- Health Care Reform is a nothing new to Americans. Americans have been fighting this battle for a long time. We have reached the point where we must a change. We must change something at this point it almost doesn’t matter what we do as long as it’s something different than we have. The insurance companies are making huge profits already, yet Americans receive some of the poorest care in the world. We spend twice as much on procedures than other countries spend. Countries like United Kingdom, France or in Canada spend much less on their procedures....   [tags: Health Care Reform, HealthCare, Health Care, Obama]

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My Opinion on What Makes a Leader

- ... Otherwise, the teacher won’t want you do be a leader that has leadership. To have leadership you must influence a group of people. Be the person that anyone can look up. A leader with leadership doesn't do stupid things that they later regret in life many times. Of course, the person will make mistakes, but if they keep on making the mistakes they are not considered to have leadership anymore. If you have leadership you are not bossy and demanding. No one will listen to you if you act in that way....   [tags: temper, empathetic, trustworthy]

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Griselda Pollock's Opinion on Art History

- The article Artists Mythologies and Media Genius, Madness and Art History (1980) by Griselda Pollock is a forty page essay where Pollock (1980), argues and explains her views on the crucial question, "how art history works" (Pollock, 1980, p.57). She emphasizes that there should be changes to the practice of art history and uses Van Gogh as a major example in her study. Her thesis is to prove that the meaning behind artworks should not be restricted only to the artist who creates it, but also to realize what kind of economical, financial, social situation the artist may have been in to influence the subject that is used....   [tags: Article Analysis, Writing Technique]

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Personal Opinion of Popular World Music

- Kecak is a form of Balinese dance that originated in the 1930s. It is also known as the “Ramayana Monkey Chant” because of the way the song is performed. Men are typically the ones that perform this piece of music. On CD 2 the song “Kecak” stuck out to me in a good way than the others. I say this because I really like the way it starts off. It starts off slow then speeds up. Also I like the fact that there are no instruments used in the piece. The musicians’ voices make the music and that really stands out the most to me....   [tags: music, voices, instruments, dance]

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Drinking Age: A Personal Opinion Essay

- Go to war. Vote. Sit on a jury. Sign a legally binding contract. Get married. These are all things you can do at the age of 18. Drinking. That's something you have to wait for until you're 21. I know that a majority of you already drink. Additionally, I know that you are all 16 or 17. Due to that, I'm sure you'd be thrilled to know you could drink in one or two years. I believe that the drinking age should be lowered to 18. Predominately due to the fact the government believes you are responsible enough to defend your country, but not responsible enough to drink a beer....   [tags: Alcoho, Binge, College]

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Personal Opinion About Religion and God

- Since our childhood we are told to always obey the will of God. To differentiate between good and bad and always choose the good path; the path laid by God for the Muslims. To do as He commands. And as a prize He would shower His blessings upon us in the afterlife. And if we fail to do so, then we will have to face His wrath and burn in the fires of hell. This shows that each and every person is given a choice of which path to choose. The path of righteousness or the path of blasphemy. Righteous would bring you the joy of God and He would reward you in the afterlife, but in this world, you would have to sacrifice....   [tags: Muslim, Path, Islam]

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My Opinion On My Favorite Professors

- All throughout my life one of my main interests has been the sciences, especially biology. I have always been enamored by how all organisms, especially us as humans, function. From a young age, I have found myself constantly wanting to learn more. Thus, if I was to teach any subject, I would choose biology seeing that I want to share my excitement about the subject with others. I have found that the best teachers are those who are excited about what they teach. They tend to share that excitement with their students, making class as fun as possible and teaching the class with great rapture....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Learning]

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Personal Opinion Essay Regarding Abortion

- The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy is called an abortion. Abortions are a widely debated subject throughout the world. In the United States, abortions are legal due to the Roe v. Wade law. Some would argue that abortions are ethnically and morally wrong, while others assert it is simply a woman’s choice. There are a number of legitimate reasons why a woman would choose to abort her unborn; financial status, age and health are just a few. With today’s technology and a certified doctor, this procedure is harmless to both the mother and her fetus....   [tags: Fetus, Pregnancy]

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Red Light Cameras

- Introduction In 1998, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) conducted research into the effectiveness of red light cameras in reducing red light violations in Oxnard, California (Retting, Williams, Farmer, & Feldman, 1998). According to the study, the utilization of red light cameras modifies the driver’s behavior, thus, reducing the rates of red light running and increasing safety on the roads (Retting et al., 1998). In the results of the study, the researchers discovered that red light running violations decreased by approximately 42% after the implementation of the camera enforcement program (Retting et al., 1998)....   [tags: Opinion poll, Sampling, Shy Tory Factor]

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Voters' Guide Project

- The service project in our CSU foundations class was to create a voters’ guide for the student body to inform students potential voters of their choices for the upcoming election. It is important that the opinions of students in our country are heard by our lawmakers. The purpose of our voters’ guide was to provide easily accessible, unbiased information to students about election candidates which would in turn encourage students to voice their opinions by exercising their right to vote. When discussing this project at the beginning semester, I reflected on the things I learned in the American Government class I took during my senior year of high school....   [tags: voicing opinion through vote]

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Crime in Abortion

- There are more deaths by abortions than war casualties together, now that’s something to think about (Abortion Statistics). Abortion is a controversial topic, with many opinions and valid points. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy by surgical or medical means (Vaughn 161). I believe that it is wrong to abort a baby because it is alive. Some believe a baby is alive at conception and others after several weeks. Either way it is not right. Life is regarded as precious and we should cherish it....   [tags: Christian, Opinion Paper, Murder]

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What´s Active citizenship?

- By doing that they use tools that are democratic and non-violent and they are respectful of others opinions. Active citizenship can also take place in the classrooms at school, it can take place anywhere throughout the community. An active citizen is someone who cares about their community and they develop the skills to understand their obligations of that community. Active citizenship means people participating in their community and democracy. To show active citizenship you have to take place in it....   [tags: literacy, democracy, opinion]

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Getting Second Opinions from Doctors

- There various scenarios where patients would probably want a second opinion from another physician. A common experience among healthy individuals who go for a routine executive check-up is that of being told that something turned up in their laboratory results, which needs to be evaluated further. These people often have no symptoms and are not ready to hear any bad news regarding their health. But then they are asked to undergo another test, which leads them to see a specialist who subsequently recommends a procedure, such as cardiac catheterization, that will prevent a future catastrophe, such as a heart attack....   [tags: Physicians, Second Opinions]

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Social Media, Free Speech and the Judicial Legacy of the Tinker Case

- Introduction: Social media is revolutionizing the way we communicate and interact with one another. For better or worse we are connecting in ways that simply did not exist a decade ago, and those connections are presenting schools with increasing number of challenges. School districts shoulder the responsibility for the well-being of today’s students and with the advent of social media, districts are at the center of legal issues concerning student’s freedom of speech and a school’s responsibility to provide an appropriate learning environment....   [tags: Opinion, School]

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My Field Trip to The John G. Shedd Aquarium

- When I first told my parents about the 2nd Quarter Biology Project, they told me that I could choose where I wanted to go, and I knew I wanted to go to the Shedd Aquarium because I don’t really like zoo’s and I think that the botanical gardens are boring. So I told them I wanted to go to the Shedd Aquarium. About 2 weeks later on the second week of winter break, my mom said we are going to my grandmother’s house, and then we all got into the car at about 3:00 P.M. and headed out. When we got to my grandmothers house no one even got out of the car but my mom and stepfather and they went and grabbed the stroller out of her garage and we just left....   [tags: Opinion, Teenager]

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Students Need Shorter School Days

- What is your perspective on today’s high school schedule. From a student’s point-of-view I think it is more stressful than it should be. I believe that we should come to school at the same time as usual but we should only have our four main courses, which are mathematics, english, history, and science. This idea would take so much stress and worrying out of all the students’ minds. First off we would be a lot more focused because there are only four classes instead of seven. Another reason would be that we have a lot more time to do our homework or study for our classes because school would be let out earlier....   [tags: Opinion Essay]

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Personal Opinion: The School System

- The schooling system which runs the students’ everyday lives is one of strict policy. There should be a bit more leeway in the way the teachers teach and the way students learn. Each individual’s mind works in its own way; no two minds think exactly alike. So the golden question is why teach every mind in the same manner. Some people learn slower than others, while others pick up things before they are fully taught, there is no real way to increase your learning speed, there is only a way to increase the capacity of what you have learned....   [tags: essays research papers]

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What Is Your Opinion of The Spread of English in the World Today?

- The usage of English language by people is common in every part of the world. Nowadays there are lots of people interested in English reading and speaking. According to Hung (2009), the world was in need of a common language at the end of the 19th century to communicate and they believed that this common langurage should be among the natural languages that existed at that time. So among other languages English seemed to be more suited to the world language (Hung, 2009). Since English has now become the language of diplomacy, book, medicine, airport, science, sports and technology, it has achieved hegemony above the other languages....   [tags: language, culture, identity, imperialism]

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What Is Your Opinion of the Spread of English in the World Today?

- English is the language that is being spoken by most of the people in the world. Nowadays there are lots of people interested in English reading and speaking. According to Hung (2009), at the end of the 19th century the world was in need of a common language to communicate and they believed that this common language should come from one of the existing natural languages. So among other languages English seemed to be more suited to the world language (Hung, 2009). English has achieved supremacy since it has become the main language of books, newspapers, air traffic control, airport, international business and academic conferences, science, technology, medicine, diplomacy, sport, pop music an...   [tags: lingua franca, globalization]

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The Analytical View of a Nebraskan Opinion of A Wagner Matinee

- In the past there have been stories concocted from within the depths of writer’s minds, portraying what they know and what could be. However there seem to always be casualties by the sharp words that have been thrust into the world. “A Wagner Matinee” is no exception due to the reference of Nebraska and its occupants. The Nebraskans believed that Cather, the author, was intentionally insulting them, but Cather claimed that it was a tribute to the pioneer way of life. I would Argue that the story really is a tribute the pioneer way of life through three main ideas of the story: Aunt Georgiana’s sacrifice, how Clark live as a child, and Aunt Georgiana’s survival of the west....   [tags: pioneer, tribute, sacrifice, survivial]

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Personal Opinion Essay: The 1920s, A Hopeful Time to Live

- I always envy going back to the 1920s in the USA. There are times when I feel miserable; there are even times when I lose sight of hope. When I feel that the obstacles in my life are insurmountable, going back to the 1920s might help me acknowledge what I am hoping for in my life. The 1920s was seemingly the most hopeful and exciting period to live in. With economic prosperity, the idea of the American dream, the change of women position in the society and all other events, Americans were more hopeful than ever....   [tags: Rights, Wealth, Prosperity]

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Panopticisim and the Social Institution of Religion: Personal Opinion

- Religion can be described as a social institution built up around the idea of a supernatural being or beings, and the relation of human beings to them. In addition, religion provides individuals a belief to which they understand their existence as well network of emotional support during times of distress. Moreover, religious institutions provide individuals a proper perspective of life and establish values. Religion involves three major aspects: A conception of the nature and character of divinity (2) A set of principles concerning the duties and obligations between divinity and humanity....   [tags: Atheism, Skepticism]

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Personal Opinion Essay: Israel Entitled to the Holy Land

- Corruption, violence, and ever growing frustration all are words to describe the, seemingly, endless conflict between Israelis, who consist mainly of Jews, and Palestinian Arabs, otherwise known as Muslims. The people that are truly entitled to this holy land have biblical proof, have already displayed their capabilities, and uphold non-violent and peaceful morals. The people entitled to this land are the Israelis. The Arabs continually claim that the bible is full of lies and hoax, yet the Torah, the Jewish holy text, and the Bible share similar aspect....   [tags: Palestinians, Bible, Politics]

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Democratic Parties in the US: A Personal Opinion Essay

- Before researching any of the political parties I really thought I was Democratic, mostly because Obama is Democratic. I wasn’t really aware of what anything meant nor how it was effecting us as a country and the democrat sponsors made it sound good. After doing some research my eyes were opened and I now realize that the Democratic Party really wasn’t what I thought it was. One of the main things I came to dislike about the Democrats was the fact they support abortion, I strongly disagree with this type of mentality and really upsets me....   [tags: Republicans, Democrats, Politics]

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Personal Opinion Essay: Money is the Key to Happiness

- Many people argue that money is not the key to happiness. However, have you ever seen a sad person riding a Ferrari. Or have you ever seen a man crying because he is too rich. In fact, I have no doubt that you've seen a man crying, because he is too poor. Money brings a lot of things to our lives. Money gives us what we want, gives the possibility toward a better future, and brings love and friendship as well. Therefore money is the ultimate key to happiness. According to ‘The hunger project’, the percentage of the world’s hungry has exceeded 15 percent....   [tags: Wealth, Desires]

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Personal Opinion Essay: College Athletes Should be Paid

- A few hours passed and it was approaching 12:00: game time. As I was getting my equipment on, all the possible things that could go wrong flashed threw my head. As I finish putting on my pads and other equipment, I heard a voice from behind me, "Just stay focused man, and play like you have been.” It was RJ, trying to help me focus and give me motivation. Walking into that dark tunnel with the light at the end is like an exhilarating wave of nerves and excitement. Approaching the end of the tunnel, all I could hear was the crowd screaming and yelling....   [tags: Sports, Money]

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Legalization of Medical Marijuana: A Personal Opinion Essay

- Currently in our country there is an issue at hand that has divided not only American people, but even politicians across the country. The highly debated issue that has been dividing the country for many years now is the legalization of medicinal marijuana. While the government has left the issue up to individual state’s legislations, the pressing debate at hand has been calling for a federal law to nationally legalize marijuana for medical purposes. For years now, it has been something that has been highly debated and something that people on both sides feel highly passionate about....   [tags: Drug, Controversy]

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Online Classes vs. Traditional Classes: My Opinion

- There are some students who find it easier to work in internet classrooms and some others that find it easier to stay with traditional classrooms. I think someone may choose internet classrooms if they have difficulty interacting with teachers and other students. Some people do not like being in the classroom because they do not feel at ease around certain people especially those who treat others with disrespect. It is hard for a student to concentrate and learn a lesson when they have that kind of pressure....   [tags: Online Classes, ]

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Personal Opinion Essay: Homework Should be Banned

- Homework is for suckers. Homework causes stress for students as well as for parents. Homework is extremely demanding and many students are spending far too many hours after school to complete their homework assignments. Although, some students may be able to whiz right through their homework, other students crawl along struggling at a snail’s pace. Consequently, family time is put on the back burner due to the time constraints of homework. Additionally, any extracurricular activities are also put on hold....   [tags: Stress, Struggle, Time]

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Personal Opinion Essay About The National Anthem

- Blinding flashes of light lit the night. Great booms and blasts shook the very earth underneath the soldiers' feet. Groans and shuddering breaths could be heard even over the cacophony. Confusion reigned on the British side ever since their commander, General Robert Ross, had been killed. A fierce sense if determination drove the Americans. They all knew that the end would be soon. The war would end that night. The bombing of Fort McHenry continued on for 25 hours until, finally, there was silence....   [tags: War, Glory]

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Analyzing David Miller´s Opinion on Immigration

- Though immigration is not a new phenomenon in the world’s history, it has been notice that now days immigration has increased more than ever. This is mainly caused because of better ways of communication and transportation, which it makes it possible to people to move and enter other countries. However there are many types of immigrations such as economical, retirement immigrants or even ‘natural disasters’ immigrants. People sometimes seek a new life to save themselves from poverty and misery, thus they decide to enjoy the benefits of another country....   [tags: freedom of movement, human rights, economy]

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Personal Opinion Essay: Dogs vs. Cats

- There are many reasons to get a pet. You could choose to get a pet for a companion, or simply to add to your family. Many older folk choose to get a pet after they retire or lose their spouse so they do not feel lonely. Many young couples choose to get a pet before they opt to have children, and many families add a pet to their home for their children. The question is though, what type of pet to get. Do you get a cat, or a dog. Having a dog as a pet over a cat is much more enjoyable and beneficial to your life, specifically because of their behavior, convenience, and loyalty....   [tags: Pets, Loyalty]

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Freedom In Constitution

- Have you ever wondered what life at school would be like without “freedom?” In my opinion I think it would be horrid. Think about it. If we had no freedom we wouldn’t be able to do the things we love most, or choose what friends we hang out with. The freedoms we have now we all take for granted. For example, do you even know what your freedoms are. If you don’t, then you ought to hear me out so you know in the future what they mean. First of all there are two very specific freedoms that all students and teachers should know and understand....   [tags: Personal Opinion Argument Paper Freedom]

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Everybody Has an Opinion

- Now that the debacle of the 2000 Presidential election has passed through the annals of United States politics, Daniel Lazare has decided to open the wound of this three ring circus and analyze this example of dysfunctional democracy. In an excerpt from his book, "The Velvet Coup"(Voices, 102), Lazare argues that the Constitution of the United States is an obsolete document that is in dire need of a reality series makeover. From my understanding, Lazare blames the Supreme Court, the Electoral College, and the Republican Party for that awful display of confusion occurring Election Day in November of 2000....   [tags: Politics]

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The Scarlet Letter: An In Depth View of an Opinionated Reader?s Opinion

- The scarlet letter began as one woman’s punishment and later spread to several people’s ruin. The scarlet letter set off a course of events one right after another that brought nothing but heartache, death, and suffering. The wearer of the scarlet letter, Hester Prynne, loved a man, Arthur Dimmesdale. The love between these two people resulted in a tale that will forever be considered a classic in American litatutre. The book is an in depth view of the consequences of secret loves and ultimate sins....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Don Imus

- Don Imus Early this month radio jockey Don Imus live on radio made an offensive remark. He offended the Rutgers women's basketball team by calling them nappy-headed hoes. This comment and offense escalated into something big enough to get him fired. People are debating the fact that if he should get a punishment so severe as to get fired from his radio program, why shouldn't rappers pay a consequence for saying those kinds of words in they're lyrics. Should they be penalized. In my opinion I don't think MSNBC should not have taken it as far as to fire him, but I think he should of gotten more than a 2-week suspension....   [tags: Opinion, Case Study, solution]

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The Effects of Entertaining Politics on American Society

- Popular television host, Stephen Colbert, was famously quoted on the premiere of his show saying, “Anyone can read the news.” In 1996, The Daily Show, often referred to as TDS, originated on the popular television channel, Comedy Central. Its goal was to provide the viewers with political information, drawing them in and holding them by making political events, situations, parties, and people the subject of a comedic target. The extreme outlook of politics displayed on the popular television series can easily turn people away from these programs, however, it also attracts a large group of avid followers....   [tags: The Daily Show, Colbert Report, political opinion]

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Using the Model of Framing in Reality Television to Effectively Promote Projects

- January 6, 1973, famous anthropologist Margaret Mead published an essay in TV Guide in which she addressed her view of PBS’s series “An American Family.” This series was groundbreaking during that time because is followed the Loud’s, a California family who were neither actors nor public figures just average middle-class family, which was unheard of at the time. The Louds were filmed for seven months and the product was twelve one-hour episodes which showed everything from the monotony of their everyday life to the corrosion of Bill and Pat Loud’s marriage....   [tags: One Direction boy band, molding public opinion]

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Superior Sociteys

- Are some Societies or Cultures superior. First let examine the definition of the word ‘Egalitarianism', it is defined as: Egalitarianism (derived from the word égal, meaning equal or level) is the moral doctrine that people should be treated as equals, in some respect. Generally it applies to being held equal under the law, the church, and society at large. Perhaps in its theoretical form, Egalitarianism affirms, promotes, and believes in equal political, economic opportunity, social, and civil rights for all people....   [tags: Opinion]

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Against Abortion

- Abortion is a controversial subject for those who feel strongly against abortion will try to convince women to change her mind. In the article, “My Abortion “, by Meaghan Winter explains that some clinics been shut down to end the process of abortion. She states, “But for all the regulations and protests despite, “safe, legal, and rare” and “abortion is murder,” abortion is part of our everyday experience” (Winter 1). The argument of abortion has been going on for 5 decades, but still the most controversial subject....   [tags: Pro Life, Abortion Opinion]

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To what extent do you agree with the opinion that the organisation of labour and Trade Unions served only to hinder the progress of Black Americans du

- To what extent do you agree with the opinion that the organisation of labour and Trade Unions served only to hinder the progress of Black Americans during the period 1865-1945. Whilst some historians may claim that the organisation of labour and Trade Unions served only to inhibit the progress of Black Americans during the period 1865 (the year the Freedman’s Bureau was created)-1945 (the end of WW2 in Europe) there is a considerable amount of historical evidence that can be pointed to that refutes this claim....   [tags: Papers]

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The Role of A Mayor and Personal Opinion as to Best Candidate for Toronto Mayor

- Roles of the Mayor What's a mayor supposed to do. To further understand the duties and responsibilities of a mayor, I looked into provincial acts relating to this (The City of Toronto Act). According to this act1 a mayor's role is: As a member of council: to represent the public and to consider the well-being and interests of the City to develop and evaluate the policies and programs of the City to determine which services the City provides to ensure that polices and procedures are in place to implement the decisions of council; to ensure the accountability and transparency of the operations of the City to maintain the financial integrity of the City to carry out the duties of council As he...   [tags: Politics, Leader]

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Why the School System is Failing: Student's Opinion on How it Can Improve

- “Schools cram you too full too fast. I don’t mean they challenge you. I mean they throw to much busywork in your face. Being in school is like being incredibly hungry and sitting at Burger King eating too much, too fast to be satisfied, and then pucking it up. Good learning, like good eating, is not only mental and physical, but also spiritual. Generally you can satisfy the craving only in calm. If you don’t have sufficient time or peace to digest knowledge, it only gives you a headache. (Llewellyn 49) Learning in the busywork fashion makes it pointless to go to school....   [tags: public Education, teaching, teachers]

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Changes in Reader Opinion on Meursault Throughout Albert Camus’ The Stranger

- ... Later on in the novel, Meursault and Marie are sitting in Meursault’s apartment when Marie asks him if he loves her. He says, “I told her it didn’t mean anything but that I didn’t think so” (Camus 35). Loving or not loving a person is completely human, but saying that it does not mean anything is complete failure of recognition of a concept that almost all people value. Finally, at Meursault’s trial, Meursault does not show any remorse for killing the Arab and even says that he did not feel badly at all for what he had done....   [tags: perspective, truth, values]

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Sports Enhancing Drugs Is Great for sports: Personal Opinion Essay

- Sports are full of entertainment and great players. Imagine if the players were boosted with skills and performed like the monster on the movie Space Jam. This would be amazing if you never watched space jam I highly recommended you do so. The movie was great; it had one of the worlds best athletes in it Michal Jordan. He is known as one of the greatest basketball players ever to play the game. Space jam can show how an extra boost can improve players’ game play to the next level. Athletes should be able to use sports enhancing drugs to boost performance for better play and fan entertainment....   [tags: Athletics, Performance]

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Buckland´s Argument on Information and The Importance of The Search for Knowledge

- Everyday millions of people get online and surf the internet, before that people went to libraries and checked out books, and before any of that was possible, empires wrote on wet clay tablets filled with writings that they stored in private rooms, palaces, and temples. These soon became known as private libraries, and soon other empires joined in. What was important was that they were storing and sharing information, each innovation of sharing information has one main goal, to search and obtain knowledge....   [tags: opinion writing, sharing of information]

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How to Wing Friends and Inlfuence People by Dale Carnegie

- I chose “How to Win Friends and Influence People” – By Dale Carnegie. I enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would. I liked how Dale Carnegie talked about how to talk to other people in society but, he used his personal stories. Also, I liked how he separated the book into principles and not chapters it felt like it went faster. The principles are very helpful and very logical, this book made me look at society different and it made me realize how important little things are. In principle number 2 (Fulfill Others’ Desires to Feel Important) Dale Carnegie talks about how important it is to tell people that they are wanted, even spouses and children....   [tags: content personal analysis and opinion ]

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The Ideal Family Is the One Where There Is Love

- Most people define the ideal family as a group of people who are related by blood, share the same last name, and have unconditional love for one another. According to, family is “any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins.” Normally, this idea of the ideal family is what comes to most people’s minds but some people are adopted into families. People have their own belief of what an ideal family is like. I believe that the ideal family is a group of people who don’t necessarily have to share the same blood but are happy together, respect, and care for one another....   [tags: personal reflections and opinion]

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On the Issues of Education, Healthcare and Drug Reform

- My main issues are education, healthcare, and drug reform. Education is important everywhere, children are our future and it starts with a good education. Another is Healthcare; everyone should have a chance for good healthcare. No one should be denied healthcare because of their job or how much they make. My last issue is drug reform; drugs can be good and bad based on how they are used. Ken Cuccinelli believes all of Virginia’s children regardless of the color of their skin, where they live or how much money their parents make- deserve an opportunity to receive a world class education....   [tags: research, analysis and personal opinion]

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I Believe There is Only One God

- ... Now while I knew nothing of the Godhead or who God really was as a child I understood that this teaching was somehow flawed. We should understand that this is the most common form of Trinity doctrine found in the regular churches today if you step away from the seminaries and scholars who have let the philosophies and men's wisdom cloud their vision and understanding of God's word. So I knew this was somehow flawed but I didn't know enough about the Word of God to know how it was. Later on in life I am introduced to what is commonly known as “Oneness” and I can see God for who He truly is when reading His scriptures....   [tags: personal opinion, trinitarians, christians]

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Whistleblowers on Wikileaks: Criminals or Heroes

- WikiLeaks Criminals or Heroes Many people have heard of the website called WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks is an organization owned and operated by Juliann Assange. This website allows whistle blowers, or people who leak to WikiLeaks, to send confidential information anonymously to the website that then gets reviewed and broadcasted to the public. The website is anonymous so that not even Assange himself knows who is sending the information (Assange 7). Some people believe whistle blowers should be seen and prosecuted as criminals....   [tags: politics, legislation, public opinion]

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Banksy Protest on the Art Community

- The renowned street artist Banksy has gained a large following in the art community he himself, is an important part of. The art community gave Banksy initial ridicule and now he has been granted praise. However, Banky’s art often protests the current culture in the art community, which circles around spending large amounts of money to buy art from people who have extensive training from pricey schools. Banksy, a special case, was able to rise among top street artists like Shepard Fairey with no real training or education in art....   [tags: street artist opinion]

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Gardeners of a Modern Eden

- Every garden has its own purpose that makes gardeners devote a significant amount of time to take care of them. Gardeners are coming up with their own unique ways of taking care of their gardens, especially when they make profits out of it. In his book, The Botany of Desire, Michael Pollan claims that the best gardeners of his generation have devoted themselves to growing cannabis, popularly known as marijuana. Intrigued with Pollan’s argument, I totally agree with him. Marijuana growers are the best gardeners because they perfected the plant in growing them indoors, they make a good profit, and the plant itself fills the need of humans for transcendent altered states of consciousness....   [tags: Marijuana, Author Opinion]

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Supporting Public Financed Campaigns

- The government system is consequently very flawed. I want it to change, but I really never wanted to be involved in politics. I did not even really want to write about any of these topics. It is really hard learning all about these writing techniques at my age. I forgot so much and never went to college right after. I finally caught on to sentence structures my last year in high school in 1976. I did not even want to take a government class, but I am somewhat enjoying it. It has been an eye opener and a total challenge....   [tags: position paper, personal opinion]

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Purposes of Medical Marijuana

- Many people are against marijuana and others are for medical marijuana. This article is about the medical uses of marijuana (cannabis), and why marijuana should be legalized for medical use. The cannabis plant has a history of medicinal use dating back thousands of years across many cultures. Smoking marijuana has its good and bad side but really it should be use to help the sick patients around the world. For example, smoking marijuana has many affects and can lead to memory loss but medical marijuana can cure cancer patients....   [tags: Opinion, Depression, Drug]

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Two Reasons for the Right to Bear Arms: An opinion

- Bearing Your Arms Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and George Washington are just a few of our Forefathers that helped document the Bill of Rights. They sure did know what they were doing when they added the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment states, a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. A militia is a free standing civilian army, which makes every single American citizen a part of the militia....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Peace can be Achieved in this World: Personal Opinion Essay

- &quot;But then I ask the question: How many men must die before we can really have a free and true and peaceful society?How long will it take?If we can catch the spirit, and the true meaning of this experience, I believe that this nation can be transformed into a society of love, of justice, peace, and brotherhood where all men can really be brothers.&quot; -Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Since the beginning of early civilization, differences in races and cultures have been a part of society....   [tags: essays research papers]

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In the Post-modern World, Truth is Only an Opinion

- To explain the impacts of postmodernism, we have to understand the very composite nature of postmodernism, which is a relatively new all encompassing philosophy and one that reputedly lacks a historiography. The nature of the title question is very philosophical to which an equally philosophical answer could be given – why. However I am not so bold as to give that as the answer. I will therefore endeavour to simplify and qualify, what I consider are, related factors and, where applicable, their origins....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Personal Opinion of Black Economics by William Raspberry

- Black Economics In Black Economics William Raspberry offers a personal insight into the economics of the black American, but as he states Raspberry is “neither a businessman, an economist, nor a social scientist.” He presents his views without analysis and his solutions without a business outlook; instead Raspberry looks to the people for the cause and the answer. William Raspberry makes a bold effort by calling on his race, the African Americans, for both the cause and solution to their economic problems....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Personal Opinion Regarding Religion and Life Changes

- "Deleted the name of the church" What it’s Really Like I can’t understand it, but most people look at me and my friends and think we’re born saved. People judge us and say we don’t know what it’s like, but they haven’t lived in our shoes!. We had to do a lot to get where we are and because the devil knew our potential, we probably had it worse off than they did before we got saved. I can’t tell you everything about my friends, but I know what my life was like and it often led me to think of suicide (because the devil wanted to take my life)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Mildred Pierce Summary, Character Analysis, and Opinion

- Summary: Mildred Pierce, by James M. Cain, begins in pre-Depression California, and ends during World War II times, also in California. The main character, Mildred Pierce, is a very attractive housewife of 29, raising two daughters, Ray and Veda. Although Mildred loves both her daughters, Veda is a particular obsession with Mildred. She constantly slaves away throughout the novel to do whatever she can to make Veda happy, despite the constant abuse and deception Veda inflicts upon Mildred. After a divorce from her first husband, Bert, in the opening pages of the novel, Mildred is forced to sacrifice her pride and become a waitress in order to support her family....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Cell Phones Should Be Banned While Driving

- I strongly agree with cell phones being banned while driving. I can honestly say that I have almost run in to someone’s back on numerous occasions because I was focused on texting on my phone. I think driving while using cell phones should be banned because of the many car accidents they are causing, it is causing ones insurance to rise, and it is causing concerns to people health issues. The question is people more concerned more with their conveniences more than they are with their safety or safety of others....   [tags: Persuasive Paper, opinion, legal reform]

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John Steinbeck´s of Mice and Men Should be Banned from Schools: A Personal Opinion Essay

- Have you ever read a book or an article in a magazine that you wouldn’t want your children to read. “A banned book is one that has been censored by an authority—a government, a library, or a school system. A book that has been banned is actually removed from a library or school system.” (Brogan Brunner)Some reasons people want books to be banned is because they have profanity, racism, murder, and sexism. Some reasons people don’t want books to be banned is because of the first amendment which is freedom of press and speech....   [tags: Literature, Profanity, Death]

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- Professionalism The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines professionalism as the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person. Yet the White Paper on Pharmacy Student Professionalism says it is displaying values, beliefs and attitudes that put the needs of another about your personal needs. There is still another definition. The Medical Professionalism Project says professionalism is the basis of medicine's contract with society. It demands placing the interests of patients above those of the physician, setting and maintaining standards of competence and integrity, and providing expert advice to society on matters of health....   [tags: Pharmacy Profession, argumentative, opinion]

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Case Analysis - Terry Timber Inc

- To : Mr. Taylor, President, Terry Timber Inc. From : External Auditor, Terry Timber Inc. Subject : Advice on accounting policies of stated matters of Terry Timber Inc. (TT) Dear Mr. Taylor Enclosed is the report you requested regarding the adequate accounting policies for the stated matters for financial statements of TT. My objective, as an external auditor for TT, is to come up with reasonable and justifiable treatments for the accounting matters that result in meeting the goals of the company and objectives of all users....   [tags: Accounting Auditing Opinion]

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Stop Murdering the Defenseless

- Stop Murdering the Defenseless In most states in our nation today abortion is illegal when the fetus becomes a viable human being, meaning that it can survive outside of its mother's womb. This is often referred to as a late-term abortion, which usually occurs between the 24th and 28th weeks of a pregnancy. One of the problems associated with the ban on late term abortions in the United States is that viability is not defined. That is, there is no set week of gestation where a fetus is said to be viable....   [tags: Late Term Abortion Opinion]

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A Clashing of Opinions

- The “Mosaics: Reading and Writing Essays” textbook includes two essays with differing views on the effectiveness of anti-loitering laws. Richard Willard shares his opinion that anti-loitering laws are effective tools that discourage gang activity in his essay, “Anti-Loitering Laws Can Reduce Gang Violence.” He asserts that alternative methods of punishing gang members only cause them to develop animosity for police that leads to more trouble. Alternatively, “Anti-Loitering Laws Are Ineffective and Biased,” an essay written by David Cole, presents the view that these laws are a form of discrimination....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Clash of Opinions

- Everyone views the Internet’s resources in a different way. Some view them as an aid in deteriorating the existence of human contact. Others see the resources as powerful tools to help humans in their daily lives and when used wisely, can be very beneficial to everyday life. Brent Staples, a columnist for the New York Times, and Janna Malamud Smith, a psychotherapist and writer, are just those people. Both have written very persuasive articles on the subject as well. Staples’ article, “What Adolescents Miss When We Let Them Grow Up in Cyberspace,” focuses on the negative outcomes of the Internet, where as Smith’s article, “Online but Not Antisocial,” focuses on more of the benefits of the In...   [tags: Article Review]

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Electoral College

- The American political system is one of the most revered and complicated in the world, but one of the main components that has major effects on the election is the Electoral College. The Electoral College hampers the value of each citizen by taking away the value of each individual’s vote, not allowing third party candidates to have a chance to win the election, and altering the way that candidates campaign for office. The Electoral College The United States of America’s system of electing the president is one that has been firmly enacted in the country since the Constitution was signed by our founding fathers back in 1787....   [tags: american political system, political opinion]

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