Use of Opinions, Voices, and Actions in Maria Concepcion

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Use of Opinions, Voices, and Actions in Maria Concepcion

"María Concepción did not weep when Juan left her; and when the baby was born, and died within four days, she did not weep" (Porter 144). Katherine Anne Porter's used various writing techniques to develop María Concepción as a round and dynamic character. These methods included the discussion of María's actions, her speech, and by telling what other characters think about María. As a round character María Concepción expressed contradictory attitudes, and diverse personality traits. María Concepción could also be described as an unpredictable or dynamic character. She was at times a devoted, religious, and hard-working woman, but certain events caused her to exhibit contrasting traits such as envy, detachment, and fury. Porter's use of multiple styles of writing allows the reader to fully comprehend María Concepción's transformation.

Porter develops María Concepción into a round character by contrasting her attitude in the first part of the story to that the end of the story. María's transformation from a passive, laborious, and religious woman into a hateful, revenge oriented, and dominant woman becomes obvious through her actions. Her daily routine includes carrying "about a dozen living fowls, [and a] food basket to the market" (Porter 140-141). María was silent when she saw her husband run off with another woman. She "did not stir nor breathe for some seconds," instead she watched from a distance (Porter 142). María Concepción's religious faith was one of her stronger traits. "She was a good Christian. She had paid for the license which permits people to be married in the church. She had given money to the priest before she and Juan ...

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... she has had her share of troubles'" (Porter 144). Givens, another character, warned Juan not to mess with María because she was more spontaneous and determined than before he had left with María Rosa. "'Let me tell you, Juan, things haven't been going as well as you think. You be careful. Some day María Concepción will just take your head off with that carving knife of hers, You keep that in mind'" (Porter 146).

María Concepción's entire transformation, from a passive to an assertive individual, is reinforced by Porter's manipulation of characters. The use of opinions, different voices, and actions by all characters allows the reader to experience the emotional tug and pull of María Concepción's alterations. Through these various writing techniques, Porter illustrates María Concepción's various attitudes which expresses her round and dynamic nature.

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