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The Modern Drum Kit ( 1861-1865 )

- ... As a result, the concept for the drum set was born. Soon, immigrants began to arrive in the United States in record numbers. Many of the ethnic instruments they brought with them were adapted into the drum set: gongs, “Chinese” cymbals, tacked tom toms, Temple Blocks, Woodblocks and Cowbells. Greek immigrants contributed a small musical disc known as the “Greeko” cymbal, and a Turkish immigrant family named Zildjian brought with them an ancient technique for manufacturing high-quality, hand-hammered cymbals that would shortly make them a household name among drummers around the world....   [tags: Drum kit, Drum, Percussion instrument, Bass drum]

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Taking a Look at Kit Kat

- Introduction Kit Kat is one of the most famous chocolate in the world with 150 chocolate consumed per second globally. (Nestle 2013 March 18, 2013). In this report, the following topics of the product will be discussed includes the product information, development of countries, location factors of manufacturers and sources, stakeholders and how they are affected by the product, alternatives, decisions on the consequences and also a map displaying the countries of manufacturers and sources. 1....   [tags: product history and analysis]

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How Safe are Kit Airplanes?

- Kit airplanes are very unsafe to fly in, and there is information to prove that. Even though kit airplanes are easy to obtain, there are specific rules and regulations that a person must follow. Even though there certain guidelines to follow, there are still many accidents that end tragically because of the kit planes. Flying a kit airplane should require a special license, and the people building it should be required to go through a simple training class to learn how to fix minor malfunctions that may occur, and to also learn how to fly a plane correctly....   [tags: assembled, pilot, accidents]

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The Baccalaureate Essentials Tool Kit Development

- ... The article suggests that the use of UHC/AACN residency model can be modified and adapted for a wide range of practice settings and patient populations, including ambulatory and community settings and thus serves as a platform for the student’s successful transition to graduate nurses (AACN, 2009) Intended Nurses The essentials of baccalaureate education for professional nursing practice is developed focusing the graduate nursing students as the learners as well as the faculty is recognition given for teaching excellence through support of innovation, mentoring, and creativity in designing and implementing learning opportunities for diverse student populations and environments....   [tags: Nursing, Education, Educational psychology, Nurse]

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My Test Tool Kit Assignment

- My Test Tool Kit assignment had four components. In the first part, I was required to take and also administer the Career Ability Placement Survey (CAPS) to a person that I chose. score, and interpret. Based on this experience, I was expected to write a reaction paper. In step 2, I was instructed to prepare a Comprehensive Test Review for a standardized test of my choice. The paper provided the exhaustive description of the selected instrument, including the analysis of the psychometric properties, and the technical and practical evaluations....   [tags: Psychometrics, Assessment, Test, Bias]

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Make Your Own Pizza Kit

- Make Your Own Pizza Kit, Advanced Edition Why do you love ordering pizza so much. You are perfectly capable of making it yourself and you know it, yet you still choose to order it instead of create it. Do you need instructions. Are you afraid it won 't turn out well. Well put your worries behind you because you are just ten simple steps away from making a delicious homemade pizza that rivals the best that you could buy from a restaurant. The first step to start creating your own delicious homemade pizza is pretty straight forward, determine what type of pizza you want to make....   [tags: Bread, Yeast, Pizza, Flour]

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IOS7 Vs. Android Kit-Kat

- The mobile application development especially that of the operating systems, has taken an ugly turn for both the Apple and the Android devices. Since Apple has come up with IOS 1.x (colloquially known as IOS 1 back in 2008), Google came up with the first iteration of its own operating system, the Android version 1.0 in the same year. It was just the beginning of the war which was going to rage on for the years to come. 2013 has been the year where the aspect of technology has gone through many upheavals....   [tags: mobile development, Apple, Google]

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Endangered Species of California: The San Joaquin Kit Fox

- ... It is a necessity for kid foxes to inhabit area where soil quality is loos- texture, which allows them to construct dens. Dens are very important for this species, because they are nocturnal, their dens are crucial for protection during the day and from predators. Dens are also necessary for San Joaquin kit fox to reproduce. Kit foxes reach sexually maturity at 22 months and mate from December to March. An average of 3 to 5 pups is born after a 48 to 52 day pregnancy. Special pupping dens are built for pupping....   [tags: vulpes macrotis mutica]

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Kit Kat over Snickers

- Kit Kat over snickers Dark chocolate crispy combs of sweetness, this is the taste of kit Kats. So before the end of this, next time you’re on your break you might want to grab a kit Kat instead of snickers. The Number one factor is taste, and the taste is unbelievable. Break one off pop it in your mouth and an over riding taste comes explodes on your taste buds, there is no way you can escape this until you chew and shallow. The taste will have you craving for more. You break off another till you find our self eating them all gone....   [tags: chocolate]

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The Importance Of A Tool Kit For Executives And Don 't Be Wimp

- ... There are multiple tools available we will discuss five support tools that can be utilized to assist in the decision making process. There are multiple tools that can predict and are unable to predict the outcome, utilize the best tool that fits the scenario; there is not one tool that will fit all situations they must be chosen carefully. Conventional capital budgeting tool, uses estimated cash flow to establish whether a project is worth being funded, used to predict the outcome with reasonable certainty....   [tags: Decision making, Decision theory]

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My Personal Survival Kit

- Imagine that you are being isolated on a remote island for approximately one year. What would you take with you in order to survive, excluding nutrition, medicine, clothing, energy, room and board, and safety needs (our basic needs). I call this a survival kit. In general, I may divide my survival kit into four basic personal needs. These are entertainment apparatus, things that I already own, things that you don't own but want, and, the last but not least, people. Generally, I want to take something that is not in vain....   [tags: Autobiography Essay, Personal Narrative]

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The Girl Who Wouldn't Sing by Kit Yuen Quan

- The Girl Who Wouldn't Sing by Kit Yuen Quan In the memoir "The Girl Who Wouldn't Sing", Kit Yuen Quan describes her life experiences growing up as a Chinese girl in America. In her attempt to try and find her place in society, Quan intermingles with several groups of people. Her interactions with a feminist group, two young Cambodian girls, and finally her own father allow her to explore her Chinese background and how that affects her interactions with people. In order to find her own "voice" in a society that is not really hers, Kit Yuen Quan explored relationships with people of different lifestyles....   [tags: Papers]

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My Experience With A Video Game Company Invented A Game Called Rock Band

- ... At first I thought it was all in good fun and I laughed around with them, but it only grew worse as time went on. It started to wear on me. My parents made life at home uncomfortable with the amount of tension and stress from their bills and job security due to the “Great Recession.” My room became my safe haven, because life outside my room grew increasingly more difficult. I would sit in my room and play Rock Band for hours as a way to cope with the struggles during that time. Memorizing songs and remembering where each note was so I could sit and play with my eyes closed and envision myself actually playing the song as the drummer....   [tags: Drum kit, Drum, Percussion instrument]

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Stress Survival Kit

- Do you know stress. It used to be my middle name. Compiled from all of the expectations I felt and took on as a young adult. It started much younger than that, when I was about three years old. And by the time I reached college, I felt like a failure; a “success wannabe.” I was already carrying a great deal of baggage packed with all the things I had screwed up in my young life. And now it was time to take on all the pressure to put up a 4.0 GPA, make new friends and position myself for success in my career, which was my objective for getting through college....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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My Experience At The Studio

- ... I brought my BPM down to 84, and played with some hip hop kits. I settled on one very reminiscent of an 808 and started playing on the pads to find something I liked. My main beat turned out to be a very funky and laid-back kick-snare beat with some additional percussion thrown in to create a nice groove. I recorded it on the pads and adjusted a few hits here and there, but overall let the off-beat hits remain. I used the advice given in the textbook, in the Programming Beats 1: On Looseness chapter....   [tags: Drum kit, Percussion instrument, Cymbal, Sound]

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The Hiking Coyote: A Beginners Guide to Hiking

- Hikers will sometimes get lost on a trail past sunset, which means bringing a flashlight is essential to finding your way to the trailhead. We take light for granted because we are used to lights assisting on dark streets, roads, and highway. Yet, when you are deep in a forest and its nightfall, the only gentle light source you may have is a full moon. However full moons are not seen every night. It is important to see the smaller details of your trail, your map or to see what's lurking in the bushes....   [tags: hikers, hiking, first aid kit, gorp]

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Science Experiment to Measure the Dissolved Oxygen Levels Using the HACH Method and CHEMets Test Kit

- Science Experiment to Measure the Dissolved Oxygen Levels Using the HACH Method and CHEMets Test Kit Purpose The purpose of my project is to determine if there is any significant difference in dissolved oxygen (DO) levels as measured by the traditional HACH® method or the newly developed CHEMets® test kit under typical field conditions. Hypothesis My hypothesis is that there is no significant difference in dissolved oxygen (DO) levels as measured by the traditional HACH® method or the newly developed CHEMets® test kit under typical field conditions....   [tags: Science Scientific Environmental Resources Essays]

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The Setting in The Kit Bag, The Signalman, The Monkey’s Paw, The Man With the Twisted Lip and The Red Room

- The Setting in The Kit Bag, The Signalman, The Monkey’s Paw, The Man With the Twisted Lip and The Red Room The five stories I am going to compare are: “The Kit Bag”, “The Signalman”, “The Monkey’s Paw”, “The Man With the Twisted Lip” and “The Red Room”. They create tension and atmosphere and the setting contributes towards creating the atmosphere. The ending for “The Red Room” is not what someone would have expected. One would have expected a more predictable ghost, but what is found in the room is merely fear itself....   [tags: Papers]

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Is It More Therapeutic Than Drumming Your Frustrations Away?

- Nothing can be more therapeutic than drumming your frustrations away. Getting lost in the rhythm and the beat, that sense of euphoria. There are few things in this world that can give you the same feeling that music does. Today I’m going to tell you how to pick and set up one of the worlds oldest instruments. Theres a lot that goes into the sound of a drum. The shell size, material and thickness, type of drum head and the type of drum stick. It all starts with the material the drum is made of whether it be wood, metal or acrylic....   [tags: Drum kit, Drum, Drums, Drum kit components]

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George Whitesides and the Paper Diagnostic Systems

- George Whitesides presentation is focused on how, in a world dominated by money, you can mass produce some type of way to test for diseases in poor areas of the world without sending in a doctor or having a lab. Well his solution was a small urine test, about the size of a postage stamp. These tests are small, lightweight, made of paper and carpet tape and cost close to nothing to produce. The paper wicks bodily fluids, urine for example, and the paper changes color to provide diagnostic information, such as showing how much glucose or protein is present....   [tags: test kit, diagnostic system, doctor]

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The Ensemble Concert Of The Shott Auditorium

- On November 30, 2015 I attended the percussion ensemble concert in the Shott auditorium. This was a fairly short concert, about thirty minutes, and had four pieces that they performed. The first thing I thought when I walked in was that they needed a bigger stage. I later realized that they just had all the instruments they were going to use throughout the concert laid out for easy access between performing each piece. There were about ten students performing during this concert. This concert was neither mind-blowing nor disappointing; it was an average concert that had its ups and downs....   [tags: Drum kit, Drum, Bass drum, Performance]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' The Flies ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- ... It’s Hannah Tupper, Judith explains, a Quaker with a brand on her forehead. The woman could be mistaken for a witch, Kit admits. She feels, though, that the Meadows – the place where Hannah lives – are a space of peace and quiet. She feels at home there, much more so than she has anywhere else in Wethersfield. William begins to call on Kit, though the two really have nothing at all to talk about. Kit likes the idea of marriage to a wealthy man, though, since it will get her out of the hard labor of the onion patch....   [tags: Family, Aunt]

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Witch of Blackbird Pond Summary

- ... Judith tells her stories about a woman who lives near Blackbird Pond named Hannah Tupper who is thought to be a witch. One day, Kit screws up during a class that Mercy invited her to teach at and regrets coming to Connecticut. She scampers out into the field with tears streaming down her cheeks and relaxes into the peaceful, calm blades of grass. Kit finally meets Hannah up close and personally, but discovers that she is generous, caring, and kindhearted. The two become fast friends and emboldened by her new friendship, Kit goes up to the headmaster and asks for him not to suspend Mercy for Kit’s mistake that day at the Dame School....   [tags: work, witch, visiting, trial, teach]

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Kits Character Development

- In The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Elizabeth George Speare writes about how Kit changes throughout the course of the story. From the start of the story, Kit is materialistic, shallow, and prideful. In the middle, Kit shows signs of change by taking care of others. Last but not least, in the end she loves the people she is friends with and doesn’t care only about herself but for others as well. In the beginning, Kit is being shallow and prideful. Kit’s superficiality and shallowness are seen in her admiration for William....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Protagonist of the Witch of the Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Spear

- The Protagonist of the Witch of the Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Spear The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Spear is about Kit Tyler, a young woman, living in the time period of 1687. Kit is left without a family in Barbados and she has no choice but to travel to her only relatives in Connecticut. Her aunt, uncle and two cousins Judith and Mercy are surprised by Kit's spirited nature and unconventional views on life. Kit finds it difficult to fit in with her new surroundings and feels displaced....   [tags: Papers]

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Movie Genre in David Laderman´s Driving Visions

- In David Laderman’s Driving Visions (2002), Laderman identifies three essential ingredients to the road movie genre - psychological identity crisis, socio-political critique and the revolutionary spirit of new Hollywood (“Driving Visions”, 27) where socio-political and historical critique plays a crucial role. Badlands (TM, 1973) undoubtedly fulfills these criterion set by Laderman and was particularly important to the genre, as it was part of a “boom of American auteur-driven breakouts that challenged American film making standards”(Runyon), and it left “a crowded legacy of road movies” in its wake (“Driving Visions”, 117)....   [tags: romance, identity confusion, modernism]

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Examining The Nature of Evil in 'The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde and "Down A Dark Hall" by Lois Duncan

- “The line between good and evil is permeable and almost anyone can be induced to cross it when pressured by situational forces.” BOB BOB In order to eliminate evil and corruption, one must fully understand the systematic way in which they operate. By examining the behaviour of corrupt and corruptible people, it is possible to deduce the very nature of evil. In The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and Down A Dark Hall by Lois Duncan, Dorian Gray and Kit Gordy are exposed to evil and soon corrupted....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Fantasy Vs. Reality in Badlands, directed by Terrence Malick and If, directed by Lindsay Anderson

- A subjective experience is something experienced by the individual in their mind. The subjective experience is an inner life experience rather than a part of one’s external reality. These experiences can be ones made up completely in the mind or reactions to reality that are personal. Badlands directed by Terrence Malick and If…. Directed by Lindsay Anderson are two films that contain and represent the subjective experience. In the film Badlands the subjective experience is linked to Holly, who narrates the film and in if…....   [tags: film, movies, cinematography]

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Film Analysis of Malick's Badlands (1973)

- The reclusive film director Terrence Malick has to date, only directed a small number of films. His twenty year hiatus between directing Days of Heaven (1978) and The Thin Red Line (1998), may provide the explanation for such a sparse back catalogue. Malick’s refusal to talk with the media, has led to hearsay, as to how he occupied his time during the hiatus. Malick’s directing debut Badlands (1973) is a collection of concepts, all carefully moulded together to create one iconic piece of film. This process draws in and also alienates the audience....   [tags: Cinematography Film Analysis]

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Elizabeth George Speare’s The Witch of Blackbird Pond

- Elizabeth George Speare’s The Witch of Blackbird Pond Elizabeth George Speare’s The Witch of Blackbird Pond shows the maturation process of a young girl from Barbados. Kit’s life in Barbados is shattered when her grandfather dies. As a result of his death, Kit is forced to leave the island and her carefree lifestyle. She travels to Connecticut to find her only living relatives. Once she reaches Connecticut her persona evolves from an island girl, to hard worker, and finally to wife. Kit is a young island girl who is running away from her problems....   [tags: Speare Witch Blackbird Pond Essays]

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The Witch Of Blackbied Pond

- The Witch of Blackbird Pond Kit Tyler, the main character of Elizabeth George Spear's book, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, must leave her carefree life in tropical Barbados, and go and live in Connecticut. She learns that playing is what is to life, but hard work. She learns that if people do not know you, that they pre judge you. She also learns that if you don't live up to the Puritan life style, that they will look down at you. Kit must learn to cope, and learn from all these changes in her life....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Liability in Homebuilt Aircraft

- Liability in Homebuilt Aircraft Homebuilt aircraft are considered to be the fastest growing segment of aviation during the last two decades. Naturally with the increase in these aircraft will also come an increase in accidents. Accidents like the 1997 Long E-Z crash that killed John Denver have raised questions about who is legally liable: the kit manufacturer, amateur builder, or pilot. (Kolczynski, 1) Homebuilt aircraft liability litigation is expected to develop into a booming new industry in the coming future....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Assessment Of The Children 's Learning ) And Evaluation ( For My Planning And Teaching ) Processes

- ... In addition, it integrates a special activity for the Aboriginal culture which is represented by inviting an Aboriginal elder to share stories and memories of the Aboriginal traditional homes. In term of progressing the curriculum design, this kit demonstrates the social studies and humanities integration of sustainability as a cross-curriculum priority in different activities. It also represents a direct relation between the social justice and developing the civics and citizenship as in “Homes and social justice” topic....   [tags: Education, Social sciences, Humanities]

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The Emotional Attachment Is A Key Word

- Emotional attachment is a key word. This is what I found out that in order to produce emotional attachment into products;  In order to evoke your emotion, since people define how an object is being special from emotional responses, how the narrative of objects is created would be the key factor. They are consisted of story of material and time and process and aesthetics.  Personalizing is also important. That let audiences get involved in making process.  Process of creation of emotional value would keep going after people take possession the objects....   [tags: Meaning of life, Emotion, Mortar and pestle]

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Network Security Threats for ASDI

- New and Rapidly Advancing Threats One of the biggest threats to network security in 2014 is the end of support for the Windows XP operating system (OS). On April 8th 2014, Microsoft will discontinue support for the aging OS. What this means for users of Windows XP is that as new vulnerabilities and exploits are discovered, they will not be fixed – the vulnerabilities will only continue to grow. For any business environment that is still using Windows XP beyond April 8th, the machines running the OS will become the organization’s biggest security flaw....   [tags: sand boxing, windows xp]

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Bee start up kits

- This is our most popular start-up kit. You get everything listed in our Best-Quality kit, plus valuable extras that will allow your colony to grow and prosper. Here's what's in our super deluxe package: bee-commerce's best quality hivetop feeder so you can easily feed and medicate your bees; two best-quality clear pine deep hive bodies with metal frame rests (one super for brood, and one for the bees' food storage); 20 wooden deep frames; 20 sheets of deep foundation and metal support pins; cypress wood hive stand; our best-quality leather gloves; our how-to video, "An Introduction to Beekeeping"; reversible entrance reducer; cypress bottom board; all-wood tongue & groove inne...   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Benefits of Introducing at-Home Testing for HIV in Indonesia

- ... The stigma would then be manifested as discriminating behaviors. A study that was held by Harapan et al (2013) found that the level of stigmatized and discriminatory attitudes was high even among health care workers in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. One of the common causes of this stigma is the irrational fear of HIV transmission (Harapan 2013, Hossain 2011, Hossain 2010, Li 2007). In the current voluntary and clinical testing setting, a person willing to test his HIV status must see many health care workers....   [tags: pros and cons, prevention programs]

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White Oleander, by Janet Fitch

- White Oleander is an exciting novel written by Janet Fitch. It is a novel that describes the life of Astrid, a teen girl that had to experience abuse, sexual awakening, grief and occasionally a glimmer of love. Ingrid Magnussen was Astrid's mother, she would play an important role in Astrid life. It is a novel that describes how Astrid's own life experiences and her own intellectual knowledge influences her mind to become a better person in society. This novel created has a double meaning for me because it helps me to realize that I am able to apply what I have learned from other human beings to better myself....   [tags: White Oleander Essays]

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Senior Design Project Proposal

- The CLT strives to offer a variety of robust and useful technology tools for faculty, students, and staff. At this time our tools are limited to classroom and lab technologies that are geared towards multimedia and software applications. While software and multimedia make up the majority of our educational technology tools we are interested in the growing convergence of technology and physical world. Through the encouragement of O'Reilly Media and the New Media Consortium we see a growing trend in educational technologies for data visualization, mobile computing, and maker oriented technologies....   [tags: Technology]

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Comparing Melville's Moby Dick and Naslund's Novel, Ahab's Wife

- Sena Jeter Naslund's novel, Ahab's Wife, charts the sorrows of people who have lost loves. Ahab's Wife is about the healing process after trauma and loss. Naslund's novel speaks to the imperfect, wounded, restless part of humans, the part that is ever questioning the meaning of existence. It teaches healing that is a reaction to this essential imperfection, this essential doubt. Naslund's novel is written as a response to Herman Melville's Moby Dick: about a wounded sea captain who seeks revenge against nature, against "the ungraspable phantom,"1 the "heartless immensities"2 for wounding him....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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No Successful Treatments for AML

- The current treatments of AML patients are considered unsuccessful. Although a complete remission of adult AML is achieved by induction therapy using anthracyclins and cytarabine, the therapy eventually fails due to disease relapse. Moreover, due to the diversity of AML cytogenetics and molecular background, there is an increasing need for targeted therapy. A panel of inhibitors against Flt3 as well as anti-Flt3 antibodies has been developed and is at present in different phases of clinical trials [189], [190], [191] and [192]....   [tags: remission, therapy, inhibitor]

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Kingdom Development Functional Areas

- Kingdom Development Functional Areas At Kingdoms Development they have 1 director but they have about 10 staff who works part time during the week. About 3-4 staff works in the garage putting the body kits on the car. They are about 6-7 people working in the shop helping people to find what they want and to order something for them if it has run out of stock. The only reason why there is only one directors is because it is a lot easier to have a business with just on directors because all the business which have more than 1 director always fail and have to close down....   [tags: Papers]

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The Sheltering Sky

- The Sheltering Sky Part One: My Vision After reading the novel, The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles, it was difficult to imagine how one could transform the novel into a satisfying film. How could one imitate such descriptive settings and emotions without the advantage of Paul Bowles' wording. Also the novel does not have the plot of a typical movie, even an action or love story, and the ending is not conclusive. Could actors today play the deep and complex characters as they are portrayed in the book....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Composition of amino acids in strawberry fruits determined by gas chromatography with flame ionization under the influence of CO, NOx and SO2

- Introduction Amino acids are present in almost all foods in different relative items such as fruit juices, syrups, jams, jellies, wines etc. (Silva et al. 2005; Hua et al. 2014). In plant materials the amino acids are found in free form (L-configuration). Among the highly consumed fruits strawberries are widely used throughout the world for different purposes such as preparation of jams, jellies, decorating cakes etc. Due to high consumption, strawberry fruits are widely grown throughout the year irrespective of temperature, light and humidity in green houses by maintaining the temperature due to direct heating system or CO2 fertilizer units....   [tags: Carbon Monoxide, Agriculture, Strawberries]

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The History of Chemical Decontamination Platoon Equipment

- Chemical Decontamination platoons have been tasked with a vital mission, which began in World War I and has continued to be an essential asset to the current military inventory. As years have passed and threats have changed, the US Army has been tasked with developing apparatuses, decontamination solutions, and personnel decontaminates that can effectively neutralize chemical threats. While Decontamination platoons use the most advanced solutions and equipment in order to complete their required missions, this same equipment had an origin that was much less sophisticated....   [tags: nuclear, biological decontamination]

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Gen Y: The Evolution of Humans

- Humans are naturally conspiracy theorists; it’s a known fact. They have problems accepting change, embracing things the way they come, and most importantly understanding different point of views. This is seen throughout history and evolution through revolutions, civil wars, and revolts. It takes sometimes decades for people to embrace change that’s happening and to see things for what they are. It took Americans decades to understand that blacks are equal human beings, Europeans multiple years to realize executing Jewish people, gypsies, and gays is wrong, and the world is just recently beginning to realize the scientific connection between genes and homosexuality and how an attraction to th...   [tags: Mobile Socialization, Drive for Feasability]

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Should Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Be a Requirement?

- Around the 1960s, doctors and nurses started using a life-saving procedure, called Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, also known as CPR. Some individuals refuse to give CPR because there are life threatening diseases that can be contracted through the process of saving a person’s life. Although this can be true, people can prevent deadly diseases by getting vaccinations and/or using a CPR First Aid kit. When it comes to the topic of CPR, most of us will readily agree that this life-saving procedure should be mandatory for all human beings....   [tags: cardiac arrest, artificial respiration]

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A Speech On The Administration

- ... The literacy team and I have spent time researching supplemental resources and strategies for each grade level. We have come up with a proposal that includes excellent phonics strategies, a timeline of intervention strategies, consumable resources and materials in the area of phonics, a progress monitor and evaluation plan, and a list of textbooks that support phonics. Please note that all strategies can be modified to suit the needs of individual students. The literacy team and I have explored five research-based phonics strategies on various skills that will support both teacher and student phonics instruction for grades K-3....   [tags: Phonics, Reading, Reading comprehension, Writing]

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The Reason Rapists Are Going Free

- The Reason Rapists Are Going Free When will the men and women of our world be able to live their lives without the fear of being raped by another person. The article that will be discussed in this paper is called “The Reason Rapists Are Going Free” written by Stacy Colino. The biggest thing about this article is the fact that the DNA samples gathered in rape kits can nab sexual offenders, but the evidence often sits around collecting dust. Many men as well as women are getting away with harming another person through sexual contact with out their permission....   [tags: Violence Rape Essays]

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Canadian Chocolate Bar Market

- REPORT I: Marketing Background Economic Trends: • Increase in cost for manufacturing such as packaging or ingredients. Chocolate bars are thought of as impulse buys, which means they require no thought. This is due to how inexpensive they are. However, if an ingredient such as sugar was to rise drastically, so will the cost of the chocolate bar therefore changing the buyer's perspective on the product class. Social, Demographic Trends: • Although chocolate bars are thought to have been more enjoyed by a younger consumer, crispy crunch has always focused towards older demographics....   [tags: Business Marketing]

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Identifying the Gaps Between Out of the Box Aptify Functionality and Requirements Validated for ISFL’s Aptify Implementation

- 1 INTRODUCTION Aptify conducted Requirements Confirmation meetings with ISFL to validate information exchanged during the sales process, discuss previously unknown requirements, discover gaps and clarify open questions or issues. This document identifies the gaps between out of the box Aptify functionality and requirements validated for ISFL’s Aptify implementation. This document also contains all requirements identified for this implementation in section 8. 1.1 Assumptions and constraints The following have been identified as assumptions during the confirmation meetings: • ISFL purchased Aptify 5.0 which comes bundled with eBusiness and includes the following applications: o Campaign Mana...   [tags: Business Management]

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Films About Baseball: A League of Their Own and The Jackie Robinson Story

- A League of Their Own (1992) The first movie I watched was A League of Their Own (1992). It is set primarily in 1943 and features a number of well-known actors such as Tom Hanks as manager Jimmy Dugan, Rosie O’Donnell as 3rd base Doris Murphy, and even Madonna as center fielder Mae Mordabito. The film starts with a scene from the present of an older Dottie Hinson, played by Lynn Cartwright, reluctantly getting ready to attend the induction of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown....   [tags: women, league, players]

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Social Psychology Concepts in the Movie A League of Their Own

- The movie A League of Their Own is about a female baseball league that was formed since the men were off fighting in World War II. The need to keep professional baseball going the owners tried the All American Girls Professional Baseball League (Marshall, 1992). Most of the movies that we watch have multiple examples of social psychology concepts. The movie A League of Their Own did have concepts that we learned about. The five concepts that I pick out of the movie were schemas, self-fulfilling prophesy, display rules, self-handicapping, and social exchange theory....   [tags: social, exchange, self-handcapping, schemas]

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The Insertion of L. hesperus TuSp1 gene into B. mori

- Figure 1. TuSp1 molecular structure (Solution structures of TuSp1 domains). The amino acid sequence of the TuSp1 gene contains a signal peptide at the N terminus that is adjacent to the NTD non repetitive sequence. There is also a non repetitive sequence at the C terminus (CTD). Linked to the CTD there is a RP2 type two repetitive sequence. Also present are 20 identical type 1 repetitive sequences ( RP1). Pictures A-H represent the different TuSp1 gene domains. Pictures A-D represent NTD, RP1, RP2 and CTD domains respectively....   [tags: L. hesperus TuSp1 gene]

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The Pentagon Lifted The Ban On Women Joining Combat Units

- ... The definition of "Peshmerga" translates to English as "those who face death", and the female wing have been successful in combat against the Islamic State militants. According to a female Kurdish fighter, Islamic State militants are afraid of fighting females because they fear they will not be able to go to heaven if they die at the hands of a woman (Flanagin, 2014). Although these accounts might not be true, the possibly far-fetched stories of Kurdish female fighters killing hundreds of ISIS militants are inspiring young women around the world....   [tags: United States Marine Corps, United States]

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The Range Of Remedies For A Business

- ... I think that the business can resell the metallic paint as this material can be used on any other car and isn’t specially made for this car. So to mitigate the losses the business shouldn’t claim for the cost of the metallic paint as this could be used somewhere else. The business has only paid for the paint but hasn’t used it. The business would not be able to re-sell some of the parts as they are just made for the customer’s car. Such as the exhaust as this would be made for this car and the business wouldn’t be able to re-sell it as it’s customised for the customer’s car and only that car would be compatible with this part....   [tags: Breach of contract, Contract]

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Disaster Planning For The Lee Family

- Jung Won lee Community Health Nursing Oct, 1, 2015 Hypothetical Disaster Planning for the Lee Family. (Hurricane Scenario in Northern Virginia) According to the CDC website, there are three basic critical components in preparing for a Hurricane situation. Communication & Knowledge among family members, Equipment preparation, and Securing a safe shelther that all family members should abide by, if there be a emergency situation. This situation is purely hypothetical in nature, as I am going to list the steps if all my family members were living together here with me, in Annandale, Virginia and we were preparing for a extreme Hurricane scenario....   [tags: Mobile phone, Cellular network, GSM services]

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cDNA Experiment Results

- Materials and Methods: Subjects The cDNA was produced by reverse transcriptase from total RNA by using superscript II (Invitrogen). The cDNA were from the lung which was obtained commercially from Ambion, HASM which was extracted in house and HBEC which was obtained commercially from Lonza. Primer Design Oligonucleotide primers were designed by obtaining the reference sequences for uPA, PAI-1 and PAI-2 from National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). The sequences were checked using NEBcutter (V2.0) to identify the common restriction enzymes sites that are not included in the sequences to be able to clone into pcDNA3....   [tags: cDNA Experiment Results ]

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Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test

- If you are a woman who has a normal, regular menstrual period and are many days late now, you probably would get a home pregnancy test. However, when the test comes out negative, you may be confused as to how this can happen. Actually, this is a common experience for many women and there are many possible explanations for this. Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test—Why. 1. When You Are Pregnant If you have missed your period and are starting to experience a few symptoms of early pregnancy, you may be starting to suspect that you are pregnant....   [tags: high sensitive level, ectopic pregnancy]

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Reflection On Constructivist Learning Theory

- Reflection on Constructivist Learning Theory Constructivism is a learning theory that on the surface appears to be the most sensible way to teach students today in an educational atmosphere that wants our students to question, explore, and develop understanding through the learner’s applying this information to themselves. The real world, school application problem with this learning theory is the reluctance of the teacher to let go of the controls of the class in order to allow this type of learning atmosphere to take place in the classroom....   [tags: Educational psychology, Learning theory, Learning]

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The Road By Cormac Mccarthy

- The Road by Cormac McCarthy tells a story of a father and son fighting to live throughout their journey to the south during the apocalypse. Even though they face many obstacles along the way, the bond they share always keeps them fighting to survive. This deep story of the bond between father and child makes it easier to see what it means to be human. The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart contains poetry relating to this topic of what it means to be human as well. The Road helps to enhance the understanding of many of the poems from The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart including “With Kit, Age 7, At the Beach” and “Faith.” Even though the poems differ from The Road, the book helps by giving exam...   [tags: Cormac McCarthy, The Road, Family, Viggo Mortensen]

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My 1000000 Purchase

- My 1000000 Purchase I have given some thought to a big purchase after I get out of college. It will probably be a new car. I have always loved Volkswagens , and I think I would like to purchase a New Beetle. I own a 1961 VW Beetle, also known as a type 1. It is Cherry Red, and that is why I picked a New Beetle the same color. Through a lot of looking I have found a Cherry Red, 1998 VW New Beetle. It has 3,923 miles, power windows, locks, brakes, and tilt steering wheel. It also includes a sports pack....   [tags: essays papers]

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The Price Women Paid for Expressing Their Individuality and Independence

- The Price Women Paid for Expressing Their Individuality and Independence Caryl Churchill once stated, "Playwrights don't give answers, they ask questions". For Churchill, that meant questioning the relationship between women and labour, and what effect they would have on the workplace and in society. In her play, "Top Girls," The plot centres around Marlene, who is a product of gender equality and women in the workplace. Churchill utilizes Marlene's character to show the opposition between an ethic of caring and an ethic of competition, Marlene representing the latter....   [tags: Papers]

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Witch of blackbird pond

- The name of the book that I read was “The Witch of Blackbird Pond” By, Elizabeth George Speare. The book took place in the year of 1687. Some of the book takes place on a boat called the “Dolphin,” and then the rest of the book in Wethersfield, in the state of Connecticut. The main characters in the book are Katherine Tyler (her nickname was Kit), Nat Eaton, Uncle Matthew, Aunt Rachel, Hannah Tupper, Kit’s cousins Mercy, and Judith, Prudence, Hannah Tupper, John Holbrook, Goodwife Cruff and Goodman Cruff....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Calmodulin (CaM)

- Introduction The first line of invertebrate defense mechanism is believed to rely on innate immunity to limit pathogen infection. The innate immune system consists of physical, humoral and particularly cellular responses, which play a crucial role in phagocytosis, encapsulation and nodule formation. Moreover, the humoral barrier can also synthesize many antimicrobial peptides, pathogen recognition receptors (PRRs), prophenoloxidase and clotting cascade to eradicate pathogens [1-3]. However, all mechanisms have to occur in a concerted fashion for effective response....   [tags: intracellular Ca2+ sensor]

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Facts About Candy

- Candies are delightful treat desired and craved by every person around the globe. There can be no kids or adults who can resist the sweet taste of this yummy colorful sugary candy. They are considered as the best ideal gift for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas and more. CandyOriginally candy was not made with sugar but pure honey. During the middle ages, these candies were exclusively prepared for cooling and soothing sore throat. Another invention was the candies blended with spices like ginger, cloves, almonds, aniseed etc....   [tags: holidays, chocolate, dessert]

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Questions and Answers on an Investigation: Identification of Bacteria Through The Use of a Microscope,

- 1. Explain the most interesting science concepts you learned from this investigation. The most interesting science concept we learned was that boiling one of our methods was proven the worst for us, but is the best way out of the three for purified water. This is scientifically proven because when in process of boiling the liquid changes state of matter, leaving behind the bacteria and the water evaporating leaving all unnecessary weight needed, also because most heat kills the bacteria. Ultra violet light on the other hand only kills the microbes, nothing else....   [tags: ]

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Hospital Supplier Going Above and Beyond, Angeica Medical and Hospital Export Center

- ... Angelica Medical & Hospital Export Center has a quality assurance department to guarantee the highest level of delivery standards. Quality assurance will monitor the end product but also checks the quality aspects of every stage in the AMHEC supply chain. Examples of aspects we monitor are our supplies sites, production data and performance; also have personal monitor our cargo planes to and from shipment. All results are evaluated and used to optimize AMHEC product and service quality. In order to promote any product, we need to find out counties with high and growing levels of purchasing power are good choices for companies looking for attractive global markets....   [tags: manufacturer, health, overseas]

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Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt's Roles in the Great Depression

- The “Roaring Twenties” were a breath of fresh air after WWI, men and boys were reunited with their families after being away. The ‘30s brought a new surprise though, a Great Depression that forced every member of the family to dramatically alter their life style. The father had to take on more responsibility because of the belief that it was their job to put and keep food on the tables. Mothers had the difficult task of stretching every dime that the father brought in. Children had it hard too. Boys started taking on small jobs doing just about anything to earn pocket money or money for the family....   [tags: American Presidents, Great Depression]

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Evaluating The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 Restructured Form (MMPI-2-RF)

- Introduction Self-report has always been one the easiest ways to gain insight of a person’s personality. These test can range from quizzes filled out online that tell you which pop star is your personality twin to standardized tests requiring a certified test user. Some of the most popular and highly researched tests have been the MMPI and its successors. The MMPI, created by Stark R. Hathaway and John Charneley McKinley, was the first step towards the MMPI-2-RF. The MMPI was firstly created to test individuals who were 14 years old and older....   [tags: psychological assessments]

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History of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Reconnaissance

- CBRN Reconnaissance Platoon There is a long and rich history of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) reconnaissance, today also known or referred to as Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) reconnaissance within the United States Army. Scholars and experts believe that as early as 1935 Chemical-Warfare schools publications discussed the need to identify, mark, and produce a method to avoid contaminated areas. Avoidance is the most important fundamental of NBC Defense. In addition to the casualties an attack can cause, the contamination that may come with an attack also causes casualties and produces long-term hazards that can interfere with the mission....   [tags: surveillance, platoon, chemical warfare]

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Cloning, Expression, Characterization and Purification of Endoglucanase Gene

- DISCUSSION Endo-1, 4-B-glucanase is an important enzyme from industrial point of view and its production is considered essential for successful utilization of cellulosic materials (Wu and Lee 1997., Zhang and Lynd 2004). The objective of present research work was cloning, expression, purification and characterization of endoglucanase (bgl C) gene obtained from strain of Bacillus licheniformis ATCC 14580. Isolation of high quality genomic DNA is a prerequisite for molecular techniques (Ansari et al., 2012)....   [tags: bacilus licheniformis]

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Research on the Expressed Sequence Tag of Olives

- ... They were then added with glycerol. The library was stored at −80˚C. The above steps were done separately for the two cDNA library. Sixty clones randomly selected. Alkaline lysis method was used to isolate plasmid DNA from the clones selected previously. Bgl1701 was then used to digest the DNA. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was carried out to amplify the clones to create library. 3840 clones were selected randomly to be used as PCR template. M13 universal primer was used as primer in PCR. Automated sequencing was performed using the ABI 3730 capillary sequencer (PE Applied Biosystems) to obtain the sequences of clones....   [tags: genetics, clones, library]

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A Brief Note On Safety Team And Security

- III. Safety Team and Security A. Two Adult Rule At least two non-related adult volunteers shall remain together (in sight of each other) when one or more child is present. If a volunteer needs to leave a child or group of children, another volunteer must be notified to take his/her place. No person shall ever be alone with a child that is not their own. Overall, the goal for volunteer to child ratios is shown above in the Kids Ratio Chart (section II, A). All volunteers and staff shall immediately report and document any incident of abuse or violation of the two-adult policy of which they have knowledge or which they have observed....   [tags: Child abuse, Human sexual behavior, Abuse]

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A Great Hike Starts With The Right Gear

- A great hike starts with the right gear. The most gorgeous landscape will not make up for a cold body, wet feet or an empty stomach. But with a little extra planning and a few pieces of reliable gear, nearly any hike can be made much more enjoyable. The first step is to familiarize yourself with basic hiking gear and skills. Start small with short day hikes to get used to carrying some gear and break in your hiking boots. Work your way up to all day hikes. Take a class or join a social hiking club....   [tags: Hiking, Backpacking, Hiking equipment, Trail]

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Product Elements Table : Marketing Plan Table

- Product Elements Table The Strong Marketing Plan table provided in the FTE material each week states that the Product section of the marketing plan should ensure the product attributes fit with the defined need and that the quality and function will deliver customer value. In order to do that, the product or service type, features, quality level, branding, and packaging must be aligned with the needs of a valid market segment. For this assignment complete the following table with relevant Product elements that are aligned with the stated customer need....   [tags: Marketing, Business, Customer service]

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Digital Forensic Tools And The Military Services

- ... This enables on-site collection of volatile data and the digital fingerprints of the mobile devices linking itself to the suspect. Secure View uses Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 operating systems at both 32 and 64 bits. Installation requires 550MB of disk space, with additional disk or external storage for data acquisition. Secure View offers many add-on modules and kit options, which gives you access to every smart phone manufacturer. A Mobile forensics professional training certification course is available for $995....   [tags: Mobile phone, Personal digital assistant]

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The Evolution of the Motorized Bike

- Heart racing and adrenaline pumping, John pushes the throttle on the bike, he goes ten, fifteen, twenty miles per hour and next thing you know, John is gone. The need for speed has always been in high demand. Fast cars, fast boats, and the thrill of having the wind blow in your hair is what evolved a simple bicycle into a heavenly creation. The average speed riding neutral on a course fourteen point three miles on a bicycle is between fifteen and seventeen miles per hour (“The Average Speed Page”)....   [tags: Motorized Bikes, vehicles, history, inventions, ]

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Famous Entrepreneurs: Bill Gates, Paul Allen

- Synopsis Born on October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington, well-known entrepreneur Bill Gates began to demonstrate a curiosity in computer programming at age 13. Through technical modernization, enthusiastic business plan and aggressive business tactics, he and colleague Paul Allen built the world's leading software enterprise, Microsoft. In the development, Gates became one of the wealthiest men in the world. Bill was avid reader as small boy, spending several hours pouring over research guides for example the encyclopedia....   [tags: microsoft, ibm, yahoo, competitor]

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Comparing Louis Armstrong and Etta James

- In this investigation, I will attempt to compare two of the most famous and influential Jazz artists of all time, Louis Armstrong, and Etta James’ personal lives with regards to finding music, their stylistic similarities and I will also compare four of their most famous tracks. In the case of Armstrong, this track is ‘What a wonderful world’, and ‘We have all the time in the world’ and for Etta James I will analyse and compare ‘At Last’, and ‘I’ve been loving you too long’. Louis Armstrong was born on August 4th 1901 in New Orleans....   [tags: famous and influential Jazz artists]

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