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In this essay I will be talking about when the percussion was started, where it came from, the ancient drums from other places, all the different types of instruments in the percussion section, and why I like the percussion section the best out of all the other parts in band. I will be also talking about some of the first peoples who were professional percussion players and who created what instrument.

Lets get started; first I will be talking about how percussion was created. Percussion was always around since thousands of years ago. Making sounds, rhythms, beats, with sticks or rocks. Some percussion was made around 6000 B.C. And it is known for the first instruments made. Drums were a form of communication, to send signals. African Americans were the first to use the drums to send signals. The first drums made were made out of Animal hide and they used their hands to hit the drum.

Many different cultures have a drum that they use. Some drums they use sticks to hit with, some use their hands. Another type of drum that has been around for a long time is the Taiko drum. The Taiko drum is the drum that the Japanese used. Taiko in Japanese means “Big/Fat drum” even though the taiko drums come in different sizes. And the Japanese sticks they use are called “Bachi”. A variety of other instruments are also used in taiko to fill out the sound. Hand cymbals (called chappa or tebyoushi), Hand held gongs (call atarigane or chanchiki), flutes (fue or shakuhachi), gongs, and various clappers and rattles are all used as well. The combination to these drums makes a wonderful sound. Another cultural drum is the “Pahu or Pa’e”. The Hawaiian drums instrument can be found in Polynesia: Hawaii, Tahiti, Cook Islands, Samoa, and T...

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...Rome, Greece, Mesopotamia, and The Middle East. The word tambourine finds its origins in French tambourin, which is also known as a long narrow drum used in Provence, the word being a diminutive of tambour "drum," altered by influence of Arabic tunbur "drum"from the Middle Persian word tambūr "lute, drum". There are 3 ways you can play the tambourine. The first way is played now and before by hitting it or slapping it with your hand. The second way is using a stick to hit it. And the last way is by hitting it against your leg or just shaking it. Then when you hit the skin around the tambourine. It makes a jingling noise because of the mini cymbals around the circumference. The Tambourine can be used by lots of music. For example: Turkish folk music, Greek folk music, Italian folk music, classical music, Persian music, gospel music, pop music and rock music.

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