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Use of Propaganda the U.S. War in Iraq

- Use of Propaganda the U.S. War in Iraq The word “propaganda” comes from the Vatican. The phrase “congregatio de propaganda fide” (The congregation for the propagation of the faith) was used to support the catholic faith in response to the Protestant Reformation (Labash, 20 Dec, 2001). Propaganda is everywhere and has been around for a long time. Every newspaper, magazine, news channel, radio station, advertisement, or any other types of mass media contain elements of propaganda. Propaganda is often given a negative connotation due to its history of power and control; as in the Hitler’s regime, but in reality the definition is very simple....   [tags: Journalism Reporting]

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Behind the Scenes of the County Jail

- Behind the Scenes of the County Jail Someone, suspected of a crime, is arrested by police. Later on, the suspect goes to court to face their charges. A classic episode of Law & Order. But, where do these suspects go in between the two events. They are held in their local jail of course. While people are familiar with the arrest and courtroom scenes from TV, many are unfamiliar with the jail scene, which becomes home to the suspects who cannot make bail until a court rules a verdict for their case....   [tags: Journalism Essays]

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Boston's Artsy Youth Struggle for a Future

- Boston's Artsy Youth Struggle for a Future Liz Meyrovich, 19, moved 3,000 miles away from the Portland, Oregon home she grew up in to attend Emerson College, one of Boston’s many prestigious performing arts schools. Unlike many other aspiring actors and actresses who move to Los Angeles straight out of high school and work in minimum wage service industry jobs while going on numerous auditions, Meyrovich decided that she would get a degree. She was a musical theatre major, hoping that a degree from Emerson would fuel her career as an actress....   [tags: Journalism Essays]

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From the Bigs to NU: Performance Enhancement

- From the Bigs to NU: Performance Enhancement From the very first time he touched the newest and hottest in a long line of drug fads, Justin Hedrick, then high school running back, now star pitcher for the Northeastern baseball team, was swept up in the craze of ephedra. Looking back, he realizes what a fortunate decision he made to stop using the common muscle supplement linked to as many as 155 deaths around the country since its introduction in the mid-1990s. “Before (football) season, we used to cut down a little bit of weight in order to see how fast we could run or get our 40 times up a bit,” he said....   [tags: Journalism Essays]

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Sex Addicts Find Each Other Online

- Sex Addicts Find Each Other Online To her friends and family, Mary Smith* is a young, hard-working psychology student who never seems to have time for fun. What they don't know is that Mary is a sex addict. Recently, her boyfriend of three months discovered her secret. After they broke up, Mary took her addiction one step further and started experimenting with strangers and bondage, spanking and rape fantasies using the Internet. Mary uses the Internet as her tool to find sex partners. Mary spends most of her time on the Internet exploring erotic Web sites....   [tags: Journalism Essays]

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Heroin's Price Drops; Use Soars

- Heroin's Price Drops; Use Soars BOSTON—Drug traffickers have figured out ways to import heroin to Boston that is so cheap and pure even 14-year-olds can get their hands on it. “It’s everywhere,” said Peter Curran, a Norwood Police Department detective and a member of the Norfolk County Police Anti-Crime task force. “Every town has it whether they recognize it or not. It has nothing to do with economics.” Since the heroin is so pure, it can be easily snorted; therefore, it is losing the stigma that was once associated with using a needle....   [tags: Journalism Essays]

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Stuck: Young Adults Battling Depression

- Stuck: Young Adults Battling Depression Another day sleeping awaywith the minutes slowly passing staring at the ceiling wondering how to escape the outside world. “God I’m up,” said Dominik Zakrzewski, 20 of Queens, N.Y. “Sometimes I dreaded lifting my legs out of bed.” He used to prolong getting up and thought of things he could do to stay in solitude. Zakrzewski, who was diagnosed at the age of 18, is one of many young adults who suffer from depression. Various studies over the years have shown that the number of adolescents and young adults who have depression is steadily rising....   [tags: Journalism Essays]

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Homebuying 101: An Affordable Challenge

- Homebuying 101: An Affordable Challenge For the past four weeks, Natalie Delsoin and 24 other Boston residents have been spending their Tuesday nights learning the ins and outs of affordable housing. Delsoin recently moved to Dorcester after a military stint in Germany, and she hopes to someday own a home. She plans on that day coming sooner rather than later. Delsoin’s biggest concern is her 2 year-old daughter. “I need a single family home that is safe… and safe for my child,” she said. The class’ instructor, Tanya Townshend, teaches 30 to 60 people in each of her homebuyers classes....   [tags: Journalism Essays]

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College Students and Binge Drinking

- Frank's* binge drinking began on a warm fall evening in September 2002. The 18-year-old freshman had just finished moving into Northeastern's Smith Hall, a dormitory on Hemenway Street for first year students, when one of his roommates decided that it was time to start drinking. "Out of nowhere he pulled out a huge bottle of Southern Comfort and invited a bunch of people over," said Frank. "I was excited, because my idea of coming to college was to party and have fun and meet a lot of new people." Frank says that that night, he and his roommate and a couple other freshmen students from Smith Hall drank the entire bottle of Southern Comfort as well as a 1.75 liter bottle of vodka....   [tags: Journalism Essays]

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Allston Corner's Hidden Drama

- Allston Corner's Hidden Drama Site of '60s homeowners rebellion may become the next Harvard Square Except for the occasional group of teenagers furtively smoking in front of the 7-Eleven, no one spends much time in Allston’s Barry’s Corner. Bordered by gas stations, loading docks, and an uninviting concrete apartment complex, the intersection of North Harvard Street and Western Avenue is a place to speed through before the light changes. Chris Fazio, an Allston resident and employee at the nearby Harvard Business School, always tries to walk through Barry’s Corner as quickly as possible....   [tags: Journalism Essays]

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Credibility of Newspapers

- Credibility of Newspapers Newspapers have been seen to be a reliable source since 1704, this was an American newspaper called the Boston newsletter. Britain's population is around 60million, of these about 10 million read newspapers daily , and many million more read electronic newspapers. The amount of online newspapers created has doubled since 1999, and the amount of people viewing them has rose by a phenomenal 350%. I am going to analyse the statement that ‘'you cannot believe a word you read in newspapers' and aim to produce a balanced argument....   [tags: Journalism Reporter News]

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Writing Advisors Serve As A Effective Dialogue Between The Advisor And Advisee. Wesley Houp

- This Monday I had my first drop-in shift at the Writing Center. The previous days I had been worrying about the questions I was going to ask my advisees and if I was actually able to help them. As soon as I sat down to begin my shift, students began to knock on the door and ask for help right away. The two girls whom I helped needed assistance on the same assignment, yet their levels of English were different. I approached the same matter in two different ways in less than one hour, which, to tell you the truth, made me feel kind of proud of myself....   [tags: Writing, Creative writing, Writer, Journalism]

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Privileged in Media Coverage and the Façade of Objective Reporting

- Since the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, nations across the world have implemented new security and defense strategies to prevent foreign terror attacks on their homelands. For Israel, this rhetoric of defense against terrorism has come to define its relationship with the remaining Palestinian territories such as the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. It is this idea of security protection that has enabled Israel to place what many scholars have termed the “apartheid” wall in the West Bank, cutting Palestinians off from their lands, resources, families, and necessities such as food and medical provisions....   [tags: Objective Journalism, September 11th, News]

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The Reporters Without Borders World Press Freedom Index

- ... • Infrastructure, measures the quality of the infrastructure that supports the production of news and information. • Abuses, measures the level of violence and harassment during the period assessed. Part 7 and 8 All of the following countries in 2014 had no journalists and not net-citizens killed. Niger - Ranked Above US Is located in Western Africa. Freedom of information declined in 2015 during President Mahamadou Issoufou efforts for reelection and growing international efforts to combat terrorism....   [tags: Mass media, Journalism, Freedom of speech]

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Synopsis Of An Company Is Not Transparent

- notice the company is not transparent in the network which owns it. If a user actively seeks out information, they can discover @BreakingNews’s statements “We’re a separate startup inside the NBC News Digital Network with offices in Seattle, New York, London and Los Angeles. Despite being owned by NBC News, we 're staunchly agnostic, working with editorial partners of all shapes and sizes”(Breaking News, 2015). Transparency. The company also makes interesting statements regarding their story verification process....   [tags: Social media, Facebook, Journalism, Twitter]

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A Research Analysis Of Media And Violence

- ... Through articles and structures, we will examine why Sleuth Journal is an alternative media. Alternative media are a source of media that differs from the content of mainstream media. Alternative media are known for publishing information from their own perspective or beliefs, including minorities and underprivileged groups, and raise awareness to the public. One example of alternative media is Internet websites, including Sleuth Journal, which exposes corruption, and produces truthful news to the public....   [tags: Mass media, Journalism, Political correctness]

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Shakespeare’s Henry V

- Shakespeare’s Henry V Imagine…chivalry between the kings of England and France clashing like a jouster’s lance slamming into the shield of its opponent. The impact may or may not have thrown the knight of his horse, but the King’s College production of Shakespeare’s Henry V knocked me of my seat. It was the most captivating college performances I’ve ever experienced. Not only did it impress me, the production sucker punched my doubts about college plays. Shakespeare’s Henry V is based on the story about England’s successful campaign to conquer France....   [tags: Journalism Essays]

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Housing Authority Meeting

- Housing Authority Meeting Fine charged for questionable false alarms The city of Muncie is fining the Housing Authority of Delaware County for alleged false alarms. The announcement came at the Housing Authority’s monthly board meeting that they have been fined $100 for three false alarms in March and April. But the police may not have responded to these alarms. Executive Director Jennifer Edwards says the Muncie Police Department is making a claim of false alarms when the police are notified by the Housing Authority’s alarm company, ADT of a disturbance great enough to set off the alarms....   [tags: Journalism Essays]

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Effects of Media Distortion

- A few weeks ago, when the health insurance exchange marketplace rolled out, my roommate stomped into our apartment, ranting about how she doesn’t like “Obamacare.” The reason being that she will soon be twenty six years old and no longer able to remain on her parents’ insurance plan, meaning that she will be required to find a plan of her own. Despite the fact that she didn’t realize that it was “Obamacare” that allowed her to stay on her parents’ plan for as long as she did, she complained that her own plan will be too expensive....   [tags: mass media, regultation, reporting, journalism]

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Biography of Piers Morgan

- Piers Morgan, Journalist, Editor, Author, and Television personality, is one of the most known journalists of this century. Also known as “Piers Moron” for his controversial, and outspoken yet influential news reporting. He has made a name for himself in both America and Britain. Starting off as a local reporter, Piers has journeyed through multiple journalistic media outlets, finally landing a spot in the big leagues of television. After taking over the night – time television spot, previously owned by Larry King, Piers currently graces our TV screens with his brutal opinions and raw news coverage....   [tags: Journalist, Talk Show Host]

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Massachusetts Legislature Votes to Ban Same-Sex Marriages but Approves of Civil Unions

- Massachusetts Legislature Votes to Ban Same-Sex Marriages but Approves of Civil Unions As supporters and opponents were anxiously awaiting for a decision on Mar. 29, the Massachusetts legislature voted 105-92 to ban gay marriage when it approved of amending the state constitution that would overturn the Supreme Judicial Court’s ruling that made same-sex marriages legal five months ago. However, the legislature also voted to legalize civil unions. The amendment was altered from when it was introduced this month, and now says that aside from permitting civil unions but banning gay marriage, it would clarify that gay couples who marry into civil unions would not receive any federal marriage r...   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Essays]

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Crime decreases; student population increases in Mission Hill over the past decade

- Crime decreases; student population increases in Mission Hill over the past decade "When I first started here, the area was so bad, that we had patrolling guard dogs. Now, the crime has gone down so much, and the neighborhood has become a better place," said Dave Welch, a 30-year resident of Mission Hill, member of the Mission Hill Crime Committee, and head of security for the New England Baptist Hospital, located on top of the neighborhood known as Mission Hill. Mission Hill is located in Roxbury, a part of Boston, and has been known in the past to have a bad reputation of being a tough area of crime and poverty....   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Essays]

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A Game of Chance: Eat at Your Own Risk around Northeastern

- A Game of Chance: Eat at Your Own Risk around Northeastern For freshmen, it's about getting away from the cafeteria. For upperclassmen, it's either not knowing how to cook or not having enough time to cook. When it comes to food at Northeastern University -- eating out is king. However, many students never consider what goes on behind the scenes at one of the local eateries on or near campus. Most probably don't want to know, caring more about the cheap menu than how the food is prepared. The feeling remains that as long as the food is good, then the restaurant too is good....   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Essays]

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Blood, Guts and Glory: Thalassemia Patients Battle for a Better Life

- Blood, Guts and Glory: Thalassemia Patients Battle for a Better Life When his company offered Vikram*, a systems analyst in Toronto, a transfer to Montreal with a promotion and pay raise, he was delighted but concerned. The 31-year-old unmarried Vikram worked twice as hard in his job to make up for the time he took off for medical reasons. The promotion was a justified reward for his hard work. But the question bothering Vikram, the issue that would determine his decision whether to accept the posting, was: Will I find a Thalassemia care center in Montreal....   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Essays]

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Mission Hill springs a fountain of youth By Rashawn Haynes

- Mission Hill Springs a Fountain of Youth It’s 7 p.m. on a Friday night in Boston. Jake Hedstrom and his roommates are gearing up for another weekend on Mission Hill. Hedstrom attends Northeastern University where he is a music industry major currently in his third year. He lives in a four-bedroom apartment at 98 Hillside Street with three guys that he met during his freshmen year. The apartment cost them about $450 each a month and they have been living there since September of 2003. They have an occasional party at their apartment, but tonight they are going a few doors down to a friend’s party....   [tags: Journalism Place Descriptive Essays]

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The Shame of Cigarette Smoking in the Healthcare System

- Smokers in scrubs: The shame of cigarette smoking in the healthcare system On a recent Thursday morning, while some hospital employees smoked cigarettes in Brigham and Women’s safe haven known as the "butt-hut," others crowded the lobby on Frances Street in Boston to check out the American Cancer Society's “The Great American Smoke-Out” event. Two women sat behind a folding table handing out informational pamphlets on smoking hazards and ways to kick the fatal habit. Several of the women and men who approached the table for information or signed up to get their lung capacity tested were wearing scrubs, a sign that cigarette smoking is still prevalent among health care employees....   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Essays Smoke]

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Internal Co-op vs. External Co-op: Is There a Difference?

- Internal Co-op vs. External Co-op: Is There a Difference. Paul Ethier, a 20-year-old middler entrepreneurship major at Northeastern University, stands at the Information Center in the Curry Student Center on a busy Friday afternoon. In freshly pressed khakis and a slate blue button down shirt, he smiles as he chats casually with one of his employees. Two floors above, Frank Grajales, a middler entrepreneurship and MIS major, sits at the scheduling desk, beside his employees, booking reservations for the student center meeting rooms....   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Essays]

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Translating Transgender: A layman's guide to the least-known minority

- Translating Transgender: A layman's guide to the least-known minority Who hasn't been told to "just be yourself and people will like you?" It seems like such a simple notion. But what if being yourself could lead to harassment, rejection, isolation, unemployment, homelessness, physical violence, or even death. Not so simple anymore, is it. Sadly, this situation is one that confronts transgendered people worldwide on a daily basis. Laurie Johnson*, a tall, robust Fall River resident who underwent male-to-female sex reassignment surgery in 1998, says that she can hardly leave her house without being hassled....   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Gender Papers]

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Florida State and the Future of Gay Adoption

- Florida state law currently bans lesbians and gay men from adopting children. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is attempting to get a case before the Supreme Court that could overturn the law. The ban on gay adoption has been in place since 1977, when the state legislature almost unanimously condoned restriction of the rights of its gay citizens. Legislation on the issue was sparked by Anita Bryant's "Save Our Children" campaign, which raged through Florida and even beyond spreading myths about homosexuality and linking homosexuality to pedophilia....   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Essays]

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Effective Media Communications In a Technologically Advanced Society

- Effective Media Communications In a Technologically Advanced Society The first appointment of an individual to a position similar to that of today's local government manager occurred in 1908 in Staunton, Virginia, where a “general manager” was employed to oversee the administrative functions of the municipality ( ). In 1908, technology in the United States was thought to be visionary. Cameras were available to take photos. Newspapers were read across the country. Magazines were coming of age....   [tags: Journalism Media Essays]

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Is the Tarnished Image of Northeastern Being Rebuilt?

- Is the Tarnished Image of Northeastern Being Rebuilt. Boston - Northeastern University is expanding its campus and student body more and more every year. Just a few years ago it was just a small commuter school, now it is reaching close to the top 100 Colleges and University’s in the United States. The university’s enrollment is now up to over 20,000 students, both undergraduate and graduate students. Everything is not as peachy as it seems. Since 1990, Northeastern University has almost doubled its size....   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Essays]

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Kids feel safe in Boston public school environment

- Kids feel safe in Boston public school environment A Boston high school student stood alone, waiting for a public bus to take him home after school had let out. When he was approached by a group of kids who attempted to assault him, his first instinct was to run. He did not run to a neighbor's house. He did not bother to look for a police station. He simply ran to the safest place he knew — his school. He proceeded to bang on the double doors until a custodian reluctantly opened them. But it didn't matter....   [tags: Journalism School Papers]

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Northeast Skiing Can't Keep Up WIth the West

- Northeast Skiing Can't Keep Up With the West Skiers are very loyal athletes. They grow up learning on certain mountains and usually spend most of their lives skiing at those same ones. They remember every bump and turn on the way down. They know which lift to take because it is the fastest and has the shortest line. It takes a lot for a skier to stray from their normal habitat and adventure to slopes unknown. Actually, it takes two seasons of horrible skiing conditions, which is what the Northeast ski industry has recently suffered....   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Essays]

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The Disease to Follow Is a Greater Threat

- The Disease to Follow Is a Greater Threat This year, our nation faced a pair of crises: war and pestilence. Even as our brave men fought for America on Germany soil, an invisible and perhaps more deadly foe took hold in our nation and around the world. Our nation's hospitals face a drastic shortage of staff and space to accommodate adequately both the wounded soldiers who have returned from the war and our civilian population who have fallen victim to influenza. This was a consequence that we could not have foreseen....   [tags: Journalism Epidemics Health Essays]

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Independent Pharmacy Gives Main Street American Service

- Independent Pharmacy Gives Main Street American Service In the last independent pharmacy in Lexington, Massachusetts, the pharmacists know most customers by name. “We know our customers by face rather quickly and by name soon after that,” said Chris Venier, 64, owner of Theatre Pharmacy in Lexington, MA. “In this new era of chain pharmacies and mail order prescriptions, Theatre Pharmacy is still a place where personal service is a way of life. The sign in the window say it all ‘Traditional Service and Low Prices,’” Venier said....   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Papers]

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New York Better Protected From Influenza Epidemic

- New York Better Protected From Influenza Epidemic NEW YORK--These past few warring years have left the nations of the world in various stages of devastation and destruction, and the world population has been decimated by battles and disease. Here, in New York, we definitely see the outcomes of the war on the economy and industry, and unfortunately, the citizens of New York are also not safe from the deadly Spanish influenza epidemic that has been sweeping the globe. Even though the New York Times reported on August 15, 1918, that there is "no quarantine here against influenza," that was an overly optimistic report....   [tags: Journalism History Media Essays]

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University Living as the Third Gender

- University Living as the Third Gender In Thailand, they are called Kateoy or “Ladyboys.” In Burma, they are the Hijra and have the power to bless a child with fertility or curse it with impotence. In America, they are called transgendered, but the definition of the word is hard to pin down. “There are as many ways to be trans as there are trans people,” said Michael*, a 21-year-old Newton resident to Northeastern University’s bisexual, lesbian, gay, straight, transgendered, queer and questioning alliance (NuBiLAGA) meeting on Nov....   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Essays]

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To work or not to work?

- To work or not to work. Why the educated homemaker is opting out of the workplace and why other women are not It’s 5 a.m. and Laura Williams squints at her computer’s bright light. She presses the letters on her keyboard and replies to as many emails as she can before another busy day at her full-time job begins. After she makes breakfast for her family, her husband Ryan gets their daughters, Emma, 4, and Anna, 18 months, ready. Then the Williams family sets out to drop Emma at pre-school, and then mom and Anna drop dad at work....   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Papers]

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Cooperative Education Opens Doors for Students

- Cooperative Education Opens Doors for Students As the college application deadline draws nearer, high school seniors across the country will make their final decisions as to what handful of colleges and universities will receive the applications they rigorously spent their autumn weekends working on. Each year students consult different college prep tools to aid them with their continual search for the “right” school. Whether it city versus suburban, large versus small or public versus private; high school seniors today have a schmorgous board of options for furthering their education....   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Essays]

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Is Penn State tuition too expensive?

- Is Penn State tuition too expensive. The Pennsylvania State University is one of the biggest state universities in the nation, with over 40,000 students currently enrolled in that university system. It is also a very old school, with its 150th birthday coming up in the year of 2005. Over the last one and a half century, Penn State has produced the most number of alumni in the world. In my major, meteorology alone, famous alumni such as Jon M. Nese, Greg Forbes, and Joe Bastardi are contributing their invaluable knowledge to the world in the science of meteorology....   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Essays]

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No Time For I'm Sorrys

- No Time For I'm Sorrys As the leaves turn to brilliant colors of orange and yellow and begin their descent to the Earth, the area around the football stadium is filled with the resonate sound of horns and drums. Every afternoon and Saturday, the Goshen High School marching band gathers to fine tune its skills for upcoming games and competitions. To those of us outside of the band culture, the grueling labor and long hours seem excessive, but, to many of the band members, nothing exists that is of higher importance....   [tags: Journalistic Papers Journalism Essays]

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Title IX: A long-term debate

- Title IX: A long-term debate Every year incoming college freshman go to their new college or university expecting to find their favorite sport, but sometimes due to lack of participation the sport is not there. In some case, the federal law Title IX is to blame as in the case of Zalikah Lewis, a sophomore at Pine Manor College, an all women's College in Chestnut Hill. Although she wouldn't join the swim team, she does enjoy the sport and was surprised that the sport wasn't offered while the school had most other popular sports....   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Essays]

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1893 words | (5.4 pages) | Preview a Light on Talent

- a Light on Talent As play auditions got under way in Hillsboro, NH, the director asked Chelsy Starkweather,13, the first and youngest of the night’s auditions, to repeat her monologue, twice. At first, she hid behind a baseball cap and sat on a chair, something most play directors would forbid. But Justin Scarelli, 22, who founded Community Arts as a Stage for Teens (C.A.S.T.), knew how to draw out Starkweather’s confidence. She repeated her monologue, standing and one last time without her baseball cap....   [tags: Drama Journalism Acting Essays]

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New York City Fighting Influenza

- New York City Fighting Influenza New York City's public health officials are pioneering a program to reduce the spread of the influenza epidemic that hit the city over one month ago. The city's approach to disease control is unlike that of any other city in the nation and has been met with much criticism and fear for the lives of New Yorkers. The city's Health Commissioner, Dr. Royal S. Copeland, has refused to close schools, theaters, churches, and places of "public amusement" despite many requests to do so from prominent members of the government's medical community....   [tags: Journalism Influenza Health Essays]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Yakobovich 's Story '

- ... The human rights organization, which is named after the Latin motto “to see is to believe,” works to protect the rights and dignities of all who are oppressed under highly authoritarian regimes. Videre trains and equips local activities by providing the proper strategies, tools, and training to document their realities. Videre, essentially, attacks the global issues of poor internet access and controlled media, in order to foster a network of capable citizen journalists who are empowered to go places where traditional media outlets cannot....   [tags: Mass media, News media, Journalism, Human rights]

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Our Current Day And Age Biased Media

- In our current day and age biased media runs rampant through millions of televisions and papers in America, which provides a platform for deceptive and subversive reporting. This ongoing struggle has developed in recent years and is beginning to cultivate a fan base of one-sided thinkers. The unremitting attack on political standpoints is beginning to polarize our political structure, calling for unjust checks and balances, and the inability for people to decipher factual from fabricated news. The media has an agenda....   [tags: Mass media, Journalism, Left-wing politics]

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Cultural Studies On Race And Social Classes

- In today society culture has impacted our everyday life, experience and social relations; we are all categorized by our cultural groups but this has changed rapidly throughout the years from one generation to the next. “Cultural studies are a represented as the scholarly field of theoretically, politically, and empirically that are engaged to the cultural analysis that was developed by British academics in the late 1950s, 60s and 70s, and has subsequently taken up and transformed by scholars in many different fields around the world”(Griffin, E., Ledbetter, A....   [tags: Mass media, Sociology, News media, Journalism]

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Social Media And Its Impact On Society

- ... It doesn’t matter where you are from, what you look like, your race, your height, your age, your sexuality; no characteristic can limit you from forming some type of a bond online with others. That is the beauty of it and to top it off there’s no limitation of how many connections you can form. A positive side to this is looking at it in terms of mental health. One suffering from a mental illness can reach out in their community and find someone with similar struggles. People who have suffered emotional and or mental abuse can connect online, share their stories, exchange coping mechanisms, etc....   [tags: Mass media, News media, Apple Store, Journalism]

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Steak and E- Love

- “Steak and E- Love” I take the heels off my aching feet and remove my eyeliner; sometimes I wonder why I ever take this job. Even though I have a place in Manhattan Park Apartments with a great view of the city and of course my Persian cat, Delta, writing a weekly article for the NY Times can be trying and hectic, especially when you are writing on some pretty controversial stuff. I'm mean, I'm talking about everything from violence in the media to this week's "E- Love", about singles finding love through Websites online....   [tags: Journalism Journal Essays]

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SAD in the Winter

- SAD in the Winter Could Seasonal Affective Disorder Be Disrupting the Lives of Northeastern Students. Becky Venne, a 31-year-old Northeastern graduate student, says she doesn’t socialize much in the winter. In fact, she claims that she finds it hard to get out of bed and spends most of her day watching T.V., satisfying her cravings for carbohydrates and starchy foods. We’ve all experienced it at some point or another. The weather gets colder, the days become shorter, and no matter how much sleep you had the night before, you still feel tired....   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Essays]

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The College Rioting Problem

- The College Rioting Problem It’s a frigid January night, and the home team just won the big game so hundreds of college students pour out into the streets. The celebration begins with cheers and hugs, but quickly the tone begins to change. The drunken crowd continues to grow, blocking the streets with thousands of students and young adults. Fires are started, women bare their breasts, cars are flipped, and property destroyed as the celebration becomes a destructive riot. This recent phenomenon sweeping college campuses throughout the nation has been titled “celebratory rioting,” when a large-scale celebration turns into a violent mob....   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Essays]

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The Massachusetts Technology Sector

- The Massachusetts Technology Sector After working for more than five years as a software engineer at a Massachusetts-based digital-video editing company, Dave Lanzar decided it was time to take a chance and join the ranks of a start-up streaming media company that had yet to go public. “The future was rosy and we were all going to get rich,” Lanzar said. But that future never materialized, and the company that was supposed to make Lanzar rich no longer exists. He was laid off in August 2001, one month before the terrorist attacks on Sept.11, 2001 accelerated an already progressing downturn in the job market that hit the Massachusetts technology sector especially hard....   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Essays]

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Journals, Reflection, and Learning

- Journals, Reflection, and Learning A journal is a crucible for processing the raw material of experience in order to integrate it with existing knowledge and create new meaning. Among the many purposes for journal writing are the following: to break habitual ways of thinking; enhance the development of reflective judgment and metacognition; increase awareness of tacit knowledge; facilitate self-exploration and personal growth; and work out solutions to problems (Andrusyszyn and Davie 1997; Mitchell and Coltrinari 2001; Moon 1999)....   [tags: Journalism Writing Essays]

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The Spanish Influenza Epidemic

- The Spanish Influenza Epidemic Los Angeles, October 28--The effects of the Spanish influenza outbreak from its date of original contamination, September 13(1), to now have been widespread and horrific. With more than 4500 new cases being reported today, the total for California is now above 60,000.(7) Not even two days prior to this printing, San Francisco witnessed its worst day, with over 2000 new cases reported accompanied by 96 deaths.(6) The once thought of "army epidemic" now has a firm grip on civilian life....   [tags: Journalism Epidemics Health Essays]

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Jon Krakauer: American Writer and Journalist

- Jon Krakauer, American writer and journalist, was born in Corvallis, Oregon in 1954. He is also a mountaineer, his father having exposed him to the craft when he was eight years old, thus igniting his life-long passion. In 1977, a year after he graduated from Hampshire College, Krakauer pioneered a new route to the Devil's Thumb, a treacherous mountain in southeastern Alaska. This endeavor was his first major foray into mountain climbing. In 1996, Krakauer chronicled an adventure at the Stikine icecap, in which he employed a route never before attempted, in one of his novels, Into the Wild....   [tags: biographical analysis]

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Gals vs. Women

- Gals vs. Women This article is about gals. It's not an article about women. There are way too many books about women, and most of them are way too serious. Women itself is a serious word, not to mention womanhood and womanly. While being female is a serious activity, there is a lighter side which is rarely examined or written about. But women tend to attach too much significance to womanhood. This results in certain characteristically feminine, by which I mean over exaggerated self-important, behavioral patterns that can produce unfortunate results....   [tags: Creative Writing Journalism Essays]

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Editorial: Ireland’s Past?

- Editorial: Ireland’s past. The popular cliché about the island of Ireland being a place that the flow of time has left beyond is endorsed by a variety of perspectives. Emigration has made such a huge impact on Irish history that the Irish diaspora and its descendants far outnumbered the inhabitants of the Ireland of Ireland itself, and many of those outside Ireland who claim Irish descent remain emotionally attached to a conception of the “old country,” whose image in their minds is strongly associated with the distant experiences of their ancestors....   [tags: Ireland History Journalism Essays]

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Bound for Success?

- Bound for Success. Boston is a city overrun with institutions of higher education. These universities and colleges dictate the way of life in their small areas of the city. But how do these multi-million-dollar universities help students in the area. Not the thousands of college students who flock to Boston for a pricey higher education, but the junior high and high school students who live in the shadows of these great universities. The colleges and universities of Boston are extremely diverse....   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Essays]

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Chronic Bladder Disorder

- Chronic Bladder Disorder There are few telltale signs of what Shelly Gregory copes with on a daily basis. On closer observation, one may notice the odd way she holds the right side of her abdomen when she walks or the way she tilts her body to the side when she sits on a chair for too long. To people around her, Gregory, a 35-year-old mother of two daughters, may pass as healthy. But only those in her inner circle, including her husband and children, truly understand the pain she has to endure....   [tags: Journalism Medical Medicine Papers]

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Celebrities and Gossip

- Celebrities and Gossip Have you seen the pictures of Madonna and her baby yet. Have you ever surfed the web and stumbled onto a site about celebrities. Probably so. There are thousands of sites on the web about celebrities; their official web sites, pictorials and biographical information. You can’t even go into a supermarket without being bombarded by tabloids.You can’t listen to the radio in the car. TV shows and whole networks rely on entertainment and celebrities in the news. VH1, MTV and E....   [tags: Media Tabloids Journalism Essays]

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Cases of Influenza

- Cases of Influenza ST. LOUIS, Missouri.--The State Health Department has confirmed that there have been 666 new cases of influenza today, 134 more since yesterday. Also it has been confirmed, sadly, that there has been 59 deaths, up 15 since yesterday, and making the grand total at 5,067 deaths in just three weeks. 21 of the deaths recorded yesterday were of pneumonia. Thus this epidemic seems to weaken the body so much that it is not the only cause of death, pneumonia is as well. As we keep track of the new cases and of the fatal ones, they have urged the public to stay calm as they are trying to do everything in their power to put an end to this....   [tags: Journalism Influenza Health Essays]

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Behind the Arch: The Truth about Drinking at Buena Vista University

- Behind the Arch: The Truth about Drinking at Buena Vista University Behind the Arch: The Truth about Drinking at Buena Vista University, is book with written stories and events relating to drinking on the campus of Buena Vista University (BVU). Behind the Arch is published by the English 300 class of 2001, including students Chris Allen, Alisa Dixson, Jennifer Durham, Shelley Katzer, Max Kenkel, Teri Kramer, Toby Malavong, and Courtney Weller. Many questions came up about the alcohol use among the BVU students and community....   [tags: Journalism Alcohol Drinking College Essays]

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Are Illegal Police Quotas Still Affecting American Citizens?

- Are Illegal Police Quotas Still Affecting American Citizens. Just this past summer, one of my good friends was driving through Harrisonburg on his way home from work, when he noticed the one thing all drivers dread, flashing blue lights closing in on him fast. While pulling to the side of the road, he realized there was not one, but two police cars behind him. He knew he had only been going five miles per hour over the speed limit, so he was worried as to why two police cars had just pulled him over....   [tags: Police Quotas Journalism Journalistic Papers]

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The Effects of Influenza on New York Businesses

- The Effects of Influenza on New York Businesses NEW YORK. Oct. 5.--It has been almost one full month since the first cases of Spanish influenza--merchant mariners, shipped into New York Harbor--arrived in the city. After promptly isolating those infected at the Willard Parker Hospital on East Sixteenth Street, city health officials thought they had put an end to this dangerous disease. Despite precautionary measures taken by Dr. Royal S. Copeland, the Health Commissioner, 1,695 new cases have been reported as of late....   [tags: Journalism Media Studies Health Essays]

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Coles’ Ideas in The Tradition: Fact and Fiction

- Coles’ Ideas in The Tradition: Fact and Fiction “The documentary tradition as a continually developing “record” that is made in so many ways, with different voices and vision, intents and concerns, and with each contributor, finally, needing to meet a personal text” (Coles 218). Coles writes “The Tradition: Fact and Fiction” and describes the process of documenting, and what it is to be a documentarian. He clearly explains through many examples and across disciplines that there is no “fact or fiction” but it is intertwined, all in the eye of the maker....   [tags: Photography Journalism Coles Essays Papers]

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Rates of Epidemic Infection Drops

- Rates of Epidemic Infection Drops Breaking news today as the New York Times reports a drop in the rate of infection of what is now being called Spanish Influenza. More than 900 fewer cases in the past 24 hrs were reported by the New York Times today, with a total decrease in 91 deaths. This 20 percent drop resulted in only 3,362 reported cases of influenza as of October 21. As New Yorkers breathe a quick sigh of relief, the rest of the nation shudders on what has become an epidemic spread of the grippe, normally common this time of year but never before so deadly....   [tags: Spanish Influenza Journalism Media Essays]

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Influenza's Impacts on Manchester's Society

- Influenza's Impacts on Manchester's Society Society Shaken Like countless cities across the globe, Manchester, England has had a difficult time adjusting to the impact of influenza. Countless residents are ill. Numerous schools have been closed. A recent decree has banned children under the age of 13 from "picture-houses and all places licensed for amusement." Now, public discussion has begun which could impede upon personal liberties in defense of the public health. A proposed Health Ministry would have the power to compel individuals to medical examinations and quarantines....   [tags: Journalism Media Studies Health Essays]

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The Spanish Flu in Remission

- The Spanish Flu in Remission For many it appears like there is finally reason to take a deep sigh of relief. The deadly Spanish Flu, now believed to have begun on the battlefields and in the military hospitals of the war, appears to be in remission. In the previous two days the death tolls has gone from 302 down to 269, and it today reached a remarkable low of only 17. Still the business men's advisory committee and our local Health Commission say that we must "keep up the fight so long as there is a case of influenza." The eradication of this illness is the responsibility of every citizen and does not simply rest with the physician....   [tags: Journalism Influenza Health Medical Essays]

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Influenza on the Western Front

- Influenza on the Western Front NEW YORK--Reports have come in from London that the grippe has now closed his claws upon German troops. Although influenza has spread onto our side, leading doctors believe that the disease will not be so prevalent because the disease spreads [most readily in unhealthy conditions.] With the ever increasing proportion of German troops being reported to hospitals for influenza, the Kaiser is finding it difficult for them to mount a proper offensive against our hearty men....   [tags: Journalism Media Studies Health Essays]

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Thomas T. Fortune House: Journalist Born a Slave

- ... This book “outlined the underlying political and economic philosophy that guided his journalistic writings throughout the 1880s” (Carle 1496). Thomas T. Fortune focused a lot on African-Americans having the right to education which would be provided by the national government as well as the labor and law rights African Americans had. “Fortune negotiated the complicated dynamics of what it meant to be a black man in America. Complicating matters further, he undertook this venture with a body covered in white skin that often made him “so white as not to be distinguishable as colored” (Mount 1)....   [tags: African American civil rights activist]

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The Radical Journalist And Jacobin Jean Paul Marat

- ... Besides writers there are also great speakers such as Danton and even Robespierre who use very persuasive language to achieve a republic. These leaders must be held accountable for the way that they disrespected their opponents and created a toxic environment in the French Revolution that there can be no second opinions, and helped increase the speed towards which the Revolution descended into terror. The most accountable group for the Terror is undoubtedly the Committee of Public Safety. This committee did a tremendous job at spreading fear and paranoia throughout the remainder of the Revolution and being everything that they swore to defeat....   [tags: French Revolution, Reign of Terror, Georges Danton]

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African Historian And Journalist, Carter G. Woodson

- ... This is why there must be an educational component to ensure that people understand this is one nation in which everyone shares the same history and that it is inclusive, not exclusive. This month is supposed to be joyful and educational; however, it simply limits the time we have to study and celebrate (Chiariello). A month is not enough time to learn history in depth; educators should teach more people and events than what they typically do. The same information is repeatedly brought up. More often than not, teachers only recognize the few African Americans that people already recognize as famous....   [tags: African American, Black people, Race]

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Bowing to Seniority

- Bowing to Seniority With the dearth of good centers in college basketball, one would expect that Xavier University would want David West, their All-American center who averaged 20 points and 10 rebounds per game as a junior, to return for his senior season. But West did not feel so welcome. “Honestly, it felt like they wanted me to leave,” West said. “Not Coach [Thad] Matta specifically, but most people seemed to be pushing me out the door [to the NBA].” Eventually, West decided to return for his senior season, and then became part of a dying breed: college seniors who get drafted in the first round of the NBA draft....   [tags: Documentary Journalism Sports Basketball Papers]

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Influenza in London

- GLOBAL INFLUENZA REPORT: LONDON Bill Smith is a Health Correspondent for the "The Times" in London. He sends weekly reports to the Irvine World News. For the week of 22 October to 29 October 1918. With an end to the war on the horizon London continues to be ravaged by the Spanish Flu. As reported in The Times "The general death-rate last week increased to 41 per 1,000 of the population per annum compared with 12 at the same period last year. This is the highest death-rate for over 20 years."1 As a result of the current drastic increase in the number of people inflicted with the flu, all sectors of Society are being gravely impacted....   [tags: Journalism Spanish Flu Heatlh Essays]

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New York's Government's Response to Influenza Outbreak

- New York's Government's Response to Influenza Outbreak NEW YORK CITY (September 22):--Forty-three new cases of Spanish influenza were reported yesterday throughout the greatly afflicted state of New York. Of these new cases, eighteen were in Brooklyn, three were reported in the Bronx, eighteen in Manhattan, and four were reported in Queens. There appears to be little progress for New Yorkers and East Coast Americans in general, in their attempt to quell the spread of the disease. As such, public fears continue to be heightened by a steady increase in the number of both the infected and the deceased persons who have been subjected to this outbreak of Spanish influenza....   [tags: Journalism Media Studies Spanish Flu Essays]

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Spanish Flu's Impact on Children's Education

- Spanish Flu's Impact on Children's Education Though initially there was no fear of this "Spanish influenza" during the summer months of this year, now it appears that it is quite a threat here in Southern California. Surgeon-General Rupert Blue of the Public Health Service who recently commented, "that the epidemic of 1893 which swept a large part of Europe and this country was caused by a very minute bacterium commonly called Pfeiffer bacillus" supported the origins of this questionably new influenza....   [tags: Journalism Media Studies Health Influenza Essays]

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Influenza Causes People to Stay Home

- Influenza Causes People to Stay Home Yesterday the influenza record was broken as the highest number of [cases] in New York City alone was 5589 in a single day. The numbers are staggering and many people are looking at taking more precautions at preventing the disease to spread to them and loved ones. People everywhere are wondering if enough is being done to prevent influenza from spreading. The board of health has passed a sanitary code which includes the following sections: "Section 89 of the sanitary code requires isolation and quarantine of persons infected with infectious disease....   [tags: Journalism Media Studies Health Medical Essays]

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A Citizen of New York City

- A Citizen of New York City I am proud to be a citizen of New York City. I am especially proud in this time of war, when so many of our brothers, sons, nephews, and friends are off fighting for this fine country of ours. It is saddening to see the countless obituaries of not only those killed in the war, but also of those whose lives have been taken [by] this epidemic that seems to have an insatiable hunger for human lives. I, along with numerous of my fellow citizens, have become more and more distraught to see the amount of death and destruction that has entered this fine city along with the war and this epidemic of influenza, both of which have created a dark cloud that casts a constant s...   [tags: Journalism Media Studies Influenza Health Essays]

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A Developing Epidemic in Argentina

- A Developing Epidemic in Argentina BUENOS AIRES, Argentina--December is one of the loveliest times of year in the southern hemisphere of South America. On a typical summer day on a warm, Sunday afternoon, residents of Buenos Aires enjoy a relaxing jaunt along the Avenida de Mayo where one can browse the numerous shops of rare antiquities or simply retire to drinking tea in front of one of the many cafes along the avenue. Families with boisterous children picnic within the many public parks and gardens and bask in the warm sun....   [tags: Buenos Aires Journalism Influenza Health Essays]

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The Spanish Influenza in Missouri

- The Spanish Influenza in Missouri Reports of the Spanish Influenza continue to bombard us from St. Louis, Missouri, as inhabitants of that fine city take many precautions to safeguard themselves and their families against this incendiary malady currently sweeping our great nation. At a time of war when our country needs our strength the most it is important that we fight this Influenza head on, taking whatever actions necessary to eradicate it from our fine shores. Let us take a page from St. Louis's book on how to prevent this illness from spreading....   [tags: Journalism St. Louis, Missouri Health Essays]

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