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Today the term journalism is applied to prestigious publications such as The New York Times, and to television news operations such as 60 Minutes and NBC Nightly News. “ First amendment rights and the democratic political environment of the united states have contributed to the uninhibited growth of the news media in public and private communication.”1 the world of journalism has changed dramatically from the colonial days. When newspapers were just channels or devices of commercial and political information.


With the new changes in technology, it has changed the nature of the journalism industry, making it vividly sophisticated and requiring a wide range of skills. There are four significant skills, to become an exquisite journalist; to be prepared, alert, persistent, there, and wary.

v A prepared reporter educates her/himself.

v An alert reporter looks for intriguing facts.

v A persistent reporter never quits.

v A reporter who is there gets onto the scene where news happens.

v A wary reporter trust nothing until she/ he is sure of it.

A journalist must also know the difference between a source and a subject, because all reporting involves a source and a subject. A subject is whatever a journalist investigates, and a source is whatever answers the journalist’s questions. The most basic way to get answers is to ask questions, this process is called interviewing. “The single most important thing to do when interviewing anyone is to listen carefully,” said journalist Michael Kronenwetter in his book How to Write a News Article. A good journalist must learn how to study his subject and source. Journalist must know how to listen carefully and pick up if the interviewee left out any crucial facts, contradicts him or herself, or mentions newsworthy.

Journalist must also have good writing skills, and must learn how to take down copious notes. Must be able to record as much as possible, so that they are likely to forget anything of importance. Journalist must also be able to observe and report every little facts. Including tone of voice, facial expression, gesture, body characteristics, and the environment a subject creates at home or office. These little facts can reveal a lot about a subject, so it should be reported.

Another skill significant to journalism is research, u...

... middle of paper ... has changed so much there are even more jobs available that fall under journalism but it has also made the journalism industry very complex but sophisticated. Journalism has come a long way since the days of commercial printers who single handedly published news books and newsletters, and of radio stations that were one person operations from private homes. Well-defined jobs are decreasing in the world of journalism but there is stillroom for those who are innovative, creative, and aggressive.

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