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Black Girls Matter By Kimberle Crenshaw

- Kimberlé Crenshaw’s assertion that the advancement of racial equality is not attainable without the advancement of gender equality is supported with adequate evidence throughout her article, “Black Girls Matter.” Crenshaw’s argument is founded upon the biases woven into government-funded initiatives focused on bettering the lives of the nations underprivileged youth while turning a blind eye to the marginalization of the female colored youth. In particular Crenshaw focuses on President Obama’s initiative, My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) and Michelle Obama’s global initiative Let Girls Learn....   [tags: Gender, Female, United States, White people]

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Black Women During The Plantation South

- Deborah Gray White in Aren’t I a Woman: Female Slaves in the Plantation South theorizes that black women in the plantation south were the most vulnerable group in early America. These were black women in a white Southern society, slaves in a free American society, and women in a society ruled by men which gave them the least power and the most vulnerability in the plantation south. Their degradation was the result of American stigmas that understood black women as being promiscuous, licentious females who had high birth rates as well as a high pain tolerance....   [tags: Slavery, Slavery in the United States]

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The Differences Between Male And Female Crime

- Feminist theories are needed because they recognize that there are gender inequalities in society; however they seek to create a more balanced scale between the sexes. Some myths about feminism are that the theories are geared towards women and that they lack objectivity, but they provide us with abstract thoughts and analysis that will help to obtain gender equality. They provide evidence of the difference between male and female crime from various theoretical aspects. Some of those aspects include biological, sociological, and physiological factors....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Gender studies, Sociology]

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My Personal Phone For A Black Suv

- On 12/26/2015 at 22:16 hours, P/O Nucera #5223 called my personal cellphone advising me that a male in a black SUV in front of Victory Chinese was having difficulties staying awake while sitting in the driver seat. P/O Nucera advised a friend of his, which works at Papa Johns, called him about the male. John Maslanik (caller) advised the male drove into the complex, got out of the vehicle, and started to pace back and forth in front of the storefront. When I arrived in the adjacent lot, I observe a black male sitting in the driver seat of the vehicle that was parked in front of the Victory Chinese restaurant....   [tags: Automobile, Walking, Vehicle, Foot]

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An African American Of The World Is Not Black Or White?

- As an African American, to me, the world is not black or white, with shades of gray. The world to me consists of colored or white and anything colored is unacceptable or associated with something unacceptable. I was never born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but instead, my ancestors were the ones who polished the spoons. As a matter fact, if accused of stealing silver, they would be punished immediately without question, without a proper investigation, and without a fair trial. Now in the present day in America, colored people are now given proper investigations and even if the evidence is leaning their way, colored people are still being punished for crimes that they are probably innocen...   [tags: White people, Colored, African American, Race]

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Colonialism and Imperialism - The White Male and the Other in Heart of Darkness

- The European, White Male vs. the Other in Heart of Darkness      The novella Heart of Darkness has, since it's publication in 1899, caused much controversy and invited much criticism. While some have hailed it's author, Joseph Conrad as producing a work ahead of it's time in it's treatment and criticism of colonialist practices in the Congo, others, most notably Chinua Achebe, have criticized it for it's racist and sexist construction of cultural identity. Heart of Darkness can therefore be described as a text of it's time, as the cultural identity of the dominant society, that is, the European male is constructed in opposition to "the other", "the other" in Heart of Darkness being define...   [tags: Heart Darkness essays]

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Shopping in a Male's Perspective: Personal Narrative

- I consider myself the typical male, especially when it comes to clothes shopping. I tend to find what I need, make sure it fits, and I am out the door. Quite often, I venture out on shopping expeditions with my wife. On one of those trips I encountered a store that amazes me so much that I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and write my essay on it, that store is Anthropologie. Anthropologie by all definition is a women’s clothing store, that has very astutely followed some of the scientific formulas outlined in Malcolm Gladwell’s article “The Science of Shopping.” This article discusses the scientific selling techniques developed by Paco Underhill, an expert on consumer buying tren...   [tags: Fashion, Marketing Techniques]

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Advertising Lingerie For Male And Female Audiences

- Marketing companies try to surpass one another thinking outside the box and creating advertisements which are unconventional, however, they operate within a few stereotypes about gender roles and representations. This essay will examine the differences between advertising lingerie for both male and female audiences. Commercials of focus are Primark’s Valentine’s Day campaign called 'For every side of you ' (see Figure 1.) and Justin Bieber’s photo shoot for Calvin Klein (see Figure 2.). Both brands are well – known, nonetheless their profile and target groups are slightly different, mainly because of price range, thus associations created by their campaign can be seen variously, depending...   [tags: Gender, Woman, Gender role, Man]

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Black Athletes' Graduation Rates Weak

- Major collegiate athletics programs are able to generate millions of dollars for their institutions, but are not able to show any evidence of successfully graduating their black male athletes that contribute to their success in generating those millions of dollars. These universities in turn, are failing these student athletes whom were promised that they would nurture them intellectually as well as athletically. A four year report published by the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education presents statistics that shows that the six major sports conferences in the NCAA (ACC, Big Ten, Big East, Big 12, SEC, Pac 12) have weak graduation rates for male African American Student...   [tags: college athletes, african american students]

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Stereotyping And Discrimination : Black Young Adults

- As a large, overweight, black young adult male in the US born is the 90’s, I’ve grown up having to face a lot of negativity from not only individual people, but from society as a whole. One though has remained prevalent an unsatisfied in my life as I’ve become more and more aware of its existence and true nature. Stereotyping and discrimination like other forms of racism are a hindrance to our society and if not addressed leaves long lasting wounds in our nation. Racism is the discriminations, judgment, and generalizing of another individual based on the premise of race, religion, and or color....   [tags: African American, Race, Racism, Discrimination]

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Slavery Injustice Male versus Female

- Slavery Injustice Male versus Female Harriet Jacobs author of “Incidents of a Slave Girl” depicted the life of a women enslaved to white planation owners between the years 1819-1842. Harriet Jacobs escaped for enslavement and went on to become a pivotal figure for the African American culture with tales of cruelty from her owners and her need for freedom. Jacobs penned her story to persuade white people in the North to fight against the maltreatment of African Americans in the South. Jacobs highlighted for abolitionist and non-abolitionist alike the abuse slaves felt for many years and the obstacles they went through to secure their freedom....   [tags: gender equality in human exploitation]

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Richard Wright's Black Boy as a Catalyst to End Racism

- Black Boy as a Catalyst to End Racism Around 2000 B.C., Egyptians enslaved Jews in bondage like caged animals because they were targeted as a lesser race and thus chosen for labor. Just 1500 years later, the Jews themselves were the culprits of racism labeling the very association with Samaritans as a deep sin. In 1861_1865, the United States divided brother against brother in one of its bloodiest battles of all time over black slavery.             Racism survives not simply as an intangible historic fable but as a real modern problem, also....   [tags: Wright Black Boy Essays]

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The Black Unconsciousness

- For many the slogan "The world is yours" can work great as a motivational outlook on life. For others it can work as a deceiving and disappointing outlook on life. Black America is often told that they can be anything they want in life. However they often find out that the world isn't theirs. Blacks are often unaccepted as equals to most in America and even more so often fail at trying to convince themselves and others that they are equal. Marked by color; one would assume that Blacks are aware of their "Blackness" and what that means to them on an individual basis....   [tags: African American Studies]

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The Salon, The Racial Parenting Divide : What Adrian Peterson Reveals About Black Vs. White Child Rearing

- Imagine being beaten every time one makes a mistake. Imagine not being beaten and to only later be killed for committing one of these mistakes. Imagine loving this individual. Now imagine being the one to beat this person for their protection. This is the complex situation of many in the African American community. Consisting of using physical discipline as a method of protection and discipline. Many parents with children of color often go through great lengths to make sure that their child is well disciplined....   [tags: African American, Black people, Race]

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Racism in Black Boy, Black Caesar and Malcolm X

- Racism in Black Boy, Black Caesar and Malcolm X In all three stories, Black Boy, Black Caesar and Malcolm X, there are black male characters who experience growing up in racist societies, and who witness the importance of their extended families. Richard, Tommy and Malcolm respectively, become the men they were through these childhood experiences and these experiences mold them into becoming who they were as adults. Although each of these men experienced both racism and the importance of extended family and the black community, they all turned out to be somewhat different....   [tags: Papers]

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Summary Of ' Hills Like White Elephants ' By Ernest Hemingway And Black Man And White Woman

- Not Everything Is Said Two stories can relate if they have similar topics, writing styles, or themes. In the short stories “Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway and “Black Man and White Woman in Dark Green Rowboat” by Russell Banks the main theme of abortion is evident. In both these short stories, the readers begin in the middle of the story, and realize that what is happening in the present is just as important as what happened in the past, and future. Both Hemingway and Banks capture the readers by making what is not said in each story more important what is said....   [tags: Fiction, Short story, Black people, Writing]

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Black Women in the Twentieth Century American City

- The urbanization of the black population of America began since 1900. During the two World Wars, owing to the need and demand for unskilled labor in the cities, blacks migrated in large numbers from the rural South to the city. By the 1950s, only 40% of black population lived on farms and by the 1970s, blacks had become completely urbanized. The World Wars also resulted in the movement of black women from the farms to the industrial work force. A direct result of the integration of black women into the urban economy was that they became economically independent and were freed from their dependence on black men....   [tags: The Feminization of Public Space]

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Male Specific Neurons In Flies

- Have you watched a fly chase another fly all around the room and ever wonder how they manage to always be so close together even though the prey is trying its best to get away. Well, some scientists wondered. They were intrigued with this "mating chase" of the male fly after the female fly. You could say that the female was trying to play hard to get while the male lustily engages the pursuit. The male nearly always gets his "prey". However, if the female fly tried to chase the male, she would have no such luck....   [tags: Biology Fly]

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The Over-representation of Black People in UK Prisons

- The over-representation of black people in the UK prison population became an issue which needs to be addressed. The prison statistics shows that black people are over-represented and by analysing their population in the UK and a prison statistics it can be noticed that their number increases massively comparing to white and Asian people. The statistics focuses on adult male population, but by considering women and young black people, the evidences show that across all levels black people are over-represented....   [tags: Race and crime in the UK]

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An Interview With Andrew Alexander, A Black American Rights Activist

- Vanessa Huang is a Black American rights activist. She responds to issues such as racial profiling and government policing through her poetry. Whereas many other Asian American poets typically write about their ethnic identity, Huang writes about an ethnicity that is not hers—Black American. She writes protest literature, exposing Black American’s inferior treatment by the mainstream culture. In an interview with Andrew Alexander, a journalist for Creative Loafing, Huang speaks about her thoughts on racism in the form of biased imprisonment....   [tags: Race, Racism, Asian American, White American]

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Peggy McIntosh's White Privilege And Male Privilege

- Privileges are things that a person receives that gives them an advantage over most people (Merriam-Webster). These are benefits that only certain people receive for being in a certain group or discourse. Peggy McIntosh, director of the Wellesley College Center for Research on Women, wrote “White Privilege and Male Privilege” and states “I think whites are carefully taught not to recognize white privileges, as males are taught not to recognize male privilege” (605). She argues that whites and males receive certain privileges, yet they do not even notice them....   [tags: Book Analysis, Social Issues]

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Adolescent Black Males and Their Entanglement With Crack Cocaine

- Adolescent Black Males and Their Entanglement With Crack Cocaine This research proposal will explore the dependent factors that determine why impoverished adolescent Black Males turn to crack cocaine as a means of survival. Survival is defined as, the act of or facts of surviving, especially under adverse or unusual circumstances. Generally, Black Adolescent males engage themselves in crack cocaine by way of dealing or trafficking. This study is important because there are many underlying factors that are not studied in regard to why this population turns to crack cocaine as a means of survival....   [tags: Drugs]

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Why Black Men Turn To Crack Cocaine To Survive

- This research proposal will explore the dependent factors that determine why impoverished adolescent Black men turn to crack cocaine as a means of survival. Survival is living under but overcoming adverse or unusual circumstances. Generally black adolescent men engage themselves in crack cocaine by way of dealing or trafficking. This study is important because it emphasizes the many underlying factors that can promote this type of lifestyle as a means of survival. When examining this particular field of study two main causes come to mind, the struggle and the trouble....   [tags: Drugs]

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Male And Female Poets And Sweat By Zora Neale Hurston

- Each author has her or his own particular voice. The distinction between a male author and a female essayist, or a male and female anything that is concerned, is essentially physical and social. The male is characterized by the employment or role he decides to tackle. He is an author, or a rancher, or a transport driver, or a gourmet specialist, or whatever. The Woman is a lady first. Her career choice, in many societies, is optional. They both have diverse written work styles. Writers, also catch the significant feelings that contain a specific article, topic or occasion....   [tags: Woman, Gender, Female, Zora Neale Hurston]

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Black Art, Chicano Art And Feminist Art

- Black Art, Chicano Art and Feminist Art of the 1960s, 70s And 80s Successes like the outlawing of the job discrimination by the Federal Civil Rights Act led Romare Bearden and other black artists to celebrate the Black Experience as a unique subculture in American society. As part of the Spiral group of black artists, Bearden sought in 1960’s to contribute through his art to the Civil Rights Movement. Assassinations of people such as Martin Luther King Jnr led to the production of angry images of race relations by black artists....   [tags: Feminism, Feminist theory, Woman]

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Black Abolitionists By Craig Graham Of The Book ' David Ruggles

- Slavery in the 1830s was a hectic time. About most people wanted to continue slavery while the others wanted to abolish it. However, it seems that early historian scholars gave white abolitionists more credit than the African Americans ones. Up until recently have more historical scholars looked into this matter and figured out this was not true. Renewed investigations on the impact of black abolitionists have corrected this matter. Nonetheless, even with this concentration of black abolitionists’ contribution author Hodges Graham of the book “David Ruggles,” noticed that one key player David Ruggles remains unknown....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, Slavery]

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Male Dominance In "Hills Like White Elephants" and "The Chrysanthemums"

- Both Ernest Hemingway’s Hills Like White Elephants and John Steinbeck’s The Chrysanthemums portray oppressed female characters in the early 1900s. In Hemingway’s short, Jig is oppressed by her lover known only as “The American,” whereas, the main character in The Chrysanthemums, Elisa Allen, feels the weight of oppression from society (male dominated) as a whole. Although the driving force of the two women’s subjugation varies slightly, their emotional responses to such are what differentiate the two....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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A Treatment Plan for a 21 Year Old Male With Schizophrenia

- Case Charles is a 21 year-old Caucasian single male currently residing with his mother and stepfather whom also is Charles’s uncle. Charles graduated high school and due to his illness he receives social security benefits. During a two year period Charles had nine visits to the emergency room resulting in admission to the psychiatric unit. On two admissions Charles left against medical advice, five admissions required a higher level of care resulting in admission to the state psychiatric hospital and two Charles was transferred to the adult crisis unit....   [tags: psychotherapy, drugs, denial]

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Black Athletes in Society

- Introduction In the collegiate world of sports, basketball has become an increasingly recognized sport among African Americans, predominantly males. The hope of any young basketball player is that one day a scout will come and recruit them into stardom The question that presents itself as a problem to the lucky few who are chosen to go professional, is whether or not an education is more important than a million dollar shoe deal, “The NCAA's (1998) annual six-year study reported that only 33% of Black male basketball players graduated, (Chronicle of Higher Education, 1999)....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Black Women in Rap

- Back That Ass Up: A Discussion of Black Women in Rap …You can put it in your mouth I said your mothafuckin mouth I said your mothafuckin mouth And you could just eat me out What do ya choose to lick. You could eat me out Pussy or dick. Within the booming business that has become the rap world, certain musical themes and issues are more prevalent than most. In addition to such topics as drugs, alcohol and police brutality, a dominant theme within rap music is the denigration and derision of women....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Black Codes

- The Black Codes were very controversial in the North and in the South they were accepted and prominent. One reason why they were so controversial in the North was because they would try to persuade many African Americans to quit their jobs before their contracts would expire. In certain states where there were more African Americans than whites such as, Mississippi or South Carolina the Black Codes were harsher than in any other states. For example, in Mississippi a rule that if anyone without any type of job before January 1 of 1866 would be arrested if they could not pay a fee of 50 dollars....   [tags: Southern United States, American Civil War]

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Black Theology

- The development of Black Theology in the United was one that shocked the nation as a whole. While in slavery, Blacks had to sneak and hold church services. This was partly because Whites felt that Blacks were not able to be accepted into heaven, and they believed that once one as a Christian they could no longer be enslaved. So to appease their conscience they would not allow Blacks to take part in theology. Due to these issues Black Theology soon originated within the United States. The origination of Black Theology was only cracked open by the idea of slave theology....   [tags: Religion]

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Male Expectations

- The Effects of Male Expectations Male expectations are ever present in our world creating an adverse effect on men making them feel inferior if they are unable to succeed financially. Arthur Miller’s play Death of a Salesman explicitly shows just how harmful these expectations can be to a person and their families. The main character in the play Death of a Salesman Willy Loman is greatly affected by these male expectations. The man is expected to not only support his family but must also be able to climb to the top of the corporate ladder....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Incarcerated Black Males

- Black Incarcerated Males For the past two decades, the criminal justice system in the United States has been undergoing a tremendous expansion. There are now more than one million black men in jail and that one out of every four black males will go on prison in there lifetime. Knowing these statistics it put a burden on the black community because many families are left with single family home, the unemployment rate for black male go up, they can not vote and now they make jail seem like it is fun to go to....   [tags: Sociology African American]

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Gothic Horror in Susan Hill's The Woman in Black and H.G. Wells' The Red Room

- Gothic Horror in Susan Hill's The Woman in Black and H.G. Wells' The Red Room As with all things, the gothic horror genre of literature did not begin at one definable point, but evolved gradually. Gothic horror evolved out of gothic fiction (as opposed to classical fiction, for example the novels of Jane Austen), before establishing itself as a genre in its own right. However, many literary scholars and critics would point to "The Castle of Otranto", written by Horace Walpole and first published in 1764, as the first true gothic horror novel, containing as it does many of the clichs prevalent throughout the genre....   [tags: Wells Red Room Hill Woman Black Essays]

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Television and Media - Black Entertainment Television

- The Road of Black Entertainment Television The media is all around us, influencing most of our thoughts and buying habits. Most of the media bases its shows towards many diverse demographics as to bring in the most viewers to watch commercials between the show content. But some of the channels are demographic specific advertising directly to a single group in hopes of banking the entire future of a network on that single group. One channel has been extremely successful in this risky business venture, BET....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Black Widow Spiders

- Adult black widow spiders have a shiny, black, rounded, circular abdomen and are about 1/3 inch long (about 1-1/2 inches when their legs are spread). Adult spiders have two reddish or yellowish triangles on their bottom which looks like an hourglass marking, and their body color is dark colored usually black or sometimes dark brown. They are usually recognized because of their red or red-orange hourglass design on the bottom of their abdomen. This pattern is changeable and may look like two separated spots....   [tags: Biology Biological Spiders Research Spider Essays]

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Black Students and the Educational Practice of Tracking

- Black Students and the Educational Practice of Tracking I remember my mom asking me one day why I didn’t have any black friends. Even though she is white, she was concerned that I hang out with kids of different backgrounds, especially because I am half black. I had never really thought about it before. I told her it was because there weren't really any black kids in any of my classes at school. I had been in mostly honors classes since the seventh grade and there were only about five to ten other black kids who seemed to circulate the “honors track” with me....   [tags: Free Essays Online]

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Black And White Women Of The Old South

- Minrose Gwin‘s book, Black and White Women of the Old South, argues that history has problems with objectiveness. Her book brings to life interesting interpretations on the view of the women of the old south and chattel slavery in historical American fiction and autobiography. Gwin’s main arguments discussed how the white women of the south in no way wanted to display any kind of compassion for a fellow woman of African descent. Gwin described the &quot;sisterhood&quot; between black and white women as a &quot;violent connection&quot;(pg 4)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Black Women in Sports: Sexuality and Athleticism

- Black Women in Sports: Sexuality and Athleticism Men and women who chose to engage in sports from which they would traditionally be discouraged because of their gender, particularly as professionals, redefine the sport. The social and cultural "costs" are not the result of the individual's participation, but rather the way in which sports have been socially, politically, and economically constructed. Gender is only one of the few ways in which people are categorized according to their proficiency for some athletic activities....   [tags: Expository Essays]

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Clue and the Crisis of the American White Male

- Clue and the Crisis of the American White Male Nothing is more American than the crossover appeal of products in the mass media; this appeal is what propelled the idea for the 1985 release of the film Clue, based on the Parker Brothers board game. Furthermore, in keeping with the game's theme, the film appeared in theaters across the country with different endings. With an ensemble cast of talented but little known actors—Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, Lesley Ann Warren, Martin Mull, Madeline Kahn, Eileen Brennan and Michael McKean—Clue seemed like a film destined to slip into obscurity....   [tags: Movie Film Essays]

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The Importance of Male Characters to Kate Chopin

- The Importance of Male Characters to Kate Chopin Why and how does she use them. Kate Chopin is an author who examines the position of women in 19th century Louisiana. She describes their plight, living in a society designed by men, one that confines women’s behavior. It was imperative for Kate Chopin to highlight her male characters, as they ultimately are responsible for her heroines’ actions. The “Awakening” and “Desiree’s Baby” are two examples that deal with the issues resulting from a male dominant society, though the stories vary in their approach....   [tags: Kate Chopin The Awakening Desiree's Baby Essays]

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Black ' Names : A Resume Burden?

- “Be who want to be,create a name for yourself”(Unknown). Being one is the greatest gift to society. Creating a name for one is important and key to striving in throughout society. A name will never define someone as a person. The person will define the name. The article “ ‘Black’ Names: A Resume Burden?” by Bootie Cosgrove- Mathers discusses, the burden many parents of color face when choosing their child 's name. The stereotypes set out throughout society on if a parent of color should name their children “black” sounding names is significant....   [tags: African American, Barack Obama, Colored]

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Black or White: A Contrast of Liberties

- My life, as it stands today, is rarely affected by my racial background; I was born to a Caucasian mother and African American father out of wedlock. I came into this world in 1972 and was adopted by an interracial couple who also reflected the same backgrounds as my birth parents. Upon superficial appearances, many white folk are unaware of my racial mixture; for all intents and purposes, I look like a run of the mill white boy. Rather interestingly though, black folk can just tell; often, they cite that it is my hair, nose, and lips which provide the subtle clues....   [tags: caucasian, african-american, racial background]

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Analysis Of ' The Black Widow '

- Beauty is in eye of the beholder: Marvel Comic’s “The Black Widow”, Super-empowered woman or Super-exploited sex object in the movies and comic books. The Black Widow (Natasha Romanova) is a superhero character who first appeared Marvel Comics Tales of Suspens No. 52 (April 1964). She was created by editor and plotter Stan Lee who is responsible for a great number of the heroes we recognize from the Marvel Universe. She was introduced as a Russian spy who sometime later defects to the United states and becomes an agent for S.H.I.E.L.D....   [tags: Superhero, Marvel Comics, Superman, Stan Lee]

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The Controversy Of Black Gay

- Many religious organizations in the United States and many religions of the world scrutinize more on the gays as compared to the other LGBTs. Many research studies conducted among the LGBTs in the black community have found that the black gay males are not affirmed and would lead to internalized homophobia with high levels of depression symptoms and less prevalence to psychological good health. Most of the American religious groups have been in the forefront in condemning homosexuality as sinful and even preventing the victims of the same- sex unions in acquiring a spiritual leadership in the denominations....   [tags: Sexual orientation, Homosexuality, Gender, Gay]

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Black And The Hip Hop Culture

- In the predominantly patriarchal history of the world masculinity and what it means to be a man have differed from culture to culture. When it comes to African American culture, particularly what it has meant to be a man has no clear set of universal rules or guidelines. There are a few different sources such as hip hop and television many young black men across America draw their sense of masculinity from. While hip hop music in particular has had and continues to have a very strong influence on both masculinity and femininity of the youth, young black youth in particular has been affected the most ....   [tags: Hip hop music, African American]

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The Black Movement and Modern Issues

- “When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men, and a discharge for loving one” (Hippler, 1989). Civil rights have been a topic of debate, and change since the idea was first conceived. When people think of civil rights, their first choice often goes to the Black Movement and Dr. King. The sixties saw major change with this movement, laws were broken down and built up thorough peaceful protest, and sometimes not so peaceful. Different tactics and strategies were implemented, each with their own range of success....   [tags: woman's right, gay rights, social media]

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The White Act And The Black Act

- To say that the government micromanaged the financial facets of the lower class society would be an understatement. They had certainly put their fingers into every pie of every aspect of the lower class’ life, at least the reformers certainly expressed their feelings of such a micromanaged oppression. Thompson’s Whigs and Hunters discusses the Black Act in heavy detail. The Black act was initially a means of controlling hunting so that game was readily available for the Royals. The book illustrates the harsh punishment of death the bill entailed far for the small townsfolk surviving on agriculture around forests....   [tags: Working class, Middle class, Social class]

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Is The Suspect Attempting Shoot The Victim With A Loaded Firearm?

- INTRODUCTION: This case involves the suspect attempting to shoot the victim with a loaded firearm. LOCATION DESCRIPTION: This incident occurred near the area of La Pintoresca Park located at 1435 N. Raymond Avenue. EVIDENCE: Item: Description: 1 Razor scooter INVESTIGATION: On 02-09-16 at 1425 hours, Officer Reep #7306 and I monitored the radio traffic from Pasadena Police Dispatch that shots were fired in the area of La Pintoresca Park located at 1435 N. Raymond Avenue. As we were driving towards the location, PPD Dispatch stated that a male Black was seen with a handgun inside of La Pintoresca Park chasing two females with black clothing....   [tags: Male, Female, Sex, Gender]

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The Identity Of Black Women

- Throughout history, society is in a constant stage of development and change which is exemplified through laws surrounding same sex marriage, immigration, and issues of human rights in regards to race, status, or class that contribute to society’s advancement. Focusing specifically on Western Society, we have improved significantly in relation to wars, slavery, and segregation; yet scholars and political activists argue that segregation and racism against minorities is still prominent in the twenty first century....   [tags: Racism, Race, White people, Race]

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From Farming to "The Man in Black"

- This paper goes deep into Johnny Cash’s life; finding out who he was and where he went with his life. Johnny Cash has been very successful with his singing career. Starting at age 4 by singing with his family on the front porch to being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1965 and also winning a number of awards. Johnny Cash came from a long line of musicians and singers, whether they were professional or not. Cash’s main source of encouragement and inspiration is his mother, Carrie Cash....   [tags: Musical Artists]

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Black Boy by Richard Wright

- ... Even in the North, jobs tended to be given to European immigrants over blacks— at least prior to World War I— and though opportunities were indeed greater in the North than in the South, most blacks there remained poorly paid and working unskilled jobs. As this demonstrates, economic hardship was not at all uncommon among African Americans in the early twentieth century. By including the term “American Hunger” in brackets behind “Black Boy,” Wright draws attention to this relationship between race and physical hunger experienced by both him and many around him....   [tags: predetermined place, race, gender, class]

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The Privilege Of Black Skin Tone

- There are many burdens and there are many privileges that I encounter everyday. Some of the privileges that I encounter are more dominate than some privileges. And there are burdens that I encounter on a day to day basis that hinder me from saying my true feelings or saying my point of view in certain situations. These types privileges and burdens I believe can be a bad thing because you don’t experience apart of life that can be a great teacher and teach you many lessons that you cannot learn without experiencing some type of hardship....   [tags: Thought, Mind, Race, Old age]

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The Black Greek Life in College

- The smell of carnival foods, music blasting through the tall speakers, and the crowd going wild is the first thing one hears as one enters the stadium. Shortly, one hears the sounds of clapping, stomping, and yelling as the Greek organizations compete for the grand prize, title of recognition, and bragging rights. People are dancing and supporting their favorite groups as they perform the routines the groups have been practicing for days. The final group performs and walks off stage drained with all the energy they put into the performance....   [tags: Campus Life ]

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The Black and White Coral Reefs

- I never told anyone about these things……. I knew this guy since the first time I ever went to school. Anyway, he called me "Fish Mouth.” Actually, he used to call me "Dog mouth.” But he had this fish book he found when he moved in. And he also had this book on Psychology, which seemed more like Yellow pages. I gaped a lot for a fourteen-year-old. When I went home that day, the fish book was in my bag. And I labeled his name next to that fish he compared me to. Then I chucked it somewhere around my house....   [tags: tides, waves, observe, fish]

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African American And Black History

- African-American 333"Black History" is a noun, "African-American" is an adjective -->history is the portion of American history that specifically discusses the African-American or Black American ethnic groups in the United States. Most African Americans are the descendants of black African slaves forcibly brought to, and held captive in the United States from 1555 to 1865. Blacks from the Caribbean whose ancestors immigrated, or who immigrated to the U.S., also traditionally have been considered African-American, as they share a common history of predominantly West African or Central African roots, the Middle Passage and slavery....   [tags: Atlantic slave trade, Slavery, Caribbean, Africa]

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Black Women during the Civil Rights Movement were Underrepresented by Men

- Black women have been placed in a struggle since slavery when they were brought to the Western world to be used as laborers to increase capitalism in America. Their struggle consisted of not only being oppressed as a Black , but also as a female. Since then Black women have struggled for equal opportunity politically, socially, and economically. Black women do not feel that they should be confined by their gender, class, or race due to society demanding them to take a subordinate role as a wife, caretaker, and cook....   [tags: minority within a minority]

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The Black African Men, By Malcolm X And Martin Luther King Jr

- When come to black African Men, we don 't only judge by the color of our skin, but by other black African men do. When you turn on the tv all you see our own kind murder each other and robbed other, that why we the black African men have a negative impact on us and for people about us. There are way we can change the image of black men by proves other we are not violent toward another,eliminate crime of young black men, protesting about African black men. The black African men have a negative impact on the society, took Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr for example, both of this two important idols was criticized for stand up what they believe in, Martin and Malcolm X was criticized even...   [tags: African American, Barack Obama, Democratic Party]

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Orange Is The New Black

- Orange is the New Black (OITNB) is a Netflix series that is loosely based on Piper Chapman, a self proclaimed WASP, who was imprisoned in Litchfield Penitentiary, a women’s jail, for drug smuggling. For the majority of the show, it gives insight on the social, personal, and past lives of inmates, as well as the interactions between the inmates, correctional officers (COs). In season four, episode nine, there is one main running theme, power imbalances. The core scene that depicts power imbalance and corruption is when a CO demands an inmate, Blanca Flores, to shower, but she refuses....   [tags: Sociology, Conflict theory]

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Soul in Black Popular Music

- Soul was a term adopted to describe Black popular music as it evolved from the 1950’s into the 1960’s, and through to the early 1970’s. Many people saw it as merely a new term for Rhythm and Blues. Soul was a return to the roots of Black music, to the Blues and in particular to Gospel and the church. Soul preserves similarities from the Blues such as the emotional honesty, the vocal intensity and the use of call and response. The musical form of soul known as the Motown sound came from Detroit. Soul commentators and historians, since the mid 60’s judge it from going astray from the directed audience....   [tags: my girl, rhythm, blues]

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The Black Lives Matter Movement

- Introduction The Black Lives Matter Movement evolved from a viral hashtag started by Patrisse Cullors in 2013 to shed light on the wrongful killing of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed African-American teenager (Robinson, 2015). Now a national movement, it has forced Americans to confront the systemic devaluation of Black lives and police brutality. Followed by the death of another unarmed African-American teenager, Michael Brown, the protest in Ferguson, Missouri gave way to a national unified movement (BBC NEWS staff, 2015)....   [tags: University, Higher education]

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White Ignorance And Black Ignorance

- White ignorance is a product of the epistemology of ignorance, which systematically supported socially induced patterns of understanding that works to sustain systematic oppression and privilege. Due to this, white people learn the world wrong but this warped perception will in turn be validated by white epistemic authority and white ignorance will feel like knowledge to those who benefit from this system. Mills also makes the clarification that white ignorance does not exclusively focus on overtly racist uneducated individuals but also educated well-meaning individuals as well....   [tags: Racism, Race, Anti-miscegenation laws]

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Prison Is The New Black

- Across the country the ratio of male inmates to women is huge. According to “Criminal Justice a brief introduction” by Frank Schmalleger It states that the ratio that for every 15 male inmates there is only one female. But that doesn’t mean that the number of female inmates aren’t rapidly increasing. Even though there are similarities within both men and women’s prisons they are still in ways different. The next big show that everyone seems to be talking about nowadays is “Orange is the new black.” A show that is centered on what citizens think a day in the life in a women’s prison is....   [tags: Crime, Prison, Sentence, Violent crime]

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Shirley Chisholm And Black Politics

- Shirley Chisholm was a crucial figure in Black politics, and the first African-American woman elected to the U.S. Congress. She defeated civil rights leader James Farmer on November 5, 1968, and served 7 terms in the House of Representatives till 1982. Also, she was the first woman and person of color to run for President. Chisholm is a model of independence and honesty and has championed several issues including civil rights, aid for the poor, and women 's rights. Shirley Chisholm was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Barbadian parents....   [tags: United States House of Representatives]

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Nanny : A Black Woman

- Nanny is Janie’s grandmother who took care of her since her mother abandoned her as a baby. Nanny uses her power as an authority over Janie to make her marry Logan Killicks. Logan Killicks is Janie’s first husband and he is a man she does not want to marry. But Nanny forces her and tells Janie that a marriage for a black woman is about being stable (money and land) and marriage is not about falling in love. She says that love will come later in the marriage and so Janie listens and does as she is told....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Gender role, Marriage]

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Analysis Of Steele And Aronson 's Research On School With Black And White Students

- Within their introduction, Steele and Aronson wrote about how persistent negative stereotypes can cause people to feel vulnerable and anxious. The researchers focused on performance in school with black students compared to white students, and how even measuring intelligence could induce the threat while white students would not have this problem (798-799). The first study Steele and Aronson conducted was composed of 114 male and female, black and white participants who were undergraduates at Stanford....   [tags: Stereotype, Stereotypes, Stereotype threat]

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Richard Wright 's `` Native Son And His Autobiography Black Boy ``

- Richard Wright tends to focus on the darker sides of society, and portrays his views through characters much like himself. In his book Native Son and his autobiography Black Boy, he allows the reader to characterize the subjects how they would from their own perspective. Wright 's’ novels focused both on characterization of the subjects, and of the setting, these both played a very important role in the making of these novels. Wright 's utilization of character development, developed using style and tone, revealed his characters persistence towards being accepted into society....   [tags: Character, Novel, Richard Wright, Protagonist]

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A Resolution for Change: Being Black in the South in the 50's and 60's

- A black man goes about his everyday life, living in the South. He walks on by a group of white teenagers beating and kicking a lone black teen. He walks on past a group of KKK members marching along the streets, shouting out their hate speeches while wearing their white ghost costumes. He walked toward his favorite restaurant, eager for a meal; however, he made a mistake of heading into the wrong store, the white store. He walks on in, and then freezes, chills going down his spine, as he feels the glares of all the white folks in the store....   [tags: Jim Crow Laws, segregation]

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Morrison's View on Gender in the Black Community Between 1919 and 1965

- In the novel “Sula”, Toni Morrison presents a very different view on gender in the black community between 1919 and 1965. Written in 1973 after the Civil Rights movement and during the feminist movement, Morison breaks down the traditional gender barriers from as early as 1919, proving that black females were “women” much sooner than their white “lady” counterparts. Morrison depicts matriarchal homes where the women are the dominant figures who even go as far as to emasculate their male opposites....   [tags: Gender Roles]

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The Blackbuck, India, Nepal And India

- The blackbuck is found in Pakistan, Nepal and India. They like to live in open woodlands and grasslands. The blackbuck is an antelope that is medium size. The females have light brown body and their face and belly are white. The males will have a dark brown to black back, sides and legs by the time they are 3 years old. The blackbuck is 47 inches long and is 29 to 33 inches tall at the shoulder. The adult blackbuck male will weigh 75 to 99 pounds, and the female weighs 68 to 86 pounds. They will also get horns that are spiral shaped and are 70cm long....   [tags: Human, Male, Female, Reproduction]

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Black Americans After Slavery

- The four-year war between the states not only left the southern cities destroyed, economy in shambles and its people destitute, but it also introduced an overwhelming population of former slaves to be integrated into the folds of the victorious Union. Freedom for the blacks came slow and progress on their behalf was contaminated, inconsistent and feeble. Freedmen and women, accustomed to strife and adversity, desired only equality as citizens of the United States, however that status was going to come at a hefty price....   [tags: New Freedom]

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Relationship Between White and Black in The Bridegroom and Things Fall Apart

- Since both The Bridegroom (First published by Heinemann in 1958) and Things Fall Apart belong to the category of African literature, the relationship between black and white men in Africa is a subject that the two literary works must deal with. In Things Fall Apart, readers get in contact with first phase of colonialism in lower Niger, and in Bridegroom, readers catch glimpses of the period of apartheid. Writers of The Bridegroom and Things Fall Apart successfully use the description of relationship to stress on the themes, which are racial segregation in The Bridegroom, and social disintegration in Things Fall Apart....   [tags: african literature, race, literary analysis]

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Dr. Freud 's Views On Religion

- You may agree with Mr. Freud when he regarded the beliefs of mankind as an illusion, but do not assume, as he did, that religion can be set aside in favor of reason and science, or that faith (what he called religious belief) is no more and no less than neurotic obsessions. Mr. Freud may have argued that religious belief serves the function of psychological consolation, as a buffer from man 's "fear of nature" just as our beliefs in an afterlife serve as a buffer from our fear of death, but that is not so....   [tags: Human, Sociology, Gender, Male]

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Predation Cost of Conspicuous Male Coloration in Collard Lizards (Crotaphytus collaris)

- ... The models were covered with this clay in order to show imprints of the predators. They could then be classified as bird, snake, or mammal. Twenty lizard models were created for each of the three male types and the dull female for a total of 80 models. Spectrophotometric readings of the model lizards could not be attained until right before placement in the field, so analytical results of how the models contrasted with the background were not known until after the study. Next, each model was placed in normal basking areas in order to represent the visibility of the real lizards and each model was attached to rocks by a monofilament line so predators could not remove them....   [tags: pigmentation, sexual, natural selection]

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The East Tennessee State University Campus

- Since this is the East Tennessee State University “dead week” I wanted to see how students reacted and interacted with each other during this stressful week leading up to finals. The research question is there a relationship between the ways students interacted with other students in different study environments. The setting for this observation takes place in the Charles C. Sherrod Library on the East Tennessee State University Campus. I decided to utilize two different locations to see if there was any significant difference between the two locations....   [tags: Male, Female, Gender, Desks]

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Richard Wright 's The Man Who Was Almost A Man

- Wright’s Rite of Passage In Richard Wright’s “The Man Who Was Almost A Man” the ideas of a young African American man’s coming of age is explored in the early twentieth century. In this short story our protagonist Dave struggles with the true definition of manhood and the rite of passage in rural southern America. He acts in ways that “ suggested a challenge to ideas of manhood”(Fine) by others in the community that he misguidedly finds fitting. This short story is loosely a take on traditional rites of passages from european or Native cultures, in the sense that the young man must exert a fatal act on another being or animal as a part of the initiation into manhood....   [tags: Man, Male, Boy, Masculinity]

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Brent Staples' Describes Discrimination of Black Men Through his Writing

- Fueled by fear and ignorance, racism has corrupted the hearts of mankind throughout history. In the mid-1970’s, Brent Staples discovered such prejudice toward black men for merely being present in public. Staples wrote an essay describing how he could not even walk down the street normally, people, especially women, would stray away from him out of terror. Staples demonstrates his understanding of this fearful discrimination through his narrative structure, selection of detail, and manipulation of language....   [tags: racism, prejudice, african american]

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Race And Ethnicity And Gender

- This essay explored one 's experience of race/ethnicity and gender. It really made you think about your personal experiences based on your race/ethnicity and gender. For me it actually made me think deeply about how my race/ethnicity and how my gender has affected my life. There were a series of seven questions split into two parts, one based on race and ethnicity and the other part based on gender.They were the following : " What were the expectations and influences of parents, peers, schooling, religious training, mass media, and other agents of socialization on race/ethnicity?" Have you ever felt that you were treated differently than others because of your race or ethnicity....   [tags: Man, Gender, Male, Race]

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Racial Profiling: Driving While Black is a Real Offense in America

- “In recent years, scores of African Americans and Latinos, including prominent athletes, members of Congress, actors, lawyers, business leaders and even police officers, have experienced the humiliation of being stopped on the nation’s highways upon suspicion of a crime. Few white motorists can tell the same story.” (Bouie 2014). Most colored motorists have had this feeling at least once while driving. The article, "It's Been Proven: "Driving While Black" is a Real Thing" takes a look at incidents around the United States where the multitude of racial stops have been questioned....   [tags: Racial Profiling by Police]

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