Adolescent Black Males and Their Entanglement With Crack Cocaine

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Adolescent Black Males and Their Entanglement With Crack Cocaine This research proposal will explore the dependent factors that determine why impoverished adolescent Black Males turn to crack cocaine as a means of survival. Survival is defined as, the act of or facts of surviving, especially under adverse or unusual circumstances. Generally, Black Adolescent males engage themselves in crack cocaine by way of dealing or trafficking. This study is important because there are many underlying factors that are not studied in regard to why this population turns to crack cocaine as a means of survival. When examining this particular field of study two main subjects come to mind, the struggle and the trouble. Most researchers in this field have focused their research on one of these two main proposals. The trouble is defined as the ending result from engaging in these activities, the effect in which is derived from the cause. The other aspect is the struggle, which involves; insecurity, peer pressure, and survival (putting food on the table), among other things. In this particular piece of research the struggle will be explored. For example, typical struggles that are faced by these subjects are low socioeconomic backgrounds, broken homes, and verbal and physical abuse. There is no doubt some of this population engages in these unwarranted activities for non-survival reasons, but for the most part, the majority involves themselves because it’s their distinct way of coping. It should be noted that black men go through and face many more pressures outside their homes such as stereotypes: “White America speaks of the growing equality for all the residents of this country. However, the truth of the matter is this: the mor... ... middle of paper ... ...nutes. Upon completion of the surveys, the participants will receive twenty dollars cash. Analysis This study will implement a content analysis to evaluate the following themes of: demographic profiles, socioeconomic status, peer pressure and self esteem. Street life oriented researchers and experts will be brought in to analyze the information taken from the study completed on these fifty young males. After analysis are made, conclusions will be made. Conclusions This study examined the determining factors to why these subjects involve themselves in the activity that they do. By sitting down and talking with these Adolescent Black males you get a better understanding of them and their situation. It has been concluded that the ones involved in crack dealing either struggle with peer pressure, low self esteem, socioeconomic status or severe family issues.

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