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Analysis of album art of the 20th Century

- Music has always had a strong influence on people everywhere in the world and nothing points to this ever changing. There is an enormous amount of genres and sub genres, new hits and old classics, songs and compositions for everyone and this number is forever increasing. It is virtually impossible to listen to all songs ever written and hardly anyone would try to attempt that, yet each band and singer would want to have their music noticed. This is why album art is an essential part of any music CD, an eye catcher that can make a consumer purchase a piece of music that they might not even like....   [tags: art]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Heroin ' And Swansea Love Story ' By Andy Capper And Leo Leigh

- Academic Reflection Essay Swansea Love Story Heroin is portrayed the film “Swansea Love Story” by Andy Capper and Leo Leigh. The producers focus on what lead the people to use, the effects of their use, the rehabilitation process and the using itself. The drug also has a medical origin and is dealt with in harsh manner by law enforcement. Through out the text I will evaluate and analyze these aspects in detail. The film displays many aspects heroin addicts’ lives in the small city of Swansea whales....   [tags: Drug addiction, Addiction, Morphine, Heroin]

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The Matrix, By Andy And Lana Wachowski, And Plato 's Allegory Of The Cave

- ... The Matrix itself is a prison built as a virtual world that controls everyone and everything in it and is basically another reality. This other world has things in it that we cannot see, smell, or touch. It puts you into a virtual state of mind, so even when you think you are not trapped, you still are trapped. As Neo enters the Matrix, this is the same as the prisoners trapped in the cave. When the prisoner in the Allegory of the Cave gets released and brought up in the real world, this is when Neo chooses to believe whether the Matrix is real or not....   [tags: Reality, Mind, The Matrix, Perception]

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The Process of Change: Changing your Perspective or Mental State

- ... Anna Gillespie’s use of natural materials influenced the mediums that I worked with like the depressing of leaves which is used to cover the arm to bring in the quality of natural materials. She has a sense of portraying marriage of humanity and nature, of ‘flesh’transmuted into another organic substance. She also likes to work with rusty artifacts and is something that is seen throughout all my artworks and is something I like to work with representing how the elements of nature has the power to dissolve or to break down unnatural materials which can be seen as an example of the things that matter in life not the artificial things....   [tags: pop art movement, Cystic Fibrosis]

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Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

- What if you were raped and nobody knew about it. In the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, Melinda was raped and she didn’t tell anyone. Before school started Melinda was at a party and she was drunk. She was raped in the woods that night by an older senior , Andy Evans. She called the police and she was blamed for calling the police on the party but, its because she never told anyone she was raped. Through many different events and people Melinda changes from being shy to feeling confident....   [tags: melinda, rachel, andy]

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Andy Dufresne8217s Search for a Perfect World in the Shawshank Redemption

- Andy Dufresne8217s Search for a Perfect World in the Shawshank Redemption Andy Dufresne's Search For A Perfect World Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) is a wrongly convicted lawyer, serving time in the hell known as Shawshank Prison for the murder of his adulterous wife. Andy’s life in prison starts off miserably. He finds maggots in his food, is regularly raped by “the Sisters”, a group of prisoners who beat an rape other prisoners, and is threatened an harassed by the prison’s guards....   [tags: essays papers]

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Keith Haring: Communicating Through Cartoons

- As children we find entertainment in cartoons. Such simple shapes and figures provide hours of amusement watching them do trivial tasks like drive cars and go to work. What if they represented more than just a Sunday morning or brief entertainment. What was Disney really trying to say. For artists like Keith Haring, cartoons become his way of communicating with people about what he thought was important and needed to be heard. Haring used cartoon figures in a powerful way within his work. Keith Haring was born May 4, 1958 in Reading Pennsylvania.1 He grew up in the small town of Kutztown, Pennsylvania with his mother, father and three younger sisters....   [tags: Biography ]

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Problems of Art Criticism Today

- Is the concept of art criticism still valued in today’s society. In this essay I am going to address the problems of art criticism today and whether it still has value in today’s society. It has been suggested that the critics of today feel they have a lack of influence and a lack of audience. Why is this. James Elkins claims that art criticism is ‘booming’ whilst at the same time is out of the view of contemporary debates which means that art criticism is also dying. There is so much produced from galleries, such as when the gallery put an exhibition on: it will produce a card with a short essay about the artist and work however these forms of art criticism seem to be deemed as unimportant...   [tags: lack of influence or audience]

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Recent Changes to Popular Culture

- Popular Culture consisted of many rapid changes in terms of art and media. Art took form in music, fashion, film/television, pop art, photography, and sculpture, and other styles. Media took for also in film, television, and fashion, as mass consumerism rapidly expanded in western households. Media and art in the Pop Culture era established a non-stylistic approach to how the world is perceived (Whiteley 1985:45). “But pop did affect taste. It made us less conservative, less sure of our taste, more tolerant, and more open minded....   [tags: art, media, fashion]

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Modernism And Postmodernism And Modernism

- ... Such strong and fast development distanced this era farther from the past in more than just terms of years – technology had created a completely modern society with new norms. This was the consequence of mass consumption and mass reproduction’s efficiency and speed. Modernity is an era but the sensibility that was produced was Modernism. Consequently, art has been known to correlate with the values held high by society. Therefore, Modernism was less about representation and more about self reflexivity....   [tags: Modernism, Postmodernism, Postmodernity]

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Comparing the Andy Griffith Show and Plautus' Miles Gloriosus

- Comparing the Andy Griffith Show and Plautus' Miles Gloriosus In The Andy Griffith Show and in Greek and Roman Comedy the viewer or reader, whichever the case may be, will notice the dominating fatherly male character, the male character who is always confused, the person who is in need of help or looking for answers, and the female who is needed for the male. The sitcoms of today are similar to some of the Greek and Roman comedies of the past. The reader or viewer may also notice that there are many differences between the two....   [tags: Compare Contrast Comparison]

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Chuck Palahniuk: The Literary Art of Being Inappropriate

- Chuck Palahniuk, born 1962 into a seemingly functional lifestyle, has made a name in the literary world over the last decade by magnifying the many facets of the human habits of dysfunction. After his first published novel, Fight Club, made waves in 1999, Palahniuk went on to take the fiction world by storm with novels such as Diary, Lullaby, Invisible Monsters, and several others, solidifying a reputation “as a skilled writer who continues to keep his readers uncomfortable” (“Chuck Palahniuk”)....   [tags: Authors]

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The Man Who Drew Bunnies: Movie How to Draw a Bunny

- The Man Who Drew Bunnies It was January 13, 1995 when it happened. On that harsh winter evening there were multiple witnessess that claimed they saw a man dive into a body of freezing water to his death. The man’s body discovered a day later was ‘supposedly’ the last form of art performed by the late, estranged William Johnson. His death still remains a mystery today as no ever knew why he did it, there is only speculation. However, after a thorough investigation, the police found no answers and ruled his death as a suicide....   [tags: suicide, raymond, outsider]

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Pie in the Sky

- Pie in the Sky Among the oddballs and exhibitionists who clustered around Andy Warhol in the 1960's and 70's perhaps the scariest was Brigid Berlin, a chubby, motormouthed rebel from an upper-crust New York City family who relished the way her "underground" celebrity embarrassed her proper conservative parents. Her father, Richard Berlin, a friend of Richard M. Nixon and an admirer of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, ran the Hearst Corporation, which he had helped save from bankruptcy in the 40's. Her mother, Honey, was an elegant, ladies-who-lunch-style socialite of the old school....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Fight Club

- Hey Dave How about relating them to fight club by talking about the underside to consumerism e.g. there's consumption but then there's waste. Here's some suggestions:- * Commodities - judge yourself on what you own not who you are - the ikea thing as the space he inhabits and his identity is owned by the catalogue * Waste - 1) the fat they steal from that medical place 2) Tyler peeing in soup (can't remember whether that's book or film) Therefore, with consumer culture there's this constant cycle of consumption and waste....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Ai Weiwei´s Art and Censorship

- Ai Weiwei’s art vs. Censorship “I don’t want to be part of this kind of denying reality. We live in this time. We have to speak out” (Klayman). Ai Weiwei is an internationally known Chinese artist as well as activist, and his motivation and determination can be summed up by this quote. In all of his pieces, Weiwei critically examines the social and administrative issues facing China today. Many of his works exhibit multiple themes that can be interpreted in various different ways. This lends itself to the universal appeal of his art and makes it a more effective medium of conveying his messages to viewers....   [tags: art, world, activist, beliefs]

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The Golden Standard Of The Printing Industry

- ... These masks, while making a long lasting way to preserve a perfect ink passage, were slow and complex to create, using human hair and rice paper to hold the stencil together. During the 19th century, the Japanese impressed the Europeans with their textiles at World Fairs, soon after“craftsmen in England and France began to use screens made of silk”, (Kali Forbes, Silkscreening History) which gave it the name Silk screening. Silkscreen processes were primarily used for printing fabrics in Europe, and in the United States, the uses were almost exclusively commercial....   [tags: Screen-printing, Printmaking, Printing]

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Pop Art Comparison of Seated Woman and Lavender Disaster

- Pop Art Comparison of Seated Woman and Lavender Disaster Pop Art was a Modern art movement that emerged durring the mid-twentieth century in both England and America. It first began to gain recognition in the early 1950’s, after about twenty years of Abstract, as artists altered their attention and looked to change. In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, Pop Art became much more popular to the general public and successful for the movement’s artists due to the world growing tired of the repeditive forms of Abstract....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Biography of Salvador Dali

- Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domenech, Marquis of Dali de Puebol was born on May 11, 1904 in Spain. His father, Salvador Dali y Cusi, was a middle class lawyer and a notary. His father was very strict with raising his children. On the other hand his mother, Felipa Domenech Ferres allowed Salvador more freedom to express himself however he wanted, we can see this in his art and how eccentric he was throughout his life. Salvador was a bright and intelligent child, and often known to have a temper tantrum, his father punished him with beatings along with some of the school bullies....   [tags: Biography and Artwork]

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Three Ways in Which a Business or Corporation and the Government Can Reduce Environmental Waste

- ... The most difficult task will be remembering to take the reusable bags when we go grocery shopping or having them with us if we stop to buy a few things on the way home from work. Placing bags between the passenger seat and console will both remind and condition myself and husband to use the recyclable bags rather than the plastic. I am certain this simple solution will become second nature within a few weeks. “They say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." –Andy Warhol Business or Corporation Environmental Reduction Technology improvements and rising education costs alone justify eliminating text books both economical and environmental friendly....   [tags: going green for our heirs]

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon

- Mahatma Gandhi, known as one of the great peacemakers of all time, previously said "As human beings, our greatness lays not so much in being able to remake the world… as in being able to remake ourselves."* This quote's inspiring message of self improvement can be taken to heart and applied to any individual's life. This statement holds true in the novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon, in which several of its characters follow this idea. Christopher had autism but, other than being some of the most brilliant people in human history, Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Michelangelo, Isaac Newton, Andy Warhol, and Bill Gates have all been speculated to have som...   [tags: Haddon Book Analysis]

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The Mona Lisa A Recreated Oil Painting Ideology

- Universally, the medium is a significant component in the media frequently used to convey a particular message in the world of art. This is particularly true of one of the most prestigious, world renowned paintings. Research has been conducted on artworks focusing on the origins of a piece rather than understanding the meaning of recreating an artwork. Frequently used methods, such as visual technologies, reproduction images, and the copy of works, are ways of sharing works in mass media. The Mona Lisa, a painting created sometime between 1503 and 1506 by Leonardo da Vinci, is one of the most celebrated, extraordinary, paintings in the world....   [tags: prestigious reputation, mysteries]

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Modernism in the Late 19th and 20th Centuries

- The late 19th and 20th centuries were full of various technological innovations and major social upheavals. From the conflicts brought by a world at war to the booming revolutions of industry, civilization had gotten quite a boost. This led to new ways of creative expression, in both visual art and literature, that broke the binds of tradition and classical design. The term Modernism can characterize a broad array of styles and techniques, but it encompasses the same core ideals and principals that allows a piece to be easily identified as a Modernist work....   [tags: art, architecture, literature]

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The Life and Writings of Kurt Vonnegut

- Kurt Vonnegut is celebrated as one of the most successful novelist in the Post-Second World War period in the America. His literary works have had varied impacts on American culture, including the use of the word “karass” amongst college students, the naming of the pop groups “Ice Nine Kills” and “The Billy Pilgrims”, and the frequent use of the term “So it goes” as written in Vonnegut’s obituary on the New York Times (Farrell, p.ix). This article examines the impacts of Vonnegut’s on his literary work....   [tags: Biography ]

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Musical Press: Punk 1970s to Present Day

- Examine the development of the music press from the 1970’s to the present day compare and contrast the changes which have come into play with the developments of online magazine format. The music press and journalists are often seen as an important link between artists/bands and consumers. Reviewers and journalists have played an historical role in many upcoming bands lives and are recognized by the music industry as having a key part in the promotion of bands and artists. However, the music press has also been known to play a part in the promotion of popular music with wider political, social and cultural concerns....   [tags: Music History ]

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Comparison: Absolut, Grey Goose, & Skyy Vodka

- Product Differentiation – Vodka In 2005, I traveled to Russia. I went with a Russian friend who was excited to show me their homeland. Before going to Russia, I did not drink much Vodka. In fact, during my trip to Russia, I drank more Vodka than I probably had in my entire life. No meal was complete without a toast (or two) with chilled Vodka. Vodka is defined as “alcoholic liquor originally distilled from fermented wheat mash but now also made from a mash of rye, corn, or potatoes (Free Dictionary, 2013)....   [tags: Vodka Companies, Product Differentiation]

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The Inspiring Life Story of Marilyn Monroe

- Throughout American history, there have been many inspirational stories about young adults who have grown from an unstable childhood to a world famous actor or actress. These individuals have the most inspiring stories of how he or she overcame the loss of love from parents, or struggle from a hard life in fostercare to become a world famous icon. The story of Marilyn Monroe embraces this. Marilyn’s life story tells of how she grew from a childhood of lost love from both parents to become one of the biggest sex symbols alive....   [tags: dumb blonde, sex symbol, foster care]

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A Brief Look at John F. Kennedy

- John F. Kennedy (JFK) was the 65th President of the United States. He is arguably one of the most famous presidents in history. Whether it was his celebrity status, his scandalous affair with Marilyn Monroe, or his untimely assassination, his name has remained in the mouths of many, especially since the 50th anniversary of his death is afoot. John F. Kennedy was born May 29th of 1917 to parents Joe Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald. He was the eldest brother of three. His early years were spent scattered across the west coast, in locations such as New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts....   [tags: influential presidents of the United States]

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Art as Entertainment in the Musical Xanadu

- ... For instance, TV shows like Family Guy are not made to be highly regarded as having a strong philosophical message for the public. Family Guy was made to simply take people away from their daily lives and enrich their lives by making them smile and feel for the characters. Also, magazines are often regarded as having nothing more than entertainment value. This is not a bad thing, as they have the ability to take someone out of their lives and gives them time to relieve the stress that their lives build up....   [tags: audience, society, culture]

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The Sights and Sounds of DIY

- Art and music have had a natural association with one another in almost every culture of the world since the beginning of history. When it comes to punk rock and its visual counterpart, the connection goes beyond just similar styles and ways of working. The artists participating in these two sides of the spectrum not only broke the same rules and appealed to the same audiences, they were members of the same social groups and frequented the same neighborhoods and clubs. This made way for collaboration and the parallel growth of both art forms....   [tags: Art]

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Clothing and the Culture of Fashion

- Clothing has always been an important part of society, with evidence from the earliest human civilizations. In history, climate, religion and political factors played a role in the fabrication, styling and even color of the garments that people wore. Today, the fashion industry is multi-faceted, and while climate and religion are still some factors in how we dress, there are many more influences in what we choose to wear. Time and time again, designers reference historical styles and push them into modern trends....   [tags: Fashion]

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Art Therapy: Children and its Effectiveness

- What is art. Art is the self-expression of someone of something that shows the hidden or underlying emotions that are found within the unconscious mind. Art has been around for centuries (“Merriam-Webster”). Normally, art would tell stories of past events which were significant to that culture. This could include things such as hunts and sacrifices to please the gods. As people and humanity started to evolve and become more civilized, art started to transform and take on a new appearance as well....   [tags: Psychology ]

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Is Internet Art really a movement?

- Over the years artists have generally been influenced by the developments in technologies of their era. Through impressionism, we had Monet who saw realistic paintings as redundant after the invention of photography. Instead, Monet focused on capturing how light and shadows affect our impression on a subject. By 1916, Picasso had taken this further and depicted all sides and shapes of reality at once with Cubism. It was technologies of The Industrial Revolution that handed Picasso and other artists their new found freedom and inspiration....   [tags: technology, impressionism, monet]

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When Is Art Not Really Art?

- ... (Tolstoy) The second issue is a little harder to pin down. For example, take a pre-med student who just so happens to draw some of the most beautiful still life anyone has ever seen in his spare time. He does not sell his work. He does not tell anyone that he can draw. He just keeps his drawings in a folder behind his notes on the pituitary gland. Can people classify him as an artist if no one sees his work. Some say yes, of course he is an artist. It does not matter that only two people have seen his artwork....   [tags: beauty is in the eye of the beholder]

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Why are We Obsessed with Celebrities?

- ... Why do these particular people get so much attention. They can either be entertaining or culturally significant.Within the 21st century context, has talent been replaced with controversy, image obsession and mindless presence. (PAUSE) An example of this concern can be depicted in reality TV shows like Big Brother. OMG, that show creates celebrities overnight. What’s their talent. Umm… converting oxygen into carbon dioxide on National TV. Is that how talent is measured these days. By the number of votes via text....   [tags: cynosure, reality t.v.]

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My Goals And Philosophy Of Education

- ... I want students to really embrace self-expression and at the same time empower them. In addition to DBAE and child-centered art education, I am aligning with Multiculturalism. This theory is pivotal to the unit plan as students learn that there is not a superior cultural group over another. The lesson will cover the following Visual Arts Standards: Observe and Learn to Comprehend, Envision and Critique to Reflect, and Invent and Discover to Create. Visual Art Standards will have deeper focus into the creative process, philosophy of art and how art impacts the world today....   [tags: Art, Visual arts, Fine art, Art critic]

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Robert Mapplethorpe 's Influence On Society

- ... There was harsh criticism of their relationship due to the nature of Wagstaff financing Mapplethorpe’s work, but also a large age difference between the two. Wagstaff was twenty-five years older than Mapplethorpe. I think all the controversy surrounding Mapplethorpe fueled his work in such a way that this defiant nature and the visuals made the viewers feel challenged in a way to define something that was pornographic but still extremely artistic. Mapplethorpe separated this main body of work into three portfolios; X,Y, and Z....   [tags: Homosexuality, LGBT, BDSM, Robert Mapplethorpe]

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BMW: A Work of Art

- For decades, the Bavarian Motor Works automotive company, more commonly known as BMW, has been an icon in European luxury automobiles. It has done an extraordinary job in setting the standard for other manufacturers from Europe, Japan, and the United States auto markets. But what keeps the customer pleased with the BMW brand is not only its vehicles superb handling and performance, but its ability to inject a certain character into the automobiles themselves. This is achieved by the use of certain design elements that can be traced through history to the earliest of the BMW models....   [tags: Business Analysis ]

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The Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera

- Technology and Innovation Management CASE STUDY OF A SIGNIFCANT INNOVATION : THE POLAROID SX-70 LAND CAMERA Introduction Today, the possibility of taking pictures and instantly sharing them with other people is a given. But that was not always the case. In the 1970’s, photography was a discipline reserved for professionals. Cameras cost a lot, and film negatives had to be sent to photo laboratories in order to be developed and printed. Enters the Polaroid SX-70. First introduced in 1972, the Polaroid SX-70 Land camera, first instant camera entirely designed for the average consumer, is one of the most revolutionary technology innovations of the 20th century....   [tags: Technology, Innovation, Management, Case Study]

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The Moon Landings Weren't Faked

- “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed” (“Neil Armstrong”). The 60s were an interesting decade for The United States of America. Richard M. Nixon had been inaugurated as the 37th President, but he had created such a scandal with Watergate that he had resigned soon after and had the Vice President Gerald Ford take over in his shameful leave. The US had decided to hold the second draft lottery in order to find men to serve in the upcoming Vietnam War. This meant that the Selective Service System would conduct a lottery like situation drawing both a sequence number and a date would be drawn to select the next men serving in the war....   [tags: 1960s, NASA, Space]

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Movies and Minds

- Movies and Minds As Andy Warhol once expressed about movies, “It’s the movies that have been running things in America ever since they were invented. They show you what to do, how to do it, when to do it, how to feel about it, and how to look how you feel about it” (qtd. in Sargent). Warhol is right when he says that movies have a great impact on what individuals do. They have had this effect ever since the creation of motion picture cameras. With the ability to portray anything to the public, the subject of censorship was inevitable....   [tags: influence, medial, film, human mind]

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Postmodernism: An Art Style

- Postmodernism is a style of art that first became popular in the late 20th century. When seeing the word postmodernism, it might have to do with any one medium of art-- literature, philosophy, history, economics, architecture, fiction, and literary criticism. Lyotard, a founder of postmodernism in philosophy, is quoted as saying, “Simplifying to the extreme, I define the postmodern as incredulity toward metanarratives.” By saying this, Lyotard simply meant that, as a postmodernist, he was against the ways of thinking of modernists and wanted to see something new philosophically and artistically....   [tags: literature, philosophy, history]

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Kanye West Dark Fantasy

- Kanye West has produced works that many interpret as exhibiting the struggle of black identity in the post-modern era. In, Twisted Fantasy he could be interpreted as exploring what is known to the Self in juxtaposition to what is unknown, if the ideas he were presenting were to transcend the disconnected chaos of society. Kanye West is world renowned for his somewhat dark lyrics and the prolific imagery of his music videos. He has always gone for the shock value, in music and the real world. While West presents images that are startling, he is reflecting society with a noticeable lack of original thought while at the same time not addressing root causes for the desolation he portrays....   [tags: Lyrics, Music, Music Videos, Hip Hop]

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Chinese Art Market 101

- The Chinese art boom of the 2000s will be remembered as one of the most influential periods in modern art history. Chinese art dates back to the sixth century during the period of the Northern and Southern dynasties. During the Sui and Tang dynasties (500-1000 A.D), China was reunifying, creating a period of prosperity and a flourishing art and literature market. Art during this time reflected many different cultural backgrounds around China. These art pieces included paintings, calligraphies, Buddhist sculptures, metalwork and ceramics....   [tags: participation in the global market]

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Iconic Photographers: Henri-cartier Bresson

- Wake up on a cold morning staring at the slow whirring ceiling fan with arms crossed behind my head. Flip on the Love Theme from Spartacus recording by Yusef Lateef to fill my world with sounds that spawn a positive creative space in my mind. Brush my teeth in the shower, eat a quick bowl of cereal and sling my camera over my shoulder. Walk through the front door and step onto the sidewalk to wherever my intuition takes me. This would be an example of the beginning of a day filled with the satiation of random curiosities and urges, seeing the world differently by looking at people and objects through a viewfinder....   [tags: photojournalism, decisive moment]

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Biblical References of the Matrix

- Biblical References of the Matrix In their film, The Matrix, Andy and Larry Wachowski have included many literary allusions and symbols to enhance the appeal of this groundbreaking science fiction film. As incredible as the special effects and cinematography are in this film, the Wachowski brothers have significantly bolstered the appeal of The Matrix by an elaborately constructed story spanning time and reality. These allusions and symbols include references from infamous writers such as Lewis Carol, Jung, John Bunyan and Descartes....   [tags: Film Movies Andy Larry Wachowski]

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Modernism in Australia

- The introduction of modernism to Australia is a more complex phenomenon than previously thought. Choose an aspect of Modernism, either Cubism or Surrealism or Expressionism or Modernist Design and Architecture and chart their development in Australia by focusing on the work of two artists, designers or architects. The Modernist movement in Australia is inspired by the European avant-garde. In the mid-1910s, the first wave of modernism is felt through the influx of migrants, exhibitions and expatriates....   [tags: Comparison: Gleeson and Nolan]

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Reality Television Shows

- ... This deliberate manipulation begins to question the authenticity of reality TV. In almost every episode of MIC there is some sort of gathering where the majority of the cast get together and either resolve or worsen current issues. Observation and surveillance is an element of documentaries, reality television is dependant on observation. The constant visuals, allows us into the peoples live and eventually lead us to form emotional connections with them. Professor of media studies Mark Andrejevic, this is a natural outcome of the culture of CCTV we live in now....   [tags: entertainment, programs, characters]

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Reality Television Programs

- ... So what is it in our nature that causes us to derive pleasure from watching others suffer. There is undoubtedly catharsis involved but surely that can be achieved through fiction. So if not catharsis, could it merely be the fact that we are able to escape the reality of our own mundane lives and feel better about ourselves. Or maybe, just maybe there is something wired deep within us all that simply likes to watch others suffer; an evil vein, a genetic predisposition. This could link back to the caveman times when life revolved around “survival of the fittest” and therefore ridding society of the weak....   [tags: behaviors, media producers]

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Pop art was a direct response to the commercial and consumer society

- Pop art was a direct response to the commercial and consumer society of modern time”. Explain why this might be true. Pop art was an art formed by artist expressing their views. “Pop art was a direct response to the commercial and consumer society of modern time”. Explain why this might be true. Pop art was an art formed by artist expressing their views on modern day society. Pop art originally emerged from England in the fifties; although it was not exploited in England, in fact during the fifties it wasn’t very well implemented....   [tags: Arts Paintings Art History]

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The Life and Works of Annie Leibovitz

- The Life and Works of Annie Leibovitz Annie Leibovitz is one of the best portrait photographers in this modern age. Her works focus on varied subjects but hover more among celebrity portraits. Apart from these, her photographs depict visual stories that affect audience's emotions. The diversity and life of her photographs create visual artistic realms that touch the soul. Biography: In 1949, Annie Leibovitz was born in Westbury, Connecticut. Based on Peter Marshall's article posted in, as a student, Leibovitz had an architectural dig at King Solomon's Temple in Israel by 1969....   [tags: Biography Leibovitz Annie]

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Viral Videos

- Internet Celebrities For those who feel a deeper love of sharing, Internet celebrity beckons. Pop artist Andy Warhol famously said that “in the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes.” Warhol spoke this most famous quote in 1968, well before YouTube and Google were anything but science fiction, yet the phrase now seems prophetic. Celebrity, once the exclusive province of people who had an abundance of talent, connections and luck, has become a more attainable goal – at least if Internet celebrity counts....   [tags: Technology, Fame, YouTube]

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child development

- “Fact: Middle children have it hard” Bello, Fausat Child Development 1 Hammond, Online education Name: Lindsey Age: 15 Grade: 11 Household #: 5 Siblings: 3 Other : Middle child 1. Your favorite nickname. Fritz 2. Do you have any pets. Yes, two rabbits. 3. What is your favorite color. Black & pink 4. What is your favorite scent. Vanilla & strawberry 5. What's your favorite drink. Red Wine 6. What food do you hate. Liver (not liver spread) 7....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Rebels of Dharma Bums, Takin' it to the Streets and New American Poetry

- Rebels of Dharma Bums, Takin' it to the Streets and New American Poetry       You don't need a destination to run away. All you have to know is what you are leaving behind. In the 1960's, young men and women in the United States, especially on the west coast, made a mad dash away from almost two centuries of American tradition. They ran to so many different places that it would be impossible to generalize about their aims and philosophies. What they had in common was the running itself.   America was drowning in materialism....   [tags: Dharma Bums Essays]

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Roy Lichtenstein was the most visual of all The Pop Artist. Explain

- Roy Lichtenstein was the most visual of all The Pop Artist. Explain why this may be true. Roy Lichtenstein led the way for pop artist’s and exploited it to the best that any artist could. Roy Lichtenstein led the way for pop artist’s and exploited it to the best that any artist could. Lichtenstein was born in New York in October 1923. Lichtenstein’s parents were middle class people, when he went to school art wasn’t on the curriculum. Although when he was young he did paint. Lichtenstein was and still is considered the most sophisticated pop artist around....   [tags: Art]

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Robert Pirsig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

- Robert Pirsig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values Confronting crises of technological annihilation and personal madness, Robert Pirsig finds each to be a manifestation of a deeper crisis of Reason. In response) he suggests an alternative to our current paradigm of rationality, the "art of motorcycle maintenance." By showing that our understanding and performance derive from our emotional and evaluative commitments, he challenges the cultural commonplace which construes "subjective" states as distortions of "objective" reality....   [tags: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance]

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Contrast Of Romeo And Juliet and West Side Story

- Works Cited Missing Three Hundred Fifty Years of Blind Love: A Contraposition of Shakespeare and Robbins’ Romeo and Juliet Andy Warhol once said, "They say that time changes things, but actually you have to change them yourself." Two hundred fifty years passed between the original Romeo and Juliet and the premiere of West Side Story on Broadway in 1957. However, time did not change the message of the story, simply the creators’ unique visions evolved. Shakespeare’s delivery of the timeless tale of desperate love in his classic Romeo and Juliet proves to only intensify through retelling and modern interpretation....   [tags: compare, contrast, comparison]

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Jackson Browne: Musician and Advocate of Social Justice

- Jackson Browne has been a vocal and eloquent advocate of social justice for over three decades. He has spoken out against US foreign policy, particularly as it applies to Central America, and his music has affected change through the increased social awareness of his large fan base, fans who are also voters. Clyde Jackson Browne was born on October 9, 1948 in Heidelberg, Germany to Jack Browne and Beatrice Amanda Dahl. Jackson's father was also a musician, a talent he inherited from his own father....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Independence, Egoism, and Achievement in The Fountainhead

- Independence, Egoism, and Achievement in The Fountainhead       Ayn Rand said that the theme of The Fountainhead is "individualism versus collectivism, not in politics, but in man's soul." I want to comment on three specific aspects of this theme, as it is embodied in Roark's character and his interactions with the other figures in the novel. Roark is a man of independence, he is an egoist, and he is a creator, a paragon of productive achievement. These three concepts—independence, egoism, and achievement—are the key to understanding the moral sense of The Fountainhead and the ways in which it differs from the conventional ethos....   [tags: Ayn Rand Fountainhead Essays]

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Art, Literature And Society From 1955-1970

- Fear and Loathing in a Clockwork AgeAh. The noble search for identity. That intangible achievement that all artists lust after and lay in torment over. And during the post war era that struggle reached incredible magnitudes. The world cried out for legions of anti-heroes, who were only virtuous in their unapologetic and brutally honest lack of virtue. And the art world provided as many counter culture messiahs as was needed to "Damn the Man". The Beats, hippies, and punks are evidence that behind the white picket fence of suburbia lay an America that wanted more out of life than the sugar coated portrayals of domesticity and patriotism it received from pop culture....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Fredric Jameson, Postmodernism and Consumer Society

- Fredric Jameson Fredric Jameson (b. 1934) is one of the foremost English-language Marxist literary and cultural critics writing today. Over the past three decades, he has published a wide range of works analyzing literary and cultural texts, while developing his own neo-Marxist theoretical perspectives. His books include Marxism and Form (1971), The Prison-House of Language (1972), The Political Consciousness (1981), Postmodernism or the Logic of Late Capitalism (1991), The Geopolitical Aesthetic: Cinema and Space in the World System (1992), and Brecht and Method (1998)....   [tags: Jameson]

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A Brush Stroke With Air

- A Brush Stroke With Air The history of the airbrush dates back further than most people imagine. Prehistoric man created some of the first airbrushed images on the cave walls of Lascaux and Pech-Merle in southern France over 35,000 years ago by blowing pigment through a hollow pipe probably made of bone. More Early History The latest findings indicate that Abner Peeler was the actual inventor of the modern airbrush in the year 1878. Peeler described his invention as a paint distributor....   [tags: Research Papers]

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Ad Reinhardt Abstract Painting 19601965

- Ad Reinhardt Abstract Painting 19601965 Ad Reinhardt's painting, Abstract Painting 1960-65, is at first glance' a black square canvas. The subject matter seems to be just what it is, a black painting. There are no people. No event or action is taken except for the fact that Reinhardt has made the painting. The title only provides us with the information that we are looking at an abstract painting. The only other information that the artist gives you is the time period, in which it was conceived, 1960 to 1965....   [tags: essays papers]

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Is Branding Ethical or Responsible

- Assess the issues about branding raised in this unit in the light of ethical or responsible design. We are all branded ourselves to a certain degree, we announce ourselves through the clothes we wear, the products we buy and the car we drive, but why. The aim of this essay is to discuss how branding effects us a consumer society, what makes us remember particular brands and what moral issues are raised by the over use of brands. A brand was originally a mark on a product to identify who made it or owned it (cattle were branded so others knew who they belonged to if they got lost or stolen)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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An Ode to the Novel

- Forward by the Author This article is, as such, neither fact nor an accepted and acknowledged verity of any kind, manner or way. It is merely an opinion of the writer's, and an element of his disposition. The allusions and information included in it are the sum of personal belief and researched designs, on the part of its writer, other involved parties, and noted scholars, who have, over the years, come to feel that what it entails is more or less a relevant and important characteristic of the artistic landscape that has proved to constitute such an unequivocal and integral part of society, human civilization and existence....   [tags: Linguistics]

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What is Art?

- Intro In late Antiquity the arts consisted of the seven artes liberales, the liberal arts: Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, Geometry, Arithmetic, Astronomy, and Music. Philosophy was the mother of them all. On a lower level stood the technical arts like architecture, agriculture, painting, sculpture and other crafts. "Art" as we concieve of it today was a mere craft. Art in the Middle Ages was "the ape of nature". And what is art today. Can we give a definition. Sir Roger Penrose, one of the foremost scientists of our time, when faced with a similar problem with regard to the definition of quite something else, viz., consciousness, states in his The Emperor's New Mind: &quo...   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Deformations of the Deformed

- Deformations of the Deformed In my search of inspiration for creative writing projects I was sent to this Website by a professor. This was not just any Website it was THE Website for creative writers of any kind. From Andy Warhol to the boy next door their work is on this site and it’s quite different than what you find in any book at the local Borders. The site is it’s dedicated to experimental writing with mixed media. The writers combine sound, images, and text to create works of literature that may change the face, or cover if you will, of any book ever made....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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The Influence of Beck

- The Influence of Beck One of the most eccentric and talented performed of my time is definitely Beck. I have followed Beck since my young teen years and have found that his music has followed me in every aspect of my life. This soundtrack of my being has become so influential that I look forward to every album as a step in the next direction of my days. Bek David Campbell was born July 8, 1970, in Los Angeles, and came from an exceptionally sturdy music background. His father David Campbell, was a conductor and string arranger giving Beck his strong musical background....   [tags: Bek David Campbell Musicians Essays]

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer In the fickle world of TV the complexity and richness of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (US, UPN) the mysterious fable turns on fantastic depiction of the supernatural. Vampire extermination and demon pursuit by teenagers has kept it alive for six seasons. Our allegiance to BUFFY depends on a remarkable emotional involvement with very young but very strong characters. So its meaning, the rhythm of the BUFFYmyth, the speed with which its world turns are a product of our involvement in its characters, people presumably like us....   [tags: Television TV Show Essays]

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Austin Museum Of Art

- The Austin Museum of Art was the first of the three galleries attended. At the time, the museum had a touring “Rock and Roll” exhibit, which had its focus on the influence of the Rock –and-Roll culture on art. The pieces were arranged in a chronological order and started with the Pop Art of the early 1960’s. Located in the section were two silk screens, one of Mick Jaggard and the other of Prince, done by Andy Warhol. There were a few other pieces in this time period that helped to point out a major turning point in both art and photography....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Cultures Influences on Art

- Cultures Influences on Art With changes in culture, come changes in art. Throughout history, artworks have been produced as an imitation of the culture and society in which they were created. The cultural frame examines the meaning of artworks in relation to the social perspective of the community from which it grows. A reflection can be seen in Manet’s realist artwork of Olympia, and similarly, Umberto Boccioni’s Unique forms of Continuity and Space reflects different beliefs and conventions merely as a result of societal changes....   [tags: Papers]

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Chanel And L'Oreal Competition

- The second direct competitor to Chanel is L'Oréal, the world's largest manufacturer of high-quality cosmetics, perfumes, and hair and skin care products. Although L'Oreal the company doesn't manufacture a perfume it owns the brand Lancôme that produces Tresor a perfume that rivals Chanel. In the chart below, it lists the US female fragrances brand share by value from the 2002 Tablebase data. The chart shows how the Lancôme perfume Tresor, Estee Lauder and Chanel are in relation to each other. Manufacturer Brand % 1996 % 1997 Estee Lauder Pleasures 5.8 5.9 Estee Lauder Tommy...   [tags: Marketing Market Competition Perfume Cosmetics]

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Innate Ideas

- In efforts to find truth, Descartes used only his logic to identify his existence. He also proved that there is some type of knowledge that we are born with. “Some of our ideas seem to be “born with me,” some “invented” by me, whereas others “come from without” (Descartes, 2008, p. 211). Which means Descartes believed that we enter this world with some innate ideas that overtime helps us to develop understanding of our sense (invented by me) and through our experiences (comes from without). Descartes was a dualist; he stated that there existed something outside of our bodies....   [tags: Philosophy ]

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Art Museum

- Many in the modern world seem to take great pride in the rapid pace which life holds for most of us. It is as if we might squeeze a few more precious moments of life's experience for ourselves if we move a bit faster. In reality, we rob ourselves of the enjoyment of the slow consideration of the phenomena we experience everyday. Art is something static which we might use to slow us in our perception of our world. It is not required that art be something static in motion but in thought. It is not something to be considered with only fleeting attention....   [tags: Art Museum, Gallery]

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Betsey Johnson

- Betsey Johnson has been worshipped as one of the queens of the American fashion world since the mid 1960s. She has excelled as both a businesswoman and designer due to her free spirit, independent thinking, and rock ‘n’ roll attitude, as well as a great deal of hard work and perseverance. At 5’4’’, Johnson is known for her wild hair (she spends 20,000 a year on extensions and wigs!), and ear-to-ear smile, matching her equally vibrant personality. One of the best words to describe Betsey Johnson would be nonconformist....   [tags: fashion, queen, cartwheel, trends, artwork]

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Art and Aesthetics

- Art and Aesthetics Art is usually referred to as the visual arts, where a piece of work is judged through the aesthetics in which it creates. However, art refers to all human endeavors, including the product of oneÂ’s creative impulse. In other words, art does not have to be innovative to be good. I believe art is the communication of an idea, be it visual, musical, communicative or other. Art is the interplay between the conscious and unconscious part of our being, between what is real and what is an illusion; it is the voice of our soul through color and form in a constant search for connection with something beyond....   [tags: Art]

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Robert Rauschenberg's Almanac

- Robert Rauschenberg's Almanac Born on October 22nd 1925 in the oil-refining city of Port Arthur, Texas neè Milton Ernest Rauschenberg, he later renamed himself Robert after his Grandfather. Rauschenbergs father was one of the many blue coloured workers in the oil refineries whilst his mother worked as a telephone operator. He first studied art during his final years at high school but this was quickly cut short when in 1943 he entered the local University of Texas to study Physics only to be expelled in his first year due to learning difficulties, dyslexia, which was then not recognised and so from there he entered into military service with the navy for one year working in the hospitals a...   [tags: Art]

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Digital Artists

- Digital Artists When we think of artists, we think of paint on canvas, or clay masterpieces, or beautiful, timeless drawings, but what do you think when you hear digital artists. The acceptance of digital art into the mainstream art community is a controversy that is slowly becoming history. The controversy is essentially that many people believe that the art is created by the computer, and not by the artist. Numerous art exhibits and shows do not allow digital art in just for that reason....   [tags: Argumentative Papers Art Essays]

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15 Minutes

- Like many ambitious, provocative films, "15 Minutes" is a bit of a mess. Both audacious and unwieldy, exciting and excessive, this dark thriller is too long, too violent and not always convincing. But at the same time, there's no denying that it's onto something, that its savage indictment of the nexus involving media, crime and a voracious public is a cinematic statement difficult to ignore. For despite its traditional cops-and-killers format, "15 Minutes" (its title taken from Andy Warhol's prediction of how long everyone in the future can expect to be famous) is a polemical, apocalyptic film....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Art History

- ART __-history, __-theory, __-world (Accounting for modern art with Dickie, Danto, and Weitz) Up until the twentieth century art theorists had consistently sought for a definition of art—a definition that would determine a set of necessary and sufficient conditions for something to be called art. But artists in the 20th century did not want to be defined, and they deliberately tried to create artworks that would not fit under some theorist’s umbrella. We saw the Beatniks with their free verse; we saw the pop art of Andy Warhol; we saw the rise of abstractionist and surrealist painters; we saw “happenings”, and we saw “ready-made” art, all of which combined to make the finding of a defi...   [tags: essays research papers]

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