Andy Warhol

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Andy Warhol

Warhol was successful in bringing a new form of art to the forefront of an ever changing artworld in the 1960`s. I am interested in the field of commercial and graphic art and it's connection to advertising.

That's why I have chosen Warhol as my subject for this essay.

I'm going to focus on the techniques and images he used on his paintings.

Andy Warhol is one of the world's most renown artists. He was a painter,

a photographer, a filmmaker, a publisher of Interview magazine and he loved a good party. Andy reflected many aspects of American culture as no one had done before him. He was as famous for his weird appearance; silver wigs, crazy glasses as for his striking short answers to questions. Warhol was born in Pittsburgh on August 6, 1928. His parents, Andrej and Julia, had emigrated to the United States from Czechoslovakia. The youngest of three sons, Andy demonstrated an early talent for drawing and design. Andy finished high school and went on to the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh with hopes of becoming an art teacher in the public schools.

While he was in Pittsburgh, he worked for a department store where arranged window displays, he was often asked to look for ideas in fashion magazines. Later he recalls that the fashion magazines "gave me a sense of style and other career opportunities." He graduated in 1949 and got his bachelor of fine arts, then he moved to New York and began his artistic career as a commercial artist and illustrator for magazines and newspapers. Although extremely shy and dressed in old jeans and sneakers, Warhol attempted to get to know anyone at all who might be able to assist him in the art world. With his portfolio secure in a brown paper bag, Warh...

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... true workaholic. His life was art and he was always working".

Andy's art, his presence, his films, his simple philosophies were seductive to a large group of people, and still are to this day. Warhol combined business and art and had the ability to nose out trends of the 1960's.

The world Andy Warhol showed us was sparkling , as well as superficial, and the American society wanted to shine with it.

Warhol may have been an extremist but he certainly made a mark on the American pop culture. He was a skilled and inventive artist and his paintings have a high visual appeal. In essence, he made fame famous, a legend in his lifetime. He was one of the most influential American artist of the second half of the 20th century.

Warhol and his paintings surpass generation gaps and will forever be famous and recognisable.


The life of Andy Warhol
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