The Search For Happiness On American Life Essay

The Search For Happiness On American Life Essay

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The Search for Happiness in American Life
Happiness can be easily defined as the state of well-being and contentment gained by personal life experiences through either direct or indirect connections with the world around us. The people we meet and the trails we go through in life add together to create a hopefully happy life. To be happy in life is indeed the only way to enjoy it. Therefore it’s no wonder that we all strive to achieve this idea of happiness. This interest in the search for true happiness has become a major factor in our modern age. Looking back at our history, the moods of many Americans have seemed to become stagnate even when we experience a rise in salaries and overall life expectance. This begs the question as to what then could possible make us happy in our modern world and where can we begin to search for happiness in American life.
Historically, happiness in our western society is viewed as a relatively new concept brought about by the early ideas of enlightenment during the early 1900’s. Peter Sterns, a columnist at the Harvard Business Review, report his findings about our early western perception of happiness in his article “The History of Happiness.” In it, Sterns emphasizes that before this age of enlightenment, most Americans were culturally programmed to act sad a droopy, especially in parts of the west during the expansion of the country. During these times of migration, travelers would be on their feet all day, moving at a slow two miles an hour. Life was hard, but after settlements formed in California and other parts of the west, people began to feel a sense of accomplishment. This satisfaction of conquering the uncharted territory gave Americans a feeling of great pride and happiness in doing t...

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...but also a rule that justifies its control in the world so as to show our enemies strength instead of weakness. Unless this occurs, Government will no doubt continue to lose followers and will be labeled untrustworthy to secure happiness in American life.
Though happiness seems to be a relatively simple emotion to grasp, the overwhelming variables that correlate with it seem to make it near impossible to interpret. Our continued search of this valued emotion is only out surpassed by our will to find it. Our history, lives, commodities, and rule must all be examined and looked at with happiness in mind. The fact of the matter is that most if not all of these variables play major roles in the understanding of happiness and to be able to extract on what makes them a possible source of happiness will surly encourage people to live more happier and enjoyable lives.

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