School Uniforms are an Unnecessary Addition to Public Schools Essay

School Uniforms are an Unnecessary Addition to Public Schools Essay

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School Uniforms are an Unnecessary Addition to Public Schools
School Uniforms are being pushed more and more in schools, but what is commonly thought of when the words “school uniform” is said? For most people the picture of children in the same colored uniforms gathered in front of a Catholic Church or a private school is displayed in their mind. This picture is one of the many problems with school uniforms. Instead of being seen as an individual, students are seen as just another kid in a uniform attending a fancy private school. The students cannot develop the self-expression that is crucial to their development at this age. Uniforms are thought to create a more protected campus and learning environment, however, if someone wants to bully someone else, clothes are not going to stop them. The cost, which is usually seen as a pro, can actually be more than people anticipate. As one can see, in the best interest of any student, school uniforms should not be made part of the dress code.
The first major reason for not wearing school uniforms is, it forces a student to conceal his or her individuality. To many people, it appears that the school system is trying to strip away this individuality on purpose, but now is the time that the school should be embracing it and helping the student become the person they are meant to become. “According to opponents of uniforms, even preschoolers should have input into their wardrobe, and the need to encourage personality, confidence, and independence grows more important as the student becomes older” (Chen). Because of this lack of self-expression, students feel their first amendment is being violated and most people would agree, which causes the school to look bad. Another way of...

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...s feel they are being stripped of individuality that is very crucial to their development into adulthood. The students are being forced to mold into one certain ideal picture that is not a real reality. People see uniforms as a way to prevent peer pressure and bullying, but in reality clothing is not going to stop any of this because there are other factors that play a part in both of these problems. These factors include make-up, hairstyles, and the things one student might say to another. The last factor in the cons of school uniforms would be the cost. This is considered a con in this case because in the end parents are forced to pay double the amount due to the fact of they are buying both a uniform and clothing for the student to wear outside of school hours. In the best interest of any student, school uniforms should not be made part of the dress code.

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