School Structure : School Safety And Evacuation Plans Essay

School Structure : School Safety And Evacuation Plans Essay

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School Structure
Our school will provide available space including Outside fencing surrounding the school, basketball courts, gymnasium, classrooms, restrooms, and special purpose space to meet the requirements of the class curricular and the number of students enrolled. Space will be accessible to all students, for students with disabilities, sanitary, and well-lit. Our school will provide adequate food storage, heaters and coolers in an kitchen area. We will have appropriate certificates for inspection, such as certificate of occupancy on file. Certificates showing our insurance will be on file meeting the Charter School Act while providing, “notice to the Charter Schools Institute of any material change, non-renewal or termination of the policy.” Safety is a priority at our school. We will ensure the space is secure and safe; entrance and doors from the school’s space is sufficiently controlled. Copies of school safety and evacuation plans are posted in each classroom. State and Federal Employment Posters are posted appropriately. Locked storage is present for student academic, attendance, discipline and testing records. Locked storage is present for student health records. Fire extinguishers have been recently inspected.

Governance and Management

We will establish a Board of Trustees. Creating a list of current members of the school’s Board of Trustees, including contact information and officers. Written notice will be provided that the head of school has been named within 5 days of the hire date. Additional crucial management roles in the school are occupied or sufficiently covered. Moreover, updated organizational chart with names of specific persons occupying key leadership roles. Management contract, if applicable, h...

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...hey enable students from diverse backgrounds to bring their personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences into the classroom. Supportive relationships help parents, especially those who would otherwise feel vulnerable or uncomfortable, take active roles in the school and in their children 's education.
Flexibilty & Adapatation
We want to to provide understanding and adapt to the differences among our team members in our community by Actively cultivate respectful, supportive relationships among students, teachers, and parents. Having supportive relationships will be the priority at our school. It will allow students from different backgrounds to bring their unique experiences to the class room. Supportive relationships help parents, especially those who would otherwise feel vulnerable or uncomfortable, take active roles in the school and in their children 's education.

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