What Is The Informative Speech About Concussions

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Title of Speech: Concussions; More Common Than You Think. Specific Purpose: My audience will understand the dangers of concussions, know the symptoms and be educated on ways to prevent concussions. Thesis: Concussions affect children and adults of all ages causing physical, emotional and metal trauma to a person and their brain. Introduction: I. Attention getter Think of all the times you’ve bumped your head, hit your head or got hit during a sport. Now think, was I hit too hard? Did I do anything about it or did I just continue on with my life? Maybe you had a headache, maybe you felt fine. Maybe you felt a little out of it, maybe you didn’t. Now, imagine that you kept a tally of every time you got hit on the head for your whole life until…show more content…
A serious brain injury could lead to bleeding in or around your brain, causing symptoms that may develop right away or later. d. The injury is defined as a concussion when “it causes a change in mental status such as amnesia, disorientation, mental fogginess, confusion, nausea or vomiting, blurred vision or loss of consciousness.” (Mayo Clinic, n.d.) Transition: Noticing symptoms is a sure way to diagnose a concussion, whether they are immediate or develop at a later time. II. Some symptoms of concussions may be immediate or delayed by hours or days after your sustained head injury. a. According to The Mayo Clinic, “the most common symptoms of a concussion are headache or pressure in the head, confusion or feeling foggy, appearing dazed, fatigue and delayed response to questions.” b. “There are certain symptoms you would need to seek emergency medical attention right away for, for example repeated vomiting, loss of consciousness lasting for more than 30 seconds, slurred speech or changes in speech, and changes in physical coordination such as stumbling or falling.” (Mayo Clinic, n.d.) c. I personally have dealt with concussion symptoms for many years. Some of my concussions symptoms have lasted from a few weeks to a few months. After my last concussion, I had symptoms like headaches, fatigue, irritability, lack of focus and memory problems for almost 2

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