Saving the Environment by Lowering Toxic Emissions from Cars: The Hybrid Car

Saving the Environment by Lowering Toxic Emissions from Cars: The Hybrid Car

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In recent years many people in the United States have been in a phase of saving the
environment and wanting to reduce the amount of pollution they produce. This has brought
about a wave of people buying hybrid cars to help reduce the amount of toxic emissions they
produce. Although many people believe that hybrid cars are environmentally friendly, they are just the
opposite due to the dangerous lithium ion batteries, the added cost of supposed fuel savings, and
the production of pollutant emissions.
Many Americans that purchase hybrid cars assume that by paying the extra initial cost for
a hybrid they will make up the savings in the amount of fuel not purchased or not paying
anything to fill up by purchasing an electric model, Patrick George and Kristen Hall-Geisler state
that “Oftentimes, it can take several years to make up for the higher initial cost of a hybrid car in
gas savings. but when you're talking about an extreme case, like the Lexus LS600h hybrid
(which happens to have a six-figure price tag), even when gas prices are relatively low, it would
take about 102.6...

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