Difference Between Hybrid And Hybrid Cars

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Hybrid and electric vehicles are the future of our world. They won’t be replacing every single gas vehicle in the United States but hybrids and electric vehicles will certainly become more prevalent in everyday life. Electric and hybrid vehicles have actually been around for a quite a while with electric cars dating all the way back to 1828. Hybrid vehicles have evolved a tremendous amount in the past 100 years leading to improved fuel economy and lower cost of the vehicle itself. Hybrid and electric vehicles come in many different sizes such as a large SUV to a small car. However even though there are a lot of benefits to an electric or hybrid vehicle there are still some cons to the design and practicality. Moving toward hybrid and electric…show more content…
There are two forms of this kind of this vehicle being produced which are plug in hybrid’s, and the normal plug in hybrid. The plug in hybrid can be plugged in at night through a special charging station in your garage, usually from the vehicle manufacture. When the battery is fully charged it can actually power the vehicle on the battery alone via electric motors for a 15-20 mile range until the engine kicks on to charge battery and propel the car. So essentially if you have a short commute to work, the battery does all the work without the engine. On the other hand the non plug in hybrid cannot propel the vehicle under the batteries power. The engine is needed to move the car, but when you are at a stop light or just coasting the engine will shut off and the battery will take over. This vehicle charges its battery through regenerative braking, which captures the energy lost when braking. The savings you gain from a non plug in hybrid are not nearly as much as the plug in hybrid but there is still a decent amount of money saved. Fully electric vehicles are becoming more and more prevalent in our society since they have longer ranges and they are now easier to…show more content…
One of the biggest reasons besides the increasing millage that the batteries can power the car for is, government incentives that are being given out. Buying a electric car can actually be cheaper that a gasoline powered car right now with all of the incentives that drive down the price of these cars which makes them more affordable. Electric vehicles have many differences from a gasoline vehicle including motor, transmission, no exhaust pipe, no fuel lines, and no drive shaft. These vehicles have four main parts which include the controller, motor, batteries, and two potentiometers. The potentiometers (variable resistors) are hooked up to the gas pedal and tell the controller what position the pedal is in so that the controller can tell the motor what speed it should operate at. (BRAIN) The controller is there to dictate how many volts to supply to the motor from the batteries anywhere from 0-320 volts depending on the battery that is being used. The motor then powers the electric motors which can be in a combination of four ways, one solution is to have a front-located electric motor driving the same kind of transmission as an ordinary gasoline car, using a driveshaft (propeller shaft) and differential in the usual way. Another is to do away with the driveshaft and have a motor, gearbox, and differential unit between two of the wheels (either front or
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