Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hybrid Cars

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In this report I will be discussing the pros and cons of four-wheel drive ‘gas guzzling’ vehicles and small or hybrid cars. I will also be discussing what type of vehicles car companies should be offering us in the next 10 years and I will also be talking about the impact of legislation and standards on the design process in relation to the impact on the profitability of the car manufacturing business. An advantage of a small or hybrid car is that it is durable. This means that it can still be functioning properly and can be relied on for a long period of time. A disadvantage of hybrid cars is that as the prices of fuel or gas increases then the prices of hybrid cars will increase as well. This can be bad because if the prices of fuel keeps…show more content…
A hybrid has an electric engine as well as a gasoline engine. This is good because the electric engine is used at low speeds to power the car while the gasoline engine is used at high speeds to power the car. Another disadvantage of hybrid cars is that all hybrid cars are not the same. This is so because there are some cars that are partially a hybrid or ‘mild hybrids’. These cars cannot use their electric motor alone and when the car is halts their gasoline engine stops. An advantage of a four-wheel drive ‘gas guzzling’ vehicle is that the can be driven off-road. This is good because these four-wheel drive vehicles can be driven on-road and also off-road and they tend to have the best traction in off-road settings. A disadvantage of a four-wheel drive ‘gas guzzling’ vehicle is that they add complications and weight to a car. This can be an issue as it needs a more powerful engine to get a good performance from the car and the handling of the car would not be the best. Another advantage of a four-wheel drive ‘gas guzzling’ vehicle is that they are more expensive than two-wheel drive vehicle. This is so because they tend to be made of expensive materials, so the companies that make them need to make a profit so the prices of these vehicles tend to be high as a result of
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