Essay on Saussure Used On Language And Speech

Essay on Saussure Used On Language And Speech

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An important distinction that Saussure used was between language and speech. Language (langue) is a system, an universal structure and arrangement of rules shared by a community with principal linguistic patterns, as seen in forge in languages. Speech (parole) is the use of language individually, any particular act of language that is experienced in everyday life. It is diverse, it varies, it changes and is manipulated by time, social groups and the generation using it. A simpler way to put it is “if langue is the whole of language, parole is the part, or parts, which operates within the whole” (Kearney 241). So that while language is universal and timeless, speech is the slang belonging to the here and now.
In reference to the definition of Semiology, a science of signs, it is important to understand Saussures idea when it comes to how he view the structure of signs. As humans, we try to make meanings of things and to interoperate signs such as words, odors, sounds and flavors, to whatever we signify them to. Saussure offered two-parts that compose of a sign. The first part is the Signifier, the sound or the letter used to express an image. The second part is the Signified, the actual concept or mental idea, the idea in our minds when we hear or read it. To elaborate, saying the word CAT or spelling it out is the signifier. The thought of a cat or the image in your mind after you hear or read the word CAT is the signified. The actual real thing in the world is called the referent. The thought of a cat is the signified and the actual real cat is the referent. When you hear/read of the word CAT, you think of a cat, thus refrain got an actual specific animal. Signs are two sided, the signified and the signifier, and can not exist...

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...rmal workings of language itself. He fully recognized the consequence of this new structural linguistics for a scientific study of the life of signs. Although his work laid the foundations for structuralism and established the crucial framework of future studies, his ideas had limitations and weaknesses as later scholars recognized. However, combining the method of Saussure with critical progress of modern thought, the later structuralists determined in more exact terms just what the ‘study of signs within society’ could do. Structuralist critics, however varied the content of their investigations, all agreed that languages comprises of a system, that there are first hand references beyond and prior to language, and that Saussure outlined the work for different structuralist analysis by implying that linguistic models could be extended to cultural and social codes.

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