Sample Resume : Pharmacy Technician Program Essay

Sample Resume : Pharmacy Technician Program Essay

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I attend Boone Career and Technical Center, with a concentration in pharmacy. Pharmacy is a branch of medicine dealing with drugs and medications and their effects on the human body. My program at BCTC gave me the opportunity to participate in a clinical internship, which exposes me to many more opportunities and valuable information. I am currently enrolled in the PassAssured pharmacy technician program, and before I could start my internship I had to educate myself of the basic pharmacy operations. The classroom alone provides a plethora of knowledge, but when combined with participation in a clinical internship, the learning never ends.
I began my internship by touring the hospital and getting to know the staff and the layout of the hospital. The day after the tour, I began my internship. At first I observed the pharmacy team, which was usually two pharmacists and about three or four pharmacy technicians. They would go to lunch five or so minutes after I arrived there, however one of the technicians never ate lunch, so she was able to show me some things and let me participate in hands-on activities. In fact, on my very first day, she walked me around the hospital for a mini tour, and showed me where everything in the pharmacy is. While observing I was able to see the roles of each employee. The pharmacists are more authoritative and often checked the work of the technicians, whose job is more labor-intensive. The technicians stock drugs and supplies, fill prescriptions, fill carts, prepare IVs, and even package pills manually into unit-dose packages. These observations were eye-opening to the multitude of duties a pharmacy team has.
My clinical internship exposed me to an opulent amount knowledge and skills related to workin...

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...ause making new friends is not something I’m good at or enjoy doing, but I’m glad I did. Communication is a key component in a pharmacy, and almost any job for that matter, so opening up and meeting new people was a great thing to have happen during my internship.
All in all, my clinical internship was an utter success. I attained my goal of finishing the internship with more than the required hours and I will forever consider it one of my major accomplishments in life, which is a confidence booster. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome and everything that I have gained both intellectually and socially. Prior to starting my clinicals, I was nervous, skeptical, and second-guessing myself, however I am happy that I actually decided on participating. This experience has opened my eyes to the real world and what I have coming my way and I can now say that I am ready.

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