Sample Resume : Grace Lee Essay

Sample Resume : Grace Lee Essay

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Case Study

Eun Hae Lee
EDCE 42300

Interest Inventory
Grace Lee is ten years old fifth grader. She was born in Korea and came to America at the age of five. Both her parents and grandparents are Korean. Her primary language used in her house is Korean. There are six members in her family, Grace, her mother and father, sisters who are seven and one and her brother who is three. She does not get along with them. But she likes to eat ice creams with them. After school, she usually does her homework and watch television. In the evening, she continues to watch television and read books. She watches Disney channel and Minecraft videos on YouTube. She likes to read alone and enjoys reading books such as Rules, Hatchet, and Middle School. Realistic fiction is her favorite genre. During spare time, she also likes to play piano. She likes dogs and she wishes to have a puppy. She goes to choir practices and to Korean language school on Saturday. On Sundays, she attends church with her family. She gets private piano lessons with a piano teacher, then goes to after school club and Korean language school. She enjoys eating ice creams and chocolates. She been to a farm, circus, zoo, museum, amusement park, concert, picnic, swimming pool, beach, dairy, airport, and library. She has taken trips by airplane, train, bus, and boat. She wants to become a doctor. She enjoys going shopping with her friends but for relaxation times she wants to be alone.

Reading Interview
She believes that the reason people read is to practice reading skills to become a better reader. She reads because reading helps her to relax. She read Project Mulberry this week; she found the book interesting. She reads three chapters a day outside of s...

... middle of paper ...

...he teacher will introduce and explain about the book. The teacher will hand the book to the student. The students will read the book.
7. After the student read the book independently, the teacher will model inferencing using the book.
8. The teacher will ask the student to do three inferencing on inference chart.
Modification for Diverse Learners The student will write inferences on post-its, this way the student get more room to write.
Follow-Up & Student Work Samples The student will reflect upon her understanding and learning.
Formal Assessment & Student Voice Verbal and Written feedback will be given to the students to enhance their understanding and assess their learning.

*** The copy of the book student used for assignment and completed inference worksheet is in the back of case study package ***

Summary of Assessment

Reflection on Professional Growth

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