The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

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In the novel, The Bell Jar, the main character, Esther goes through some deep depression that leads to attempts of suicide, and eventually lands her in several different private hospitals. In Esther’s life, there are many factors, internal and external, that lead to the collapse of her life. The majority of these factors come from her surroundings. A main part of Esther’s life is her writing and her future as an English major in college. Once she begins to lose her ability to read and write, it takes a big toll on her character, creating one of the main reasons she becomes depressed. Even the thought of being sent back home to live with her mother all summer with nothing to do is a big element in her descent to depression. On top of her writing, Esther’s family situation adds on to her struggles. With her father deceased since the 1940s, Esther is stuck with her mother whom she does not like. Last is Buddy Willard, now Esther’s ex, sends Esther to a conflict between Buddy and herself, and another one between herself and her search for someone considered pure. Everything becomes piled together and it all becomes too much for Esther. All of the external factors lead to Esther’s downfall into a period of deep depression.
Esther’s failure in her writing career is the first of many factors that send her into her depression. After Esther’s scholarship was over, she was sent back home to live with her mother. Now is when everything in her life is a vital step towards a career and her success in college. Esther applied for a major writing course that would help her do so, it would also be a major part of her future college career and a reason to not spent the summer at home with nothing to do. After she does not get accepted in the writ...

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...lied for. Without getting the writing course, she would be left at home with her mother all summer. Her mother was another factor that pushed her over the edge. Esther was raised mainly by her mother since her father died when she was just a child. Growing up without a father must have been hard enough on Esther. On top of that, she despised her mother. With her mother starting to think Esther was insane, their relationship started to go downhill as Esther became worse. Her other relationship with Buddy went downhill too. For many years before they dated she dreamed of Buddy. Once they were finally together, Esther soon found out he was a major hypocrite. With each main part of her life falling apart around her it is not wonder why Esther became depressed. Each external force came with its own devastating impact on Esther and in the end led her to become depressed.
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