Essay on Sample Resume : Electronic Medical Record ( Ehr )

Essay on Sample Resume : Electronic Medical Record ( Ehr )

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The HSI organization departmentalization is setup is a strategic business unit which evaluated by the amount of customers served which generate the revenue for the organization. With electronic medical record (EHR) now being implemented throughout medical organizations, the clinical informatics team lead by the implementation manager or senior application manager plays a pivotal role within the organization and how medical information will be stored, transferred and the safety of patient information. HSI did not have a security officer so the CIO, application support manager, network admin divided the duties of information security. The design within my organization duties were structured by the HR director and the departmental chiefs of services, together they define the duties and task that all the team members would preform from a company perspective within each department 's with human resources assistants. Within the medical community under the federal standards, all jobs are defined, the duties and responsibilities are also defined, the position are define, the data matrix is monitored by the application analyst which in terms determined where there 's training needs, workflow issues or application issues. Although the board of directors govern the organization, they are still bound by federal and state regulations that are required to be followed by all hospitals and clinics providing healthcare services within the US. Within my organization, the information technology department had no geographical boundaries, their duties and policies flow throughout the organization for all staff members to follow. The Chief Operation Officer led all of the hospital operations in conjunction with the Chief information Officer and the Ch...

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...tion of the company’s mission statement and is largely responsible for any alterations or revisions to that statement. Then, the CEO and other top managers will be expected to carry out the mission. Dr. Baack, Michael R. Charles M. (2014) Chapter 7.2 pg 190
The mission of HSI to serve low income families and provide them with quality healthcare, which is a program I totally support. People internally being promoted to positions without experience, who were not qualified to be the clinic administrator, this caused the problem in planning, forecasting company future growth predictions and changing trend in services. Having 4 doctors support 7 clinics’ with practitioners have taken away from quality of care. I believe the board inability to implement companywide constant control will ultimately lead to a government takeover. This is my personal analysis for HSI.

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