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The same type of incident occurred in Florida involving two girls that were11 and 15 years old. The sisters were left home alone with their older brother and baby sister. Both broke into their parents locked gun cabinet, grabbed a gun, loaded it, and then shot their older brother. Authorities said the oldest girl shot the gun and the youngest one helped steal it. The oldest said her brother locked her in her room after beating her earlier that week. Local authorities have also received many calls over the years for abuse involving the oldest daughter. She later admitted her parents have once locked her in her bedroom with only a bucket to use as a toilet. Eventually, prosecutors were debating whether or not to charge her as an adult.
Though this is an extreme case of delinquency, the source of strain was related to the oldest daughters abuse and neglect from her parents and brother. The girl was clearly feeling some type of negative emotion from her source of strain that could have caused her to kill her brother. It was not indicated if she had a mental illness or not, but she was probably experiencing some extreme stress, anxiety, and maybe even PTSD. Charging her with an adult charge would only make her problems worse. Even if she knew right from wrong, she clearly has other problems that need addressing in her life. If she was charged as an adult, juvenile courts would help her learn what she did was awful and help her find other ways to retaliate her emotions.
In my own personal experience, I have only encountered on case of serious delinquency that lead to the offender being charged as an adult. Two years ago, four kids I graduated high school with decided to take LSD from a black market app that was available over the Inte...

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...cents engage in delinquent behaviors. Merton’s Strain theory attempts to understand and examine these contexts. He suggested that individuals experiencing some type of strain/stressor feel negative emotions that cause them to participate in delinquency. After the child or adolescent has committed the crime, they are usually required to attend a diversion program. Many diversion programs have tried to prevent future delinquency by guiding, teaching, and rehabilitating youth that commit crimes. Yet, certain crimes crimes committed by children and adolescents have different approaches. Based on the seriousness of the crime, the adolescent will be charged as an adult. This approach does not address the current strain or situation the person is going through. Therefore, juvenile courts and diversion programs are extremely important when dealing with juvenile delinquency.

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