Essay on Salvation is in the hands of the Sinner

Essay on Salvation is in the hands of the Sinner

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In the 16th century English morality play “Everyman” who’s author is unknown. Everyman has an encounter with death who reminds him who his maker is and that it is time to make a reckoning of his good and bad deeds. He realizes that salvation lies in his hands, and that it is a personal decision that only he can make. One senses the desperation in the heart of Everyman, having realized that his life was blackened with sin; he strives to change the black he has accumulated in the “book of counts” and change it to a book of white. Everyman feels like he must make atonement for his sin, in order to escape death, for salvation is in the hands of the sinner.
Death is something everyone is familiar with and at the same time very much afraid of. It is no different when it comes to the character in Everyman. When God is observing the people walking on earth, he sees how they are only serving themselves and not serving him. People are living as if there is no Heaven or Hell, or if there is even a judgment day after they die. Yet they try and are even content living out their own lives, depending on all the riches the world has to give, giving no thought to death. Like the writer of Hebrews said, “And inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment” (Heb 9:27) so it is with Everyman. Everyman is like people today, living like there is no tomorrow, not thinking about the judgment that all of every man will face when death comes knocking at their door. God sees everything getting worse, year after year and decides to “Have a reckoning of every man’s person;” (45).
God calls Death, his “mighty messenger” to go to and fro over the earth and strike every man with Death’s dart who loves the world and its riches more...

... middle of paper ...

...hich do not desert man” (Laan, 1963, p. 466).
Everyman is a morality play that teaches Christians on how they should live their lives and what they must do to save their souls. The author portrays that no human being can escape the final judgment that every man will one day have to face. God commands Death to go to every person and send them on a final journey and give an accounting of his life before the Lord. No man can escape death’s door; every man will face a day of reckoning.
Since Everyman was able to restore his friend Good Deeds through his scourging shows that salvation lies in the hands of the sinner. Everyman does not have any redemptive power within himself, but he has to chose to follow Christ in order to go to Heaven are reject his salvation and be cast into outer darkness. So it is with every man; the power to accept salvation is in their hands.

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