English Morality Play Everyman

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In the English morality play “Everyman”, whose author is unknown, characters of the play try to find what Everyman really values in his life. When Everyman realizes that he has not been living a life focused on God. Instead, Everyman has been focusing more on worldly issues and riches than he should have. Once the play goes on further, Everyman is then approached by a character, whose name is Death. At that time, Everyman notices that he is about to die. However, he also realizes that all the earthly things that he had once held on to now mean nothing and will end up abandoning him. Everyman knows he must repent of his sins. He is also on the look out for someone to go along with him on this journey so that he could show an account of his own life to God.

In the beginning of the play, the Messenger, who reads the prologue, talks about the purpose of the play. This shows us our life, our death, and how everyone is constantly changing. Once the Messenger has finished, God speaks up about how all of His creation is not serving him in the most proper way. People live with fear, and don’t even think about heaven or their judgment that will happen at the end of their life. People live for their own pleasure, but they still aren’t content with their life like they could be. Every day, things on earth get worse, and God gets torn up and more upset as each day goes on.

After God has finished speaking, he calls his “mighty messenger” in, also known as Death. If Death sees people with any worldly goods or riches he will strike them down with his dart and then they will be sent to hell for eternity. Next Death says, “Except if Alms be his good friend”. The word “alms” basically means the act of good deeds. In summary, if someone were to ha...

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...e we were still sinners, Christ died for us”.

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