Safety Is Good On Pediatric Floors Essay

Safety Is Good On Pediatric Floors Essay

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Bolting Windows
Safety is important everywhere; safety in a hospital is just as important if not more. When a baby is born, it wants the safety of its mother. If a child falls off their bike, they cry for their parents. If a teen or adult goes to work, they want the comfort of knowing that they’re safe and going to make it home. The truth is, going to work in the hospital, it can be a very unpredictable. Hospitals aim to be safe. We all take special precautions to make sure others’ germs and bacteria doesn’t spread. If someone harms themselves and gets sent to the hospital, we take special precautions to make sure their safe. Although, with the windows able to open, some patients get the urge to jump. The windows in hospitals should be sealed shut for patient safely. There isn’t enough companions to sit with patients that require them. Closing the windows is good on pediatric floors because of the alarming number of kids that get sent to the ED for falling out. Also, if there ever was a fire that happened, the first you want to do is control it. With the windows already locked, all we would have to think about are the doors.
Hospitals all have their own general protocol. Some hospitals if they have a patient that is aggressive, agitated and is putting themselves in harm, they have a companion with them twenty-four seven, The companions job is only to make sure the patient is cared for and safe. A huge problem that I know some hospitals have is a shortage on companions. When there isn 't enough companions, certified nurse assistants, (CNA) are sent to do the job. Although, when a CNA is sent to take these companion duties, that could mean a floor is working short staffed, which isn 't that safe. Especially when the nee...

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...t staff members are continuously up to date and speed if an innocent like that were to happen.
Windows may seem like a transparent topic, but in reality it’s a topic not expressed immensely. Safety is extremely important and hospitals do do their best to make it. Hospital windows should be sealed shut to reduce the amount of deaths in suicide, falling out in general but especially in children 18 and younger, and for fire safety. Opening a window may seem innocent, but sometimes allowing that nice breeze to come in isn’t worth it. Hence why there’s alternative roots such as fans and air conditioning that should be more stressed on and. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough companions in the hospital at times to watch patients that may need them to make sure they stay safe. So next time you open a window, think about the consequences that may become a result when you do.

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