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Although fictional, the book Safely Home written by Randy Alcorn is a remarkably dependable story based on real characters. The way of life in China and in America is portrayed in an extraordinarily accurate way. This book consists of a powerful story which focuses mainly on the persecution of Christians in China. Although not every follower of Christ lives in China and not every Christian is persecuted the way in which Li Quan, his family, and other fellow believers were persecuted, the morals and examples can be applied to any Christian’s life. Since the story takes place in today’s time period, the scenario is quite significant in any believer’s life. Christians should be more informed on the details of persecution around the world in order to pray effectively and not take for granted the privileges God has prearranged. The question, “Is this the day I die?” is a question that everyone should ask themselves daily. Like Li Quan, we should be ready to give up our lives in honor of God. Safely Home undoubtedly challenges a Christians’ trust in God, in their lifestyle, and in their hunger for God 's Word.

In Safely Home, Ben Fielding, one of the main characters, exhibits a lack of trust and faith in God. Christians can form a tendency to blame God and question Him. They demand to know why He allows certain issues to come into place, such as persecution, death, and other tragedies. The truth, as revealed in Safely Home as well as God’s Word, is that God wants his believers to rely on Him for comfort and strength. Despite the unfortunate circumstances and events, God longs for his believers to trust in Him and recognize that He has fashioned an astronomical plan. He allows certain things to happen because the issues that prompt Chr...

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...this issue and challenges Christians to revolutionize the way they feed on the Bible as God 's Holy Word.

Safely Home is an incredible, life-impacting story. It reveals many of the factors that several people, who call themselves Christians, forget to acknowledge. Hopefully, Christians who read this story will be challenged transformed as more reliant on God. Trust is a vital quality in a relationship with God, and it cannot continue unless one allow himself/herself to trust in Him. Those who do not face persecution, like the Li 's in Safely Home suffered, should be grateful. The freedom Christians possess should be savored in view of the fact that one never ever knows which day will be that their last. This story, Safely Home, genuinely challenges the way one values their life. The Lord desperately longs for people to trust in Him, live for Him, and read His word.

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