Essay about Rwandan Genocide: What Really Happened

Essay about Rwandan Genocide: What Really Happened

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Murder is never a good way to solve a problem, especially when a dictator murders people for no reason or for just a rumor or idea. That’s exactly what happened with the Rwandan Genocide. The Hutus slaughtered the Tutsi tribe of East Africa because the Tutsis had most of the leadership roles when the Europeans took control over Rwanda (Rosenburg). And of course, the Hutus didn’t like that at all, so they started to mass slaughter the Tutsi tribe of Rwanda. The Tutsis were just humble cattle herders who were chosen at random to take leadership roles instead of the Hutus (Rosenburg). The Rwandan Genocide was a terrible event in our world history. Throughout the course of 100 days from April 6 to July 16 1994, approximately 800,000 to 1 million Tutsis and some moderate Hutus were massacred in the Rwandan genocide (United Human Rights Council).
However “The Hutu and Tutsi are two peoples who share a common past (Rosenburg). When Rwanda was first settled, the people who lived there raised cattle (Rosenburg). Soon, the people who owned the most cattle were called "Tutsi" and everyone else was called "Hutu." At this time, a person could easily change categories through marriage or cattle acquisition” (Rosenburg). So as you can see the Hutus and Tutsis lived a pretty peaceful life together. Then the Europeans invaded the peaceful tribes of Rwanda and eventually turned the Rwandese against each other. Due to poverty, over half the children who survived stopped their schooling (The Rwandan Genocide). 40,000 survivors are still without shelter, many whose homes were destroyed in the genocide(The Rwandan Genocide). 7 in 10 survivors earn a monthly income of less than 5000 Rwandan Francs (Equivalent to 8 American Dollars)(The Rwandan Genocide...

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...are just on the street.

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