Essay on Rwand How The Genocide Happened?

Essay on Rwand How The Genocide Happened?

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Although there are many outbreaks around the world, scenes in Africa never seem to reach the news in the United States. Problems continue to take over, resulting in disease, famine and death. The Starvation of Rwanda image does not give a full insight on what is happening in Rwanda; therefore, many people may not be aware of the tragedies that have happened over twenty years ago.
In the BBC’s news “Rwanda: How the genocide happened”, the Genocide itself started in April 1994. Only in a hundred days were about 800,000 people were killed. During this time, the Rwanda war was also in session between the Hutus and Tutsis, who belong in the same ethnic groups (“Rwanda: How the genocide happened”). The Hutus plan was to destroy the entire population of the Tutsis, which is where the killing started between the two (Genocide in Rwanda). Following their plans, there were serious murders that fell upon both nationalities; thrown into the lakes were tons of Tutsi bodies (“Rwanda: How the genocide happened). Daniel, who has been a witness throughout the event, has seen how brutal the killings got. He described it as, “The Kagera has become a river of blood . . . at one point [eighty-seven] bodies flowed past in an hour . . . with so many bodies reaching Uganda, one can only imagine what the killing fields must look like inside Rwanda, where half a million are believed to have been slaughtered (“The Australian”). The innocent victims’ killers went back to Ethiopia afterwards (“Rwanda: How the genocide happened).
Serious outbreaks rose and heated up the Rwanda War as the Genocide continued. At the sight of the scene, Smyth says, “There were beatings, rapes and murders. Rwandan intelligence distributed Kalashnikovs to municipal authorities in...

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...World Press Photo” states that Bouju had photographed major events around the world, including Africa. He had moved at the time of the Rwanda genocide and war back in 1994 (“World Press Photo”). He and another photographer travelled to Karubamba, a village in Africa where the genocide and war engaged after the president’s plane shot down. Because of Bouju’s photography, he had won the Pulitzer Prize in 1995 (“Pulitzer Prize Winners”).
As the Genocide and war subsided, many consequences came forth from the event. The misfortunes of the citizens continue to grow as they suffer from the same event that had happened over twenty years ago. Although we do not hear the events going on, Rwandan’s people are still fighting from their struggles to heal and to survive. Help is still strongly needed and such tragedies, such the Genocide, should be prevented in the far future.

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