Essay about Russia And The United States

Essay about Russia And The United States

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Russia and the United States have many common traits between each other. Both countries have had their ups and downs, economically, over the several years they have existed. But, what easily sets these two countries apart is how they have handled their ups and downs to improve their economical stance in the world.
In comparing Russia to the United States, we must first look at a quick history of both countries to get a grasp of the structures and functions that have molded these two countries to what they are today.
The United States has had a steady stream of a democratic government. There have been many changes in the ideologies (liberal or conservative) that have persuaded the structures and functions, but have remained the same. Russia has had countless occupancies and governments that have shaped the way Russia handles business. The structures have never really been stabile because of the multiple governances and occupations of the country. The result of the unstable structure caused protectionism to be the main source of the economic mentality that it still has today.
According to Iyer, “…the institutional environment pre-determines the availability of various functions…” (Iyer, 1997). The concept is very relevant with functions when comparing Russia to the United States. The United States has opened up their markets and has been a part of many trade agreements. This has allowed the U.S. to invest in foreign markets and achieve better trading relationships around the world. And the reciprocity of the trade agreements has helped boost economies all over the world as well.
Russia has been slow to act on achieving an institutional environment that allows more open trade and accepting of foreign investment. Russia has the wor...

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...pursuing better trade agreements and collaborations with anyone that is willing to put in the effort.
Now that Brazil is beginning to see how valuable international marketing is, they are becoming more open to lowering and suspending tariffs. New officials are being sworn in that have private sector experience in running successful businesses that are economically sound.
Russia has been slow to put pressure on creating an economic growth. Many of the economic decisions being made only benefits how much money the government can keep to spend on discretionary spending for top officials. Russia as a cultural group of people, have a lot of potential to create many markets in its own country. The many cultures in Russia could transfer wealth across the country just by doing business with each other if there were a better infrastructure to allow such a thing to happen.

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